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MIWW Chapter 78 Part 2

“Sister Wanyu, what are you looking at? Is there something under this water?”

Qian Wanyu suddenly twisted her head to look at him, “I’ll have to trouble senior brother Li to find a way to temporarily make the water from the creek flow elsewhere.” She was overwhelmingly sure that this place was the center of the formation for the entire town.

Someone had staged a suspicious formation to make her see things in the fog.

She had to thank Xian, if she hadn’t frozen the entire creek, she would have had trouble putting her attention on such an inconspicuous place.


Li Yunan checked the terrain, he waved his fan and all the water in the creek moved in the direction he pointed, the trash in the creek all followed the water into another place.

Qian Wanyu stood aside to watch, she placed the topography of the town in her mind layered with this as the center and some things she hadn’t seen before were now clear making her more sure, “Brother Li, can it be a little faster, this should be the heart of the formation.”

Three figures pounced like hungry wolves from one tree to another, with low growls coming out of their mouths just as they were working.

“Some people are coming.”

“They shouldn’t be considered people.”

Li Yunan didn’t need to look back, just hearing those sounds, he concluded that it was the undead coming, and also the three Spiritual Masters who had transformed into undead.

Qian Wanyu drew out her long whip, the mastermind must be desperate if they sent these undead here.

“Senior Brother Li, please continue.”

“Wanyu be careful.”

The visitors were three familiar people, their eyes were red, staring at Qian Wanyu like a delicious piece of fat meat, “So it’s you guys.”

Jin Jing, Li Zhu and Qin Fang.

She now suspected that those tidbits of information Situ Hao had heard might have been deliberately put out by someone, seeing that the three of them were no less than a normal person in terms of movement, agility as well as intelligence, it was either someone planning behind the scenes, or they somehow knew that she was going to destroy the formation of Return Town, so they came out to stop it?

Qian Wanyu drew her long whip and flung it viciously at one of them, the other two pounced after her. When she dodged it, where she stepped on, a wall of earth rose up.

Qin Fang lunged at her but his entire body actually folded into a bend as he was shot back by Li Yunan.

Li Yunan flung his fan again and a lightning bolt shot out falling on his body and making him immobile, but this only served to slow him down a bit from lunging again since he felt no pain.

It was really annoying.

“Sister Wanyu, give way.”

After saying this, Li Yunan diverted the stream’s water right into the forest. The stream’s impact rushed the unprepared Qin Fang and the others out a long way.

After he made such a mess, all the water from the stream rushed into Return Town and the stream itself was bone dry.


Li Yunan was still wary of the three mutant undead and turned around to see Qian Wanyu jumping into the bottom of the stream, Qian Wanyu covered her nose, the bottom of the stream was filled with corpses and a mountain of bones, she used her spiritual power to shake them apart flinging them one by one to shore.

After searching for a long time, she found a yin and yang mirror behind a corpse. The edges of the mirror was the image of several snake-like shapes entwined together.

“No wonder this place is so shady.” Qing Mo could not help but gasp when he saw the yin yang mirror, he was actually tricked by such a small thing, “Once the yin and yang mirror is taken away, the entire Return Town formation will be broken, there will be no difference between day and night.”

The implication was that all the undead would come out in full force.

“Senior Brother Li, move quickly.”

After this reminder from Qing Mo, Qian Wanyu was a bit worried, she forgot that the only combat capable person in the small courtyard left was Bai Rou.

Once the formation was broken, a fluctuation appeared from the town, the whole ground shook twice, Dongfang Minghui felt it the most as a porcelain bottle she put on the table fell off and broke with a pop.

The pop woke her up from her sleep.

She looked up and saw the sly smile on Xian’s face, and couldn’t help but shiver, “Stay here alone.”

Strange, why did she feel that something bad was about to happen…

“Holy shit, little Minghui, there are undead all over the outside of our small courtyard, what are we going to do?!” Situ Hao was in a bit of a mess, he had just seen a particularly odd scene at the door, the pedestrians who were originally walking on the road suddenly stopped moving and then one by one they moved stiffly towards him, he saw that the situation was not right and thanks to his sharp reaction, he immediately closed the door behind him.

Dongfang Minghui stared at his eyes and then pointed behind him, screaming loudly, “Ah-”

“Situ Hao, there’s an undead with red eyes behind you!”

Situ Hao jerked back and saw an undead man lunging towards him, Dongfang Minghui opened the door and Situ Hao rolled in from outside. She immediately slammed the door shut behind her.

Bang Bang Bang

Dongfang Minghui was scared out of her mind, she panicked and helped Situ Hao up from the ground, “Situ Hao, isn’t your light  able to deal with the undead, why didn’t you just use it to fight back?”

Situ Hao took a long time to react and said, “I forgot…”

The banging outside the door continued for some time, and then suddenly it was gone. The two people looked at each other, could the undead have gone away by themselves?

Just then, a hole was poked in the window and a long-rotten arm peeled the window open then a head came through the window, the undead’s fiery red eyes were staring straight at Dongfang Minghui and Situ Hao.


Dongfang Minghui opened the door and ran out, followed by Situ Hao. The two people ran to the outside courtyard before they remembered that there was still Xian tied up inside the courtyard.

“What are you worrying about, she’s a Dark Spiritual Master, it doesn’t matter if she is bitten once or twice by the undead.” Situ Hao reassured her.

Listening to the screams they had just heard, Lu Xing and Wood also came out from their room, followed by Mu Sheng.

“All the undead in the entire returned town are awake.” Bai Rou was carrying a large sword and had just killed several of the undead outside, she also heard the screams before she noticed the additional red-eyed undead inside the courtyard.

“Seventh sister probably managed to break the formation.”

Once the formation was broken it meant that their safe mornings were over, but at least they could also leave this hellhole.

“Wanyu and senior brother Li are not here, what should we do next?” Bai Rou took a look at them and found that Situ Hao, Mu Sheng, Minghui and Lu Xing were all a bunch of combat weaklings… she had to open her mouth to ask the opinion of the crowd.

“Hold on, Seventh sister should be back soon.”

“I am also in favor of staying put.”

Everyone had already resolved themselves to die, if they go out they would definitely die, if they stay they could also die but at least there was a chance of Wanyu and Li Yunan coming back.

Bai Rou nodded, carrying a large sword she walked into the room where Dongfang Minghui ran out from just now and kicked out the undead who was groping around in the room using her sword to cut it into two halves.

“Lu Xing, Mu Sheng,” Dongfang Minghui summoned the two people, using their wood spiritual power they dug a deep pit with spiritual power around the perimeter of the small courtyard and laid a trap full of vines. Once an undead climbed in through the wall, they could use the vines to pull them into the hole.

Wood stood next to Lu Xing and did not care about the situation completely like an outsider.

Bai Ruo was at the door, and when she saw any undead she would go up and kill them.

Qian Wanyu and Li Yunan rushed back in time to see the small courtyard as wstill calm, everyone was doing their own job and it looked to be ok for now.

“It looks like they are coping well.” Li Yunan’s iron fan swished and cut off the heads of several undead.


The two people jumped down from the roof.

“Everyone pack up, we’ll kill our way out.” Qian Wanyu had spoken to Li Yunan on the way back, this time their mission seems to have gone awry they better get away from Return Town first before deciding the next course of action.

The rest had no opinion, they were going crazy fighting the undead everyday.

“Seventh sister, there is one more person in the room.”

“Take her away.”

Qian Wanyu moved to the room where Xian was held and Dongfang Minghui pulled Xian up. Li Yunan stood next to Xian while Lu Xing and Mu Sheng were behind them, Situ Hao and Bai Rou were at the tail end. The group of them moved towards the entrance of the town killing their way out.

“It’s Sister Xian!”

No idea who shouted but Dongfang Minghui saw that across the sea of undead, Qin Mu stood at the other end and looked over from afar.

“Seventh sister, Qin Mu is catching up.”

“It’s okay.”

She estimated that even if the other side caught up, they were already basically at the gates of Return Town, if they could evacuate immediately, it would not be a difficult task to take Xian away, thinking of this, Qian Wanyu immediately accelerated her pace.

When their speed accelerated, the people behind them also accelerated their speed.

Dongfang Minghui was wary of the undead who came out of nowhere but was also worried of Xian’s deception. Knowing what she knew about Xian, the other side would not meekly give up, much less follow them so cooperatively.

“Look, there seems to be someone at the entrance of the city to meet them.”

Qian Wanyu had also seen it, the people at the entrance of the town were several teams, Shengling Academy, their academy as well led by an unknown person who was likely a senior and also from Zilang Academy, there were even pharmacists from the Pharmacy Union.

The ones who had been stationed outside Return Town for some time were excited to see their own college’s students suddenly appear in town. They came to the place in accordance with the Deans’ instructions, but ended up walking outside the town over and over again, they seemed to be trapped outside and not allowed to enter.

“There is still a short distance to go, everyone break through!”

They gathered their strength with only one thought in their mind, after fighting the undead for so long, they can finally rest.

Just then, a deafening voice suddenly sounded in the crowd’s ears.


Dongfang Minghui was the first to react, the source of the voice was actually Xian next to her, she had been the closest so her eardrums were busted and buzzing from the scream, before she could react the other side unexpectedly pinched her neck.

Qian Wanyu was flabbergasted and instinctively moved to her left when a sword made of ice pierced the hem of her shirt.

She avoided it but Xian did not care, she did not think her spiritual power could hurt the other party, she just wanted to teach her a lesson.

The front of the team stopped but with the pressure of endless numbers of undead pouncing from the back everyone was too busy dealing with them to pay attention to Xian’s escape.

Needless to say, Xian picked a good time.

“Heh, nobody move, move and I’ll break her neck.” Xian’s five fingers were wrapped on Dongfang Minghui’s neck, she was smiling at Qian Wanyu, “Keep walking forward, walk to the city gate and let me leave.”


Dongfang Minghui endured the pain and tried to get Seventh sister to not listen. She fumbled for her flying needles at her waist, but her opponent snapped her wrist before she could.

Xian sneered, “Dongfang Minghui, I know all your little tricks, be good and don’t make me angry.”

Qian Wanyu led the way while her mind pondered what to do so as not to hurt Ninth Sister.

“Wanyu, don’t panic yet.” Qing Mo knew best as to what kind of effect Dongfang Minghui would have on Qian Wanyu, as soon as he saw the other party getting held hostage, he got a headache.

Dongfang Minghui had always been on guard against Xian but she had acted out too suddenly…

The few people moved step by step and finally moved to the entrance of the city.

“Let go of Ninth Sister, I’ll let you go.”

Qian Wanyu turned sharply to face Xian as soon as they reached the city gate.

Xian snorted and tightened her fingers a bit more, “Dongfang Wanyu what qualifications do you think you have to negotiate with me?”

Once they had finally escaped the undead, the rest of them grouped around to encircle her. Qian Wanyu looked at the group of people who wanted to go forward but did not dare to since Minghui was being held hostage, “Let Ninth Sister go and we’ll let you go. Otherwise, hmph, if you being a Dark Spiritual Master is exposed here, you probably won’t be able to get away too right?”

Dark Spiritual Master was a synonym for death but it also meant death for her if she got caught.

“Hahahaha, Dongfang Wanyu, did you think I would be afraid?” Xian laughed out loud and her mouth suddenly spat out a strange noise just like the one just now.

“What is this sound?” Situ Hao listened carefully, he’d also heard this sound before for a short time.

Qian Wanyu’s spiritual power was released all over her body and everyone was on guard.

“Be careful!” Dongfang Minghui tried to pull away from Xian’s hand, she was about to lose her breath.

No one noticed that the dark eyes on the expressionless face of Wood guarding Lu Xing’s side…suddenly turned crimson.

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