Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 61

There were signs of corrosion on the flesh of Toothless’s paws. Black smoke rushed in from the wound. Toothless rolled directly on the ground with pain, and even wanted to use his fangs to bite his forelimbs off!

“Why is there Qi of Death!?”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were sharp, seeing the other party trying to gnaw on its claws, she directly shoved her hand into Toothless’ mouth, but its fangs were so sharp that with a gentle bite, it bit two bloody holes in her wrist.


“Mother mother mother.”

Toothless tasted some of Minghui’s blood, now no matter how painful it was it didn’t dare to move, as if it knew that it had done something wrong. It tilted back its neck, leaving Dongfang Minghui’s wrist, and also stretched out its tongue to lightly lick the wound.

As soon as Love Flower felt the aura of death, it slipped out and gave a small piece of its leaf to Minghui’s hand, “Grind it into juice and rub it on Toothless’ paw.”

After saying that, it went to find that fake Love Flower in anger to settle accounts.

Little Colour was not afraid to provoke it more, “No wonder I have no appetite at all.”

It’s a good thing it didn’t eat it, otherwise, Toothless’ fate would have been its fate, and it probably would have ended up worse than Toothless by swallowing it…

“Calling you defective is really too much of a compliment, who made you?” Love Flower went wild and slapped the fake Love Flower against the wall so hard it got embedded inside and took a long time to fall down… When it fell it was already unconscious from the impact.

Lucky was following close by behind Love Flower as if watching the fun and cheering the other side as well like a small fan.

Dongfang Minghui also couldn’t be bothered with what was happening there, she ground up the piece of leaf Love Flower gave her and rubbed it on Toothless’ paw pads, after she coated it evenly, the black mist temporarily stopped spreading but the speed of it disappearing was quite slow.

Toothless lifted its paws, the black mist was still there.

“This is somewhat similar to the aura of death but it’s not…” Qian Wanyu pointed to the black mist on Toothless’ claws, the death aura they had been exposed to before was a grey coloured mist, including the one she absorbed from the outside world before during her own cultivation.

“Woah woah woah–”

Love Flower had already beaten the fake Love Flower violently, the other party was leaning listlessly against the wall, there was still juice from the roots constantly flowing out from it, in a few moments, the ground had turned black, including the place Toothless stepped over before.

“Let’s take it away first, we need to find a safe place.”

“I’ll watch it.”

After Love Flower finished, it  pulled the fake Love Flower that had fallen to the side into the space ring along with Lucky.

Toothless then lay on the ground, stirring its legs and looking at its limbs. When it saw the black fog again it looked depressed. Dongfang Minghui seeing its depressed mood, couldn’t help but try soothe it, “Toothless don’t be afraid.”

Toothless rubbed itself in her arms.

Toothless shrank and went deeper into Dongfang Minghui’s arms, seeing this, Qian Wanyu looked coldly at the scene but didn’t say anything before leaving while secretly Toothless growled at Qian Wanyu revealing its sharp teeth.

Dongfang Minghui was worried about the injury on Toothless’s paw, so she was completely unaware of the confrontation between one person and one beast…

“Ninth Sister.”

Qian Wanyu suddenly stopped in her tracks.


Qian Wanyu pointed to Toothless snuggled in her chest, “Like this, we both have no way to get out.”

After a month and a half, she had almost forgotten about the Jade Faced Scholar persona, she came in with the appearance of the Jade Faced Scholar, since she was leaving naturally she had to turn back into his appearance…

“But, Seventh sister,” Dongfang Minghui touched her cheek, “my face–”

Qian Wanyu took out a human skin mask directly from her space ring and put it on her face, she’d immediately turned into another person again!

This was the first time Dongfang Minghui had seen a human skin mask, it was a thin layer and worked like an ordinary mask. She looked at Qian Wanyu with some anticipation, almost writing the words “I want it too!” on her face.

“There is only one human skin mask.”

She was immediately dumbfounded, Female Protagonist only went out with one human skin mask!?

Qian Wanyu did not explain, she yanked Toothless’s out and carried it upside down, its front limbs were injured and the back limbs were held it couldn’t do anything but anxiously wail.

“Seventh sister, Toothless is injured.”

“It’s bigger than before, it’s easy to be found out if hidden in your arms, put it in the space ring.”

Dongfang Minghui found that Seventh sister seemed to have a bit of a problem with Toothless, Toothless also always looked fierce when it saw Seventh sister, was it possible that without her knowledge, the Female Protagonist and Toothless had had some kind of unpleasant encounter?


She carried Toothless back and put it back into her space ring after calming it down.

“But Seventh sister, how can I go out?”

Qian Wanyu took a big step, and naturally wrapped her hand around her waist then picked her up with both hands, “Good girl, just hug my waist. Let’s go out openly and honestly.”

Dongfang Minghui from the touch of this hug, almost had soft legs. She blushed even more at Qian Wanyu’s direct lewd words…

“Seventh sister.”

“Shh, from now on you can no longer shout out Seventh sister, shout out the previous name I love to hear the most.”

The other side seemed to be serious with this nonsense, Dongfang Minghui was also wrapped in her arms and wanted to bite, she especially wanted to bite her so hard she can never again say those shameful words.

Qian Wanyu suddenly paused after passing through the nine gates, and her pause made Dongfang Minghui particularly uneasy, “Seventh sister, what’s happening?”

There were many more long arrows around than when they came in, Ninth Sister’s short blade was also missing, it was clear that someone else had come in and touched the mechanism since they entered.

But just now in their return trip, they did not happen to see any people.

“It’s okay, let’s go.”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, but in her heart she was already prepared for the possibility of being recognized by the other side, when the time came, a big battle could not be avoided.

She lightly patted Dongfang Minghui’s plump butt, “Start.”

Dongfang Minghui buried her head directly into her shoulders, making intermittent sexy moaning noises but the noises sounded even more hoarse and sexy than usual. Qian Wanyu felt that something was wrong with her. If it wasn’t for their current situation she’d love to push her down and show her some love.

Hearing something strange come out of her mouth, Dongfang Minghui was so ashamed she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself.

The two met many people on their way, but they all looked up at them and hurried away. Qian Wanyu’s whole body tensed up, and she somehow felt that the atmosphere around her was a little strange.

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong?”

The first person to feel the other party’s body tense up was Dongfang Minghui, she tried to raise her head but was pressed down by the other party’s hand.

“Don’t show your face, we’ll continue.”

The two walked frankly and uprightly all the way through the lobby until they walked out of the gambling house, no one stopped them…

“Seventh sister, we weren’t discovered.” Dongfang Minghui felt that this luck was too insane. They had even killed the stupid big man before, it’s not possible that until now no one in the Blood Fiend Alliance had found out that the stupid man died.

Leaving it for more than a month, that body would’ve stuck to high heaven and rotted by now.

Qian Wanyu, however, did not say a word more, she continued carrying her and strolled back and forth on the street three times and turned a dozen corners until Qing Mo said to her in his mind, “Wanyu, no one is following now.”

No matter how stupid Dongfang Minghui was, she found the attitude of the other party strange. She secretly tugged at her sleeve, “Were we exposed?”

Qian Wanyu nodded, but one thing she could not figure out was the other party’s attitude, neither chasing nor following, they had just let them go, she suspected there was something fishy. She took Minghui into a back alley.

“Seventh sister, you, you you w-what are you doing?!”

Qian Wanyu suddenly came up and tore off all the other party’s clothes and threw them aside then scanned her body again for other clothing, “Nothing, I’m just worried about what tracking things were put on us.”

Dongfang Minghui face instantly blushed, she just thought that the Female Protagonist’s sex drive was acting up again regardless of the location…

“Here, put this dress on.”

Qian Wanyu took out another set of clothes to help her put on, she herself also changed into a new set, the two came out again and had changed style completely, even their aura was different.

The more she knew about the Female Protagonist, the more Dongfang Minghui felt that the other party was incredibly cautious and careful, meticulous even. If she were to do it herself, she would not be able to do it so comprehensively.

The two of them played outside for a whole day before they returned to Rose House.

“Young master.”

Qian Wanyu sent Dongfang Minghui to the third floor, “Ninth Sister recently you must be tired go take a good rest. Seventh sister will come to you later.”

When she returned to her room, Dongfang Minghui was a little uncomfortable, she sat on the stool for a moment and immediately carried Toothless out of the space ring, Toothless was still in the same state, the black fog had subsided a little, but not all of it had receded yet.


Toothless rolled around on the table and stretched out its forelimbs to show her.

Dongfang Minghui looked at its pitiful look and got a little angry. There was no need for this to happen, just because it wanted to have a little fun stepping on it now it got itself in trouble aiya such a naughty pet.

“When will the black mist disappear? Your wounds? We have to wait until these disappear before I can deal with them.”

In order to appease it, she also deliberately took out two molar sticks from her space ring that she made before, “Jasmine beef flavour, want to eat?”

Toothless directly wanted to jump and bite it but got pushed down by Minghui before she tossed it to him.

“Here you go.”

Toothless ground its teeth on it but couldn’t use its forelimbs so it had to just gnaw it on the ground but then half of it slipped out of its mouth, seeing this it turned over and started crying anxiously.

Dongfang Minghui looked at it like that and laughed so hard that her stomach hurt, “Here, bite down, don’t let it fall again, if it falls again then I won’t pick it up for you.”

Toothless immediately bit it hard as if its life depended on it.

“Love Flower, do you think Toothless’s claws are really okay?”

Love Flower emerged from the space ring, it Toothless’s appearance and grunted in anger, “This is something I’ve seen that is even harder to deal with that the aura of death, to know if it’s going to be okay I’ll give you an answer after I’ve tortured that defect.”

A defect is a defect, even if it looks like it from the stage, just look at all the things that came out of it…

It was really thanks to the claws of Toothless, otherwise they would not have been able to find that this was the problem.

After Love Flower finished, it returned to the space ring and grabbed the fake Love Flower, “Do you want to say it yourself or wait for me to force you to say?”

Dongfang Minghui watched with a serious attitude to see how they’d force a confession, but found that the so-called way to force a confession from Love Flower was to keep smacking and smacking even harder until it flew everywhere with serious injuries.

The roots had been stepped on by Toothless before and a bit of black fog would spread everywhere its juice fell, at first it was not conspicuous but soon the space where Love Flower and Lucky were at was filled with black fog…

“Love flower, stop.”

She felt that if it continued like this, that fake Love Flower’s juice could directly corrode her space ring and even the Entangled Love given to her by Seventh Sister.

Love Flower naturally also found out about this situation and got even angrier but did an unexpected thing. Its roots and Lucky’s roots slightly intertwined and touched each other. Dongfang Minghui could not really see but she always felt that there was a mist blocking her vision, when the two of them separated, she felt a small fluctuation, which came from Love Flower inside the space ring.

Love Flower quickly pulled Lucky and ran out to settle outside.

“Love Flower, what did you do?”

She found that after the two medicinal plants, Love Flower and Lucky, had just left that space ring, the exhausted fake Love Flower also wanted to escape but it couldn’t take a step before it was blocked by an invisible force.

“I did not do anything, just temporarily sealed the space so that those unpleasant things cannot harm other places for a while.”

Dongfang Minghui rubbed her forehead, she was technically the owner of these flowers but she had no idea how to solve the problem or know anything about her partners. Her understanding of this world was limited to a few sentences in the book while the other side was a survivor in this world with centuries of knowledge like an old fox.

Little friends ugh, those were all floating clouds.

“So it can’t go anywhere for the time being, it can only stay in space ring?”


Qian Wanyu had just left the room when Li Jing guided her to the next room, “Young master, if you still hadn’t come out again, your servant was  ready to bring people to break into the Bloodshed Alliance.”

The originally agreed time of two days had turned into more than a month.

“There was a little accident.”

“Young master, a while ago the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance entered the branch with an elder by his side.” She has been outside to monitor every move of the Alliance, the other party suddenly appeared so she thought the young master was exposed but really it was no different from being exposed…

“Blood Fiend Alliance’s young master Wei Junlan?”

Qian Wanyu had a few impressions of this person, it was thanks to Ninth Sister at that time in the Purple Devil Mountain Range using the purple cloud fruit to attract all the other party’s attention along with the Purple Devil Mountain Range’s magical beasts, otherwise, how could that level five magical beast cub fall into her hands.

Thinking of the elephant cub, she subconsciously touched the space ring. In the space ring, there was a flying winged elephant that was sealed by Qing Mo with a secret method. Because Qing Mo was worried that this cub would be exposed too early and cause the Qing Lan Sect’s suspicion, she never took it out.

She saw Ninth Sister hesitating to ask before, and didn’t explain, instead, she gave Toothless to her, now for no reason, there was an extra ‘love rival’ who was troubling her…

“You found out why he appeared here?”

Li Jing immediately knelt down on one knee and confessed her mistake, “Young master, due to the negligence of my men, the corpses of One-Eyed and Hunchback were discovered by their people. Please punish me, Young Master.”

So the weirdness she felt in the Blood Fiend Alliance before originated from Wei Junlan?

Li Jing raised her head slightly, and seeing that the other party was still gazing at her, she immediately added, “Three days before the Young Master came out, the other party left again with some people around him, according to the results detected by Little Shuang, the other party went in the direction of the Snow Capital this time.”

“Good, I know.”

Qian Wanyu guessed that the other party had kept watch for nearly a month, but finally left due to some reasons, it must be some emergency that happened, something more important than them. But there was still one thing she couldn’t guess.

If the other party had recognized her and Ninth Sister’s identity, why did they show mercy to them?

“Search Wei Junlan’s personal data, I want to know everything about this person, the more detailed the better.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

“You get up.”

“Your servant does not dare.”

Qian Wanyu tapped her fingers on the table a few times, she originally thought this plan was foolproof, but it turned out that there was a hidden murderous intention from all sides, “I don’t blame you for this, but don’t let this be an example.”

Even without Wei Junlan’s presence, the people at the branch headquarters were not stupid, surely someone would’ve found the silly big guy’s body after a few days, she and Ninth Sister would still be exposed sooner or later.

The only surprise was that she had miscounted how much time they had spent in the Alliance branch headquarters.

“What else happened?”

“Answering the Young Master, it’s the Yuntian Pavilion. Originally, you and Nangong Yuntian were scheduled to meet three days later to talk about the ten medicinal plants, but then since you and Miss Minghui were in the Alliance, your servant privately put off that appointment. But suddenly just two days ago, the pavilion passed a message saying that they had found all ten medicinal plants.”

If not for Li Jing’s reminder, she would have forgotten about Nangong Yuntian, yes, she still had medicinal plants to collect, looking at Li Jing’s half reply, it seemed there was more, “What did the other side say?”

“The other side said that if the Rose House isn’t sincere, this transaction will be cancelled.” Li Jing sneaked a glance at her.


Qian Wanyu snorted, Nangong Yuntian plan she could guess what he wanted but his evaluation by the outside world was really quite true, caring about money like it was his own life, specializing in the control of human hearts.

“Other medicinal plants, is there any news?”

“The pharmacy union is willing to exchange medicinal plants, I have asked our people to withdraw for now, as for the mercenary corps, it was posted that our mission this time would be classified as SS difficulty, I’ve gotten news that there are already two mercenary groups that will be cooperating to get the medicinal plants, they also took the opportunity to spend a lot of money to buy the information about the location of the medicinal plants.”

“Get them directly.”


“You go to Yuntian Pavilion today, send someone to write an invitation, and say that I am going to invite Young Master Nangong to a banquet at Qingfeng House.”

“Young master, no need for me to go personally?”

Qian Wanyu lifted her eyes and gave her a look, “It depends on what status you have.”

Li Jing was taken aback for a moment, and then she understood what she meant.

A series of things had been aranged, Qian Wanyu again returned to the room to find Ninth Sister lying on the table with one hand playing with Toothless’ hind limbs, one hand propping up her head and looking towards the direction of the window staring into the outside. Toothless had not yet healed, its mouth clenched a half eaten molar stick and it was in a sleeping posture with its stomach covered with a small piece of cloth, its forelimbs shook from time to time.

Qian Wanyu leaned against the door and watched her quietly. Sometimes she felt that Ninth Sister was particularly attentive and patient like when she took care of Toothless and Love Flower. Other times she felt that the other party was too careless and did not even know how to cover up her identity.

“Ninth Sister.”

“Seventh sister.”

When Dongfang Minghui saw her approaching, she immediately sat up straight. Toothless squinted his eyes when he heard the sound, and saw that it was Qian Wanyu before going back to sleep again, and it crunched on the molar stick even more.

She squeezed the hind limbs of Toothless a bit, it had been so noisy all day and finally fell asleep. To her surprise the other party’s ear-splitting snores did not appear, Dongfang Minghui thought next time she had to prepare food for it, to ensure that it doesn’t make those snores again.

“Ninth Sister, do you remember how old I was when you first teased me?”

As soon as Qian Wanyu said this, Dongfang Minghui’s fingers teasing Toothless shook, and her nerves became tense. She sat up straight in a jerk thinking about why she was being asked. Didn’t she brush up on her favorability a lot?! Seventh sister suddenly mentioned this. Was she planning to settle accounts from back then?

Even so, she still tried to transfer the memory of the original owner  from the deepest part of her soul sea, she laughed dryly, “Seventh Sister, why did you suddenly remember this matter, we agreed that the previous matter would just be let go?”

Qian Wanyu could feel the other party’s uneasiness from the body language as well as the spiritual energy fluctuations in the room just now, she reached out to hold the other party’s hand tighter, “Don’t worry, I’m just asking, in fact, I just saw Toothless and remembered the poor dog.”

A dog?

A poor dog named Little Poor. This happened when she was nine years old, and she had no spiritual power. At the age of seven or eight, the Dongfang family would send a child of the right age to the master’s house to test spiritual power.  Wanyu was in such despair at being designated as waste that when she met a dog that had burrowed into her yard from somewhere, all dirty and hungry grunting helplessly on the ground. She felt the same pity for the dog that had the same situation as herself and named it Little Poor. In addition to being similar to herself, she also felt pity for the disease the dog had.

But this sense of pity did not last long, Dongfang Minghui, that is, the ninth young lady at the time, in the same year she was sent to the master family to test her spiritual power, as a prideful generation, who knows what happened but when she returned back to the Dongfang Family, there was a great change in her temperament, not to mention Wanyu, several other sisters in the family had been teased by her openly or behind their back resulting in some small fights.  But the ninth young lady’s mother, the second aunt was considered the most beloved woman of Master Dongfang so even though she was technically waste as well she was also extremely favoured.

Dongfang Minghui heart was beating like a drum when she saw the Female Protagonist’s gloomy look and knew that the other party had remembered, remembered all the things she had done before. This small fragment was also remembered, at that time the Female Protagonist had no friends, the father did not love her nor did the mother, her only friend was a puppy, as a result this damn old ninth young lady had not only killed the puppy but also cooked it up and served it as a dish to her…

“Seventh sister.”

Seeing the other party scared like this, Qian Wanyu suddenly laughed.

Really judging from this and comparing it to her memory of that domineering aggressive ninth miss it was completely different, she was really blind, at first, she was not sure, but looking at the other party’s weak look, she seemed to obviously know what happened back then.

“Qing Mo, in your opinion will there be a special situation that could cause one body to have two souls?”

“Test her more.”

One body two souls. This situation was extremely dangerous, if one soul is weak, it will be suppressed by a stronger soul, temporary suppression is okay but if it continued the weaker soul might never wake up, that is it would be fused to the stronger soul.

At that time, her Ninth Sister would not be her current Ninth Sister anymore.

“Ninth Sister, let’s just chat, talk about things from childhood, okay?”

Qian Wanyu put her trembling hand in her own and covered it, seeing that the other party was so afraid of that memory, she even wanted to give up. But without asking, she couldn’t be entirely sure.

She didn’t want to regret it later.

Dongfang Minghui heart was almost jumping out of her throat, Seventh sister revealed such a gentle expression, this was cheating ah can she say no!? NO!

“Ahem, Seventh sister what do you want to talk about?”

She pretended to be calm, but she couldn’t control herself when she thought of Female Protagonist’s revenge or something.

Qian Wanyu touched her palm and found that the other side had oozed out sweat, which showed how delicate she was, “Nothing, just thinking about the time you pushed me down the river, back then was it was your idea alone?”

Dongfang Minghui hurriedly shook her head, see, these pile of bad things were all done by the original owner, no wonder in the end she ended up in a tragic death, simply no one to blame but herself. “Seventh sister, it was not my idea, it was fourth sister.”

The original plot said it was Dongfang Lizhu and her proposal to see ducks swimming in the winter, the winter water was really cold, snakes and insects were all hibernating, where could she find ducks ah, the result was that Qian Wanyu was pushed into the river by them, followed by her also accidentally ‘slipping’ into the water, then fourth sister would shout for help.

Dongfang Minghui now that she thought about it, it seemed to be the plan of Fourth Sister to have both her and the Female Protagonist fall into the river and almost freeze to death while she remained unhurt…

“So you guys pushed me down the river on purpose?”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t even know that she had unknowingly told the truth, but she was also a victim, okay?

“Seventh sister, I didn’t mean to do it, and I also had a bad cold that winter, and I almost-” she had almost died too. She was also a wasted physique as well similar to that time’s Female Protagonist, staying under the ice for so long that they did not freeze to death was a blessing from heaven.

The time, the characters, and the story all match up.

Qian Wanyu tried a few times and found that every time Ninth Sister was surrounded by Dongfang Lizhu, as she said herself, whenever she was unlucky they both seemed to be unlucky together, but in the eyes of outsiders, it seems like two people were fighting each other and lost to each other all the time…

“According to you, your fourth sister really seems to have an ulterior motive.”

Qian Wanyu has almost confirmed that Ninth Sister had her memories but the two Ninth Sisters showed completely different personalities, just comparing the Ninth Sister who slaughtered Little Poor without batting an eye with the Ninth Sister who treated Toothless as a treasure and even looked after her life personally, it was simply the difference of night and day.

“You have double cultivated with her before, you should be able to see in her soul sea whether her soul sea is special, including those memories of her past.” Qing Mo reminded. He was a soul, as well. There wasn’t any good way to determine whether Dongfang Minghui body still had a hidden soul, as far as they knew now it didn’t seem like two souls existed.

Qian Wanyu remembered the two barriers again, in any case, she was sure that the other body had only just one soul.

“If you think about it, when did her sudden change start?”

“It should be when I was about to leave the Dongfang family, she suddenly fought with Dongfang Lizhu, and also used a method to plan against her foolishly as a way to show her kindness.” Qian Wanyu still remembered her look when she looked at herself with an ingratiating face at that time.

After that was the Purple Devil Mountain Range, where Ninth Sister showed her unique ability to communicate with plants, as well as her tracking skills.

Thinking about the past, Qian Wanyu’s heart felt a bit sad that she was so blinded by her anger and hatred at that time, that she made things difficult for her at every turn and gave her bad looks from time to time. This was how she missed that fundamentally this Ninth sister of hers had changed completely.

“That’s where the problem lies.”

Qian Wanyu nodded but was not inquiring what went wrong at that time, even if it was one body and two souls, Ninth Sister in front of her right now had defeated the old one before, hadn’t she? She firmly grasped the other one’s hand. It should be fine.

“Yes, Fourth Sister can be bad, every time she instructs me to do something I end up taking the blame…”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to curse Dongfang Lizhu, this fake sisterly love caused the original owner to get hated by the Female Protagonist, probably this Lizhu saw that she was also waste yet had such a high position and didn’t feel happy.

But what exactly is the reason why fourth sister was always making things difficult for Seventh sister, and every time it was a case of close to death.

Like that time when she fell into the water along with seventh sister if she fell under the ice and no one saw it, her life would probably be lost. As a result, she was also pushed down by fourth sister despite the risk that she was the most beloved ninth young lady in the family, if she had an accident, Lizhu would definitely not escape.

When she thought about it, Dongfang Minghui suddenly felt that the plot was designed so coincidentally that if the Female Protagonist was unlucky, she would be unlucky as well.

“Seventh sister, have you ever felt that if I wasn’t by your side, you wouldn’t have gotten so lucky?”

Qian Wanyu thought she was lucky and had enough luck and seemed to survive every time she was bullied. When she heard Ninth Sister inexplicably come up with such a sentence, she thought about it carefully, if she didn’t have Ninth Sister, she really didn’t seem to be that lucky…

“It means that you were born to exist for me.”

Dongfang Minghui was still looking for some clues when the Female Protagonist suddenly said such an out of there sentence, causing her to blush, and the tense atmosphere just now also dissipated.

Qian Wanyu loved to see her blushing and shy look, but her heart sank secretly, if Ninth Sister remembered those memories, then she must have feelings for the Second Lady. If the other party knew about the situation of the Dongfang family along with the current unknown news of the Second Lady…She’d definitely be very anxious right?

“Rest early, I have something do tomorrow.”

“Going out?”

Dongfang Minghui found that Female Protagonist really did not seem to care about the previous history so her guts also fattened up and she grabbed her wrist, “Seventh sister if you’re going out take me with you?”

Qian Wanyu thought about it then shook her head, “I can’t take you.”

When she saw the other party’s aggrieved face and how could she not know what idea she was playing at, she remembered the day she secretly followed her to the Cheng House to steal the elixir and the prescription, Ninth Sister was more assertive than she thought. If she did not say it clearly, Rose House probably can’t hold back the other party.

If something like what happened last time happened again where they hid from each other, she would really regret it.

“The ten medicinal herbs on the prescription, the Yuntian Pavillion has then, I intend to feast with the young master of the pavilion to discuss the medicinal plants.”

Dongfang Minghui froze, the cold arrogant Female Protagonist actually explained to her!

But then her face changed, Yuntian Pavilion, she actually forgot about Nangong Yuntian, this guy was always thinking about the Female Protagonist, and in order to become one of the harem members, he also made a lot of effort before he finally succeeded.

Looks like a love rival appeared, tomorrow Seventh sister invited him to a banquet this was a preparation for that meeting ah.

Dongfang Minghui was so worried she was biting her lips, in order to defend her position as the rightful wife, how would she pass this kind of high-intelligence love rival, ah?

“Ninth Sister, what’s wrong?”

Qian Wanyu saw her unconscious biting, almost biting her lips till they were bleeding, so she forcefully pinched her chin and asked.

Seeing the Female Protagonist’s clear eyes, she was completely at a loss, it can’t be that she’d just tell her oh that man was dreaming about you and blah blah blah don’t keep adding so many men to the harem right…?

Now if just one Nangong Yuntian caused her a headache, in the future there would be even more…

Besides, the Female Protagonist’s medicinal plants still depend on him.

What should she do in the end?

Qian Wanyu saw her frowning as if she had something bothering her, probably she was worried about her inviting the young master of Yuntian Pavillion, “What? Still want to follow me?”

Dongfang Minghui immediately nodded, she had to follow closely to check on Nangong Yuntian’s situation ahem to closely supervise and firmly grasp the person’s heart.

The reason why Qian Wanyu didn’t want the other party to follow was that she was going to be slightly disguised tomorrow, dealing with a tricky businessman like Nangong Yuntian this dog-skinned treacherous person required full concentration. The main thing is that there was the Nangong family behind the other party, which she couldn’t move for the time being.

If she took Ninth Sister over, she would definitely be distracted and if Nangong Yuntian finds out, she will most likely have to involve Ninth Sister….

But seeing the other party’s sad face, she couldn’t look away.

“It’s not impossible to take you there.” Qian Wanyu finally let go, but then said, “But tomorrow you must listen to my orders and do not move, or else you can only stay in the house if there is a similar situation in the future.”

Dongfang Minghui was so happy that she immediately held up her hand and said with a solemn face, “I promise not to make any trouble.”

By not messing up, it probably meant not to actively attack others or secretly lay hands on them, at least that’s her definition.

The next day, Qian Wanyu scooped up the person early in the morning and started to get her face ready.

After getting the Female Protagonist’s approval, Dongfang Minghui tossed and turned in bed and didn’t sleep well all night. When she thought of Nangong Yuntian, she didn’t have time to sleep, her mind had come up with 108 ways to separate him from the Female Protagonist and never let the other party get close to Seventh sister.

Qian Wanyu was completely unaware that Minghui was so nervous about Nangong Yuntian, she saw the other side’s eye sockets still had some bruises and was a little angry, it was just a feast with Nangong Yuntian why was the other side so excited?

Dongfang Minghui didn’t care, in order to defend her position as the main wife, letting her not sleep for ten days or a half month would also be fine hmph.

“Seventh sister, this technique seems to be not quite the same as the last ah.”

Last time, the makeup fell off cleanly after being slightly shocked by the silly big man’s spiritual power.

“Nangong Yuntian is eagle-eyed, if I don’t use special means, he will definitely say that we are not sincere.” At that time, the other party will use the word sincerity to constantly find trouble with them, so as to achieve his ultimate goal.

Qian Wanyu hand had completely grasped this sort of person, even if it is a transaction for the purpose of profit, she does not like the feeling of being played.

Dongfang Minghui heard the Female Protagonist’s intention and nodded her head approvingly, “Yes, yes, Seventh sister.”

She then watched as Seventh sister transformed her into a little loli as if by magic, looking about the same size as a little girl she was just short of having two little buns on her head. After that, she watched the other woman make herself ugly and completely turn from her seventh sister into a seventh old lady!

“Seventh sister.”

Seeing that Qian Wanyu stretched out those hands full of age spots and stood up laboriously, she was even trembling as if it was a great effort to stand. Dongfang Minghui subconsciously stepped forward to help her by instinct then saw the glimmer in Wanyu’s eyes. The other side’s eyes seemed to be teasing her.

Dongfang Minghui knocked her head annoyingly, “Seventh sister, you are pretending too much.

Even she was almost fooled by the other party.

Qian Wanyu stood up straight and pinched her little cheeks, “Later you will be the little girl who takes care of me, stand behind me and don’t move around, understand?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at herself, and then looked at Seventh sister, completely defeated, ok fine Seventh sister was just too good at acting.

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