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MIWW Chapter 21 Part 2

“Seventh Sister, please.”

Dongfang Wanyu nodded and went out while she then sat on her bed and stared into the air.

Little Colour said she must break through to Spiritual Scholar as soon as possible or it wouldn’t be able to come out and see her for a while.

She was feeling very sad that her little pet couldn’t get out because of her injury. Although Little Colour was a little bit bad-mouthed and proud, she never wanted to make her partner pay such a big price for her!

When Dongfang Wanyu came back Dongfang Minghui looked like she was on the verge of tears from all the guilt, she put the things on the table, “Ninth sister, the things have been bought back for you.”

She got out of bed, her legs were still a little weak, and she couldn’t exert much strength, she opened up the bundle and looked at it, it was all there, and the herbs were of very good quality, “Seventh sister, could you please get me a tub? I want to take a bath.”

When the bath tub was set up and hot water was filled inside, everything was ready.

Dongfang Minghui threw five umbrella-shaped plants directly into the tub and watched them sink to the bottom, then took out the five red peony stamens and one purple grass.

When Dongfang Wanyu saw that she couldn’t even walk, she couldn’t help but ask, “Do you want me to carry you in?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head incessantly, “Seventh sister you guard outside, I’ll probably need to soak inside for a long time.”

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t go out, instead, she erected a curtain inside the room and sat outside, this way she would be the first to know if there was any movement inside.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t care where the Female Protagonist went, she was using these herbs for no other reason than to cleanse herself of impurities and open up her meridians.

From the moment she woke up, she was ready to use the cultivation technique that Little Colour had given her so she could break through to Spiritual Scholar as soon as possible.

Spiritual Scholar, it might seem like it was quite difficult to reach this level, but thinking about the little fellow suffering inside made her heart feel bitter, Dongfang Minghui gritted her teeth and endured. She tested the temperature of the water and stripped off her clothes, sitting down in the tub. She then used her weak spiritual energy to move the medicinal water along her entire body’s meridians one at a time.

Afterward, she had sucked up all the essence from the five red peony stamens and purple grass.

Dongfang Wanyu waited outside all night, and it wasn’t until the next day that she heard some movement inside.

“Do you want me to help?”

Dongfang Minghui just finished tying her lingerie and smiled at the Female Protagonist, “Seventh sister, I’m fine.” At least she wasn’t as weak as before.

When she opened up three meridians in her body she’d automatically sucked up the remaining leftover essence of the five red peonies, her spiritual energy had increased by quite a bit.

Dongfang Wanyu was finally relieved to see that she seemed to have recovered 50% of her spiritual energy.

“When I went to buy herbs earlier, I heard that the people of the Qing Lan Sect were trying to find a pair of siblings who had just exited the Beast Forest, I guess it must be for Mu Qing’s matter.

What a piece of bad news.

Dongfang Minghui blinked, not understanding why her Seventh sister would suddenly bring this up.

“What I mean is you don’t need to pretend to be a man anymore, it’s too obvious and so you’ll be easily recognized.” Dongfang Wanyu took out an outfit from her space ring.

“These clothes are the ones I wore before, you can wear them if you don’t mind.”

After saying that, Dongfang Wanyu went downstairs, presumably to prepare breakfast or something.

In the meantime, Dongfang Minghui looked at the clothes in her hands, why did she feel like after she had woken up the Female Protagonist seemed to be treating her a bit strangely.

Changing into the Female Protagonist’s clothes, Dongfang Minghui applied a little powder to her face to appear more energetic. But Dongfang Wanyu was a bit speechless.

Dongfang Minghui’s appearance followed that of the Second Lady, her mother. She had the appearance of a standard lady-like girl, small and exquisite, with delicate features, bright eyes, cherry lips, and two pear edges when she smiles.

Dongfang Wanyu was accustomed to seeing her messy and rough appearance, but looking at her now she was actually a bit stunning.

“Seventh sister, I look good right?” Dongfang Minghui spun around to show off the clothes to the Female Protagonist.

Dongfang Wanyu smiled and nodded, “Don’t wear men’s clothing anymore, you look better like this.”

Soon, they called a servant downstairs to bring out the tub and a little more food was brought up as well. The two sat on the table and had a quiet meal in peace.

“The enrollment of the Royal Academy will start soon, my plan is to get to the capital city of the Venus Continent as soon as possible to participate in this year’s enrollment, what do you think?”

What do you think?

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, for her, it would be fine as long as the Female Protagonist took her along, anyway, she made a mental note to just cling to her thighs. Wherever the Female Protagonist went, she would follow.

“Seventh sister, you can decide.”


The two agreed, and to avoid running into anyone from the Qing Lan Sect, Dongfang Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui checked out that same night.

Dongfang Minghui sat in the carriage, restlessly as if her buttocks were sitting on pins and needles.

The Female Protagonist was driving the carriage, while she was resting inside, it gave her the feeling of picking up the wrong plot. Normally shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Halfway through the journey, Dongfang Minghui finally had enough, she lifted the curtain and said apprehensively, “Seventh sister, take a break and let me do it.”

Dongfang Wanyu quirked her lips, her ninth sister really seemed different.

“No, you rest, I’ll let you replace me if I get tired.”

She said that but Dongfang Minghui waited all night without seeing the Female Protagonist rotate shifts with her, she continued waiting and waiting, from being scared all the way to being apprehensive, and finally, she’d just fallen asleep from the constantly rocking carriage.

Dongfang Wanyu lifted up the curtain and saw Dongfang Minghui leaning against the side of the carriage asleep, her head wouldn’t stop nodding up and down showing no signs of waking up.

She couldn’t help but laugh, finding a coat from her bag and throwing it over her.

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