Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 31

“Pack up and let’s go.”

Dongfang Wanyu lashed out with her long whip, scattering the branches binding him.

She had just gone over to find two berries to eat, but the other person was crying and wailing in a particularly miserable way.

Mu Sheng was just reflecting on what to do and the next thing he knew the branches that bound his hands were untied. He got up from the ground with a bone-cracking snap.

“Sister Wanyu, you’re not mad at me?”

Dongfang Wanyu glanced at him strangely, “Why would I be angry?”

Mu Sheng hung his head and wiped his face with his sleeve, “Sister Wanyu if I don’t snatch someone else’s spirit stones in one hour I’ll get eliminated. Thanks for your care on this journey, you can come to find me at the Wood Hall if you need anything in the future, I won’t make excuses.”

“Are you giving your last words?”

Mu Sheng was busy shaking his head, he just didn’t know when he would be sent away and said everything he wanted to say, even if he was eliminated in the next second, at least he’d given his promise.

As they walked, Dongfang Wanyu suddenly stopped and pulled Mu Sheng down.

“What’s wrong?”

Just about twenty meters in front, two teams had met and were now showing a battle of five against five, one of the teams dressed in green clothes, the leader had a red silk sash pinned to his wrist, and looked like he should be a captain or something. The other team, dressed in the uniforms of various halls, were obviously the new students.

Old student vs new students.

Anyone with a brain probably wouldn’t bet on the new students winning.

Dongfang Wanyu held Mu Sheng down and hid in the shadows to watch. The two teams, whose strengths were vastly different, were separated into winners and losers in less than a few moments.

“This group of brats have more backbone than the previous team, they actually dare to fight us.” One of the men smiled and took out a branch, trapping the fallen group one by one and finally tying them into a ball.

The man in the lead said, “Come on, stop dawdling, more than 200 people yet we’ve only met two teams, when will this brawl end?”

A brawl?

Dongfang Wanyu thought about it carefully and was pleasantly surprised to find a loophole. The assessor had only said that there were senior brothers and sisters who would rob them of their spirit stones.

But what she heard from them was not the same thing.

She understood that this wasn’t a game at all, but two duels.

“This game is really getting interesting.” Dongfang Wanyu smiled.

Mu Sheng looked shocked at the side, when Sister Wanyu showed this smile before, she had thrown him into a pile full of fire ant beasts…

Now she was smiling again, well… she seemed to be smiling at the group of senior brothers.

Mu Sheng suddenly had a not-so-good premonition, but soon his not-so-good premonition came true.

“Let Little White come out.”


Dongfang Wanyu looked at him with a smiling face, “From what I understand, the mist of this Little White of yours isn’t just for Beasts right?”

Mu Sheng’s scalp went numb, wondering how she knew that.


Mu Sheng immediately succumbed to her glare and summoned his little friend.

The level of the White Headed Lily wasn’t very high, they could grow up to level five at most. However, the White Headed Lily had some skills and could release two kinds of mist, one was a poisonous mist, and the other was a normal mist. Both emit the same scent, and they floated in the air with different colors, thus distinguishing between poisonous and non-poisonous was very difficult for normal people unless their eye for detail was very high.

Of course, this was all a little common sense that Qing Mo had helped her with inside her soul sea.

That team of senior brothers was scouring the jade medallions in the hands of the new students, and the only sound that could be heard was the clinking of transactions, as if drawing money, the jade medallions of two people were instantly emptied out into the other party’s jade medallion.

The new students who were looted hung their heads in frustration, their spirit stones disappeared, another hour would mean elimination.

This group of senior brothers, however, were all in high spirits, but still unsatisfied, “Is everyone else hiding, otherwise, why would it take so long! How did we only find two teams?”

“Hurry up, we need to find them faster than the other teams.”

They moved swiftly and orderly, and Mu Sheng watched in awe as just one team was able to clean up the freshman easily, how else were the freshmen going to win, not to mention that there seemed to be more than one team like this, and the others had yet to be seen.

Little White’s speed of dispersing the powder increased, and soon a light fragrance mixed in with the smell of grass and woodwork.

“Strange, I think I smell a scent, do you guys smell it.”

“Well, it seems you’re right.”

“Oh shit! We’ve fallen in a trap!” When the man with the red silk shit, the others had already gotten down on the ground with weak legs, and he used his longsword to support his upper half.

“Who’s hiding? Come out!”

Mu Sheng thought to himself, “Even if I die I won’t go out.”

But just as he was thinking that, Dongfang Wanyu walked out with great dignity, and incidentally, she mentioned to him, “Mu Sheng, don’t come out yet, your hour will be up soon.”

This was clearly an attempt to drag him down with her! Mu Sheng cried out and walked out slowly, like a frosted eggplant.

“I’ll leave the spirit stones to this senior brother.” Dongfang Wanyu casually pointed a finger at Mu Sheng.

The person stared at the two of them hard, almost spitting blood in anger, “How cocky, you even dare to rob us?”

“That’s right, don’t the rules of the game state that we can rob each other? If you can rob us, why can’t we rob you?” Dongfang Wanyu smiled and looked at the captain who still looked conscious, “Isn’t that right, senior brother?”

As the words fell, she lashed out unexpectedly, and a whip rolled around his wrist that was propped up on the sword, pulling gently, and the other man flopped to the ground.


Everyone chirped, looking at Dongfang Wanyu with a glare in their eyes.

Dongfang Wanyu’s words, like a pebble thrown onto a calm lake, rolled up in a burst of ripples. The five new students who were tied up looked at each other, they only knew that the successive students would rob them of their spirit stones, but they had never thought of robbing them in return for spirit stones.

The picture was so beautiful that he couldn’t even look at it. Mu Sheng covered his face. He felt as if he had done something terrible.

Dongfang Wanyu saw that he was slow to move and simply slapped him on the head, then crouched down and grabbed their jade medallions opening them up she saw a number of spirit stones inside, Dongfang Wanyu was happy.

“Fifty.” Dongfang Wanyu directly took down the number and then paired her jade medallion with his, soon the spirit stones were all moved to her jade medallion.

“What kind of magic have you done to us, why can’t we move.”

“Little sister, can you help us untie the ropes?”

“Yeah, we’re all freshmen, so help out, we’ll appreciate it.”

Mu Sheng saw that they couldn’t get free of that branch even after struggling for a while, and wanted to go up and help, but when he thought about what happened before, he simply stood still and watched as Wanyu happily snatched the spirit stones.

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t even look back, she was unusually quick, quickly going through all of them, before long their total spirit stones had reached two hundred and ninety spirit stones.

The five of them looked at her with increasingly grim expressions, obviously not expecting this trip out to rob other people ended up with them being robbed instead.

“Many thanks.”

After saying that, she pulled Mu Sheng away.

“How long does your smoke last?”

Mu Sheng didn’t understand why she was asking this question, but he told her honestly, “Little White is only Level 2 now, it will last for about one incense stick of time.”

“Quickly conceal the scent on you, they’ll be coming after us soon.” Dongfang Wanyu said to him as she carried him off at a fast pace, halfway through she turned around running towards another road.

They managed to see a rock cave and Dongfang Wanyu walked in without even thinking about it.

“Sister Wanyu.”

“Bring me the jade medallion.” Dongfang Wanyu calculated a number and touched both their jade medallions together to transfer them.

“One hundred!” Mu Sheng was frightened to death by the numbers on the jade tablet, he swallowed his saliva and said, “Sister Wanyu, a hundred is too much, I only need five.”

Five was the basic number, as long as he didn’t get robbed, he could save it till the end.

Dongfang Wanyu gave him a look, “You deserve it.”

Mu Sheng was a in a dilemma from the way she looked at him, it was neither good to accept nor reject so he simply let it go, sitting at a corner he said, “Sister Wanyu, do you think they’ll find this place too?”

Dongfang Wanyu pursed his lips and estimated the strength of the five people. She spat out some ruthless words, “If they catch up, they’ll have their teeth kicked in. Hmph!”

On the viewing end of the testing ground, Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng were not aware that they were famous. The examiner didn’t tell them that once they entered the trial area, everything would be recorded in the Xuan Guang Mirror, and the team they just robbed was called Team Bloodlust, it was the third-ranked team among the ten teams in terms of overall ability.

It was also the team out of the ten teams that was favored to take the top spot in the battle, but this had just begun, and those who had placed their bets were at a loss when a little girl who came out of nowhere gave them a fierce beating to the face to the point where both sides were bruised red.

“Hey, this little girl seems to be from our Thunder Hall, right, not bad, very courageous, if she has excellent grades, she can be my disciple.” An old man smilingly nodded his head, his heart was very satisfied, good, their Thunder Hall has produced another Li Yunan, it’s been several years since they’d produced this kind of seedling.

Strong and brave. Also resourceful and crafty, this young lady’s ability and character he really liked it.

Those new students who were eliminated also always paid attention to everything recorded in the mystical mirror, seeing that the new students were suppressed by the senior brothers and sisters with no ability to fight back, one of them was so angry that he couldn’t wait to go forward and directly challenge them to a group fight. But when they saw Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng using the mist and suddenly overthrow a group of five seniors, as well as robbing them clean, they were thrilled beyond measure.

So naturally, Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng became famous.

The mirror was set in the square of the Royal Academy, and Dongfang Minghui has been watching every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Female Protagonist, as she expected, the Female Protagonist made a stunning debut shortly after she arrived, carrying a small wood system person in one hand, as the pair sprinted for their lives.

Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng were unaware that the five men of the Bloodthirsty team were actually not far from them! The place, the scene shown in the mysterious mirror was thrilling as if it was just that certain point away, and everyone held their breath. Both were worried that they would find the two. But soon, Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng disappeared from the mirror.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did it suddenly disappear, do you think the girl and that wood system person were found?”

Dongfang Minghui sneered, how can the Female Protagonist be found so easily? If it’s that easy to find, she would not be called the Female Protagonist. According to the script, the Female Protagonist was supposed to hide in the cave and find someone.

Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng sat quietly inside the cave, just leaning against the stone wall, munching on dried food. Dongfang Wanyu had a small sense of urgency thinking she’d had enough rest and was ready to fight.

They had only met one team and that team was likely in pursuit. On top of that, she believed that the team they met wasn’t the strongest of the ten teams, so what if they met the strongest of them next!?

After she finished eating, she closed her eyes and prepared to cultivate for a while, she had been killing beasts for the past few days, and she felt like she was about to breakthrough. Suddenly she felt something and wrinkled her brow,  “Who is it? Come out.”

Mu Sheng got some dried food stuck in his throat when he heard her yelling.


“Sister Wanyu, who are you shouting at?”

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t answer right away, but snapped the whip off her waist and cracked it on the ground, bursting it open.

Mu Sheng immediately hid behind her, “There are people in this hellhole?”

How come they didn’t notice anything when they came in?

“Girl you’re very skillful, you actually discovered me.” From the depths of the cave a white-clothed young man walked out, the young man was clear-eyed, and particularly charming when he smiled.

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t let her guard down just because he was handsome and dashing, she had a remarkable memory and almost had the ability to never forget anything she’d seen once, she didn’t see this person among the two hundred students, thus it was clear that the other party wasn’t a freshman.

And then look at the clothes on his body, white clothes, the clothes of the nine halls in the courtyard are arranged according to color, but there were no white clothes, “Explain yourself. Who are you, and how did you get into the freshmen practice area?”

The white-clothed man stared slightly, his face surprised, obviously not expecting the other party to reveal him after just one encounter.

“No way.” Mu Sheng stared in horror, had they just escaped from the wolf’s teeth to jump into the tiger’s mouth? Who the hell was this pretty boy?

“Girl, can you put down your Water Thunder Whip, although your Water Thunder Whip is very powerful, however, I advise you to put it down.”

As soon as he opened her mouth, she knew he wasn’t a normal person, although people knew that she used a long whip, no one knew the origin of the whip, not even those close to her knew, the white-clothed man’s words did not make her put down her guard, instead, her passion for fighting was stirred up.

“Wanyu, retrieve the whip, let’s see what he wants.” Qing Mo said in the sea of souls.

Dongfang Wanyu conceded when she heard Qing Mo’s voice and put the long whip away and asking rudely, “You still haven’t said who you are?”

The white-clothed boy smiled slightly, a smile so beautiful that people wouldn’t easily forget it once they saw it, “My name is Xiu Qi. What is your name, little girl?”

“Qian Wanyu.”

Qian family? The white-clothed young man looked at her with an obviously more inquisitive look.

The white-clothed boy looked at Mu Sheng behind her, “Miss Qian, I had no intention of intruding into this secret realm, just wait until I find the Pig Fairy Grass then I will leave immediately.”

As they were talking, Dongfang Wanyu couldn’t help but ask Qing Mo in the Sea of Souls, “The secret realm he’s talking about and the Pig Fairy Grass what is it?”

“The so-called secret realm is like an enclosed space, like the space ring in your hand, but larger in every way by at least ten million times. Pig Fairy Grass… I’ve never heard of this, you can ask your ninth sister next time, she’s the one who knows the most about plants.”

Towards the end, Qing Mo couldn’t help but be sarcastic.

“Your purpose for coming here is really for the Pig Fairy Grass?” Dongfang Wanyu looked at him in confusion.

At the same time, she also took a special look at his wrist, this man didn’t have a jade medallion with his identity engraved on it and probably wasn’t even from the Royal Academy.

“Naturally, why would I lie to you?” The man spoke faintly and exuded an air of being able to put people at ease.

“Sister Wanyu, how did he get in?” Mu Sheng whispered and bit his lips.

Xiu Qi showed a slight smile, “I chased the Pig Fairy Grass into this secret realm by mistake. The grass is trying to trap me here.”

“Pig Fairy Grass, isn’t it a medicinal plant? You can describe it to us and we’ll help you catch it together when we meet it later.” Dongfang Wanyu was a little curious about the sudden appearance of this strange plant.

“It is indeed a medicinal plant, but it’s an enlightened Medicinal Plants, it is so cunning that even if you find it, you will not be able to catch it. The name “Pig Fairy Grass” comes from the fact that it is a grass with two large, curly roots and leaves that resemble pig ears.” Xiu Qi explained briefly.

“This Xiu Qi is completely devoid of breath and seemingly harmless, but I don’t think you’re a match for him, leave as soon as you get a chance, don’t let him perceive the dark attribute inside you.” Qing Mo had a rare worried expression.

This white-clothed man who suddenly appeared in the cave was a total mystery.

Mu Sheng tilted his head and mumbled, “Enlightened medicinal plants.”

Xiu Qi nodded, “Just like that White Headed plant on you, but unfortunately, this plant of yours will only break through the third level again at most, it’s cultivation has come to an end, it’s impossible to cultivate into a holy pill.”

Damn, the other party lightly stated the existence of his little friend and the fact that the other party’s level was defective, Mu Sheng shuddered, this person was scary.

Even scarier than Sister Wanyu.

Dongfang Wanyu saw that the two of them were chatting, and simply closed her eyes and cultivated, when she opened her eyes again everything in the cave was the same as usual.

“How many hours has it been?”

Mu Sheng had been standing guard, not daring to go to sleep, but dozing off non-stop. It’s been three hours.”

“Let’s go.” Dongfang Wanyu stood up and saw that Mu Sheng had been rolling his eyes, knowing in his heart that the other man had kept watch all night for her.

But then Xiu Qi opened his eyes as well, “You’re leaving?”


“I’m coming with you.”

Dongfang Wanyu pursed his lips, “We’re being hunted, if you follow us, you’ll probably get in trouble with them too.”

She didn’t know if the other team was waiting outside.

“It’s fine, let’s go.”

Since the other person didn’t care, Dongfang Wanyu was indifferent, the three of them formed a strange trio.

As soon as they walked out a few hundred meters, they saw an oncoming group, it was a different team but their team clothes were the same as the ones they had robbed last time, and the leader also had a red satin ribbon tied around his wrist as well.

“Sister Wanyu, shall we hide?”

Dongfang Wanyu shook his head, “It’s too late, they’ve already seen us.”

Mu Sheng shivered, he was really afraid of this group of brothers and sisters, “So, we’re going to give them the spirit stones?”

“Of course not.” Dongfang Wanyu quirked a smile, “We’re going to rob them again.”

Mu Sheng stumbled and might have been about to kiss the ground if it wasn’t for Xiu Qi on the side pulling him up.

The group was laughing and poking fun, “I heard that Bloodlust got screwed by two little guys this time and collapsed, it’s a disgrace to us.”

“Hahahahaha, how stupid must that be.”

“Two? I thought there were at least five of them?”

“The other guy seems to release poison, which is why they were caught.”

“If I see those two little guys, I’m going to tear their bones apart every inch of the way to see if they’re different from the others.” The man even licked his lips after that.

Mu Sheng’s legs and stomach started shaking, they just discussed them right? Talking about tearing their bones apart, this guy seemed so evil!

“These three freshmen over here seem interesting, though.” The previous freshmen who saw them were like mice that had seen a cat. They were all scared to death.

“Come on, I’m in a good mood, you guys voluntarily hand over your spirit stones and I won’t beat you up.” The man who just said he would tear their bones down inch by inch carried a large knife, his legs spread wide, and he glared arrogantly at them.

Dongfang Wanyu touched her waist and lashed out with her long whip, swinging it directly at the man’s face.

“Be careful.” The flame-haired guy was sharp-eyed, he had just felt that something wasn’t quite right, the other party was too calm, not only didn’t they run, instead they rushed forward!

The other party was a bit too hot-tempered to start a fight at the drop of a hat.

Before flame-haired could finish, he suffered an attack from Xiu Qi, he didn’t know what the other man had done but he was completely unable to move his spiritual energy.

He tried to move his spiritual energy all over his body, but he just couldn’t move. The other party was clearly just in front of him, but he felt as if he was being crushed by a boulder, and the pain was excruciating.

Carrying the knife was the butcher, he heard him shout and dodge, even so, the knife on his shoulder was hooked by the other party’s whip.

“Little girl, do you want to try my cramped bone extraction technique?”

Dongfang Wanyu snorted coldly, “Don’t be a hero by boasting with your mouth, come fight if you have the ability!”

As for the other three, seeing as the other two had picked an opponent, they immediately focused their attention on the weak and pitiable Mu Sheng.

In the beginning, the three of them had planned for Xiu Qi to deal with the captain and Dongfang Wanyu to lure away the butcher and then stall for time.

As soon as Mu Sheng saw them show their weapons, he immediately raised his hands in surrender, “Don’t fight, don’t fight, I’ll give you the spirit stones.”

The three men looked at each other. How strange this combination was. What was even more strange was that the other party had indeed brought out the jade medallion and carefully discussed with them, “I only have one hundred stones. Can you leave me five when you divide equally? “

One hundred spirit stones.

The other party’s eyes lit up and the corners of their eyes curled up in a smile.

One hundred spirit stones was considered a considerable amount of money.

“Seeing as you’re such an interesting kid, fine, come on, take the initiative. Don’t force us to do it, haha.” One of them extended his hand to grab his medallion.

Xiu Qi and Wanyu looked at Mu Sheng’s pained expression as he clinked his jade medallion against his and a hundred turned to zero.

“Hey, hey, why didn’t you guys keep your word.” Mu Sheng jumped to his feet in a hurry and cried his heart out seeing the jade medallion go to zero again, he had seen the world so purely and as a result it had shown him a thousand darknesses.

“Little brother? Do you know how pigs die?”

Mu Sheng was resentful in his heart, he had thought it was somewhat disrespectful to rob his senior brothers when Sister Wanyu had discussed it with him just now, but now it seemed like he was really stupid.

“I know ah.”

“Hahahahahaha, he actually said he knew, seeing as how you’re so cute, I’m a bit reluctant to do it.”

Mu Sheng gave the three of them a sly glance and asked rhetorically, “Do you know how you’re going to die?”

“What?” The three men looked incredulous and thought they had heard something wrong.

Mu Sheng counted down the time, it was almost time, and silently recited three, two, one.

The three of them fell to the ground, only a little conscious, and realized in hindsight that they had been tricked. Mu Sheng chuckled, “I’ll tell you the answer, stupid.”

Butcher saw that the four people couldn’t move, it was clear what was going on, they had encountered the two, no, three people who had pitted the Bloodlust team.

“Don’t grab all the spirit stones yet.” Dongfang Wanyu shouted at Mu Sheng as she dealt with the butcher.

“Kid, do you dare!?”

Mu Sheng spat his tongue at him, dare? I’m sure he wouldn’t have dared in the past, but being oppressed for a long time made him a little rebellious, plus they’ve successfully dealt with two teams now, why wouldn’t he dare?

Wouldn’t the worst result be that he would be robbed of all his spirit stones, then beaten up and eliminated?

Now that he thought about it, it’s not a big deal, even if he was eliminated, he was at least the loser who robbed two teams of seniors of all their spirit stones.

Let’s see who’s face was left after that.


Mu Sheng quickly stole all the spirit stones from their jade medallions, seeing them all red in the face but unable to move, they were like lambs to the slaughter.

Mu Sheng’s heart was filled with a sense of pleasure, and he put on his small face and cursed, “What are you looking at? Feeling so bad your eyes are popping out? You think only you’re allowed to rob and not us?”

What’s the logic in that?

It was simply bandit logic.

It was probably because the butcher was out of the encirclement, so his reaction was a bit slower than the four of them, but he soon felt something was wrong, his spiritual energy was leaking out uncontrollably, and he felt like he was losing control of the situation.

“You guys-”

Before he finished speaking, he fell to the ground with a bang from mid-air.

Dongfang Wanyu kicked him, and seeing that he couldn’t move, she quickly grabbed his jade medallion and clicked it with her own, “I didn’t know you were so poor.”

She was a little disappointed that it was only thirty.

The butcher’s veins were so blue it looked like it was about to burst.

Then the three of them mugged them clean, packed up, and dashed away.

Soon, word spread that the second team had been robbed by the newcomers.

However, the Xuan Guang Mirror seemed to have some strange issues. When Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng robbed the Flame Team, it suddenly blacked out and recorded nothing.

It was only after they left that the mirror returned to normal.

The five people were lying on the ground, unable to move their bodies, and their faces were all still angry, so it was obvious that they had been robbed.

“Do you think this picture seems familiar?” One of the eliminated students suddenly said that as he had been paying attention to the test in the inner courtyard.

When everyone thought about it, it was true, wasn’t the Bloodthirsty team lying down and robbed before, and then unable to move for a period of time, this tactic didn’t need to be guessed, everyone knew that it was the work of Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng.

“Whahahahaha, so relieved.” One laughed while patting his thigh, before Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng were hiding in the cave. At that time, there were already ten teams that had been robbed by the seniors, five of which were unfortunately eliminated. In other words, over two hundred people now turned into one hundred and thirty-four people left.

It was so infuriating to see the freshmen being robbed again and again.

Dongfang Minghui listened to them talk and couldn’t help but smirk from the sidelines as the Female Protagonist robbed two teams, but soon, there would be a joint siege by the other teams and Mu Sheng’s skills would be blocked.

Counting in her head, there seemed to be eight more chances to unleash the Mist.


Dongfang Minghui, who was considering the plot, was startled when someone suddenly tapped her on the shoulder from behind.

“Nan Nan, why are you here?”

Nan Nan smiled, “I heard them say that there’s an amazing girl who seems to have trampled on those seniors twice, I thought she looked a bit like Wanyu, so I came over to take a look.”

“It’s definitely Seventh sister,” Dongfang Minghui was very sure of it as she told her.

Nan Nan looked surprised, then felt relieved when she thought about it, she smiled, “Wanyu is right, the only one who can save me is myself. If she hadn’t woken me up in time, my brother and I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

“Then, did that Lu Peng still visit you?” Dongfang Minghui saw that there were many people and simply pulled Nan Nan aside to a quieter place.

Nan Nan laughed and shook her head, “After you left, I immediately moved to another place with my brother, with the attitude of trying my best! I applied for the exam, and then I managed to get into the Alchemy Academy over there, I’m now a freshman in Alchemy.”

“Nan Nan, congratulations.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but lament, no matter what, everything was still moving towards the original plot.

Back in the test area, Dongfang Wanyu and Mu Sheng discussed, it was truly not easy for a freshman to guard their few spirit stones They didn’t rob them when they met them, they simply let them live. They decided to look specifically for those seniors to brush up stones instead.

Occasionally when Xiu Qi found the smell of Pig Fairy Grass, he’d leave for a while and come back when he lost the scent. Dongfang Wanyu got accustomed to the strange images of him suddenly appearing and disappearing.

“Sister Wanyu, I think I saw Xiao Ruo just now.” Mu Sheng suddenly said.

She looked at him, “Do you want revenge?”

Betrayed by his friend, Dongfang Wanyu knew he had to have some idea in his mind if he didn’t have some idea, she wouldn’t have partnered with him for so long.

“Of course, I’m going to eliminate all of them.” Mu Sheng replied without hesitation.

Dongfang Wanyu smiled, “Very well.”

“Don’t use your skills this time, there are only eight more times, we’ll probably meet eight other teams afterward, leave these guys to me.”

Mu Sheng was suddenly especially touched, not only did Wanyu take care of him from time to time along the way, but she also helped him hunt beasts, and now, the other party was actually going to take revenge for him.

Previously, they had agreed not to rob the freshmen, but for his sake, Sister Wanyu had made an exception.

Mu Sheng secretly made a decision in his heart.

“You take the initiative to hand over the spirit stones, or I’ll do it myself.”

Dongfang Wanyu had paid attention to their team earlier, five of them, of which Xiao Ruo was wood, and the other four, one is Wind, and excels at the skill Whirlwind Blade, which is strong when it meets the wind. One was Ice, best known for the Ice Cone, and two others, both of whom are Earth, they’re all Spiritual Masters, respectively Level 1 Wind Spiritual Master, Level 3 Ice Spiritual Master, and two Level 2 Earth Spiritual Masters. As for Xiao Ruo, Dongfang Wanyu planned to let Mu Sheng personally take care of him.

The five of them looked at each other, obviously not expecting how there could be such an arrogant person, they had only seen Mu Sheng before and not Dongfang Wanyu, so they had nothing but endless mockery for this inexplicable woman, not knowing at all that there was a reason for it.


Dongfang Wanyu threw a long whip over, and the first person she dealt with was the Level 3 Ice Spiritual Master. They had taken the enemy lightly in the first place, so naturally, they didn’t actively defend themselves.

One of the major skills of the Water Lightning Whip was that it had lightning constantly flowing throughout the whip, whenever it touched, it would always give you a very sore feeling of being electrocuted crisp and numb like being struck by lightning.

When the two Earth Spiritual Masters looked at it, they didn’t dare to drag it any further, and immediately launched their Earth Sting skill, but they didn’t expect that just after issuing the skill, there was suddenly an even stronger earth mound pounding them directly on the ground. This feeling was like wanting to give someone two slaps but instead getting smacked with ten slaps!

“What’s going on?”

Dongfang Wanyu laughed, she naturally wouldn’t tell them that she blended her two types of attributes together, the earth was buried with thunder, and when they made a move, it was equivalent to touching the trap she had buried underneath, naturally they would end up like that.

As for the Ice Spiritualist, hmph lightning loves water the most.

The other Wind Spiritual Master took a look and in just a moment one by one, three of them had already fallen prey to the other party, knowing that the other party’s ravings just now were not empty, he immediately cautiously launched a whirlwind blade at Dongfang Wanyu.

Dongfang Wanyu lashed out. The whip was as if dancing in the air, and as she smacked all of his whirlwind blades back.

“Ah, help.”

Xiao Ruo was a wood type, he didn’t have much offensive power other than having tree branches attack Dongfang Wanyu. So when the wind blades were directly smacked back, one of them was coming towards him and he had no other way but to shout for help.

Hearing him shout for help, the Level 1 Wind Spiritual Master immediately gave up attacking Dongfang Wanyu and went back to save Xiao Ruo.

A few people were beaten up, so naturally, they could see the wide skill difference between them.

“You’re alone, why don’t you join our team, at least we can still look out for each other.” The third-grade ice spiritual master spoke up.

He was the captain of this team.

Dongfang Wanyu looked at them with a sneer, “Just with you guys?”

Planning people so easily, she didn’t care much about such a team even if they were famous. Moreover, they were just a bunch of rabble, not enough to be feared.

She shouted to Mu Sheng, “Come out, be quicker.”

She didn’t want to stay with these people for a moment longer.

Mu Sheng immediately ran out with a smile on his face and adjusted his jade medallion, just waiting to directly collect the spirit stones from theirs.

Xiao Ruo saw Mu Sheng and immediately stared at him, “Mu Sheng, how could it be you?!”

Seeing Mu Sheng, what else could they not understand?

Mu Sheng glanced at him with cold eyes. I don’t know you.”

The so-called cycle of karma was this.

“Mu Sheng, let us off the hook this time, if you take away all of our spirit stones, we will be eliminated.” Xiao Ruo couldn’t help but plead, then whispered, “Not to mention we only took five of your spirit stones at that time.”

As if he couldn’t hear, Mu Sheng took his jade medallion, brushing all thirty spirit stones they had scattered in their hands, now his jade plate showed 395.

Mu Sheng thought that he would have to find a place to send these spirit stones to Sister Wanyu later.

“Get eliminated so what? You were all going to be eliminated before, I’ve already let you dash around this place for ten hours. The other twenty-five is interest, got it?”

Dongfang Wanyu couldn’t help but laugh at his words. That soft and weak person had grown up as well, this place of trials really was a good place.

“Gag them and tie them up.”

Mu Sheng’s eyes lit up, thinking that Sister Wanyu’s method was a good one, gagging their mouths would save them from continuing their ghostly cries for help.

“Xiao Ruo, just bear with me, after an hour, an assessor will come and release you.” Mu Sheng advised kindly as he tied him up.

“Mu Sheng how did you become like this, we’re friends aren’t we?”

Mu Sheng felt that Xiao Ruo’s voice was too noisy and shoved a piece of stinky cloth straight into his mouth from somewhere.

Mu Sheng felt relieved to see them all unable to speak.

“Sister Wanyu, let’s go.”

The two of them once again set out on the road to robbery.

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