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MIWW Chapter 74 Part 2

The more people mentioned it, the more they all felt that Return Town was like a gate of hell, inside living and the dead were both suffering, the people who come in were the undead’s food, it is no wonder that the teams from several major colleges had had no news since entering Return Town.

“The groups of Spiritual Masters transformed were probably by someone behind the scenes, we need to find this person, and perhaps we can save Ninth Sister.”

“One person?”

“It should be, even if it’s not one person, we still have to uncover them.”

Who cares if it’s a person, a ghost or a demon.

Everyone went back to their own rooms to cultivate for the night, and when they came out the next day each one of them was back to their peak condition.

“Sister Wanyu, what are we going to do today?”

“Split into teams of two, find the people from Shengling Academy, they must know something.” Qian Wanyu did not believe in chances, those coincidences must be artificial.

Two people in a group, Situ Hao was with Bai Rou reluctantly but he didn’t really want to go with her, Mu Sheng with Li Yunan and everyone only then realised only their captain was alone.

One less person really made things awkward.

“Sister Wanyu, how about a group of three of us.” Mu Sheng originally wanted to say that he would go with her, but it seemed quite dangerous for Brother Li to be alone, so instead he tried to go for three people.

“No, I can go alone.”

Qian Wanyu said so and left, she would definitely save Ninth Sister from that person as soon as possible.

After a night, the bodies of the undead on the street were gone, they vanished as if their siege yesterday never happened at all. The streets were buzzing with activity, Qian Wanyu walked through the group of seemingly normal people, with sharp and profound expressions on their faces and human movements. Anyone who came along wouldn’t have believed all of these people were undead at night…

The first time Ninth Sister approached Return Town, she couldn’t stand the smell. When she thought about Ninth Sister’s unusual reaction yesterday, she realized that they were the ones who were blind, they were blinded by the prosperous picture in front of them and couldn’t see the evil underneath…

Qian Wanyu was remorseful, the water thunder whip was held tightly in her hand, the cold light reflected from the whip was just like her mood at this moment, sharp and murderous.

“Aunt Xiao Lin, how is your family doing?” An older woman buying vegetables brushed past Qian Wanyu and walked towards another person behind her.

That person was also holding a basket and looked like she had just returned from buying vegetables.

“How else ah, my leg is lame, now I can only lie in bed, no no I have to go back to cook, I can’t talk to you anymore.”

She stood there, watching their backs disappear from sight, everything was too real, the real blended with the fake, the fake blended with the real. Had they fallen into an illusion the moment they stepped into Return Town?

Once she thought that what she saw was caused by an illusion, Qian Wanyu immediately had an idea, “Qing Mo, can you sense whether this is the real world or an illusion?”

If it was an illusion, she could find Ninth Sister as long as she could walk out of it. All she had to do was force herself to wake up, she tried to close her eyes and imagine that this world did not exist, but when she opened her eyes again, the noise in her ears was still the same and those people were still there.

“Wanyu, there is no doubt that it is the real world, all you have to do is to find your Ninth Sister as soon as possible.”

Qian Wanyu eyes turned cold, shaking her head in denial, “Qing Mo feel carefully, I think in Return Town there are fluctuations of a formation.”

The real and unreal were often just a thought away.

What’s more, in the beginning they were blinded by the scene and couldn’t sense the truth. Qian wanyu raised her head to look at the sun, the light was shining, giving a warm feeling.

“Day and night…”

It was business as usual during the day, at night everything turned upside down.

She remembered a formation she had seen before, the Yin-Yang diagram, it was focused on two extremes such as day and night.

“Indeed there are formation fluctuations, but even if it is a formation, a person who can set up such a powerful formation in an entire small town is definitely extraordinary, you should be careful.” Qing Mo was more worried about Qian Wanyu’s dark spiritual energy going out of control, if dark spiritual power is exposed to the sun, this incident would be even bigger than the undead…


She walked around the entire Return Town and the strongest fluctuation of the formation was actually at the location where she was standing before, but when she walked back again, that tiny fluctuation did not exist anymore.

She stood in the street pondering, seeing how late it was, she returned to the inn once again.

“You’re finally back, we were discussing whether to go out to look for you.” Li Yunan stood up and looked at her with slight concern.

Qian Wanyu shook her head, “I found something, did you guys find anything out today?”

“What did you find?”

“Someone has set up a yin and yang formation above Return Town, the sun and moon alternate causing the real and unreal to blend together.” She picked up some paper from within the space ring and casually scratched out where the formation might be located, ” Unfortunately I can’t find the exact location of the core…”

The four looked at each other, just the undead was enough to toss them about all night, now there was a formation covering the town as well?! They’d simply intruded into the den of a tiger!


Bai Rou made a shh movement and pointed outside.


The inn was too dilapidated, both the tables and chairs as well as the doors and windows were all old, the room doors would make a sound like this when they opened and closed. They held their breath when they heard several footsteps appear in the next room.

Qian Wanyu stood up straight and her whip was in her hand ready to attack, she signalled with her eyes to the rest and several people quickly kicked the door of the next room open in one go.


The people in the room were obviously also startled, five people showed a panicked look on their faces.

Seeing that it was Li Weifeng’s team that came back, Qian Wanyu sneered, her eyes scanned around and found that there was actually one person missing, the rest also had a few wrinkles in their clothes and spots of blood.

“You’re back?”

Somehow, they felt that the expression on the faces of these four people was slightly scary.

“The room here is too small, let’s go outside to talk.” Qian Wanyu gestured and took the lead to walk out.

Li Weifeng was considered the leader among them, he walked out, “I don’t know what is important for Miss Qian to discuss.”

“Where did you go yesterday?” Qian Wanyu unceremoniously questioned, “How come there are only four of you today, wasn’t there one more?”

Return Town was only so big, yesterday they fought the undead for so long how could the other party not possibly know.

“Hey, who are you to ask us with such a tone? What do you care where we’ve been all night?” Tong Mei on the side suddenly shouted, she had long looked at these few people from the Royal Academy, especially this female captain.

Qian Wanyu coldly laughed, and with a forceful flick, the water thunder whip in her hand instantly slapped the wrist of the other party.

“Ah – y-you, senior brother Li she hit me!”

The other party moved so fast that even if Li Weifeng wanted to stop her he couldn’t… This one smack had torn off the other party’s skin and blood dripped on the floor.

“You are right, I’m questioning you.” Qian Wanyu looked at Li Weifeng indifferently, “Answer my question, or next time she will be injured not in the arm, but on her face.”

Bai Ruo stepped on the stone bench with one foot, the big sword in her hand was held on her shoulder and she radiated an imposing aura. Li Yunan stood on the other side of Qian Wanyu, his iron fan was open and he was fanning himself while scanning the room with sharp eyes, Situ Hao and Mu Sheng stood in the back staring coldly.

They all looked as if to say that if they didn’t get an answer they wouldn’t leave.

“Q-qian girl, yesterday ……”

“Brother Li why bother with this just directly tell her why not.” Geng Shang directly spilled the beans, they had also met the undead at the inn yesterday and fought their way out with the other undead chasing them the whole night.

Qian Wanyu gave them a suspicious look, “You fought the undead all night yesterday?”

“Just you guys?” Situ Hao disdainfully shook his head, the other party’s strength, they have seen, not to mention fighting all night, even a few hours would be difficult, “Where is the girl called Jin Jing from your team? Injured in the fight? And the one called hmm what’s his name…”

Situ Hao’s casual remark made Bai Rou’s and the rest focus their eyes even more.

In their minds, being injured meant only one thing – becoming the next undead.

Li Weifeng nodded under their stony gaze, “Jin Jing was scratched on the arm by the shopkeeper and was injured, now Qin is taking care of her, we came back to see if the undead have left and to scout out your whereabouts.”

As soon as he finished explaining, he found the five people across the room quietly looking at him, that kind of look inexplicably gave people a chill, it was like they were looking at a dead man…

“Were you all injured when you fought with the undead yesterday?” Qian Wanyu asked without hesitation.

Li Weifeng found their eyes were very strange, it was full of pity and sympathy…?

“No, just Jin Jing and Li Zhu suffered some injuries, Li Zhu’s injuries were relatively light.”

Situ Hao’s legs involuntarily moved two steps in the direction of Bai Ruo, who lightly glanced at him. Mu Sheng saw that senior brother Situ had moved so he also moved two steps in the direction of senior brother Li and sister Wanyu.

Confused at what they were doing, Li Weifeng asked, “What’s wrong with you guys?”

Qian Wanyu pursed her lips and pointed out, “Didn’t you guys know before you came here that if you are scratched by the undead you will be infected with the virus and turn into an undead within a short time?”

She glanced at the Li Zhu girl who was standing in the middle while stating the hard truth.

Li Zhu was so frightened by her look that she took several steps back, her right hand stroked her left wrist and her eyes kept flickering uncontrollably.

“Didn’t someone also say before that being scratched by the undead may meant not being infected?” Geng Shan retorted, “Besides, sister Li Zhu was just scratched on the wrist, it’s not like she was bitten.”

Qian Wanyu thought that this group of people were too naive, she somewhat regretted that trying to save these idiots caused her to be distracted and lose Ninth Sister instead.

“It doesn’t matter, since you think these two girls can escape from the infection, you can take good care of them. But there is one thing I want to make clear, we are parting ways here. Li Weifeng, you take care of yourself.”

Bai Ruo’s cold face was expressionless and Situ Hao couldn’t help but mock them before leaving, “You all better go see that Jin Jing girl, the undead will eat anything when they’re go crazy.”

Li Weifeng face changed again and again, “Go, let’s go back and check first.”

Geng Shan, however still wasn’t convinced, “Brother Li, they are just trying to scare us, besides, senior brother Qin Mu and sister Xian are about to arrive right? As soon as they arrive, they will definitely think of a way to solve the problem.”

Li Weifeng was still worried and answered without thinking, “Jin Jing’s situation is not quite right, it’s more reassuring if we go back and take a look.”

“That Li Zhu girl’s face seems relatively normal still, but the girl named Jin Jing that Li Weifeng mentioned is infected, otherwise they wouldn’t have left one person to look after her.” Li Yunan opened his fan and analyzed the situation, “Wanyu, if they all become undead what should we do?”

“Kill them.”

Qian Wanyu answered without hesitation, a Spiritual Master turning into an undead and being controlled was ver scary, before finding Ninth Sister, it is better for these people to disappear…

If the small ones all die then before long the big ones will come out of their own accord, no?

“Right.” Bai Rou also agreed, if they turned into undead the only solution was to kill them.

Situ Hao had long been unhappy with them so he also agreed but he warned, “We’ll kill them but we can’t offend the people of Shengling College, after all, they represent College. Moreover, didn’t that Li Weifeng say before that they were the first batch, there will be more senior students coming over soon, rashly making enemies will bring us more inconvenience.”

Finding Senior Sister Minghui was still the most important thing at the moment.

“Then we’ll just tie them up and make it impossible for them to mind our business.”

Just as Geng Shan had expected, his seniors soon came. The next morning, when the first rays of sunlight rose from the east, a dark flying beast descended from the sky in a showy way with about five people on its back, two of whom were standing tall, a man and a woman with their clothes flowing against the wind.

When they reached their destination, the two leapt down from the flying bird beast hand in hand.

“Wow, it’s Senior Brother Qin Mu and Sister Xian and the other seniors!” Geng Shan admired Qin Mu very much, he was a great warrior, a Great Spiritualist close to ranking up and Sister Xian was even more powerful, a dual system Spiritual Master.

What made him even more envious was the relationship between the two, since they entered the academy they’d been very lovey-dovey becoming the envy of others.

Seeing him acting like a child, Li Weifeng shook his head helplessly, his heart was unusually bitter, even though he was the captain, he was never going to be able to match the status of Qin Mu and Xian in Geng Shan mind.

“Geng Shan, how’s things after being out these few days?” Xian’s face showed an elegant smile, she reached out her hand to touch his head with a gentle smile looking like a virtuous good sister.

Geng Shan pouted and immediately backed away from Xian, “Sister Xian, for a manly man the head is not free to touch, besides if you act like this senior brother Qin Mu will be jealous and beat me up what then!?”

Qin Mu laughed loudly and flicked his finger at the other’s head, “You talk too much.”

“Weifeng, this time it’s been hard work for you, anything big happen in Return Town?” Qin Mu’s big hand wrapped around Xian’s waist as he walked into the inn room, the room he chose also happened to be the one Qian Wanyu had stayed in before.

Li Weifeng thought for a while and remembered what Qian Wanyu mentioned about the infection, “Jin Jing’s wound has turned black, I think the situation is a little bad, I don’t know if senior brother Qin Mu has any solution?”

Once Qin Mu heard this, his eyebrows raised up, “Quickly withdraw, senior sister Jin Jing was infected with the poison of the undead did you also say sister Li Zhu was as well? How is her state now?”

“Since yesterday she’s locked herself in the room and has not come out.” Li Weifeng was secretly annoyed with himself for being too careless, he didn’t even check in to see how the other side was doing, “Why don’t I let Tong Mei go in and take a look.”

Qin Mu stopped him, “Don’t bother, we’ll go straight in and take a look together, if the infection is serious as well, we’ll isolate the two of them together.

The situation proved to be more serious than Li Weifeng had thought. Senior brother Qin Mu’s look was grave.

“Who let you in? Get out!” The fear of the undead and the wounds on her body had been tormenting her the entire night. Li Zhu had become unusually haggard and her emotions had reached a critical point from stress.

“It’s me, Li Zhu.” Qin Mu walked into the room with one big stride, there was a strong smell in the room, he sniffed and gestured to Li Weifeng, “I’ll talk to her alone.”

Li Weifeng was still not sure how to explain to Li Zhu, Qin Mu taking the initiative had helped him a lot, he gave him a grateful look and exited the room.

Xian stood outside and looked at him tenderly, “Weifeng, just now you said that you met people from the Royal Academy, one of them was called Qian Wanyu was the other one called Qian Minghui?”

Xian was a gentle and virtuous woman, in Shengling Academy, many people were under her brocade skirt, but she only loved Qin Mu alone. Li Weifeng had also liked Xian but and seeing her so happy with Qin Mu had burned out most of the flames of love from his heart.

“Yes, they should be a pair of real sisters, they seem to have a very good relationship. But Qian Minghui was taken away by a man in black last night, Qian Wanyu should be anxiously searching for her at this moment.”

When she heard that Qian Minghui was taken away, Xian suddenly stood up straight, and her gentle voice became cold and hard, “What did you just say, Qian Minghui was taken away? Do you know who did it?”

She clenched her fist, and her fist made a cracking sound.

He shook his head and briefly explained what happened that day, “Xian, what’s wrong? Do you know the Qian sisters?”

“No, I don’t know them.”

How could she possibly know anyone from the Qian Family? Xian showed a bloodthirsty smile, the only ones she knew were two people from the Dongfang Family…

Haha a cliffhanger ending! Who is Xian? Stay tuned to find out!

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