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MIWW Chapter 57 Part 1

“W-w-what..h-h-hug??” Dongfang Minghui shivered a little, it can’t be what she thought, right?

Qian Wanyu didn’t give her much time to think about it, she stretched the other party’s hand to her eyes, and with a reverent face, she began to clean the red marks on her wrist meticulously.

The soft-touch on the wound made Dongfang Minghui shrink back a little, but her hand ended up being grabbed more firmly by the other side.

This, this did she still need more confirmation?

The situation at hand was clearly the Female Protagonist in heat, and she needed a person to soothe her desire.

Hey, it turns out that holding onto the heroine’s thighs she still needed to dedicate her body to her. Dongfang Minghui died inside ah.

Qian Wanyu buried her head all the way up and untied the Entangled Love around the other party’s waist, pulling away all the things in the way, and gently lowering the curtains on both sides of the bed.

The sunlight outside was as old as ever, but the inner room was full of scenes of spring.

TL Note: This implies sex btw…

“Ah, sister, lighter.”


Intermittent moans came out of the room, and Li Jing stood outside with an expressionless face, then moved out inch by inch.

It’s a good thing this place was a busy building, at night, the singing and dancing noises completely drowned out a certain couple’s moans.

When Qian Wanyu woke up, she found a person lying in her arms, her body was naked and covered with bruises and love marks, her face seemed to have the marks of tears that had not dried up.

Thinking of yesterday’s soulful night, Qian Wanyu’s wrapped her arm around the other girl’s waist and her hand tightened.

The small part of her soul sea occupied by the black smoke had also regained its clarity, and her whole body felt a lot more relaxed, the tyrannical emotions in her heart also dissipated with this lovemaking.

The suppressed spiritual power inside her was also vaguely fluctuating, there would definitely be a breakthrough in the near future.

“Ninth Sister.”

The person that was asleep shivered but did not wake up, it seemed she was still tired from yesterday.

Qian Wanyu remembered that the other party had been tossed around by her until she cried, but while crying she was also clenching her waist.

“This mouth really doesn’t match the heart.”

Her legs gently rubbed the other’s skin, she took the opportunity to wrap her up and hug her in this posture, holding her contentedly to sleep.

Dongfang Minghui was truly exhausted, she was tossed around by the Female Protagonist yesterday, and no matter how much she begged for mercy, the other party refused to show mercy!

When she woke up, the sunlight from the window had penetrated into the room, and the curtains on both sides were not drawn up, but a few rays of light came through.

Dongfang Minghui moved and found a pair of strong hands around her waist, remembering that last night this hand had made her cry to death from the stimulation, Dongfang Minghui’s face was all red and her whole body felt hot.

She gently moved down, trying to break the other party’s confinement, but found that her legs were still pinned down.

“Ninth Sister, where do you want to go?” Qian Wanyu was not asleep, she had closed her eyes and begun to cultivate, finding her spiritual energy was much more active than in the past.

She knew immediately that the person in her arms had woken up, but she just wanted to see what the other party was up to.

“Hmm?” Qian Wanyu hands that were wrapped around Minghui’s hot body started to light a fire in her again, the desire she had managed to suppress was taking hold again, it was as if as long as it was this person, her self-control would become very poor.

“Well, Seventh sister, don’t–”

Once she spoke, Dongfang Minghui realized that her throat was a little sore, probably because she had shouted too loudly yesterday.

Qian Wanyu then buried her head nibbling, she finally understood what was called once you get a taste you’ll never give it up.

Now that she had tried the pleasure and gotten a taste she did not want to let go of this body in her arms.

“Seventh sister, I’m in pain.”

Dongfang Minghui pitifully held her waist, if the Female Protagonist kept going once more, she’d certainly not be able to get up for three days!

Since she’d already marked and hugged her to sleep, Qian Wanyu stopped, the person was already her’s so the worries in her heart could be put down.

“Ninth Sister, I’ll carry you to the bath.”

The other side got out of bed and casually draped some cloth on her body, those scratches on her back were very obvious, some still had blood. Dongfang Minghui glanced at it, then thought of last night when she was clinging to the other side tightly, she might’ve accidentally scratched a bit…her eyes were filled with shame, she didn’t even want to look ah.

She’s now completely bent, right, bent by a woman who nibbled until not even the crumbs were left, but she also unexpectedly felt quite comfortable.

If Qian Wanyu knew that she was thinking like this, it is estimated that just now she wouldn’t have stopped just because she wanted to pamper the other party…

Dongfang Minghui leaned over the bed thinking, the other side had gone downstairs to bring up some hot water.

“Do you want Seventh sister to help you wash?”

Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand, but Dongfang Minghui refused, the two of them had already done it all and everything was well known of each others’ bodies but she is not so delicate.

“Seventh sister, can you go out first?”

She was stupid enough to not know that this place was the Female Protagonist’s turf, but she wasn’t stupid enough to throw herself in the net.


Qian Wanyu carefully observed the other party’s expression and did not see her show disgust or other emotions before quietly retreating, leaving the room to her.

Minghui sat in the water and suddenly remembered that when she did that yesterday, Love Flower, Lucky and Toothless were all in the space ring…

Sitting in the tub, she looked at the jade belt that had been casually tossed on the table by the Female Protagonist, with a shirt covering it.

“Okay okay.” She secretly patted her chest, good thing that yesterday’s love making was not seen by those little ones otherwise, where should she put her face in the future?


She washed her body while sighing, after this, she was completely taken by the Female Protagonist, from the life of a little brother to the life of a bed warmer ah.

“Anyway, the Seventh sister is not in the main room yet, just let it go for now.”

Dongfang Minghui’s head operated in an extremely simple and extremely complex way. Things she can’t figure out are often left aside. To put it nicely it’s to wait for a solution in the future, to say put it badly it’s choosing to escape from the problem.

The only commandment she remembered was to not to go against the Female Protagonist.

She also resisted yesterday, just a little bit of deception, and as a result, she was almost entirely found out by the Female Protagonist, and the punishment was to be eaten up by her until not even crumbs were left…

She finished her shower, dressed, and sat on a stool to think about whether she wants to improve her status slightly in the future.

Just like how on the seven coloured continent there were ranks based on value, could she as the bed-warming little sister get a little upgrade?


Love Flower snickered and looked at her with disgust (imagined) as it appeared from the space ring, “You screamed so hard yesterday, it was like killing a pig, so noisy for the whole night.”

It actually wanted to sneak out to have a look but Qian Wanyu’s killing aura was too heavy so it didn’t rashly run out to peek just in case it made her angry.

It was the same with Lucky and Toothless the two little friends stayed in the space ring to listen to the noises…

Dongfang Minghui blushed, in fact, she was just too happy at the time they were making love… so she could not control it.

“Do you still want to go to the Blood Fiend Alliance?”

Speaking of this knot, if she knew that the price of keeping the secret was to sell her body to the Female Protagonist for one night, Dongfang Minghui would’ve certainly not hesitated to sell the other party out.

“Ninth Sister.”

As soon as Qian Wanyu pushed the door to enter, Love Flower swished into the space ring again. Behind, several people walked in with headbands, they carried pots of colorful and fragrant dishes in their hands.

Dongfang Minghui as soon as she smelled the fragrance of rice, her mood immediately improved.

“I know you are hungry, eat quickly.”

Qian Wanyu obediently sat down opposite her and handed her a pair of chopsticks, looking at her with a smile.

Dongfang Minghui had just tried a piece of food, and the spiritual energy was overflowing, it was just right to replenish the lost spiritual energy from her body.

“Seventh sister, why don’t you eat?”

She directly picked a piece she just tried and handed it to the other party’s mouth, “Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu opened her mouth, gently bit into it, and tasted it as well. These dishes she had actually just instructed Li Jing to go to the famous restaurant in Yundu City to buy them, just to make the other party happy.

Now it seems that she really did the right thing.

“I think these dishes are quite delicious, Seventh sister, do you want to eat some too?” Dongfang Minghui was just eating by herself and then handing the same kind of dish to the other party to let her try a bite too.

As she ate, she suddenly felt something was wrong.

T-this isn’t this indirectly kissing???

Thinking of the Female Protagonist’s domineering tongue kiss, Dongfang Minghui blushed, accidentally met the other party’s burning eyes and hurriedly dropped her head to pick up the rice.

“Why is your face red?”

Qian Wanyu reached out her hand and touched her somewhat hot face, it was a little hot, she immediately followed up, “Is it something uncomfortable?”

Dongfang Minghui shivered, what uncomfortable, it’s too comfortable ah fuck! The other party’s hand was cold, but for some reason, her mind could always recall everything that happened last night.

She was poisoned by the Female Protagonist, right?


Qian Wanyu, however, got up directly, “You stay in the room for a while, I’m going to ask a pharmacist to come over and take a look.”

She was also a little apprehensive, yesterday they did not only have sex, at the height of their climax she even injected some of her spiritual energy into the other party’s body by accident thereby exchanging spiritual energy with each other.

The other party’s energy was so pure that her dark spiritual energy was completely purified when she first touched it, so she greedily chased after the other party’s spiritual energy to wrap up.

This had exceeded her own expectations, and she ended up using the book of dual cultivation she had found in the forbidden land on Ninth Sister.

“Seventh sister, don’t.” Dongfang Minghui put down her chopsticks and grabbed the other party with one hand.

Just kidding, isn’t it just being pressed down and climaxing continuously for one night? How come you have to invite the pharmacist?!

She was not that thick-skinned, in case anything was seen, how could she face other people?

“Seventh sister, I’m really fine.”

She even put the back of the other party’s hand on her face and rubbed it, only to have the other party squeeze it back.


Dongfang Minghui pulled her to sit on the stool, “Seventh sister, I have a confession to make.”

After last night’s… “bloody” lesson, she profoundly understood that to do with Female Protagonist, confession garnered leniency, resistance garnered severity.

Better not to hide anything, please refer to last night for the consequences of hiding it!

“Well?” Qian Wanyu smiled, in fact, she was not so domineering that she wanted to occupy all of the other party’s personal privacy, she was probably affected yesterday by that dark spiritual energy, so as soon as she felt the other party’s concealment there was a hostility that kept sweeping her brain.

“I want to go to the Blood Fiend Alliance, but not only to kill Mu Yang, I also need to see the medicinal plants that they bought from the auction.”

“I thought that with me alone I could get my way into the Blood Fiend Alliance and take a look at medicinal plants, so I didn’t think to tell you.”

She relied on the fact that Love Flower was able to hide her existence and bold enough to think that the Blood Fiend Alliance was as easy as the Cheng Mansion to enter.

“It’s seventh sister that was wrong.” Qian Wanyu pulled her fingers and intertwined her ten fingers around hers holding both her hands, she did not confess the matter of the Mixed Heaven Pills to her either.

“Blood Fiend Alliance, Seventh sister will help you check it, but you can’t go alone.”


With Female Protagonist around, probably the success rate could rise a level.

However, two girls, holding hands and interlocking fingers, like this, however you look it was still so shameful!

Dongfang Minghui placed the elixir she got from the Cheng House earlier in front of her, “This is for you, but it’s best to let someone try it first.”

She secretly had a bad idea, wanting Xuan Zhu to try the elixir to see if it was the Mixed Heaven Pill.

“This is the formula, it was scattered next to the furnace, I’m not sure if it is the complete formula, it’s best to verify it.”

The Mixed Heaven Pill would not have been able to be verified by others, if someone accidentally found out anything, the secret on the Female Protagonist would have been torn apart by then.

But if they didn’t verify it, in case there was something wrong with the elixir, it would be too late after eating it…

“I’ll make a copy of the recipe, and I’ll take the elixir.” Qian Wanyu moved quickly, and after the matter was finished, she personally made a copy of the formula.

Dongfang Minghui took the recipe back into the space ring, and suddenly pounded her head, she was really stupid.

She couldn’t figure out the prescription at once, but she could experiment first. If she couldn’t, she could follow the medicinal plants listed on the prescription and find all of them first, and then, regardless of whether the prescription was true or false, she could identify the ingredients on the prescription one by one to see if they matched with the Mixed Heaven Pill.

“Ninth Sister, you rest in the room, I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Qian Wanyu left, Dongfang Minghui began to study the more than twenty medicinal plants in the recipe. After almost a year in the pharmacy school, she had at least visited the medicinal plants in the garden at the back of the mountain many times and identified many medicinal plants.

But of the twenty-three medicinal plants in this recipe, there were only nine that she recognized.

“What are all these remaining medicinal plants?” She felt that the search for them might just be a daunting process, and it would be okay if the Royal Academy had them, but what if they didn’t?

She counted down ten Mixed Heaven Pills, one could be used for half a year, which means Seventh sister could only last five years.

The premise was that the ones she brought were actually Mixed Heaven Pills.

“Ugh, it’s too annoying, Lu Xing is nowhere to be found, how should I take the spiritual spring water?” Dongfang Minghui always felt that the plot of the script had accelerated unknowingly.

Qian Wanyu left and took the twenty-three medicinal plants written on a piece of paper and divided them into ten medicinal plants with random ones mixed in between. After making a list, she handed it to Li Jing, “These ten medicinal plants are ones I desperately need, you can go and contact the Nangong family. If they have any on their next auction, tell them we want it.”

“There are also twenty medicinal plants here, divide them into two, and use a high price to post a reward at the mercenary union.”

Li Jing looked at these lists in her hands, “Young master, why not simply send one copy directly to the Nangong family? Isn’t this just going to add to the trouble?”

Qian Wanyu deliberately added some seven medicinal plants in it, just to make sure no one could guess anything from it.

“Thirty medicinal plants are needed all at once, according to Nangong Yuntian’s nature, he’ll definitely check the background and reason, wouldn’t it be more trouble then?”

Li Jing immediately admitted her mistake, “Sorry, young owner, I thought too shallowly, then I’ll let the girls in the building out to negotiate separately.”


“But, these last ten medicinal plants, the young owner does not want our people to go to the pharmacy union to look for them?”

Qian Wanyu had a few hesitations, the pharmacy union actually also had many medicinal plants, if she were to use the union, Ninth Sister might be a little better off at negotiating.

“You first find a pharmacist in our building to go to the pharmacy union, if you can’t find any let’s talk about it later.”


With the herbs for the recipe settled, the only thing left was to confirm the pills in the porcelain vase.

She had eaten one of the Mixed Heaven Pills, and she was almost sure of its appearance the moment she saw it but she still had to check.

Qian Wanyu immediately went out and left her and Xuan Zhu’s unique mark around the royal perimeter.

Then she ordered a cup of tea in the teahouse and waited quietly.

“Girl, this is the pastry you wanted.”


Because the tyrannical aura in her body was released yesterday, Qian Wanyu returned to her old style of doing things and treating people with extreme discretion instead of stirring up trouble everywhere.

She opened it and looked at it, and found that the pastry was still emitting heat, so it should be freshly made according to her request.

Xuan Zhu only knew that the other party was looking for her when she received a message from her own servant, she changed into a set of clothes and immediately rushed over, then saw the hot pastries. Not bad, this teahouse was very famous for its pastries, sometimes the queue was for hours to get them.

“Finally, I did something to make this young mistress happy.”

Princess Xuan Zhu smiled slightly and stretched out her hand but it was slapped by Qian Wanyu as soon as she stretched, “It’s not for you.”

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