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MIWW Chapter 36 Part 1

“Love Flower, do you think seventh sister is stuck in the illusion and can’t get out?”

After waiting for two days, Dongfang Minghui was restless and finally managed to ask the question in her heart.

Love Flower poked out a flower from inside the space ring and took a glance at Situ Hao, who was practicing on the side, before saying, “Strange, your Seventh sister’s illusion was shattered before the man next to you woke up, she should have woken up before him.”

She listened to Love Flower’s words and became even more worried.

“Then what happened?”

Love Flower shook her head, “The illusion’s broken, it’s beyond my ability to know, be patient, and wait for her but if she doesn’t come out in a day, it may turn into forever…”

Dongfang Minghui is startled, horrified, okay? If the Female Protagonist doesn’t come out, how will the rest of this script go on?

As soon as one person and one flower finished their conversation, she immediately leaned in next to Dongfang Wanyu and muttered on the side, “Seventh sister, you need to wake up.”

“Seventh sister, if you don’t wake up how are you going to find out where you came from, why did the Qian family leave you behind Seventh sister, are you willing?”

“Seventh sister, don’t you have more important things to do, why are you willing to let a small illusion bind you…?”

“Seventh sister, be stronger, break the illusion.”

Dongfang Minghui thought to herself since the Love Flower said the illusion is broken, the Female Protagonist shouldn’t be caught in her own demons, right?

That’s even worse.

She’s just sitting around talking all kinds of crap to her.

Everything in the illusory world was peaceful and calm, with birds chirping and flowers everywhere, and the company of Dongfang Minghui, Dongfang Wanyu should be very satisfied with this kind of life.

But in the satisfaction, she felt as if she seems to be missing something.

Until a very familiar voice sounded in her ears.

“Qian family?”

Yes, she is a member of the Qian Family, why did her parents abandon her, why did they leave her in a small Dongfang family and treat her coldly?

Right, she had more important things to do, she had to wake up immediately.

“Seventh sister, we’re having our ceremony tomorrow, will you take good care of me from now on?” Dongfang Minghui winked at her playfully, but in her eyes, they seemed to be missing a soul and spiritual energy.

For such a person, she was even willing to fall, not wanting to go out at all and keep her company.

“Little Nine.”

Dongfang Wanyu touched her little face and smiled gently, “Ninth sister how are you doing with the skills I gave you before?”

“Seventh sister is joking, I’m unable to practice, don’t you know that?” Dongfang Minghui finished her sentence and turned her back on her.

Dongfang Wanyu gently embraced her from behind and sniffed at the back of her neck with a fascinated expression, “Indeed, it was Seventh sister who forgot.”

Dongfang Minghui kept mumbling so much that her mouth went dry. Dongfang Wanyu still hasn’t moved, and she couldn’t help but feel frustrated about what kind of illusion was holding the Female Protagonist back.

Damn it! She scratched her head in irritation, it was actually only two hours until dawn, if the Female Protagonist just died here directly, wouldn’t the world fall apart?

She’d end up dead as well!

“Seventh sister, wake up!”

Dongfang Wanyu suddenly opened her eyes, startling her half to death, then she stared in ecstasy not believing it to be true, “Seventh sister, are you awake?”

Dongfang Wanyu just looked at her quietly, reaching out and gently caressing her cheek, it was the same as in the illusion, warmer than in the illusion, it was real.

The Female Protagonist was so gentle, so gentle that it made her scalp numb, this wasn’t the same as the usual Female Protagonist!

Dongfang Minghui immediately took a step back, avoiding the hand that was touching her with dread, and laughed dryly, “Seventh sister, you’ve got us worried sick, I didn’t know what I’d do next if you hadn’t woken up.”

Dongfang Wanyu restrained her smile as she took a look at the cave wall and stood up, “Ninth sister, before was it you talking to me?”

Is this some kind of revenge?

She tried to remember what she had just said to the Female Protagonist, all of it was from the fucking script, oh shit! It looked like she had accidentally said too much in order to wake the Female Protagonist up.

Dongfang Minghui shook her head faster than a rattle, “N-no, I didn’t say anything, Seventh sister did you hear wrongly?”

Yeah, her plan was that she wouldn’t admit to anything at all!

Dongfang Wanyu smiled slightly and didn’t say anything more, “Have you found the Love Flower yet?”

Dongfang Minghui was secretly relieved to see her stop asking questions, nodded, and then remembered something, “Seventh sister, I’m telling you now there’s some good stuff in these caves.”

Good stuff?

The fifteen caves were meant to confuse others, in fact, each cave had different traps laid out inside, if you blindly forced your way through, you would definitely end up in a terrible situation.

Just like those who were trying to get the Love Flower, they would most likely walk into the illusion and then never come out again from the illusion. It was even more dangerous than the other caves, and it had cleaned up a large group of people without bloodshed, even they had almost gotten caught.

The three of them followed the Love Flower into the cave. Along the way they saw white bones everywhere, crunching under their feet and sounding oddly scary.

But with both Situ Hao and the Female Protagonist present, she felt a lot more at ease.

“Love Flower said that you can’t take everything, or you’ll touch the final mechanism in the entire cave.” Dongfang Minghui repeated the words back to her.

Dongfang Minghui and Situ Hao took a look at each other and were both very surprised, as the quality of the pills were very pure, so they quickly scavenged it.

Dongfang Minghui pretended to scavenge behind them, but in fact, her space ring was almost full.

This time when she returned to Snow Capital, she definitely needed to get a new high-class space ring, it was quite annoying when there was not enough space.

After scavenging the two caves, Dongfang Minghui led them to another cave, however this time she stood at the entrance of the cave and pointed inside, “This place is filled with the aura of death. Anyone who wanted to find the treasure never came out again.”

Situ Hao stared at the cave and mulled over the details, “If the caves are all hiding different treasures, I assume that this also contains a treasure, one that was purposefully left behind for a Death Spiritual Master…”

What quick thinking, realizing so quickly that something good was hidden inside, Dongfang Minghui had to give him credit for that.

She was going to secretly reveal it to Female Protagonist, but when she thought about it, it’d probably be bad if she provoked the Female Protagonist’s suspicions, wouldn’t she be throwing stones at herself?

She simply shook it out of her head.

“Maybe, Love Flower hasn’t gone in either.” Dongfang Minghui secretly lied.

Situ Hao thought to himself, “Since it’s something left behind for a Death Spiritual Master, it must be extremely important so we can’t let it manifest itself, or it will surely cause a great disaster, I think the best thing to do is to destroy it. ”

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her forehead, this wasn’t quite what she’d expected.

“How do you destroy it?” She grumbled, “Situ Hao can’t you use your head, there are only three of us and you’re the only one who’s a Light System Spiritual Master.”

Dongfang Wanyu calmly looked at the two of them, a little confused at Dongfang Minghui’s emotions being so great.

“Qing Mo, when I was in the illusion, did Ninth Sister say anything strange to me? Like about the Qian Family?”

“Wanyu don’t you think it’s strange for you to ask that? As soon as you were tied up in the illusion while trying to save your Ninth Sister I was blocked from the outside world as well.”

“I heard Ninth Sister’s voice in the vision, and she told me to check out the Qian Family and figure out why they abandoned me and to find out their true intentions, that was the reason how I could wake up completely from the illusion.”

Because of reluctance, that’s what made her wake up.

“I told you long ago that there was something weird about your ninth sister, but you still don’t believe me. You can simply test her again.” Qing Mo suggested.

“Qian Wanyu, tell me if you approve of my opinion.” Situ Hao was about to die from exhaustion from Qian Minghui’s lecture.

“My thoughts coincide with yours, it must be completely destroyed.” As if afraid that Dongfang Minghui wouldn’t understand, Dongfang Wanyu also made a special effort to talk to her and explain, “Ninth sister, the danger of the Death Legion is immeasurable, we must destroy it so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of people with ulterior motives.”

Situ Hao nodded his head in agreement, and Dongfang Minghui tilted her head, wondering to herself if she should have nodded and agreed.

“Little Minghui, see, your Seventh sister also agrees.” Situ Hao flaunted proudly.

Dongfang Minghui’s voice trailed off, she didn’t believe that the Female Protagonist’s proposal had no other purpose, “Fine, if you all agree, let’s destroy it, it’s useless for us since we can’t take it anyway.”

The Female Protagonist’s aura was a very powerful one, and she didn’t believe that something that belonged to her would be easily destroyed.

Dongfang Wanyu didn’t make a sound as she scanned her tangled face and gently patted her on the shoulder, “Your body has just recovered, so stand outside the cave and don’t get too close.”

Dongfang Minghui definitely didn’t want to get involved in this, nodding her head and running out.

Love Flower emerged from within her space ring, “You humans are so strange, you don’t want it, but why do you want to destroy it as well? And why did you just lie to them, I know what’s in there.”

It couldn’t understand what Dongfang Minghui and the other two were doing at all.

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her head against it, “Love Flower, the Aura of Death is so powerful that many people have no way to deal with it. We can’t leave it to the Dark Spiritualists or else the consequences would be unimaginable. As for lying to them just now, it’s also because we don’t want them to kill each other in order to get the treasure, so it’s better to just destroy it.”

Love Flower shook its flowers, “The human heart is too complicated, can’t understand it, can’t understand it.”

Dongfang Minghui touched it lightly, “Love Flower, I don’t think the two of them alone can destroy the aura of death inside the cave, right?”


So let’s just allow Situ Hao to toss and turn then hit a wall before he’s willing to turn back, hehe.

When the two of them came out of it in a grizzled state, Dongfang Minghui hid the smirk under her eyes a bit. Feigning concern she hurriedly asked, “Wow, Seventh sister, are you okay?”

Situ Hao repented, “Wanyu sorry, I was out of my depth and dragged you into that place. The Aura of Death is too strong, and this matter is of great importance, I think we need to immediately report it to the Royal Academy to see how they deal with it.”

“Don’t say anything first, we need to recover first.”

Dongfang Wanyu closed her eyes and immediately sat down on the spot.

Situ Hao spoke to Dongfang Minghui, “We’ll trouble you little Minghui, please help protect us for a moment.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded as she crouched to the side and couldn’t help but sigh at how things had escalated and risen to the level of having to inform the Royal Academy of the situation.

It would be much harder for the Female Protagonist to get what was inside.

“Let’s go.”

After the two recovered, they immediately walked out of Death Valley.

“Wanyu, you have to find a way to get what’s inside that cave, or else when the Royal Academy comes, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find anything.” Qing Mo was talking with her in her Sea of Souls.

“First, gotta figure out a way to keep Situ Hao out of the way.”

With a Light Spiritual Master around, it was inconvenient to do anything.

“Seventh sister, we still haven’t found the person behind the skeleton that attacked us earlier we can’t just go back now.” Dongfang Minghui blurted out, holding out her hands, “Besides, the wounds on my body haven’t fully healed yet. On top of that, you guys have just consumed a lot of spiritual energy, I think we should stay another night to refresh ourselves.”

That was quite a reasonable proposal.

Dongfang Wanyu saw the other party’s pitiful expression, “Okay, I’ll reapply your medicine when I get back, you take care of yourself! Get some sleep and we’ll leave tomorrow.”

Since both ladies had spoken up, he had to show his gentlemanly demeanor as a man, “In that case, we’ll stay and set off the next day.”

Once back at the inn, Dongfang Minghui stripped off all of her clothes and pants, leaving only her lingerie, she looked at the bruise marks on her body and opened her mouth wide.

“Fuck, I’m literally fighting with my own life.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but curse, back to the original issue, why was she always the one who was hurt the most?

“Knock knock.”

“Ninth sister, I’m coming in.”


Dongfang Minghui thought it was fine for the Female Protagonist to come in, we were both women anyway, we have the same body parts so it’s not a big deal.

When Dongfang Wanyu pushed the door open and entered, she saw a picture of a beautiful woman sitting on the bed, unkemptly dressed, with her shoulders half-naked and smiling at her.

She immediately slammed the door shut behind her.

The room smelled of a faint scent, it should be the scent of pills, almost identical to the scent in the illusion.

Unaware that there was a burning gaze staring at her, Dongfang Minghui looked up to find the Female Protagonist still standing stupidly near the doorway.

“Seventh sister, sit down for a moment, I’m just applying my medicine it won’t take long.”

She lifted the bedding to reveal her legs, her otherwise white and flawless skin was bruised everywhere, some of it even broke through the skin, somehow, while it was clearly a miserable sight, Dongfang Wanyu found the image in front of her incredibly alluring. It was revealing a charming taste of beauty everywhere, she swallowed her saliva constantly and forced herself awake.

“Hiss.” She was already a person who couldn’t stand any pain, when the pill was crushed and applied to the wound, the pain still made her frown.

Dongfang Wanyu stepped closer and sat directly on the edge of the bed, “Your hands are still wounded, let me do it.”

She directly snatched the porcelain bottle from Dongfang Minghui’s hand, a hint of distress in her eyes that even she wasn’t aware of, and familiarly crushed the pills and applied them to her wounds.

“Have you cleaned these wounds yourself?”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, “I always apply the medicine as I wash.”

Hearing her say that, Dongfang Wanyu set aside the porcelain bottle in her hand and picked up the a bowl of clear water on the side, she sniffed it and smelled that it was alcohol.

“It’s going to hurt, so bear with it.”

That’s easy to say, but it wasn’t at all easy for Dongfang Wanyu when she did it, she always felt that whenever she touched it lightly, her sister’s body would instinctively dodge, apparently afraid of the pain.

“After returning to the academy this time, you need to follow me, when I practice, you need to practice, and you can’t stop for even half a moment.” Dongfang Wanyu had sort of figured out that the only way to reduce the chances of her getting hurt again was to make her improve her own strength.

She herself also had to become stronger and even stronger again, strong enough to protect her as well as strong enough to imprison her just like the illusion…

Dongfang Minghui looked pained, “Seventh sister, it’s not that you don’t know, I’m just a pharmacist, and a pharmacist is a person who only focuses on the ability to make pills…”

“You can only continue to refine pills if you have the ability to survive right?”

Her words were so reasonable, she couldn’t even retort.

Dongfang Minghui was playing dead at the side, she couldn’t help but mouth off again, “Seventh Sister, what did you experience in the vision? Love Flower said you should have woken up early.”

Dongfang Wanyu’s hand paused as she looked into the other’s glittering, curious eyes, her lips turned up softly. With a very gentle smile, she squeezed her lightly, “I experienced a beautiful dream in the illusion.”


Yandere Wanyu is very cute 😉

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