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MIWW Chapter 59 Part 2

Just when everyone was speculating with each other about the cause of the two deaths, suddenly one person burst in from outside in a hurry.

“Speak!” Wei Junlan’s posture did not change.

“Just now I was talking with the gossipping Sanjun who came from Yundu City, he told me that the big fool and Hunchbacked Old Li were competing for the jade-faced scholar! It’s become a big joke at the branch…”

Wei Junlan smiled and asked, “Hunchbacked Old Li?”

Everyone normally knew the history of the Jade Faced Scholar, but when Wei Junlan so lightly mentioned it, the person suddenly felt a cold sweat.

“Are you sure he’s talking about Hunchback Old Li?” The Elder asked with a grave expression.

The person who came in to report was so scared that he was about to piss his pants. It was because he had just seen the two corpses carried in and from the discussion he could see it was Hunchback Old Li and One-Eyed Swordsman who had died.

W-wasn’t this the person they had just been talking about!?

Hunchbacked Old Li?!

“You mentioned the Jade Faced Scholar? Wasn’t he chasing that Thief Master to the Venus Empire, when did he return to the branch?” The second elder specialized in managing the dispatch of missions, so naturally, he knew exactly where everyone was going.

With that statement, everyone quickly perceived the seriousness of the matter. That is to say, there was a living Hunchbacked Old Li at the branch location on top of that there was a Jade Faced Scholar who was not supposed to be in Yundu City.

“How interesting…” Wei Junlan propped up his chin, he hadn’t found such an interesting matter in a long time.

“Young Master, it looks like there is a spy within the Blood Fiend Alliance, I think it’d be more appropriate to treat this matter with caution.”

Wei Junlan always listened to the words of the Grand Elder, he raised his eyebrows slightly and sat upright, “What the Grand Elder means is-”

“Young master, I hope you’ll send me to Yundu City to take down the two people and see what kind of person dares to target the Blood Fiend Alliance.”

Wei Junlan had a few difficulties with this proposition, “Since the Elder has said that this matter has gotten so serious, I think it is better to do it this way, this young master will go with you and see who those two daring people are.”

The Grand Elder frowned and disapproved, “Young master, it’s not safe! There was a Dark Spiritual Master spotted before, the head of the Blood Fiend Alliance still needs you.”

Wei Junlan stood up and walked unhurriedly next to the Grand Elder, “This Young Master’s mind has already been made up, Grand Elder does not need to say more.”

The other elders looked at each other and said nothing more.

The Grand Elder frowned with some disapproval, but he couldn’t do anything to Wei Junlan’s decision.

“Yes, young master.”

On this trip, Wei Junlan directly brought the Grand Elder and three guards, rushing frankly and uprightly all the way to Yundu City.

It took three days to arrive at the branch.

As soon as the branch chief saw the young master and the great elder in person, he went forward to greet them but did not expect Wei Junlan to not even give him a look and directly pick the highest seat to sit down.

“Branch chief you look a little haggard, is it due to the busy schedule?” Wei Junlan sneered and asked sarcastically.

Wei Junlan threw a look at the Eldest Elder and directly nestled lazily in his seat.

The silly Branch chief still thought he was being praised, and even proudly gloated, “Replying to the young master, I’m totally fine these are all duties that my subordinates should do.”

“Branch chief is really quite diligent.” The Grand Elder mocked in a bad tone, “Please report the whereabouts of the Jade Faced Scholar and the Hunchback Old Li to the young master.”

If the other party still thought he was being praised, he would have been the branch chief for nothing. He thought for a moment and said, “Young master, elder, is this because the Jade Faced Scholar has done something again?”

The Jade Faced Scholar’s peach blossom debt could provoke fights every time, he quietly examined Wei Junlan’s and the Grand Elder’s face to speculate what had happened.

“According to my subordinates, I saw the Jade Faced Scholar and Old Li go back to his room to do…that.”

The suggestive words implied a lot, people familiar with the scholar were clear about his nature.

The Grand Elder coldly snorted, “The Jade Faced Scholar is still in the Venus Empire at this moment looking for the whereabouts of the Thief Master, how would he appear here? Now you tell me, Hunchbacked old Li’s cold corpse was just transported back to the headquarters, who the hell is the Hunchbacked old Li who appeared here! You can’t even recognize your own people, what is the use of you being branch chief!”

When the branch chief heard this, his face turned white, “Impossible.”

“You tell me how is it impossible?” Wei Junlan suddenly stood up, “As the branch chief, to this day not only have you not investigated the circumstances but you also want to shirk responsibility, not only is it a dereliction of duty, it’s simply stupid. If you still want to save your life, bring me the man immediately!”

The first time to see Wei Junlan so angry, it immediately scared him to dispatch a few people to arrest the Jade Faced Scholar and Hunchback Old Li, but when they reached the room, all they found was a neat and tidy room, there was no trace of the two people!

“Could it be that they have already left?”

It had indeed been four or five days since the last time they’d seen the two, one of the people who searched was puzzled, “Did they not come out from the room of the silly big man before? It can’t be that the big guy couldn’t tell that they were fake as well right?”

When the branch chief heard the person next to him mention this, he immediately rushed to the room of the silly big man in a frenzy only to find a corpse that had already gone cold…


The silly big man was considered a powerful person in the branch, but who would have expected him to have died in his own room…

“Carry him out and report to the young master and the grand elder.”

Wei Junlan glanced at the silly big man’s corpse, “According to your speculation, if you couldn’t find them in the branch, you think they have left?”

The Grand Elder, however, frowned tightly, the branch had been broken into and not only that but people were killed without anyone finding out about it, “Young master, it is better for me to lead people to search for their whereabouts, since they dared to enter the Blood Fiend Alliance by impersonating the identity of the Jade Faced Scholar and Hunchback Old Li, they must have secretly investigated the internal affairs of our Blood Fiend Alliance. Since they went this far, it’s hard to believe that they came just to kill the silly big man, I definitely don’t believe it’s that simple.”

Wei Junlan waved his hand, “Go ahead, Grand Elder.”

Wherever the Grand Elder searched, everyone was alarmed, but after he searched a little, he went to the stone room.

One of the lights outside the stone room was missing, the Grand Elder’s eyes twitched, turning to the man next to him he shouted, “Go and invite the young master over.”

“Grand Elder.”

“Young master, I suspect that two people entered here.” The Grand Elder pointed to the location where the stone lamp was placed, “There is obviously a lamp missing.”

Then the grand elder’s gaze turned to the branch chief with great dissatisfaction, the stone room was considered an important place of the branch, but there was actually no one was guarding it, let alone no one noticed the abnormality for many days!

The branch chief’s head was hung low, how could he have expected someone to suddenly impersonate the two people, and not only had they fooled everyone, no, not everyone, the silly big man was not fooled, but he was killed for finding out.

The branch chief had a cold sweat if he had found them earlier, wouldn’t he have been the one to die?!

“Elder please open the stone door.”

After the stone door was opened, the people raised their torches and were almost shocked by the picture in front of them.

Inside the stone door, many long arrows were stuck everywhere, not far from them, tentacles were all over the floor and the monster’s head was rotting on the ground, its body was dried up to the point that its original liquid was drained and the whole ground was corroded with a thousand holes, it looked as if it had just experienced a duel to the death.

“Young master, this-”

This monster was a magic sea beast which was captured by the old master from the sea of the other side of the seven-coloured continent back before, he kept it here to guard their precious treasures, but unexpectedly, it had been hacked to death in this state.

The great elder felt a few moments of pain then arose the inexplicable anger.

“I am ashamed on behalf of the old master, young master, a person who can kill this beast must not be weak, please let me go to teach the person a lesson.”

Wei Junlan silently squatted down and looked at the stuff left behind by Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu on the ground.

When he saw Dongfang Minghui’s handwriting, the expression on his face stagnated for a few seconds, and then his mouth hooked up into a meaningful smile.

“Young master.” The Elder called out again.

Wei Junlan suddenly stood up, “Grand Elder, tell everyone to stand down first.”

The Grand Elder was unsure, but still waved a hand towards the people behind, “You all stand down for now.”

“Grand Elder, you should also go back.”

“Young master!” The Grand Elder stomped his foot in anger and urgency.

Wei Junlan pulled down a long arrow nailed to the wall, with dried blood and broken flesh on top of the arrow.

“It looks like someone was injured.”

The formation he had set up was really not something ordinary people to break through, and those who had broken through were those who were extremely gifted or extremely lucky.

Wei Junlan threw the long arrow to the Eldest Elder and pointed at the difficult matrix formation he had set up, “Elder, do you think you could break through the formation I set up? No, it’s the formation set up by this young master.”

He’d almost forgotten, in the Seven Colored Continent, the Sudoku formation he had set up should not have been known to anyone.

Wei Junlan smiled faintly and stepped lightly on the first tile, which soon triggered a burst of arrows.

The Grand Elder’s face was shocked and he dodged in panic. On the contrary, Wei Junlan, as if calculating the range of each long arrow and the speed at which it came, he only made a few simple movements and dodged each arrow.

“Young master.”

Wei Junlan gave him a faint look, “A person who can break out of my formation and dodge all these long arrows is not simple, if you go, you will lose your life just like the big fool.”

People who offended the Female Protagonist usually did not have any good ending, he did not want the First Elder’s impulsiveness to spoil his business, and even more so…the future path of the Blood Fiend Alliance.

“T-this, young master, old man I-”

“All right, Grand Elder, have you ever seen anything that this Young Lord has predicted that has not come true? Go back first, let this Young Master go and meet these two people.”

Since the other party said so, it seems to really be like this, Great Elder could only give up, “Young master, if you want to go, you must take this old man with you.”

Wei Junlan slightly pinched his forehead, his biggest headache was from this group of old men who were stuck in the past, “You dare to disobey this young master’s order?”

The Grand Elder immediately fell to his knees, “Young master, I don’t dare.”

Every time he had to do this.

“Alright, it’s fine to follow this young master, but you must not interrupt, you must not talk nonsense, and you must not think of exterminating the two of them.”

Wei Junlan looked at him seriously. He knew too well what this group of old men had in mind, in the end though it was harmless everything they did was for the future of the Blood Fiend Alliance and so on.

“This old man will definitely not to spoil the young master’s business.”

“Okay, follow me and do not make a wrong step.”

Wei Junlan didn’t joke around this time. When he jumped on the squares, the whole floor illuminated.

He didn’t even think about it and jumped to the next directly. The Grand Elder followed him and did not dare to take a wrong step, following behind him step by step.

Until they jumped over to the opposite side, Wei Junlan crossed directly over the corpse of the sea monster, although its death was a bit of a pity, he was helpless.

Wei Junlan was thinking all the way about how to show them his sincerity in order to get some trust.

The confused and tangled faces he made caused the first elder who came in together with him feel puzzled.

“Young master, could it be that you already know their identities?”

The Grand Elder was only speculating, after all, several times now the crisis of the Blood Fiend Alliance had been defused by this young master.

So this time, it wouldn’t be thinking too much if the Young Master had already guessed their true identities.

Wei Junlan inexplicably raised his head and looked at him, “Why would the Grand Elder think so?”

The Grand Elder choked on his words, if not that then what exactly was the young master dwelling on.

“Now then, which of these nine doors do you think they actually entered?”

Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui who knows how they chose it they randomly picked one and fell into a mysterious place at the same time.

They fell directly from a height, then rolled into the water from a waterfall and climbed out of the water after some twists and turns.

“Seventh sister, have we been here for several days?”

The strange thing is that this place was always daytime and there was no setting sun at all. Dongfang Minghui was confused. If she didn’t draw some lines on a stone she wouldn’t even have known how long had passed.


Qian Wanyu was not as anxious as Dongfang Minghui. Since she fell into this place, she felt full of spiritual power and felt that she had gained great luck.

For the few first few days, they spent it cultivating and healing the injuries they suffered in the passage before.

“The wound has healed.”

After checking the injury on the Minghui’s arm, Qian Wanyu was relieved and then went into cultivation.

When Dongfang Minghui was bored, she let Toothless, Love Flower and Lucky all out for a stroll.

Above the entire waterfall was a ring-shaped valley, she and Seventh sister seem to have rolled down from it. She tried to use her spiritual power to fly up, only to find that her spiritual power seemed to be suppressed in this place and didn’t seem to obey her orders to land halfway while flying. She ended up falling into the water several times.

After coming down a few times, she learned how to behave and wandered around the circular valley, never going too far from the Female Protagonist.

“Love Flower, this place is not an illusion, right?”

Once Dongfang Minghui was halfway through her skills training, she suddenly thought that this place had quite beautiful scenery and waterfalls. If two ordinary houses were built in this kind of place, it would be like a paradise.

There was no mention of this place in the original plot at all. She thought about it for a long time before she asked Love Flower, “Are you sure there was something in it before?”

Choose one of three doors. She and Seventh sister thought about this for a long time. As a result, they were stuck here and couldn’t get out.


Love Flower and Lucky also tried to find a way out, but after several days, the two medicinal plants felt dejected.

Dongfang Minghui supported her head and watched the Female Protagonist practice. She noticed that the spiritual energy of the other party had leaked out, she should have a breakthrough soon.

She didn’t dare to bother her in recent days, so she just sat not too far away to practice.

“Love Flower and Lucky, don’t run around.” Dongfang Minghui finished speaking and sank into her cultivation.

She had been in cultivation for a long time so long it felt like a dream. She was awakened by the spiritual power of Seventh sister while she was practising.

Since that night, it was Qian Wanyu’s second attempt to blend her spiritual power together with Minghui’s. The other’s spiritual power invaded her body and attacked all the way to the soul sea. After entering cultivation, she began to combine the spiritual power in her soul sea without stopping.

At the same time that the two entered cultivation, they actually also started to double cultivate.

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help herself. This wonderful taste was even more tempting than entanglement with her body. She couldn’t help sending all her spiritual power into the soul sea of Minghui’s and entangle it with her own. While they unconsciously continued this dual cultivation, Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but hum.

She used her spiritual power to swim around in Seventh sister’s body and soul sea, watching the memories inside her sea of souls but she encountered an erected barrier. She vaguely saw a man in an old Chinese dress sitting inside with his eyes closed.

It should be Qing Mo no doubt.

The other advantage of dual cultivation is that they can communicate with each other. After both their spiritual power passed through they could see inside each others’ sea of souls.

However, if one party didn’t want something to be seen there would be a barrier, such as with Qing Mo.

There were also two inaccessible barriers in Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea. She didn’t know about it, but Qian Wanyu could see clearly. The other party has not yet opened up to her, and there were some things that were still hidden.

But she doesn’t care, she had time to wait.

“Ninth Sister.”

“Seventh sister.”

After a long period of entanglement, their spiritual power returned to their respective soul seas. Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea was like a firework, crackling with lightning. The vines of Little Colour protruded from her body and spread to the waterfall and the entire valley.

Qian Wanyu’s felt almost the same way. She thought she was about to break through, but she didn’t expect the barrier in her soul sea to burst directly. Qing Mo opened his eyes slightly, and the first sentence he said was, “Congratulations, you finally found a way to restrain your dark spiritual power.”


Qian Wanyu was happy, “Qing Mo, congratulations on your exit.”

Qing Mo smiled without saying a word, and shook his head, “It was you who let me leave early. It should be me who says thank you. Otherwise, it would’ve taken me months or even years before you could see me again…”


She carefully recalled what Qing Mo said, she probably guessed what happened but she wasn’t sure.

“Look, your Ninth Sister seems to have gained a lot this time.” Qing Mo pointed at the vines of Little Colour.

Dongfang Minghui widened her eyes, extremely excited, she even pinched herself, “Little Colour you can turn into an adult form again!? Am I dreaming?”

Qian Wanyu stood up, smiled and watched her red face.

Little Colour turned into a chubby doll in the water and swung the vine on its head towards her.

“I know.”

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