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MIWW Chapter 65 Part 2

The first thing Dongfang Minghui did when she came back was to turn over the pillow. To her surprise, the bright orange thing under the pillow was actually still there, and she held it in her hand and tossed it up and down in mid-air, wondering in her heart, was she wrong?

“Seventh sister, look.”

She handed the orange object in her hand to the other party, but she didn’t think the other party would seriously examine it instead, and looked at her with a slight thought.

“Ninth Sister, this thing, how many more do you have?”


A big bag of them, all from the pig fairy grass who got it from who knows where. She had seen the material and thought it was particularly strange, these things couldn’t be found in the seven coloured continent…

“Give me eight more.”

Qian Wanyu directly stretched out her hand, she was just thinking about what to use to set up the formation, is this not perfect? The stuff was directly delivered to her front door!

“Qing Mo, have you ever seen something like this?”

She picked up one of them and pointed it at the sunlight, the light refracted on its surface and reflected a strange lustre, Qian Wanyu tested each one once and because the colour was different, the things reflected did not look the same.

“Never seen it, what is this?”

Qian Wanyu briefly explained the matter of pig fairy grass, then suddenly remembered the strange man she had met during the previous inner courtyard examination, “Qing Mo, do you still remember the man called Xiu Qi that we met during the examination?”

Xiu Qi said he was chasing the pig immortal grass and entered into the examination by mistake, and in the end he just disappeared.

“I remember, that person is not simple.”

“He came for the pig fairy grass, will he appear again?”

“Not easy to say.” Qing Mo didn’t know too much about the medicinal plants, not to mention that he hadn’t yet had the time to get involved when they encountered the pig fairy grass last time, much less how valuable it was as a medicinal plant.

“Next time we go to the Library I have to check it out.” Qian Wanyu muttered.

Dongfang Minghui was busy making pills for senior brother Li Yunan, since she promised him some after a month. The other party would provide all the herbs needed, and she almost forgot about it again. She was really afraid of him showing up to brush his presence.

She simply took this tense period of time to refine the marrow cleansing pills in her room.

Qian Wanyu was in the next room studying the formations carefully, reading all the books she brought back from the library and even borrowed a new batch. The two seem to have returned to their previous state, each doing their own thing.

After Dongfang Minghui finished refining a batch of marrow cleansing pills, she put them into a porcelain bottle, intending to give it to Yong Xing and he could give it to senior brother Li Yunan for her.


As soon as she returned, she saw Wei Junyi fall down in the small courtyard, and the tools in his hands fell all over the ground.

“Little Colour, look, what’s that?”

She came a little closer before she noticed that there was a thin thread at the ankle of Wei Junyi, which tugged all the way down and actually found that it was grass. It was not quite the same as the knock-knock grass, it was very lush just like a human hair, and each thin thread of grass was spreading upward a little.

The fat doll came closer and frowned strangely, “Isn’t this black love silk? How can it appear here?”

Seeing those black threads coming this way, Dongfang Minghui immediately held Little Colour and ran to the side of Blue Star Dream. She used her consciousness to communicate with it, “Blue Star Dream, how did this thing appear in the courtyard?”

Blue Star Dream did not move at all, not to mention the thorn branches, it stood still like an ordinary tree, even those thorn branches on the wall were like an ornament.

Dongfang Minghui and Little Colour looked at each other, and both of them saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.

“Ah, help.”

Wei Junyi’s other ankle was still entangled and was about to be pulled to the side by the black love silk.

Dongfang Minghui immediately fished out ten flying needles from within her space ring which was shot in unison on a point of the thin silk, breaking it off one by one.

“Little Colour, pull him over.”

Little Colour’s vines were on the other side’s two arms, and with a gentle tug, they pulled Wei Junyi over to Blue Star Dream.

“Pharmacist Qian, fortunately, you are here, otherwise-” Wei Junyi stopped halfway and had to gasp twice, “Why is there such a horrible thing inside our small courtyard, and what is that thing that just tied my feet? ”

Dongfang Minghui directly interrupted the other party, “Little Colour, do you feel that we are still in the small courtyard?”

Why did she have an unreal feeling, all the medicinal plants in her yard she couldn’t speak to yet she could speak to Little Colour. This is not normal.

She suddenly remembered the first time she met the pig fairy grass and they got trapped deep in a formation.

“We are in the small courtyard.”

“It still is the small courtyard, but it’s also not the small courtyard.”

If it is her own courtyard, such a big movement would make Seventh sister hear, even if she cannot hear, Blue Star Dream would always give her a little response, but now there is no response.

“Love Flower, we seem to have been lured into a formation by the pig fairy grass again.”

Dongfang Minghui helplessly said that now they should be in a formation within a formation, Seventh sister had set up a formation to catch the pig fairy grass without her knowledge and the pig fairy grass must’ve thought to drag her down as well.

A flower appeared at the same time between Love Flower and Lucky. Seeing Wei Junyi on the side, the two medicinal plants retracted at the same time.

“It’s a formation no doubt.”

She didn’t understand formations so she simply sat cross-legged, and the black love silk on the opposite side kept staring at them. Wei Junyi had injured both legs and leaned on the branches of Blue Star Dream. He didn’t say a word but his face turned pale with pain, and he clenched his teeth stubbornly.

The last time it was a stone formation, the eye of the formation was the pig fairy grass, the only grass in the stone formation, this time the eye of the formation should also be this cunning grass right?

The Black love silk opposite them saw that they did not move and tried to stretch out countless black silk strands towards them to surround from all directions.

Being so provoked by the other side, the fat doll was angry, it almost leapt up with a mass of overwhelming vines behind, one group spread slowly along the ground, one from the air combined to form a large net.

The two of them fought against each other and Dongfang Minghui still thought that the fat baby was great.

Little Colour’s vine very nonchalantly blocked off the black love silk decisively and quickly. The black love silk was couldn’t just let it go and wrapped up its vines as well. Little Colour’s vine were filled with dense tangles of its love silk.

Dongfang Minghui saw the black love silk’s mass of silk strands and her scalp was numb. People with a phobia for this would probably faint.

“It would be nice if there was fire.”

She murmured, probably related to her training method, plus she was closer to plants, she has not been around many fire Spiritual Masters, she always felt that one day a big fire would burn her own body.

So she also didn’t carry any tools to make fire.

“I have some.”


Dongfang Minghui looked back and realized that the voice was coming from Wei Junyi’s mouth who was also looking at Little Colour and black love silk fighting.

“I can help you make a fire.”

“Make it.”

Since there was a torch that would definitely completely solve the black love silk, maybe the formation could be broken.

Wei Junyi nodded and pulled out some flints from his pocket. He wiped it lightly, and sparks suddenly appeared


Dongfang Minghui then saw the other party wince and throw the flint in his hand to the ground, fire met wood and it quickly burst into flames, burning off a large part of the thorny branch of Blue Star Dream which seemed as if it was going to spread.

Wei Junlan seemed to sense that he had done something wrong, so he backed up several steps and lowered his head to Minghui like a daughter asking for punishment.


Couldn’t even handle a flint. Dongfang Minghui was almost angry enough to faint. She untied her clothes and took out some water from her space ring to pour and put out the fire. Seeing the Blue Star Dream’s thorny branches destroyed by fire made her heartbroken.

But she also picked up a branch that was on fire and stepped toward the black silk. She looked at those black silk strands that came at her from all sides and she brandished the torch in an arc to make a sporadic fire.

In the blink of an eye, the fire instantly caught on and started devouring the black silk. The black silk flower shrunk back but the flame followed.

Little Colour saw the sparks below and was so scared that all its vines retracted.

It jumped onto Dongfang Minghui’s back and two fat hands strangled her neck, “Have thought about how to put it out!?”

“When it’s done burning, it will be extinguished.”

The medicinal plants wisely backed far away from the black love silk, and Dongfang Minghui saw the black love silk dancing around while on fire, like a dying man trying to get out of its misery. She looked at Wei Junyi bathing in the orange glow and found that the other party was motionless since a while ago.

What’s more crucial is that the injury on his foot seems to be fine…

She took a step forward, went to the side of Black Silk Flower to light up another thorn branch and scaring Little Colour into choking her directly, almost making her neck break.

“What are you still playing with that for?”

“Nothing.” Dongfang Minghui laughed and held up the thorn branch to the side of Wei Junyi, the fire was so close to the face of the other side, Wei Junyi’s face turned white and beads of sweat slid down his cheeks one by one.

“P-pharmacist Qian, what do you want to do?”

Dongfang Minghui swayed it a little and smiled, “I don’t want to do anything, I suddenly want to play with fire today, by the way, Junyi, when will the purple cloud fruit your brother said last time be delivered? Didn’t he treasure it?”

Wei Junyi’s face stiffened, then shook his head, “I’m not sure, my brother has always made up his own mind about things.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Dongfang Minghui showed an extremely brilliant smile towards him, and the torch in her hand was even casually tossed towards to the other party’s body.


“Catch it, it is the pig fairy grass.”

As soon as they heard the three words pig fairy grass, Little Colour, Love Flower and Lucky all came to life.

As soon as Wei Junyi’s body caught fire, a grass that looked like a pig’s tail flew out then turned around and ran away.

Dongfang Minghui poured some water to extinguish the fire and then went to look at Wei Junyi’s body. When she put out the fire and looked up again, the small courtyard seemed to be back to normal.

“Seventh sister.”

She shouted towards the room.

Wei Junyi was still lying softly on the ground, his body was intact, and what had just happened in the formation seemed like a dream.

However, in the blink of an eye, Love Flower, Lucky and Little Colour and the cunning Pig Fairy Grass were all gone.

Qian Wanyu walked out of the room to find the other party’s outer clothes were taken off and she was sitting next to a stone bench, there was also Wei Junyi on the ground who was for some reason lying motionless.

“A formation?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, “Just now, both Junyi and I were pulled into its formation by the Pig Fairy Grass.”

She thought that Wei Junyi was a fake, but she didn’t expect that the Pig Fairy Grass was hiding on Wei Junyi’s body, it was really cunning and unpredictable! She grabbed Qian Wanyu’s hand, “Seventh sister, now all four of them are inside your formation, can you let them out?”

“Yes, but it will take time.”

Finally, she could catch that pig fairy plant, Dongfang Minghui still had to get the Love Flower leaves from it.

Three medicinal plants and a magic plant entered the formation and were suddenly dumbfounded. Love Flower and Lucky discussed with Little Colour and the three unanimously agreed to cooperate. Little Colour was even drooling, it felt a huge spiritual power from this grass. If it could swallow it, it can certainly recover up to 70% of its previous power.

With this goal in mind, the three medicinal plants set out to capture the pig fairy grass.

Qian Wanyu initially set up a very simple formation to bind the medicinal plants, but after the formation was activated she realized that the things used to set up the formation were all high-level formation stones, the small formation had hardened into a large formation with the effect of these high-level formation stones!

“This thing is really magical, no wonder the pig fairy grass was persistent in trying to take them back.”

Qian Wanyu was speaking the truth, the pig fairy grass was after all originally a medicinal plant that could use formations. If it used these things as well… the consequences were simply unimaginable.

“The difficulty factor of the formation has increased, if you want them to come out, I must personally go into the formation and check how much and what function of the formation has actually improved.”

Since it’s his own formation, he had the most knowledge.

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, “Seventh sister, you say you need to go into the formation yourself?”

“Yes, keep guard outside, do not let strangers approach.”

Qian Wanyu said and directly approached the formation.

“Aiya, Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui was flustered, she thought she should follow Female Protagonist and go in since Seventh sister had no way to communicate with the flowers. Nothing will happen…right?

She did not dare to rush in. In case the formation was constantly changing, who knows what she’d encounter, if she does not meet Seventh sister, how long would it be for someone to find them?


Wei Junyi lay on the ground for a while and gradually woke up. He opened his eyes and hazily saw Pharmacist Qian standing right in front of him, he was so scared that he got up directly from the ground, “Sorry, Pharmacist Qian, I didn’t fall asleep on purpose.”


Dongfang Minghui saw that he was still in good spirits and put her mind at ease, not bothering to explain so much to the other party, “It’s okay, you’re probably too tired, go back and rest so that you can have the energy to help me take care of these medicinal plants tomorrow.”

After saying goodbye to her, Wei Junyi walked back step by step, but in his heart, he was puzzled, why did he sleep so uncomfortably today?

After he left, Dongfang Minghui walked to the side of Blue Star Dream and did not see any burning branches, she almost really believed that everything that happened in the formation was real. She just sat on the trunk of Blue Star Dream and waited quietly.

Qian Wanyu entered the formation and first went to the location of the nine stones she had placed. Then she took some time to find Love Flower, Lucky and Little Colour, the three plants were ganging up on the pig fairy grass using all sorts of roots, vines, leaves and other plant parts.

Each of the medicinal plants were injured with some leaves and petals scattered. There were so many it looked like she had just missed a big fight.

If the pig fairy grass was in the main formation by itself, it could almost fight to the death with these three plants. But this was someone else’s formation, it would only be beaten not to mention all its opponents were medicinal plants whose intelligence was not inferior. There was even a magic plant that seemed to be drooling!

For the first time, the pig’s fairy grass felt like it had walked into a trap sending itself into the tiger’s mouth!

“I can take you out.”

The pig fairy grass couldn’t fight, so it can only dodge Love Flower and Little Colour’s attacks hoping that the other party would let it go.

As a result, Love Flower directly shook its head, pointing at it arrogantly, “I have long wanted to beat you up.”

Since Love Flower took the lead, Lucky was certainly fine with it. Little Colour was happy to see I and wanted to wait until it was weak to swallow the whole pig fairy grass. That was how the big battle started.

When Qian Wanyu came, the battle was nearing its end.

“You guys don’t look like you want to go out at all.”

As soon as they heard the words go out, Love Flower and Lucky immediately stood up, two medicinal plants one left and one right clamped the beaten pig fairy grass, while the fat doll grabbed its pig tail and licked its lips

Even saliva was about to drip down.

Although she could not understand their words, but it was still gratifying to see the three medicinal plants unite to deal with enemies. Before she left, she took a look at those leftover roots and leaves on the ground, for some reason, she picked up a bag and swept them all into the bag.

“Seventh sister, you guys are finally out.”

Dongfang Minghui had been on guard outside for several days until just now when she felt a fluctuation of spiritual energy in the small courtyard and immediately jumped down from the trunk of Blue Star Dream. As expected, she saw Qian Wanyu walking out one by one with the three little plants.

The Pig Fairy Grass was surrounded in the middle, and before she had time to ask, Little Colour popped up behind her, shaking her head and kept shouting in her ears as well as in her soul sea, “It belongs to me me me.”

Dongfang Minghui had a headache, this little partner wanted to eat a plant again…this problem when could it change ah.

“Not now.”

The origin of the pig fairy grass has not been clearly investigated, not to mention that this plant opened up its wisdom. Seeing Little Colour eat it raw always gave her a bad feeling to think of.

“Why!?” Little Colour was so angry that it directly pinched her ears, Dongfang Minghui let out a cry of pain, and felt a lightness on her back.

Little Colour was directly dragged down by Seventh sister and Seventh sister’s long whip flung out.

“Seventh sister!”

Qian Wanyu already couldn’t stand to see these little guys hogging Dongfang Minghui, and she got even more angry seeing them bullying her Ninth Sister, “Don’t let me see a second time.”

Dongfang Minghui had also only seen this stern side of seventh sister for her. She walked over and caressed the other’s hand holding the water thunder whip, “Seventh sister, do not get angry with Little Colour, it is just playing with me. ”

Little Colour sat on its two legs and started to cry, “wah wah wah”. How could it let such a fierce furnace go to Minghui?!

On the other side the pig fairy grass was secretly happy, don’t think it did not hear the magic plant say it wanted to eat it just now…it deserved such a fate hmph.

Love Flower slapped it from behind, the pig fairy grass was immediately knocked blind, “Don’t be so sneaky, you think you can still run ah, try run again I’ll break your legs, then let it eat you.”

Dongfang Minghui looked over.

Seventh sister who could not understand anything didn’t notice and she patted her chest secretly. Fortunately, Seventh sister did not see such a funny picture. Why did she think that these medicinal plants were actually very happy? This was such a bunch of naughty plants.

“Tie it up don’t let it run away, trying to catch it is again is not easy.”

Qian Wanyu gave her advice and Dongfang Minghui immediately used a bundle of strong magic rope to bundle up the pig fairy grass then she threw it to Love Flower and Lucky, “For the time being I’ll leave it to you.”

Love Flower and Lucky dragged the Pig Fairy Grass into the space ring.

Little Colour also ran into her soul sea with a grunt, and the cheerful scene became empty again.

“Seventh sister, how did you lure it into your formation?”

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