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MIWW Chapter 72 Part 1

Mu Sheng shouted and everyone was shocked.

Dongfang Minghui even squatted down to check, the bruises that disappeared before soon reappeared on the kid’s wrists and ankles, as if she had just applied an invisible potion that had faded a moment later.

This is good, she did not even need to do experiments to compare the samples from the undead and the black mist, the two viruses were at a glance clearly not the same kind.

“Hey, kid, give me a reaction.” She tapped the back of her hand on both sides of his face.

The other party’s gaze, which had been staring at the beam above the house, shifted down slightly. He lowered his eyelids to give her a look and gave her two words.

“I’m fine.”

The other party was able to express his will clearly and did not toss and turn like just now, she temporarily put down her concerns and thought about what to do. Dongfang Minghui intended to stay up all night, just to make sure nothing went wrong with the brat.

Qian Wanyu accompanied her on the side, she laid a layer of animal skin on the ground, sitting cross-legged, and soon started cultivating.

Dongfang Minghui took out a small notebook and recorded the situation of the brat. At every hour, she had to check the other party’s condition, such as whether there was restlessness, whether the eyes were dull, and whether his consciousness was still clear.

The whole night she was circling around him.

Until morning, seeing the other side finally closing his eyes to rest, she checked his wrist and ankle injuries, the colour of it seemed lighter than before. This was a good sign, she had taken notes all night on various changes. As she leaned on a column to sit down, her eyes involuntarily shifted to Qian Wanyu’s face.

Looking at it, she felt something was wrong.

“Strange, why is Seventh sister’s face so red?”

She went over to the other side, at first she thought she was seeing things, then she felt something was wrong, she tried to reach out her hand to touch the other side’s forehead, the other side’s hot temperature made her jump.

“Seventh sister, Seventh sister.”

She released her spiritual power and tried to enter the other party’s soul sea to wake her up. She thought it would be a difficult thing to do in her current state, but who knew that her spiritual power was accepted by the other party before it even touched her.

This shows that Seventh sister had laid down her defences for her.

Dongfang Minghui was happy and at the same time, she was worried that if Seventh sister knew that she had approached her with an agenda, she would be disappointed.

“Seventh sister, wake up.”


Qian Wanyu opened her eyes abruptly, there was still some eyebags under her eyes, her expression was also a bit distressed, as if she had cultivated all night and her mental state had not stabilised, her eyebrows were full of traces of exhaustion.

“Seventh sister, you have a fever.”

No wonder it was so hot to touch, she had been injured and bled, she just hadn’t been sick yet.

Dongfang Minghui helped her into the inner room, rummaged around in the rooms of this room and found some old bedding, she took the animal skin on the floor and spread it on the bed.

The bed was just a wooden board, she could hear the creaking sound with just a little force, she casually used some clothing from her space ring to lay down on the animal skin and make it more comfortable, “Seventh sister, lie down for a while, I want to check your wounds.”

In order to prevent the brat outside from escaping, she also carried him to the inner room.

Qian Wanyu’s consciousness was still active but her whole person felt drowsy, she felt the other party carefully removing her boots, rolling up her pants and leaning her head over her calves to look. Her black hair spilled over on her calves and made them itch a little.

Dongfang Minghui was wary of wound infections, when she opened the wrapped cloth to see, the wound was still red but it was obviously still infected. She searched in her space ring and found some anti-inflammatory pills, these pills were made with plants found from the back mountain of the academy’s garden. She had experimented several times to see its efficacy. There was an effect but it wasn’t as good as real anti-inflammatory pills.

“Seventh sister, you need to eat this pill.”

Qian Wanyu opened her mouth and swallowed the pill, she also extended her tongue to lick her finger.

Dongfang Minghui immediately retracted her hand, she glared at her with dissatisfaction, good thing she still had the habit of washing her hands, if she has just made any strange potion just now seventh sister licking so casual might get her poisoned!

“Stay and sleep with me.”

The other side’s eyes were also very haggard after a night without rest, Qian Wanyu felt some heartache and used her hand to lightly tug her.

“Seventh sister, the wound on your foot needs to be cleaned and sterilised, let go first, when I help you bandage it up I’ll accompany you ok?” Dongfang Minghui came up to her ear and whispered gently. Actually, in that one anti-inflammatory medicine there was actually a bit of sleeping potion so the other party could sleep and not be so restless with pain.

But she did not expect that the effect of the drug would work so quickly, almost as soon as she finished speaking, the hand that held her tightly let go, Qian Wanyu closed her eyes and fell asleep, not responding to the outside world.

Dongfang Minghui took this opportunity to slice off all the remaining dead flesh from her leg with a disinfected blade. She then used a little alcohol and medicine to bandage it up before turning her attention to the kid still wrapped in the water thunder whip.

“I assume you’ve touched those undead with your nails?”

She tapped his long, sharp nails with the side of the blade, and as she thought, she needed to find a pair of nail clippers and cut off all ten of his fingernails. But these nails were the sharpest tools those children used to kill magical beasts, if she just destroyed them, maybe this little kid would hate her for life.

The little ghost did not pay attention to her, even seeing her hands holding the blade he was not afraid, his eyes just stared straight at the beam, who knows what he was looking at.

Dongfang Minghui followed his line of sight and looked above, besides a few broken spider webs, there was nothing.

“Ah I’ll just let you be happy for a while.” Thinking of what she needed to do next, she found a piece of clothing from her space ring and directly covered the other person’s head, especially the eye part.

She untied Seventh sister’s outer garment and peeled back the lining some more, then wiped the other party’s body with a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol, trying her best to keep her eyes clear and treat this patient in front of her seriously.

“Ninth Sister, do you think I’m dead?”

Dongfang Minghui shivered and the cotton cloth almost fell to the ground, she hurriedly gathered the other person’s clothes, but did not expect to be pulled directly to the bed with Qian Wanyu flipping her under her body.

“Trying to plot against me while I’m asleep, is it because I didn’t satisfy you before?”

Dongfang Minghui giggled several times, Seventh sister was really getting more and more naughty. If they continue like this she really wouldn’t be able to hold back, “Seventh sister, your leg is still injured pay attention and don’t move so much.” She has just been bandaged as well, what if the wound re-opened?

The strange thing was that the sleeping effect didn’t seem to work anymore.

Qian Wanyu rubbed her with her other intact leg, “In that case, you should do it yourself.”

“Seventh sister!” Dongfang Minghui almost yelled at her, after yelling she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself, she buried herself in the other woman’s shoulder and muttered, “Seventh sister, stop it. You should get some rest.”

Qian Wanyu touched Dongfang Minghui’s head, kissed her on the forehead, and knew she had gone too far, she laid back down and muttered, “Okay, I’ll go to sleep.”


After saying this last word, Dongfang Minghui fell asleep as well, the last thought before sleeping was that next time she shouldn’t use alcohol to rub Seventh sister’s body, rubbing too much could make her crazy!

When Mu Sheng and the rest came in they saw a harmonious picture, two people embracing each other to sleep, their faces overflowing with relaxation, sunlight spilled through the window spreading a golden halo, the floor was a mess and there was still a white blood-stained cloth on the floor. Dongfang Minghui also hadn’t had time to put away the blade plus there was a little kid on the floor covered with clothes.

“They should be tired.”

The people exited the inner room lifting the brat out with them.

After they exited the inner room, Qian Wanyu opened her eyes and saw Ninth Sister’s delicate face with some bruises in her eye sockets.

When the both of them woke up, it was almost afternoon.

Dongfang Minghui stopped Seventh sister who wanted to get up, re-dressing her wounds and disinfecting them. The wounds recovered well and did not have the redness and swelling of last night.

She thought it was because seventh sister had delayed treatment so she had gotten infected.

“Actually, I think it’s no longer a big deal.” To show that she was in good condition, Qian Wanyu even stretched out that injured leg and kicked it.

“Don’t go too far Seventh sister!”

Dongfang Minghui gave her a disapproving look, “Every six hours, you must let me check until your leg injury is fully recovered.”


Qian Wanyu enjoyed this quality service of being cared for by Ninth Sister and being watched at all times.

“You guys are finally awake from your sleep, we were just talking about what to do with those undead, what do you propose?” Once Qian Wanyu was out of action, Li Yunan became the acting leader, they had been discussing the situation of the undead from the village all morning.

“You guys didn’t discuss this in front of those four kids right?” Dongfang Minghui pointed to the four brats they had arranged to sit in rows and asked with a surprised face, seeing that the four of them secretly kept a group of undead it was obvious that they cared a lot about those villagers.

Several people looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. They had actually been tossing ideas in front of the children after all.

“What are the results?”

Regarding how to deal with the undead, two voices would always exist in this world, one was to just let this group of undead all die, the other was to find a way to let them live. Most people will choose the first option, the undead were called undead because in some sense they were already dead, it was just some external reason making their bodies move again.

Qian Wanyu found a seat for Dongfang Minghuito sit down, while she stood behind her.

“Seventh sister, you still have injuries on your leg, you sit instead.”

The two fought back and forth for a moment, eventually it was Qian Wanyu who could not argue with her, and after sitting down peacefully stated, “Brother Li, please say what is on everyone’s mind.”

Li Yunan nodded, “We unanimously agreed to wipe out all the undead within the village so that others can be prevented from being infected.”

As soon as he said this, Dongfang Minghui obviously felt a look of anger appear in the eyes of those four children, and a struggle of varying degrees appeared from their hands and faces as they tried to escape.

“I, I do not quite agree with the proposal of senior brother Li and the others.” Mu Sheng suddenly said, he was feeling that this group of children were quite pitiful, their whole village had been infected, for them to not leave and even continue to hunt magical beasts to take care of them was really quite sad.

“I also do not agree.”

The undead were nothing more than the product of a madman with some crazy idea, at most they were a half-baked product that was discarded and simply used all on humans.

Tsk, how would she explain?

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “This time our task is to save the infected and minimize the new infections, then together with the other colleges of pharmacists, develop a potion to inhibit the infection of the undead. Just imagine, if one of us gets infected, will the first thing on your mind be to give them up or try to use pills to save them? My principle is to not give up on anyone.”

Mu Sheng nodded vigorously, Sister Wanyu’s point of view made too much sense.

Bai Ruo thought to herself for a moment and a hint of softness appeared on her cold face, “I agree with Wanyu’s statement.”

Situ Hao, who was just a bystander remained neutral and raised an eyebrow, “Minghui, it’s our turn to make an appearance then.”

The so-called appearance in his mouth was the development of a pill to inhibit the infection of the undead virus, he was a light system Spiritual Master with a long lineage of pharmacists. Under the influence of the fat old man, he more or less had a unique insight to refining pills.

“You’re a Light System Spiritual Master and a pharmacist, why don’t you work as a pharmacist in the pharmacy?” Dongfang Minghui had always been curious. In recent days, in order to develop a potion to inhibit the infection of the living dead, she had actually seen an unknown side of Situ Hao, he had a lot of knowledge but refused to dabble in pills and potions.

All the pharmacy preparations were made by her, and he sat on the side to guide her. So, this is what the fat old man called helping? Dongfang Minghui felt that she had been cheated by the fat old man again!

She resignedly took a newly refined medicine to Situ Hao and let him sniff.

Situ Hao retreated and stayed away from her, with a bitter face, “What’s so great about being a pharmacist, isn’t the light system Spiritual Master also playing a healing role?”

But the light type healing depended on spiritual power to maintain, if their own spiritual power was too weak, large-scale healing was simply impossible to do.

“The potion is ready, we need to find someone to experiment with.”

This tube of potion in her hand from some random prescription Situ Hao had which was said to be compiled from the experience of various people, was using three plants, one is white sun red flower, it was a small white flower, white petals with a red centre. It was also nicknamed little red, this flower was extremely difficult to find because it grows in the extremely remote mountain wilderness, often next to weeds so people ignore it. It serves as complementary medicine, but the efficacy on its own is not to be underestimated, it can play a role in delaying the effects of poison.

The other two strains, she had not even heard of, one is hook soul grass which grows near mass graves, long after the corpse liquid had soaked into the soil it’s normally deemed a poisonous grass. The last one is more special, the fragrant flower, the efficacy of this flower was to get rid of bad smells, corpse odours for example, it had very mild medicinal properties.

Dongfang Minghui boldly guessed that this was used to balance the medicinal effect of the hook soul grass. Little red and the fragrant flower were meant to make it more mild otherwise the hook soul grass potion would be extremely toxic.

“You better find your Seventh sister to accompany you.”

Talking about the place where dozens of undead people were still held, Situ Hao gave her a miserable face and was completely uncooperative refusing to go back.

“Hey, aren’t you a man? That kind of stench should be simple to overcome for you.” Dongfang Minghui looked at him with a disgusted face, in fact, her heart was also crying, that place was just too stinky!

“Besides, if you do not go, how would I even know what changes to observe from the undead? What if I overlooked something?”

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