Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 67

“Hey, fighting out of nowhere is not keeping with the modern style.” Wei Junlan was almost fooled by the other side, but he had collected a lot of information about Qian Minghui, including what she had done when she was in the Dongfang family!

Dongfang Minghui’s feet shuffled when she heard his words but the flying needles flew faster than her thinking and shot out it was too late.

The good thing was that the other side just flipped back and avoided it gracefully.

“Speak clearly.”

Wei Junlan shook his head, “Two people who read books finally meet in this world.”

Dongfang Minghui’s forehead was full of black lines, she didn’t need to be modest in front of this scoundrel, “Hey, if you keep beating around the bush I’ll leave.”

“Qian girl, I prompted so much how can you respond to me like that.”

“You also did not respond to me ah, didn’t I follow you here?”

Wei Junlan straightened his lapel and clasped his hands, “Thank you for the love and care you have given to my brother in recent days, my name is Wei Junlan.”

Dongfang Minghui eyes turned white and she could not help but look toward the sky, this pitiful world, ah how could she not have thought of this sooner. In the original script, Wei Junyi should not have survived until this time, earlier when Wei Junlan was trying to take the purple cloud fruit she should have noticed the problem. Unfortunately, at that time she thought her appearance caused a butterfly effect in the seven colored continent, originally it was because of this.

“Bloods Fiend Alliance’s young master wei, nice to meet you, if there is nothing else I will take a leave first.”

Hmph what’s she scared of, the other party should not remember the matter of the Purple Devil Mountain Range, right..?

“Miss Qian, I remember that in the original story the Ninth Miss of the Dongfang Family should not have appeared in the Royal Academy, on top of that in the end she died at the hands of the heroine.”

The other party poked her weak spot with a light sentence, she abruptly stopped in her tracks then turned to look at him angrily, and her voice also went up a few points, “Wei Junlan, what exactly do you want?!”

This was the deepest secret she had hidden in her heart, suddenly it was revealed so easily by a stranger she couldn’t accept it.

Wei Junlan was very surprised at her reaction and spread his hands, “I do not want to do anything, I came to see you this time because I want to cooperate with you.”

“Cooperation? What is there to cooperate between you and me?”

“Have you considered the reason why the original script was eventually cancelled by the author? If the plot can’t continue, what’s the point of us crossing over?” Wei Junlan didn’t want to wait until he found his place in this world only for the world to fall apart with a bang.

Dongfang Minghui muttered, “We are not the author, how do we know why he did not continue to write, maybe the author also crossed over?”


Wei Junlan was amused, “Qian girl you’re actually so naive.”

“So what if I’m naive?”

Dongfang Minghui did not want to figure out all these complicated things, after crossing over the most she can do is to save her own little life, after saving her little life then she could think of these deeper things, she was weak so doing things within her power was good.

Wei Junlan smile changed, and his expression was somewhat serious, “Qian girl, have you ever thought if the plot does not follow the script, in the end, it may produce a very serious consequence?”

“Wei Junlan what do you want to say?”

“I want to say that if the plot changes too much, the world may collapse before it even reaches the part where the author stopped.”

It’s not that Dongfang Minghui didn’t think about the problem she just mentioned, but she has worked very hard to correct the script. If there is really such a day, she can not even imagine what would happen, “In the original script, your brother died of illness.”

“Right.” Wei Junlan’s expression was unusually grave, “I’m doing my best to keep him safe.”

Dongfang Minghui’s heart was suspicious, these two brothers were really close, could it be two real brothers that had crossed over at the same time?

“You think too much.”

“How do you know what I’m thinking?”

“According to the normal plot, after a while, the heroine will form a group to go out to practice. This is the best time for her and Li Yunan to develop a relationship. Would you be interfering again?” Wei Junlan was still amused by her funny reactions and gave her a look.

Dongfang Minghui stomped her foot and said in anger, “What do you mean by what you just said, and what do you mean by interfering?”

“When I was in the White Moon Empire, I heard that Li Yunan confessed to you in front of all the freshmen. What is this if it’s not interfering with the female lead’s men?” Wei Junlan kindly reminded, “In the original plot, it seems that you also stole the heroine’s man, and then you -”

He made a neck slicing motion.

Dongfang Minghui almost died of anger, “Who said I was going to interfere, it was Li Yunan himself who was blind and misunderstood my actions.”

Wei Junlan shook his head seriously and shook his index finger, “Not a misunderstanding, this is the so-called butterfly effect, because of your appearance, it has changed the trajectory of many people and what should originally have happened, if you continue to be so reckless I don’t know what exactly will happen in the end. In any case, now the heroine seems to have not yet begun to collect her harem, what we have to do is to return the plot to the original track, firstly we need to make Li Yunan fall in love with the heroine.”

“I… I… I don’t agree.”


Dongfang Minghui curled her lips, she had guarded against all these other male members day and night just to make sure she didn’t have any competition. Now she’s being asked to match Seventh sister and her harem group, this made her feel very uncomfortable, “No means no, I’m leaving. ”

The first conversation between the two did not go well.

Wei Junlan held his chest with one hand and propped up his chin with the other, watching the other party rush away, “There must be something I don’t know.”

Dongfang Minghui was thinking about Wei Junlan’s words all the way, the more she thought about it, the more upset she was, she didn’t want to give Seventh sister to someone else, this depressed mood lasted until she was refining potions and didn’t go away.

“Qian girl, why the sad face? What are you thinking about?”

Situ Hongying usually didn’t appear, when he did, he stood behind the others without saying a word.

Dongfang Minghui was so frightened by him that the potion in her hand spilled, she looked at the liquid medicine all over the ground and sighed, “Lord dean, do you know that randomly appearing behind people can scare people to death, do you know how precious the love flower leaves are?!”

She indignantly waved the juice of Love Flower leaves in front of Situ Hongying, now only this small porcelain bottle was left.

“Aiya, weren’t you anxious about the black mist, why are you refining potions now?”

The other party asked about the potions so Dongfang Minghui immediately responded with the plan from before, “Lord Dean, you do not know but love flower can resist the invasion of death qi, the black fog is more powerful than the normal aura of death and in order to suppress the black fog on Toothless, Love Flower used up a Love Flower seed to preserve Toothless’s front claws.”


Dongfang Minghui covered her ears, she knew the dean was going to have this reaction, instead of hiding, it would have been better to say earlier that Toothless’ claws had been restored at the cost of a Love Flower seed from Love Flower, she knew the flower seed was rare and priceless.

Situ Hongying was so angry that his beard flew up and his pair of small eyes just stared at Dongfang Minghui with a deadly stare.

Dongfang Minghui spread her hands and sighed, “Dean, after a while I may have to go out for a trip to find auxiliary medicinal plants, although it can’t completely eliminate the black fog, it can be suppressed for a longer period of time to keep it from spreading.”

At the mention of the black fog, Situ Hongying calmed down and asked with a huff, “Do you want me to send a few people to protect you?”

Dongfang Minghui thought about it, then impolitely nodded, “Yeah I do.”

“All right, come here tomorrow.”


Anyway, she didn’t have the heart to continue refining pills, so she simply packed her things, before she left, she didn’t forget to say bye to Situ Hongying, “Dean, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“Remember to put on your pharmacist clothes when you come tomorrow.”


Dongfang Minghui looked at the chubby old man sitting over there, the other party huffed and puffed and his face was red, it seems that he was still angry.

The last time senior brother Yong gave her those clothes, she only wore them to the White Moon empire to participate in the competition, after that she hadn’t worn them much, now he suddenly wants her to wear this, is there something important tomorrow?

She thought through it but couldn’t figure out what it was.

Inside the courtyard, Seventh sister was sitting on a stone bench leisurely drinking tea and reading a book. Little Junyi was watching over the medicinal plants, giving them a little water and loosening the soil from time to time, and his movements were exceptionally skilful. When he was idle, he would take a glance at Qian Wanyu, looking, he became silent as he stared at her not knowing what he was thinking.

Probably because the other party was too focused, Qian Wanyu did not notice the abnormality, but Dongfang Minghui stood at the entrance of the courtyard and could see clearly, she suddenly remembered what Wei Junlan had just said.

Seventh sister’s harem…


Qian Wanyu put down her book, as soon as she looked up she could see that her Ninth Sister was depressed, she beckoned to her, “Come here.”

“Seventh sister.”

“Refining potions didn’t go well?”

Dongfang Minghui nodded her head and shook, she simply looked straight at her, “Seventh sister, did the academy say that students would need to form a team and go out together in the future? Is everyone ready to form their own group?”

Qian Wanyu was stunned, she’d obviously not expected the other party to say this, she pulled the person to sit down and said, “Yes, today I purposely waited for you here just for this matter.”

Dongfang Minghui guessed that it was because they had encountered the Death Spiritual Master before, plus the sudden appearance of the poisonous medicine some time ago, the entire Academy was on alert, they took the safety of the trainees who had gone out for training into consideration as well.

In the original plot, Seventh sister did indeed go with Li Yunan’s group on an adventure which also accelerated the progress of their mutual feelings, the two unexpectedly broke through the barrier between them and warmed up to each other during the trip.

“I wanted to give you a surprise, but I didn’t expect you already knew about it.”


“Ninth Sister, I want you to join my small team, in the future, when we go out for training, we will be together.” Qian Wanyu smiled brightly and held her hand tightly.

The surprise came so quickly that Dongfang Minghui could not react for a moment, and when she noticed the curious gaze cast by Wei Junyi, she immediately withdrew her hand from the other party’s palm and asked apprehensively, “Seventh sister, can they all accept me in your team?”

She was a pharmacist, her combat power was almost negative, and she still needed others to protect her even when she fights, most people probably won’t accept it.

“They will.”


Qian Wanyu nodded, “When has Seventh sister ever joked with you.”

After walking around the outside, she found that the students on the road were also talking about this topic, and they had agreed to form a small team. After Dongfang Minghui came back, she secretly asked Qian Wanyu, “Seventh sister, you and I are now a small team. Who are the other members? Is there anyone I know?”

She was particularly worried that the Female Protagonist would say Li Yunan’s name.

Who knew that the other party didn’t even think before shaking her head, “Not yet.”

Does this mean she doesn’t have to be wary of Li Yunan and Seventh sister sharing a room and their relationship heating up?

“Seventh sister, how many people are there now?”



Qian Wanyu nodded with a faint smile.

When she learned that Female Protagonist’s small team was just the two of them, Dongfang Minghui had an expression of being struck by lightning, she felt that she had just been teased by the Female Protagonist, but when she saw the other party sitting there with a serious look she laughed a little, ” Seventh sister, are you not in a hurry to get members?”

“Why should I be anxious?” Qian Wanyu suddenly raised her eyebrow, “Just the two of us is quite good.”

She thought about it carefully and found that Seventh sister was right. Although there were more dangers along the way, it was also a thrilling experience with only two people.

This way, there would be no harassment from Wei Junlan and no Li Yunan heh this was very good.

As it turned out, they were both too happy too soon.

The next day, she put on her junior pharmacist’s clothes and appeared in the chubby old man’s office as promised.

“Pharmacist Qian.”

“Pharmacist Qian, congratulations.”


One or two greetings is fine, this series of non-stop greetings and congratulations came over made Dongfang Minghui a little confused, no wonder she didn’t see anyone along the way, they all ran here to the Dean!


Dongfang Minghui could only respond with a dry smile, she had no idea what particularly joyful thing had happened, if they were talking about the matter of forming a group it had nothing much to do with the pharmacy.

“Qian girl you’re here.”

As soon as she stepped into Situ Hongying’s office, she felt an unusual pressure, as expected, there was not only the dean, but also two people she didn’t know, although those two people were only sitting there when their eyes swept this way, it gave people a strong pressure and majestic feeling.

Even if she was slow in the head, she knew that something big was going to happen today.

“Dean, is there something big happening today?”

The chubby old man nodded with a smile and rubbed his beard with one hand, “Yes, Qian girl, today the old man is going to accept apprentices.”


Dongfang Minghui thought how did not hear anyone say this before!? Now it was not difficult to explain the abnormal behavior of everyone today, “Dean, why did you not say so earlier, I did not prepare anything.”

Situ Hongying laughed out loud and pointed to her Pharmacist clothes, “What else do you need to prepare? Aren’t you properly prepared already?”

“I am?”

“Come, Qian girl, meet Old Lei and Old Crazy.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, these two people in front of her should be the two hall masters of the Hall of Thunder and the Hall of Wind, one of them had a serious face and the other had a gentle face, from the aura of spiritual energy emitted from each of them, she roughly distinguished them and gave a slight salute, “Elder Lei, Elder Feng”

“This little girl is quite discerning.” The old man deliberately released a small amount of spiritual power to test her and unexpectedly found that the girl in front of him did not seem as fragile as imagined very unlike a typical pharmacist.

“Hey, this is my disciple, today I brought her to see you two where’s the gift?”

The chubby old man directly pushed Dongfang Minghui towards them with not much force, but she still took a step forward.

Dongfang Minghui slightly smiled embarrassedly towards them, in her heart she scolded the fat old man, accepting disciples was one thing but how come she as the person being accepted didn’t know!

Elder Feng nodded slightly and fished out a mirror from his space ring and handed it to her.

She was considering whether to accept it but saw the fat old man grabbed it first, he touched and touched the bronze mirror, turning it over and over, “What is this, just a plain mirror, what is the use? I say old crazy, you can’t be so stingy.”

Elder Wind did not bother with him but explained to Dongfang Minghui, “This is a heart mirror an ancient dragon family left behind, if you drop a drop of blood on it, it will recognize you as the master, and from then on both your lives are shared. In the future, in case of danger, it can protect your life.”

“Is there such a good thing?! Qian girl come, drop a drop of blood to try it out.”

The heart mirror was a thin layer that looked like a mirror, but the pattern on the back of it resembled the dragon scales of a dragon.

Dongfang Minghui looked at Elder Feng, who nodded to her, so she bit her finger and dropped a drop of blood on it, a golden light emanated from the mirror surface of the bronze mirror which flew through the hands of the fat old man and hovered in mid-air.


While she was curious about what it was, the bronze mirror flew straight towards her heart and hid inside her body.

Dongfang Minghui then felt a cool thing against her heart, she reached out and touched her chest but felt nothing. When she looked with her inner vision, she realized that a very strong golden glow was surrounding her heart giving a warm feeling.

It really was a good thing!

“Thank you, Elder Feng.”

On the side, Old Lei’s harsh eyes swept a glance at Dongfang Minghui, then said sarcastically, “Old madman you gave such a big gift, if I don’t take out the treasure that I have privately hidden for many years, it will look like I am stingy.”

“Hey hey, old Lei, what treasure is it quickly let me open my eyes and see.” The chubby old man was a little impatient on the side.

Dongfang Minghui also had some expectations, but more than that, her heart was in turmoil, she somehow became the fat old man’s disciple, and somehow accepted Elder Feng’s gift, she looked through her space ring but found that there was almost nothing she could give in return.

The heart mirror was extremely valuable, she would remember this kindness.

Elder Lei looked through his space ring for a long time and took out a brocade box, the box was a bit old, he smiled and handed it to the chubby old man, “Let’s see if you know the value of things.”

Dongfang Minghui was curious but did not immediately move, the other side wanted to test the fat old man, it meant that the box must be some sort of precious medicinal herb, with her eyesight for plants which had only been trained for a year she had no way to identify them.

“Doll fruit?” The chubby old man made a bold guess, raised his head to look at Old Lei but found him pursing his lips without saying anything then immediately shook his head, “No, although the appearance is like a doll fruit, the color is so bright, like -”

The chubby old man racked his brain and walked around in front of Dongfang Minghui holding the brocade box.

She just casually glanced at it, and found that lying in the brocade box was a palm-sized doll, the doll made a fist with both hands pressed against its own jaw, and it hung its head as if it was praying. Such a delicate thing was a medicinal herb, it definitely was a real heavenly treasure.

Aiya Elder Lei was so generous, Dongfang Minghui’s eyes looked straight.

“Soul baby fruit, it’s a soul baby fruit, Old Lei, did I guess correctly?” The fat old man smiled and even the skin on his face layered up and up like a child begging for candy.

Soul baby fruit, this was a treasure that Seventh sister had spent years looking for yet could not find, great!

“Old crazy, look at this old man, it’s also thanks to him being the Dean of the Pharmacy that he could guess so quickly otherwise people would laugh!” The old man did not forget to be sarcastic, “What are you still holding it for, this is a gift for your disciple.”

The chubby old man stomped his feet in anger, “You really hid deep enough, if not for my apprenticeship today, you definitely would never take this out.”

Situ Hongying put back the brocade box lid cover and handed it to Dongfang Minghui hands, “Qian girl, this is a good treasure, use it well.”

She was only slightly relieved when she held it in her hands, “Thank you, Elder Lei, thank you, Elder Feng.”

Old Lei and Old Feng faintly smiled, then turned their gaze filled with ridicule to Situ Hongying, “Fatty, we have given our gifts, what will you give to your little disciple?”

Situ Hongying slightly glared at them, “You two old people just want to see a good show, right? Hmph I won’t let it happen isn’t it my own disciple, this gift must be the best.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eye twitched slightly, she had heard of giving gifts to the master as a sign of piety and respect to them but she had never heard of the master fighting to give gifts to an apprentice, the Thief Master was also the same, what happened to these old fogies?

The apprenticeship ceremony soon ended. It was the simplest but most solemn apprenticeship she had ever seen. Old Feng and Old Lei were sent away afterwards. Dongfang Minghui still had an unreal feeling. She touched her heart and felt a warmth from the heart mirror protecting her heart and soul.

There was also the Soul Baby Fruit in her space ring, Seventh sister would be very happy if she knew that she got this.

“Qian girl, come, master has something to give you.”

Looking at the chubby old man walking in front, Dongfang Minghui followed him all the way from the office to the back of the mountain, along the way she had a few moments of guilt, yesterday she even lied to the other party about the real nature of things in order to hide Seventh sister’s identity.

As a result, the other party had even regarded her as a precious disciple.


“Still calling me Dean?” Situ Hongying narrowed his eyes unhappily.

“Master.” Dongfang Minghui secretly wrote this kindness. She would definitely repay them when she had the chance in the future.

Situ Hongying brought her to the back of the mountain. The two people walked past some medicinal plants and medicine gardeners towards a section of the road that ended in a dead-end. Then, Dongfang Minghui saw the fat old man take out a jade plate which he threw into mid-air, the road in front suddenly opened.

They walked a full eighteen turns, and at the last turn Dongfang Minghui saw a magnificent landscape, between heaven and earth there seemed to be a large tree covering the expanse like a finger about to touch the sky swaying in the breeze. Numerous types of medicinal plants surrounded it from all sides, there were too many to count. Dongfang Minghui tilted her head but could not see the whole picture clearly, she estimated that the tallest tree was about a hundred meters high, shooting straight up to the clouds.

It turns out that the back of the mountain was actually so big, the place she used to come with the jade plaque was only the tip of the iceberg, she now believes that the outside world’s evaluation of the Royal Academy having the largest medicinal garden of all the three Empires was real. This showed how deeply hidden and concealed the academy’s heritage really is.

“This is the jade plate to enter this final part of the mountain you take it, from now on, this piece of heaven and earth you have to guard them well, do not let them be killed by the outside world.”

Dongfang Minghui solemnly took it, she deeply felt the great responsibility on her shoulders, it was only when they were about to return that she realized a problem, “Old man.”

“Call me Master.”

“Well, master, you giving me the jade plate is useless ah, those I can’t even find the end of it!” To even get here they had to take eighteen turns on top of the jade plate , just giving her the token was she a bare-bones commander!?


Situ Hongying suddenly burst out laughing, laughing enough that his face turned red then saying, “Later you will understand.”


Dongfang Minghui had no solution and simply threw the jade plate into her space, maybe in the future, it could be useful.

After staying for awhile in that small piece of heaven, she felt countless strands of spiritual energy leaping towards her from the big tree, which she tried to suppress, not wanting the fat old man to see her struggling.

“Little Colour.”

“It’s the Tree of Life.”

Dongfang Minghui’s body was almost bursting with spiritual energy, she didn’t even have time to ask what the hell was a Tree of Life, she gritted her teeth, she was in a situation where she was about to breakthrough!

She tried hard but her spiritual power had already risen from a rank two Great Spiritualist into a level four Spiritual Master!

TL: If you all don’t remember the rankings

Spiritualist > Great Spiritualist > Spiritual Master > Spiritual Scholar > Spiritual King

“Qian girl?”

Dongfang Minghui struggled to squeeze out a smile that was worse than crying, she was trembling and her whole body’s bones crackled and shattered as they shattered and got regenerated, it was simply unbearably painful, blood was oozing out of her body and it’s a good thing she wore enough clothes that it couldn’t be seen immediately.

“Old man, go.”

Situ Hongying didn’t bother to correct her, he hurried to close the secret realm but after only a few steps, Dongfang Minghui stumbled and directly fell to the ground.

“Qian girl, are you okay?!”

“No, it’s fine.”

She gritted her teeth and compressed all the spiritual power then compressed it again and again until finally the spiritual power uncontrollably broke another level, Dongfang Minghui almost vomited a mouthful of blood, just from one trip she has become a level five Great Spiritualist, next time if she let Seventh Sister cultivate here she’d just break through to Spiritual Emperor at this rate!

The chubby old man also saw that something was wrong with her, the other side had begun to bleed from her offices. He wanted to help her, but was blocked by a golden light from her body, he took several steps back to stabilize himself.

This was the power of the heart mirror.

Situ Hongying also heard about this thing from rumours, the specific function was not known, if it was just blocking he wouldn’t be as surprised, what he marvelled at was how when he used a bit of force, the force reflected at him was twice the amount.

To use an analogy, if a person wanted to attack Dongfang Minghui, they will encounter twice the power of the attack they used from the heart mirror reflecting it. This was most useful when the other side was practising, if the other side was fighting it was less powerful.

Dongfang Minghui suppressed the spiritual power when a cold breeze blew, she felt a strong chill and realised that her inner clothing was soaked through. The pharmacist clothing was good, it seems to come with some protective features.

“Master, let’s go.”

The chubby old man raised his eyebrows lightly, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, it just happened I needed to breakthrough and couldn’t hold it back so I accidentally broke through…” Dongfang Minghui admitted frankly. She estimates that people with insight like the dean could certainly find out what just happened to her, concealment wasn’t better than confessing the truth in this case.

What’s more, the two had only just set up a master-disciple relationship, she had already cheated the other party about refining the potion to strangle the black mist, it’d be too much to lie to him again about this.

Listening to this, Situ Hongying didn’t know if to laugh or to cry. This kind of thing was usually not said with such a depressed tone by other people…

“All right, you go back and rest well, medicine should not be left unused due to cultivation.”

“Good, master.”

Dongfang Minghui had returned to the small courtyard with great joy, wanting to be the first to share the happy news with Seventh sister, only to find that a group of people she didn’t quite know yet was somewhat familiar with had arrived in the small courtyard.

Senior Brother Yong Xing was waiting at the side, and as soon as he saw her, he immediately came towards her.

“Senior Brother Yong, what’s the situation?”

She was only absent for three hours, how come the small courtyard had a feeling of being overcrowded?

Yong Xing told her side of what happened just after she left today.

She knew she was happy too early, Seventh sister was not in a hurry, because she was well known, just with what she did in her first year as a freshman, eighty percent of the freshmen know her. In addition, she fought in the arena from time to time, the fierce aura of hers had long been engraved into the minds of everyone.

Such a member would naturally be wanted by both freshmen and old students alike.

Thus, it seems that forming a group was a very serious matter and all the students were taking it seriously.

“But, who leaked the news that Seventh sister was living in the pharmacy?” Dongfang Minghui squinted her eyes and considered carefully, all these people finding seventh sister in the pharmacy out of nowhere, it just so happened that she had recently met a person who would do this.

Wei Junlan.

The other party’s motive was there, his ability was also there, she was almost sure it was him.

Dongfang Minghui clenched her fist, now there was one more person standing in her and Seventh sister’s way, and one who liked to meddle at that.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

Qian Wanyu saw her long ago, she saw Yong Xing walking over to her and the two of them muttering to each other so she couldn’t help but be a little annoyed when she saw this group of people around the courtyard she even wanted to just kick all the people out, she waved at her, extremely patiently.

Everyone looked at each other wondering who the newcomer was.

As soon as the other party came closer, Qian Wanyu smelled a bloody smell. It was especially heavy, as if it was emanating from Ninth Sister.

“As you can see, this is my Ninth Sister, she is an unarmed pharmacist, as of now, the two of us have formed a team, so I’m sorry that I can’t join any of your groups.”

Most of those who came brought their own teams to invite Qian Wanyu to join them, there was even one reserved spot for her. With the soft aura emanating from Dongfang Minghui, one glance could tell them the identity of the other party not to mention that she was also wearing a junior pharmacist’s robe that represented her status.

“Qian Wanyu, we welcome you and your sister to join.”

There were still people who refused to quit even with this among them.

Dongfang Minghui noticed Seventh sister looking at her, and she could only shrug her shoulders, indicating that there was nothing she could do about it. Some people were too well-liked, someone as radiant as Seventh sister she could not stop such invitations but the best way was for them to pick people to join the team instead of passively accepting others’ solicitations.

“Sorry, I refuse.” Qian Wanyu succinctly and clearly stated her will once again, “In three days, within the tournament arena, I will set up a ring, any person who wins a round against me can join my small team, we will only recruit five people.”

From being a passive prey suddenly turning into a hunter.

Dongfang Minghui almost applauded, Seventh sister’s awareness was too high, maybe Seventh sister had long thought of something, these people were just people who managed to help speed up her plan.


She stepped forward in time to agree a little.


Everyone was in a dilemma, in the end they couldn’t come up with a complete solution, so they dispersed and left one by one.

“What’s wrong with you?”

When Yong Xing finished sending the last wave of people out, Qian Wanyu couldn’t wait to pull the person into the room and anxiously felt around the other person’s body, “Are you hurt somewhere?”

“No, Seventh sister, do not touch.”

This body was fine without their lovemaking, but once it had tried the taste of being pinned and loved it was particularly sensitive when touched by Qian Wanyu.

Dongfang Minghui’s face was red from her touch, she released her spiritual power, “I’m not hurt, I just accidentally advanced.”

The next time she had to ask Little Colour about the Tree of Life, it looked like Little Colour knew a lot about it, when the Tree of Life was emitting spiritual energy, the other party actually erected a barrier in her soul sea and ran away!

Qian Wanyu felt her aura and said with surprise, “Rank five.”

Dongfang Minghui saw that her face was a little grave and nodded heartily, “I couldn’t suppress it.”

The spiritual energy from the Tree of Life was too mild, it was unlike other types of spiritual energy that entered her body, normally it would clash with her own spiritual energy and give her a chance to guide and suppress them before they mixed. But the spiritual energy from the tree of life it was actually similar to her body’s spiritual energy! Once it came in, it promoted her spiritual energy immediately and instantly merged causing her to advance so fast…

“Did the Dean take you as his disciple?”

Dongfang Minghui suddenly straightened up and said with a surprised face, “Seventh sister how do you know?”

Qian Wanyu saw her in this outfit and made a bold guess, last time she heard that Situ Hongying had let out the word that if he didn’t take Ninth Sister as his disciple this time the pig old man in the other courtyard would give laugh.

“Last time I heard a little implication from his words.” She avoided the seriousness of the matter and finished the conversation by shifting the topic to Dongfang Minghui, “Since you went to pay respect to your master, why did you also advance so much at once?”

Dongfang Minghui scratched her head, today to get two treasures, this was a joyful thing, but why was it then when she got asked by Seventh sister it seems to have a different taste.

“The Dean took me to the back of the mountain, Seventh sister do you know? The last time we went to the back of the mountain it was just the tip of the iceberg, I followed the fat old man and we ended up at the innermost place, I never knew there was a piece of heaven and earth like that at the back…that place had too much spiritual energy, so – ”

Qian Wanyu nodded in understanding, she was already wondering, only a special encounter could cause this sort of situation.

“Your fast advancement is not conducive to cultivation, from tomorrow you need to go with me to the arena to practice.”


Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, the arena, letting her battle in the arena would she still be alive?!

“Seventh sister, you don’t want me to go on stage and fight?”

Qian Wanyu took one look at her and knew what she was thinking, she couldn’t help but pinch her nose, “Naturally not, inside the arena there’s a special training area. You need to pay ten spirit stones and enjoy the crushing gravity inside to hone your own spiritual energy, I think you need to go in and try it. ”

Gravity crush?

Dongfang Minghui did not know what gravity crushing was, but she knew that Seventh sister must have arranged this for the purpose of training her, she nodded and then smiled, “Seventh sister, I have something to give you.”

She took out the ancient brocade box from within her space ring and put it on the table then pushed it in front of the other party, mysteriously saying, “Seventh sister, take a look, you will definitely like it.”

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