Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 27

In the pharmacy, the pharmacists were treated very well. Junior pharmacists had their own unique office space, and Pharmacist Xu’s treatment’s much better than the average junior pharmacist. She had an independent office, and also a small medicinal garden, the medicinal garden is small, but there were also two or three medicinal slaves guarding it!

Dongfang Minghui spat all the way down the road, no wonder Pharmacist Xu always acted so cockily with the other medicinal gardeners.

“Here we are.” When the medicine boy reached the door, he automatically stopped and didn’t go inside, “Pharmacist Xu should be waiting for you inside.”

“Thank you.” Dongfang Minghui thanked him and stopped him after a few steps, “Can I trouble you with one thing? Yesterday I made an appointment with the Steward Brother to go to Senior Brother’s side. If he can’t find me today, can you tell him to wait for me? Also, say I’m here at Pharmacist Xu’s place.”

“Okay, I’ll speak to Steward Senior Brother when he returns.” The other party agreed without even thinking about it.

Dongfang Minghui watched him leave before slowly walking into Pharmacist Xu’s office, the room was a mess with leftover roots of plants and some prepared medicinal juices everywhere.

“Pharmacist Xu?”

She just stood at the doorway and shouted twice into the room, and when no one responded, she prepared to leave.

“Are you in such a hurry to leave because you’re worried that what you investigated earlier might be bad for you?” Suddenly a slightly sarcastic voice rang out.

This was the other party’s true face, right, putting up a fair and impartial appearance in normal days, but secretly, she was a sarcastic and petty person.

Dongfang Minghui smiled good-naturedly, “How could Pharmacist Xu think like this?”

Pharmacist Xu tossed her gloves aside and half propped herself up to look at her, “In response to this matter, I actually have a good suggestion that you may wish to hear.”

She stood aside as if she was listening, “Minghui is foolish, I would like to ask Pharmacist Xu to enlighten me.”

Pharmacist Xu pointed to her own territory, “What do you think of my place?”

She had already observed the courtyard when she had come in before, and in terms of the welfare of a junior pharmacist, it was actually quite good, especially since these were exactly the same as what she had originally wanted. She also wanted to have a separate herb garden and grow all those herbs that she liked in her own garden.

“Pharmacist Xu’s achievements are enviable for such a young age.”

Pharmacist Xu gave a proud smile and proudly lifted her chin, gesturing for her to take a seat and said, “This proposal of mine will both solve the problem of you destroying the beautiful geranium and also provide you with an excellent opportunity for the future.”

“What opportunity?”

Why did she seem to be getting more and more frustrated? Hmm…

The other party didn’t see her impatience at all and said, “Although this courtyard is small, it’s better than nothing. If you are here to help me manage the pharmacy garden, I will promote you when I am promoted to a senior pharmacist in the future. You also know that if you work as a medicine gardener in Angelica Garden, you may not be able to make a breakthrough in ten or even a hundred years. With this ability of yours, staying in the Angelica Garden is too useless.”

She understood that the other party had dug a pit for her to jump into, just to recruit her to look after the garden for her? How dumb was she to be to give birth to such a strange idea?

Dongfang Minghui listened for a while and couldn’t help but yawn, “Pharmacist Xu asked me to come here today, just to say that?”

Xu Lian didn’t expect the other party to be unmoved, she was, at any rate, a junior pharmacist with status, she didn’t know how many people in the pharmacy would hurry to suck up to her and see how she’s doing. But the reality was different than she expected, even a little Medicine Gardener didn’t take her seriously and ignored her offer.

“You don’t really think I can’t do anything about you, do you?” Xu Lian had an angry face and looked several points more serious than usual.

Dongfang Minghui wore a professional smile on her face and said, “Pharmacist Xu has spoken highly of me, I’m just a little medicine gardener, how dare I confront you.”

Xu Lian’s mouth curled up in a winning smile, she knew that the other party would agree, who would have expected that the other party’s next words would anger her half to death.

“However, Pharmacist Xu, we both know whether or not I ruined this elixir of that beautiful geranium, if you have any evidence, bring it out to dry. If you don’t have any evidence, as the saying goes, food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be spoken indiscriminately.” Dongfang Minghui smiled slightly towards her, but this smile didn’t look the same to Pharmacist Xu it looked like it was mocking her!

“I haven’t finished my business today, if Pharmacist Xu doesn’t have any other orders, I’ll leave first.”

Until she left, Pharmacist Xu hadn’t even managed to say a single retort. Her eyes were gloomy and her fingers almost buckled a hole in the wooden chair, she had never seen such a disinterested and ungrateful little girl in her entire life.

In that case, don’t blame her for not showing mercy.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui stepped out of Pharmacist Xu’s small courtyard, she was pulled aside by her steward brother, “Little Sister. Pharmacist Xu didn’t make things difficult for you on purpose?”

“Thank you for elder brother’s concern, she can’t bully me.”

The steward brother couldn’t help but get a headache when he saw how optimistic she looked, he whispered, “Let’s talk as we walk.”

The two of them quickly left Pharmacist Xu’s small courtyard, and along the way, she heard a lot of gossip about Pharmacist Xu, including the fact that she had an older brother who was a Feng Yun List top fifty ranked student, his name was Xu Jin. She wasn’t originally hired by the pharmacy, it was her brother who got her a medicine gardener status through connections, after which she followed a good master. That master had done her best to teach her, but as a result, she had somehow managed to squeeze out her master and take her place to manage the big and small affairs in Angelica Pharmacy.

“So there’s still such a thing.” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but applaud this woman, these days there was actually such an ungrateful woman that would deceive their own master’s position!

“Senior brother, how do you know this?” She was curious.

The steward brother shook his head and sighed, “I shouldn’t have told you these things, but I see you, little sister, you really don’t have any sense of defense sometimes! I told you long ago, this matter needs the support of senior brother, or you won’t even know how you died. In these years, if there are not ten talented Medicine Gardeners destroyed in the hands of Pharmacist Xu, there are at least seven or eight. ”

Dongfang Minghui bared her teeth in feigned fear, “What a scary woman.”

“It’s good to know that you’re afraid.” The steward brother sent the person to the garden and went back, he thought about it, but he always felt that it was not right to continue to let this matter go on, and thought of the way Senior Brother Situ treated Qian Minghui, he went out on another hurried trip.

Dongfang Minghui did things so beautifully every day that it was hard to find fault with them, even so, she could still see something on Pharmacist Xu’s face.

The limits of her opponent’s patience were about to be broken.

The storm had yet to arrive, but the Female Protagonist had arrived at Angelica Garden.

When the steward brother informed Dongfang Minghui, she couldn’t believe that the Female Protagonist had actually come to find her personally, thus showing that the goodwill she had brushed up earlier was still successful, yay!

“Seventh sister, what are you doing here?”

Dongfang Wanyu had arranged a series of trivial matters for entering the academy before coming to the pharmacy to look for her. Thinking about what Qing Mo had said before, she was still a bit worried.

She brought the Female Protagonist inside her small courtyard and they sat around the stone bench.

“Seventh sister, this is the Blue Star Dream I was just telling you about, it lives with me now.”

Blue Star Dream heard her call out to it, and even pulled out a tender branch to say hello.

Dongfang Minghui waved at it too, and the scene of one person and one tree interacting was played out before Dongfang Wanyu eyes, “Why do I think it’s gotten smaller?”

“Yes, the one that was in Situ Hao’s house before wasn’t what it’s true shape was, it was what it would have looked like after growing up.”

The small courtyard was very empty, having previously been abandoned for many years, overgrown with weeds and settled by snakes, insects, rats, and ants. It had been thoroughly tidied up by the steward brother afterward, disposing of some of the waste, looking much cleaner but a bit empty.

“Ninth sister, this place of yours is quiet and suitable for cultivation.” Dongfang Wanyu vaguely felt that there was something wrong with this place, but what exactly was wrong she didn’t know.

With a mischievous wink, Dongfang Minghui carefully suggested to her, “How about Seventh Sister, come and stay with me. There are several empty rooms in the courtyard, and I’m often away during the day. That way I won’t have to be so lonely.”

Nothing could be more important than brushing goodwill with the Female Protagonist day in and day out.

It must be said that the two of them were on the same page. Before Dongfang Wanyu arrived, she had also wanted Dongfang Minghui to move in with her before. It’s because she was afraid that Dongfang Minghui living with a lot of people would make her unconsciously perform actions like just now, an exchange between her and a tree. A seemingly simple greeting, but as far as she knew, even people with extremely high wood talents and a great affinity for plants might not be able to get the plants to listen to them like that unless it was a contracted magic plant.

But, her ninth sister made no secret of her affinity for these plants, which made her even more worried…

“I’ve already thought about it.” Dongfang Wanyu nodded, “before I wanted you to move in with me. The Hall of Thunder treats students with dual talents extremely well, they arranged a room for two for me, I would have let you stay in the other bed.”

That was what she’d come for today, but who knew that when she found her sister had somehow magically gotten herself a big separate yard. Apparently all of her previous worries were overblown.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up at the sound of this, the Female Protagonist didn’t seem to hate her anymore another yay.

“Now, it’s not suitable though, it seems like you can’t live without this Blue Star Dream and it can’t live without you.”

This rejection was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, Dongfang Minghui looked lost, and couldn’t stop cursing herself in her heart for being a pig, why did she have to meddle. Now look, she ended up pushing the Female Protagonist away.


Dongfang Wanyu saw her frustrated expression, her whole little face wrinkled up and couldn’t help but laugh, “Little Nine, didn’t you say you wanted to be a pharmacist? If you have the right to bring people in in the future, I will come back to keep you company.”


Dongfang Minghui’s eyes immediately lit up again, and she came up with a brilliant plan.

“Seventh sister-”

“Qian Minghui, the dean wants you to come over to his office building.” A Medicine Gardener outside shouted out loudly.

Before she could say it out she got interrupted, “I know, I’ll be right there.”

“Seventh sister, I have something to do now so I won’t stay with you.”

Dongfang Wanyu stood up and gave her a suspicious glance, but her mind was thinking deeper. A small Medicine Gardener, what does the dean want to see you for? Situ Hao was the one who arranged for the girl to be sent to the pharmacy. They’d never even met the dean.

What’s so important that the dean himself wants to see you?

“What’s going on?”

Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth and shook her head, “Nothing!”

There is no silver to be found here!

The layout of the pharmacy is so complex that it is easy for strangers to get lost in it. The former Medicine Gardener who interrupted sent her Seventh sister out and she rushed on her own to the dean’s office.

She knew that the dean had summoned her, mostly because of the beautiful geranium plant.

Dongfang Wanyu tightened her brow, she smiled to the Medicine Gardener on the side, “Thank you for today’s matter, if you hadn’t led the way, I’m afraid I would have been lost in your pharmacy.”

When the Medicine Boy saw her being so polite, he naturally didn’t dare to take credit, “You’re too polite, even if I hadn’t led the way today, the steward brother would have arranged for others to send you out, I’m just more familiar with Minghui.”

“My Minghui is a little unruly, in the future, if she does not do the right thing I expect you to remind her well, do not let her do the wrong thing.”

She stared at the medicine boy’s face and smiled, wishing she could see the expression on the other’s gawking face, “What? Is it giving you a hard time, huh?”

The other party looked at her face and frowned, a little anxious, not knowing whether to say it or not. In fact, in recent times, they, the medicinal gardeners, would secretly talk about Qian Minghui’s destruction of the spiritual medicine, most people were already betting on whether she would still be able to stay at the pharmacy.

“Actually, it’s something like this that happened.”

The other side told Dongfang Wanyu all about the recent events, and for that matter, a ‘destroyed’ elixir is a major matter that no one can avoid. This is the highest order issued by the dean this time with the dean summoning her, it should be to expel her from the Pharmacy.

Dongfang Wanyu’s face turned cold and she grumbled in her heart, that Ninth Sister had hardened her wings, otherwise how could she still want to hide such a big matter from her.

In the words of Little Colour, her stupid partner is sometimes courageous, she won’t stop until even the heavens gives way.

Dongfang Minghui briskly walked outside the dean’s office and rubbed her face to make herself look pathetic and helpless.

“Is the dean in? I’m Qian Minghui,” Dongfang Minghui shouted apprehensively in a small voice outside.

“Come in.” A particularly kind and gracious voice rang out from inside.

She pushed open the door and first saw a fat kind old man sitting in the head position, his body was really fat enough to dominate two seats, the old man’s hair and eyebrows were white, but the face was red and tender, he seemed to be in good spirits.

Pharmacist Xu and a tall man sat on the left side, and when they saw her come in they didn’t even throw a glance over.

On the fat old man’s table sat a pot of beautiful geranium that looked it was dying and struggling to live. Dongfang Minghui could feel the helplessness and despair coming from it.

It hadn’t died after so many days, so it’s had quite a miserable fate.

“You are Qian Minghui?” The fat old man’s eyes narrowed into slits when he smiled, the fat old man was exactly the head of Pharmacy, the Situ Family’s ancestor, Situ Hongying.

Dongfang Minghui also smiling, when she smiled, she had two pears on her face.

The fat old man liked this girl as soon as he saw her, he had read countless people, and he knew what the other party was probably like just by looking into their light and bright eyes. It was completely different from what Pharmacist Xu and the others had described.

“Xu Lian said that you destroyed this beautiful geranium, do you have a different story to tell?”

Dongfang Minghui trailed off, playing with her fingers, “I want to confront Pharmacist Xu Lian on the spot! I don’t know if the Dean will let me?”

Situ Hongying couldn’t stop praising in her heart, this little girl had guts.

“Of course you can, I am the head the whole courtyard, and I’m the one that administers justice, I have always treated things impartially, anyone who breaks the rules I’ve set down must be punished, no matter who it is.”

Xu Lian’s back turned cold when she looked at the light in the dean’s small eyes, she always felt as if the dean had said this specifically to her. But when she looked over again, the dean was smiling at Qian Minghui again.

“Pharmacist Xu, you keep saying that I destroyed the beautiful geranium, but apart from the fact that it went through you and me, and another person’s hands, is there any other substantial evidence.”

Xu Lian followed suit, standing up and walking over to the beautiful geranium, “Of course there is, there is one person who can testify that you were walking to the testing area it was tampered with on the road. As for the other person’s suspicions, we’ve ruled it out completely.”

Haha what a subpar conspiracy ah.

Dongfang Minghui nodded and said to the fat old man, “Lord Dean, there are witnesses to prove that I personally tampered with the beautiful geranium, can I ask that person to confront me?”

Xu Lian sneered, “How is that possible? If people confront you face to face, wouldn’t they be afraid of future reprisals?”

“If I thought it was really my doing, I would be kicked out of the Pharmacy and the Royal Academy, how would I retaliate? How am I supposed to take revenge on a man with no one to rely on and no one to support me? You’re afraid to let the person confront me face to face, don’t you seem a bit too guilty? Or are you afraid they’ll spoil it for you?”

“Qian Minghui!”

Xu Lian never knew that the person who often hung her head and lowered her eyebrows had such eloquence, “Fine! If you want to confront him, I’ll get him.”

She went outside and gave instructions, and soon another man in medicine boy’s clothes was led in.

Dongfang Minghui took a look, it was a familiar one, when she was choosing her elixir, she was pushed into having the beautiful geranium because the others had been snatched in a flurry, leaving her with a pitiful beautiful geranium. It turned out that there was already a plot at that time.

Going back in time like this, it’s possible for her to see that this Xu Lian obviously wanted to dig a big hole for her.

“When you said that you saw me do something to the beautiful geranium, can you repeat the specifics of what happened?” Dongfang Minghui asked very gently.

The man immediately opened up like a book, portraying the scene where Dongfang Minghui fiddled with the flowers of the beautiful geranium in the middle of the road.

“Is that what Pharmacist Xu thinks as well? You think I’ve administered some kind of drug to the beautiful geranium, causing it to wither away in the shortest possible time?”

Dongfang Minghui stroked her chin when she went to the application area, she did indeed touch the flowers of the beautiful geranium, so it turned out that all of her unintentional actions were recorded.

Xu Lian nodded.

“Dean, I admit that on the way to the application area, I had touched the flowers of the beautiful geranium with my hand.” Dongfang Minghui was quite frank and admitted quickly.

Xu Lian hooked up the corners of her mouth and couldn’t help but smile.

“But, it doesn’t mean that I’m the one who destroyed the beautiful geranium.” Dongfang Minghui winked at the chubby old man.

Lord Dean was also smiling at her, and the more he saw the more satisfied he became, the more his heart couldn’t help but pull out Situ Hao, that brat! So naughty! How could he hide such a gem from him?

There was such a person who had been admitted into the pharmacy yet he had almost narrowly missed it. Seeing how the other person looked like she had a full chest, there was clearly more to it.

“You go ahead and tell me.”

Dongfang Minghui walked over and pointed to the flower that was still in full bloom, the beautiful flower had withered to the point where it looked like the face of an old lady, which showed how much vitality it had lost.

“Any pharmacist with a little common sense knows that the spiritual energy of a beautiful geranium is concentrated in the flower, but it doesn’t mean that just because I touched its flower it would cause its spiritual energy to leak out.” Dongfang Minghui didn’t dare to touch it again, lest some vicious woman would continue to make a fuss.

“The real reason it’s so weak is that someone mistakenly injured its roots, and that’s what caused its spiritual energy to leak out, and it also looks like it’s about to wilt, look here.”

Xu Lian and the man beside her looked startled and showed a hint of panic.

The room was so quiet that no one could contradict her words.

“Are you so sure that it’s because of the root of the beautiful geranium?” Lord Dean has spoken.

Dongfang Minghui nodded, “Yes.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re not the one who destroyed the beautiful geranium, you know that it’s a root issue, maybe the root of the beautiful geranium was ruined by you.” Xu Lian threw a bucket of dirty water at Dongfang Minghui again.

“It can’t be her.” Now there was no need for Dongfang Minghui to defend herself, the dean took it upon himself to speak for her, and he glanced lightly at the Xu Lian and the man beside her took a glance, “Apart from a junior pharmacist and an intermediate pharmacist, none of the medicinal children should even know this unique feature. The beautiful geranium’s special place isn’t just that the flowers look like faces, another thing is that it’s got a lattice structure.”

After the roots were inserted into the soil, it would start to sprawl out everywhere, and only after all the roots have penetrated deep into the soil, only then would the beautiful geranium produce seedlings, grow, produce buds, and bloom.

It would be almost impossible for someone to do anything to its roots after that.

“Xu Lian, what else do you have to say?” The headmaster gave her a deep look, “This kind of elixir has always been in the back of the mountain, it is impossible for an ordinary Angelica Garden medicine gardener to touch it!”

Xu Lian was dumbfounded, but her mouth was still hard, “Lord President, she said that there is a problem with the roots of the beautiful geranium, but we haven’t examined it, so how do we know whether or not it’s true.”

“Since you still haven’t given up on it, go check it out yourself.”

Dongfang Minghui took a step forward, wanting to stop talking. To check its roots, you would have to uproot the beautiful geranium, the already dying beautiful geranium would really have no way to live.

“What? Afraid we’ll see that you’re making all this up?” Xu Lian saw that she looked nervous and immediately bared her teeth and claws again.

“I’m only afraid of disappointing Pharmacist Xu.”

“Let’s see then.”

With both of them agreeing, the Dean directly shattered the beautiful geranium’s pot. An earthbag was wrapped around a tiny stub of a root. When they stripped the earthbag from the roots, the remaining roots and whiskers had withered inside, and some had exuded a greenish liquid that gave off a foul stench. As for the main stem, half of it was already rotten, and some insects were constantly gnawing on it, the entire main stem had been hollowed out.

This was the source of the pain that caused the beautiful geranium to suffer.

“Lord Dean, this should be fine right?” Dongfang Minghui spread her hands and said.

The Dean, seeing her smiling like a little fox, couldn’t help but touch his smooth forehead and said, “This is indeed our fault! We misunderstood you under unknown circumstances. To compensate, feel free to make a request to me, and I’ll be sure to meet it.”

Huh, there’s still compensation?

“The pharmacy is so nervous about an elixir, then as to who actually destroyed this beautiful geranium, Lord Dean will definitely investigate this matter to the end right?” Dongfang Minghui smiled and asked him.

Dean nodded, “I told you before, I will definitely check it out. What compensation do you wish to receive, I’ll satisfy any compensation you want.”

The words ‘any compensation’ was also deliberately added by him.

“Oh, in that case, if Dean doesn’t want this beautiful geranium, can you give it to me?” Dongfang Minghui pointed to the beautiful geranium lying on the table, without the nourishment of the earthbag, the spiritual energy dissipated faster, it was about to die.

“You want it?” The dean looked incredulous, his already small eyes opened much wider.

The promise he had just made could be worth a thousand taels of gold, he didn’t expect the other party to not be tempted, instead, she made such a small request, it was really unbelievable! The more he looked at her, the more satisfied he was, not bad, the moral character of this girl had passed his test.

Xu Lian and the people around her sneered at her when they heard her make such a request. They all laughed at her for being too stupid.

Dongfang Minghui, who had been collectively mocked for being stupid, saw that the dean didn’t object and immediately took the beautiful geranium in her arms with glee, secretly sharing a bit of spiritual energy to it in the hopes that it would last until she brought it back.

“I’m leaving.”

She rushed back in a flurry, not even seeing Dongfang Wanyu smile from a corner as she left.

“I didn’t think your ninth sister had such a sharp tongue, I guess you were worried for nothing.” Qing Mo muttered.

Dongfang Wanyu was worried about her being bullied, so she cornered the medicine boy and went to the dean’s office. She’d unexpectedly been able to see the other side of Dongfang Minghui.

“Looks like I didn’t come for nothing.”

It was the first time she had seen such a radiant Ninth Sister.

Dongfang Minghui arrived at her own courtyard and placed the beautiful geranium on the stone table. She murmured, “In order to preserve your life, you can only give up your current body.”

The beautiful geranium is a plant that is also quite resilient and can survive as long as there is a little leftover.

She saw that there was actually a small bump at the branch below the beautiful geranium flowers, although the branch was as small as the size of a thumb, Dongfang Minghui decided to try.

She buried the small thumb-sized branch a meter near Blue Star Dream, “Blue Star Dream, soon you’ll have a little friend.”

Blue Star Dream shook its branches very happily.

After that she buried the branch of the beautiful geranium, she removed the rotting roots from its original body and buried all the remaining parts underneath the small branches.

“I hope you can grow as big as possible.”

The next day, as soon as she finished collecting the morning dew, she was taken to the dean by her steward brother.

Dongfang Minghui wanted to smile a little when she saw the fat dean, “Lord Dean, you’re looking for me? What is it?”

“I’ve come to you to tell you the good news that the man who destroyed the beautiful geranium has been found, and he admitted that when the transplanting of the beautiful geranium was first made, he wanted to learn more about the medicinal plant and so he cut off half of the roots of the beautiful geranium as an experiment. He didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious.”

“I see.” Everything was in line with what beautiful geranium had said. Dongfang Minghui was relieved, but she thought in her heart that since Xu Lian’s plan had failed, she would likely try another one.

When the dean saw her indifference, he added, “He is an intermediate pharmacist, but I kicked him out of the pharmacy yesterday. Are you satisfied with this?”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know too much about the rules of the pharmacy, but the rules of the dean were too strict. Seeing as how the dean cherished the medicinal plants so much, maybe that was the reason.

“I’ll let you make the decision, Dean.”

Asking her if she was satisfied, she really wasn’t that satisfied. That person was just a victim of the fight between Xu Lian and her most likely. He may even just be a scapegoat that Xu Lian and the others had forced out.

The dean looked at her with a smile, “Are you interested in helping me?”

Dongfang Minghui thought her ears were hallucinating, blinking, then blinking again, the wind was a little strong, maybe she had heard wrongly.

“I’ve been busy making potions from time to time, and I happen to be missing an assistant by my side, I’ve asked Yong Xing about your recent period performance, I think you’d be a great candidate.”

Applying for a job as assistant to the dean?

She couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re joking Lord Dean, actually I’ll tell you a secret, I’m already qualified enough to be a junior pharmacist.”

Frightened by this secret, the skin on Lord Dean’s body shook twice, “No wonder.”

Seeing how calm Lord Dean was, Dongfang Minghui spoke bluntly, “Dean, why don’t you arrange for me to go test for the Junior Pharmacist qualifications tomorrow?”

That would solve a lot of problems, and she was eager to see the expression on Pharmacist Xu Lian’s face.

“Even if you’re a junior pharmacist, you can still come over and help me.” The Dean squinted at her with a kind expression on his face.

“Dean, let me think about it, can I?”

The Dean didn’t answer but went directly to the benefits, “If you are my assistant, whether it is Angelica Garden or the back of the mountain filled with all the large medicinal plants, you can roam anywhere!”

In the middle of it, the drooling Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but immediately reply, “Dean, if you can wait let me take the test to qualify as a junior pharmacist, then I’ll be your assistant.”

The Dean also laughed, and the two of them reached an agreement smiling like two foxes that had been stealing.

The pharmacy only gave the opportunity to promote pharmacists every half a year, no matter for medicine gardeners or the qualified pharmacists. However, the standards for pharmacist promotions were very strict, very few people could pass under normal circumstances.

“Didn’t the half-yearly pharmacist promotion just happen three months ago?” A pharmacist raised a question.

“Not too sure, I just came back from outside, I don’t even know what the dean has summoned us for this time.”

All of those present this time were pharmacists from the pharmacy, from junior to senior, there weren’t many who were in the middle of concocting potions in private, so those who didn’t make it were considered a minority.

As soon as the Dean appeared, he immediately drew the attention of the crowd, mainly because he was too fat and looked like a small mountain, he was too big to be ignored.

Dongfang Minghui also quietly followed behind, completely covered by the dean’s mountainous body, she had asked Yong Xing a lot about the strict examination of junior pharmacists yesterday, so she could be considered to have a little understanding of it.

A junior pharmacist’s assessment, there were actually over a hundred people observing it, it was simply a rare and unique test! She didn’t even know whether to say that the pharmacists were very united or too unique.

“Well, this time I’ve summoned everyone here for a purpose. Angelica Garden has come out with a particularly gifted medicine gardener, this medicine gardener intends to challenge the test for Junior Pharmacist status.” Lord Dean’s voice was loud, so loud that it penetrated every corner of the pharmacy.

Soon, the Pharmacy was boiling. It was one thing to be promoted, there was always an opportunity every six months. But to challenge the test of a junior pharmacist as a medicine gardener that would be the first time in ten years.

Who was it this time?

How could Xu Lian not know who it was when she heard this? It must be that person.

Dongfang Minghui looked over the crowd, she had deliberately informed the Female Protagonist about her test to become a Junior Pharmacist, could it be that the other party wasn’t coming?

“This is her.” The dean pushed her forward and she instantly stood in front of everyone. She purposely looked towards Xu Lian and managed to see her face change dramatically.

Dongfang Minghui suddenly felt much better from the loss she felt due to the Female Protagonist not coming.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves.” Seeing that she had attracted everyone’s attention very well, the Dean pulled her aside with satisfaction, “The three levels of the Primary Pharmacist Assessment, Yong Xing, it should be clear to you, right?”

“The first test, spoken assessment.”

The first of the primary tests involved identifying ten types of medicinal plants, their medicinal properties, and their grades.

The ten junior pharmacists placed their ten favorite types of spiritual medicines in front of her for her to identify.

There were tens of millions of spiritual medicines, and ten chosen at random would be hard to identify. Test takers would not be able to pass this test if they did not have a certain familiarity with spiritual medicines.

Dongfang Minghui explained to everyone as she looked at them, “This is a primary fire pearl medicine, good for removing heat and relieving cold, It can be used as complementary medicine, and it can be paired neutral medicines such as hesperidin, pycnogenol, and astragalus. The second is a primary White Rocwort, a living herb found on the edge of the White Roc tribe, which releases foul odors, and foxes with a keen sense of smell will pass out from the smell. The third plant is a primary magic plant, it’s…”

Just a bunch of random flower names, I used direct translations zzz

“I have a feeling that your Ninth sister will grow up soon, I’m afraid that this Royal Academy won’t be able to hold her then.” Qing Mo pondered in Wanyu’s thoughts, “Are you sure she won’t be harmful to you?”

Dongfang Wanyu was standing in a corner somewhere, watching Dongfang Minghui in the center with a natural look as she easily identified one medicinal plant after another, and the ones that came into her hands seemed to be very obedient, giving off the illusion that they were all bowing down to her somehow.

“Don’t worry.”

Qing Mo was uneasy, he felt that Dongfang Minghui was a bomb that could explode at any moment, if Wanyu brought her along, she might drag herself down with her at some point.

Some years later, this hunch of his proved to be true.

The Dean had been watching the entire assessment, pleased that for the first test, Dongfang Minghui easily identified ten types of elixirs without making a mistake, he was glad that he had set his sights on this person before.

Her first test attracted the attention of everyone in the audience, originally they thought she would make one or two mistakes, who expected this little medicine gardener to be so weird making no mistakes at all.

The people present didn’t dare to say they could be 100% correct when facing these different medicinal plants.

Xu Lian recalled that time when she was also allowed to identify the medicinal plants in front of everyone before, Qian Minghui was also the first to rush up. She was almost 100% correct regarding the grade of the three strains of herbs and like today, appeared radiant and dazzling so much so that people couldn’t open their eyes looking at her. The last medicinal plant she identified wrongly, she didn’t know if it was true or false but it seemed a fact that at that time the other party was trying to cover her sharp senses. Who knew that she’d be the one stupid enough to inform everyone of her excellence.

Xu Lian was so angry that she trembled all over, she could predict that once the other party became a junior pharmacist, she would be the first one to be dealt with.

Dongfang Minghui rested for a short time, then the test continued to the second section, refining the medicine.

One of the junior pharmacists gave her a prescription, Dongfang Minghui quickly read it over, a standard medicine, it said that it needed six herbs.

This junior pharmacist was gentler, seeing her dazed with the prescription, he couldn’t help reminding her, “The assessment stipulates that three herbs will be provided to you, the other three you need to bring yourself.”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, where would she get the herbs, all of her’s had been swallowed by Little Colour that hungry magic plant and there was only a little leftover root left in her space ring.

“I didn’t prepare any…” Dongfang Minghui told the other party very bluntly that she was poor.

As soon as she said that, it immediately incited laughter.

The Dean couldn’t help but tug at his eyebrows as well, this little one was such a weirdo, he had even asked before if she had read the rules right…

The junior pharmacist who gave her the prescription couldn’t help but get anxious and kindly reminded her, “You still have two hours before the test ends, do you want to go get the medicine?”

“No need.” Dongfang Wanyu suddenly appeared and she pulled the foolish Dongfang Minghui towards her, “What kind of herbs are you still missing?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at the prescription again, “Seventh sister, I’m still missing a soul sealing grass, a white beard plant, and a bamboo root.”

Dongfang Wanyu took a glance at her space ring and quickly brought out the herbs.

“Wanyu you’re crazy, the soul sealing grass is clearly meant to be used to refine divine soul pills that can stabilize your heart and soul when you experience an emotional breakdown but now you’ve given it to her, where are we going to find another?” Qing Mo jumped to his feet in her soul sea and shouted for a long time but Dongfang Wanyu didn’t blink and gave it to Dongfang Minghui.

“Seventh sister, you’re too good to me.” Dongfang Minghui hugged the Female Protagonist with excitement, the Female Protagonist is so helpful when she needed someone the most, like a fairy from heaven!

Dongfang Wanyu gave her a gentle hug and whispered encouragement in her ear, “Go and make the medicine, don’t let Seventh sister down.”

Yes, yes, blame the Female Protagonist’s protagonist aura for being too big, she almost forgot that she too knew how to make medicines.

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware that there were different levels of prescriptions, this one was considered a second-level prescription, with a moderate difficulty, the chances of a beginner pharmacist being able to concoct it successfully were 50/50.

It was even more difficult to say whether she, a newcomer who had never been in contact with a pharmacist before, could succeed.

The pharmacists present all watched her pounding away at the table with the attitude of watching a show, and then looking at her rusty techniques, eighty percent of them were not optimistic about her.

“Hmph, just that level of skill? Even when I concoct medicine out of five times, there are three or more failures, what kind of thing is she.” Xu Lian showed her disdain.

Dongfang Wanyu gave her a cold look when she heard this, “Shut up.”

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