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MIWW Chapter 22 Part 2

Dongfang Wanyu looked at her with a raised eyebrow, Dongfang Minghui saw that the Female Protagonist was not moving so she found a stick somewhere and weighed it in her hand, thinking that a knock from behind should knock that pervert unconscious.

There was a tearing sound and the sound of clothing being ripped.

“You beast.”

“Be good, little beauty, soon you’ll be able to enjoy supreme pleasure, come on.”

Dongfang Minghui was moving step by step tiptoeing her way into the small dark alley, who thought that suddenly the stick in her hand would suddenly be taken away, and then the sound of someone squealing like a pig being killed could be heard from the alley.

She looked around for a while and found that this place seemed really remote, so no one should’ve heard the screaming yet.

There were some rustling sounds inside for a while, and soon two people came out. The other girl nibbled at her teeth and her eyes were reddish. Most of her clothes were torn. She covered her chest with one hand and tried to smooth her pants with another.

“Thank you for saving this girl’s life.”

Dongfang Wanyu nodded but didn’t say anything.

Dongfang Minghui saw her pitiful condition and gave her a set of men’s clothing from her bags, “Put them on quickly!”

“Thank you.”

The girl was quickly dressed, she was about the same size as Dongfang Minghui and it fit just right, she lightly rubbed her eyes, “It looks like you two girls are new to Snow Capital.”

“How do you know?” Dongfang Minghui was straightforward.

Dongfang Wanyu glanced at her discontentedly.

The girl laughed bitterly and pointed at the person who was knocked unconscious inside, “Everyone in Snow Capital knows Lu Peng, that young master, cannot be offended. You’ve helped me, but at the same time, you’ve offended a major force in Snow Capital. I’m sorry, it’s my fault you guys got in trouble.”

Dongfang Minghui blinked and blinked again, then pitifully pulled Dongfang Wanyu’s sleeve, “Seventh sister, it’s all my fault.”

“I hit him from behind, he shouldn’t know it was us. Let’s go, we still need to find a place to settle down today.” Dongfang Wanyu couldn’t help but sigh when faced with her pitiful appearance.

As soon as she heard that they were looking for a place, she suggested, “You two have helped me today, so if you don’t mind, there is still an empty room available in my house for both of you to sleep for the night if you need it?”

Dongfang Minghui winked at Dongfang Wanyu, pulling her sleeve and making it clear that she wanted to go.

“Okay, then we’ll trouble you for tonight.”

The girl’s name was Nan Nan, and she lived in a remote part of the city, her parents had died, leaving behind a brother Nan Fei who couldn’t move his legs.

Along the way, the three of them were able to briefly introduce themselves. But Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu used false names, one of which was Qian Minghui and the other was Qian Wanyu.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but gawk, she still preferred her own Dongfang surname, it was weird to always have the same surname as the Female Protagonist…

“Minghui, Wanyu, can you keep what happened today a secret for me?” Nan Nan stopped a few hundred paces away from the front door of the house and whispered.

They looked at each other, guessing that she didn’t want to worry her big brother, so she nodded her head.

Nan Nan’s home was in a remote place, there wasn’t even a single neighbor within a radius of a hundred miles, with four walls and a humble environment, the entire place was very warmly decorated.

Nan Nan was a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry, it’s late and a little messy, I hope you both don’t mind having to stay for tonight.”

“It’s fine.” Dongfang Wanyu didn’t mind, her previous place at the Dongfang household wasn’t much better than here.

“Is Nan Nan back?” A gentle voice came out of the room, it sounded husky and sexy.

“Right, brother, wait a moment, I’ve brought two close friends home, I’ll entertain them first.” Nan Nan quickly cleaned up the mess in the room before changing her clothes again and tying her hair, making herself look the same as normal.

Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu were waiting outside and were surprised to see her when she came out. After Nan Nan had cleaned herself up nicely she looked quite different, not at all like a girl who had almost lost her innocence.

Nan Nan smiled at them, then went into her brother’s room, pushing his wheelchair out she said, “Big brother, these are my two friends that I made today, this is Qian Minghui and this is Qian Wanyu.

Nan Fei had a handsome face that was unforgettable, he wore a light smile and looked gentle and polite, his voice was like a spring breeze. Probably because he had been out of the sun for a long time, his complexion was a bit pale. Looking at him sitting in a wheelchair, his temperament seemed particularly outstanding. It was hard to believe the two people were born to a poor family.

“Minghui, Wanyu, this is my big brother Nan Fei.”

Dongfang Minghui, however, marveled in her heart, another loyal male lead!

uwu Wanyu has a soft heart hehe

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