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MIWW Chapter 82 Part 1

Li Yunan rushed to the inn and didn’t even say hi to Uncle Nong, he barged straight into the small bamboo courtyard where Qian Wanyu and the rest were staying.


A loud sound rang out and the door was kicked open by him.

Qian Wanyu, Bai Rou and the others were sitting around in a circle, discussing something. Seeing Li Yunan appear in such a panic, everyone straightened up, “Senior Brother Li, what happened?”

“Wanyu, I might know where Minghui she is.” Li Yunan had just heard the Li family discussing the matter of the Qian Family, and afterwards compared Qian Ziyan and a strange woman they were talking about, the image in all aspects had a few similarities to Wood that caught Minghui, he had spent a heavy amount of money to try to get the person closest to them at that time to draw a portrait of them, which he just confirmed before he came over.

He was a little anxious while speaking and glanced at them surprised that Wanyu and the rest were still calm as if they had long known.

“This is–” Li Yunan suspiciously went to the table, on it was a topographical map of the entire Zilang Empire, in which the Qian Family location was highlighted in a circle, he stared in disbelief and asked, “You guys knew that Minghui was in the Qian Family?”

“Senior Brother Li, we just learned about it.”

Qian Wanyu had been following the gossip of Meng City. After a month of tracking, she became more and more attentive to random news, not wanting to miss Ninth Sister again. Good thing her effort did not fail her, she went out this time and walked through the place where Ninth Sister once walked, and accidentally found that Ninth Sister had left another mark in the same place, the word Qian.

Plus the messages about the Qian Family outside were all over the place, she listened carefully and then identified that this Qian Ziyan who suddenly appeared was probably Wood who had taken Ninth Sister captive.

“This matter…everything is truly odd.”

Bai Ruo couldn’t figure out at all how that undead person who was controlled by someone could leap into the Qian Family hotshot.

“That Wood who didn’t say a word and the Qian Family monstrous talent from back then are really the same person?” Situ Hao was in disbelief, he remembered his childhood when he did not properly cultivate his light spiritual energy, his grandfather would compare him to that Qian Family talent. He was really curious about Qian Ziyan but unfortunately, heaven was jealous of talent and he had disappeared long ago.

“I observed my uncle’s face today, that person’s identity should be roughly accurate.” Li Yunan knew the ins and outs of it best, “I heard my uncle twenty years ago said that the three empires had a relatively sensational event, a Spiritual Saint’s tomb was found, Qian Family had sent the two most likely to succeed the family talents but both were lost in that battle, not only the Qian Family, even our Li family sent our monstrous talents as well as the other three empires’  major families sand royal family. Everyone lost a great number of people.

“Spiritual Saint tomb.” Mu Sheng was slightly curious, recently he listened to the Qian Family gossip and heard this phrase a lot.

Qian Wanyu’s fist tightened, according to Aunt Mo, the so-called Spiritual Saint tomb was simply a ruse, a big lie…

“Well, everyone, the matter of the Qian Family we can put off for the time being, first we want to know whether Wood is Qian Ziyan, the first priority of course is to immediately meet up with Ninth Sister, we will know what is going on at that time.”

“Right.” Lu Xing was also eager to know what was going on.

The group formed a circle and continued on the same topic as before, “The Qian Family is considered the top of the four families, if we attack at night or break in, it won’t work, the Qian Family’s defenses are more secure than even the royal family.”

The only thing they could do is to wait until Dongfang Minghui and Wood come out of the Qian Family again, perhaps in the outside world they have more hope to approach them, but time waits for no one, they still did not know whether Wood was Qian Ziyan, if the Qian Family people do not recognize Wood’s identity he’d be imprisoned and they would still have to break into the Qian Family’s territory.

Li Yunan looked at everyone frowning and hesitantly said, “The Li family and Qian Family have business dealings, in private we can also be considered good friends, why don’t I ask my uncle to hand out a letter to visit the Qian Family, this is the best way to find out the news.”

This method is not very good, but it is the only way they had right now.

“Brother Li, I want to go with you.” Wanyu immediately stood up.

Dongfang Minghui and Wood meanwhile were invited back and stayed in the mansion again, the mansion was a couple of years old, many trees had grown from saplings to gigantic trees, in order to make it not look too old, it was probably renovated a few times. She tried asking the plants, “Can you still recognize the person who lived here back then? Is it the one in front of you?”

Several trees in the small courtyard swayed their branches, “His smell is too unpleasant, no no.”

“He is though.”

Dongfang Minghui was a bit disappointed, it’s probably because Wood became undead, his scent also changes so these plants could not recognize him. Of course, it was also possible that Wood was not Qian Ziyan at all.

“Wood, if you are Seventh sister’s great uncle, what exactly happened to you and Seventh sister’s mother back then?” Dongfang Minghui could hardly imagine that this generation of monstrous talent, one of the ones who was most likely to become a Spiritual Saint had been refined into a puppet, an even more an undead…

Wood moved his feet slightly.

Dongfang Minghui noticed it as well, she looked up and saw a group of people entering their small courtyard in a long procession, led by a woman who looked to be in very good spirits, watching her rosy cheeks, sharp eyes, and athletic footsteps, you could not really tell the other party’s age.

She was followed by a girl who had a slightly cold face and looked a bit similar to the old lady, this was probably Qian Xianjun, Qian Zihang’s second sister, and after that came in Qian Zihang and a group of other young ones.

Qian Zihang who had just been scolded in public by the old lady weakly said, “Mother.”

“Shut up.” The old lady’s eyes were stern, and she gave a loud scolding that even startled Dongfang Minghui.

She looked at Wood who was standing still and then looked at the old lady face, hey now she finally knows who Wood looks like, with the evidence right here, him being Qian Ziyan was very likely true.

The old lady stepped forward, her eyes turned slightly red looking at Wood, “Ziyan, my son.”

The courtyard was full of people, Dongfang Minghui felt that she didn’t know if to continue to sit or stand so she stood up and moved a little. When she moved, Wood followed. Everyone’s eyes immediately shifted to her.

Dongfang Minghui was in a difficult position…this damn Uncle Wood was good at everything, but sometimes he was way too clingy! Before he was clinging to Lu Xing, now he’s clinging to her, she laughed dryly, “Uhh you guys please continue.”

The old lady looked at her up and down, she had heard Zhuoyin mention before that Ziyan was very clingy to this girl, today when she saw her, she really saw that it really was the case. Her expression was calm so no one could not tell whether she was satisfied or dissatisfied, “You are the Minghui girl who came back with Ziyan?”

“Yes, greetings old madam.”

In this situation, she could only bow her head. At least this lady was considered Seventh sister’s grandmother so it wasn’t exactly too shameful but the other party looked too young, she felt that the old lady was only about the same age as Qian Xianjun behind her.

The old lady nodded lightly and her gaze turned back to Qian Ziyan, “Ziyan.”

Wood didn’t respond at all.

Dongfang Minghui saw the old lady had doubts in her eyes, her heart couldn’t help but thump madly. The other side was still Wood’s mother, Seventh sister’s grandmother, she would not harm her own children, and she was also afraid that she could not hide the truth from this old lady so instead of hiding, it was better for her to confess immediately. She slightly hesitantly said, “Old lady can we talk alone for a while.”

“Mother!” Qian Xianjun stepped forward and called.

The old lady’s eyes were sharp, she had already vaguely sensed that something was wrong with Qian Ziyan. She waved her hand and made a strong decision, “Miss Minghui, please come here.”

“Old madam, please.”

She was trying to make a big deal from the situation to attract attention but she didn’t expect to directly alert this old lady of the Qian Family, in a way with her status and power she should be able to suppress most of the people of the Qian Family from doing anything hasty.

When she moved, Wood followed closely behind. Even back inside the house, Wood stayed close to her.

The old lady has been observing this. Although she was happy that her most beloved son was still alive, she was heartbroken that the other side had found a ‘daughter-in-law’ and forgotten his mother, “Ziyan’s mind has always been fixated on cultivation, I have never seen him put his heart on any girl, this is the first time I’ve seen him so attached to a girl.”

Dongfang Minghui laughed awkwardly, she really did not know how to explain this strange behavior of Wood.

“I’ll call you Minghui from now on, is that okay?”

“Naturally, it’s okay old madam.”

The old madam’s gaze turned to Wood all of a sudden, “Minghui, you said before that you had something to say to me, should it be about Ziyan’s situation?” She knew her son best. He had a cold face but a warm heart, seeing his relatives for the first time in years he would not be as silent as this…

Dongfang Minghui immediately sat upright with a serious face, “Old lady, to be honest, about Wo–Ziyan, what I am going to say cannot be heard by others.”

The old lady stood up with understanding and opened the door, “Take all of your people and withdraw, no one is allowed to step one foot closer without my order.”


The old lady’s face was serious and she appeared quite frightening.

Qian Xianjun and the others had no choice but to retreat. Qian Zihang looked at his siblings and also retreated.

Dongfang Minghui sensed that even the people outside the wall had evacuated, the vines on Little Colour spread outward until the entire small courtyard was full of vines, if someone came, she could sense it.

“I’m sorry old lady, it’s important that I do this because this is the only way I can make sure that what I say today will not be used against us.”

The old lady nodded approvingly, she looked at Qian Ziyan, “Why does Ziyan look as if he doesn’t recognize us at all? Say it, I’m already mentally prepared.”

Dongfang Minghui picked up some key points and talked to the Old Madam about everything including the matter of Return Town.

The more the old lady listened, the more shocked she was, especially when she heard Ziyan turned into an undead, her palm slapped lightly on the table and the whole table shattered into crumbs, the anger on her body was like a wild wind causing large amounts of spiritual pressure to emanate from her body, “Who dares to move against my Qian Family’s son and daughter!”

Dongfang Minghui’s back suddenly tightened as she got carried out of the room by Wood, even the whole house shook a little and some of Little Colour’s vine branches were blown away from the center of that disaster, “Wood, don’t you remember that old lady?”

This feeling of being forgotten by someone so close to you was awful, it’s no wonder the old lady couldn’t hold back her grief.

The house shook for a while before it subsided.

When the old lady came out, her steps were hobbled and her emotions were collected, but she could still see the other party desperately suppressing her anger as well as sadness from her clenched fists, “Has Ziyan been like this all the time?”

“He’s much better than before.”

At least, for the time being, he wouldn’t be controlled by Xian’s voice and he wouldn’t attack people indiscriminately, otherwise with his killing power…no person would be his match.

“Sorry, I was rude earlier.”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, was that rude? She thought the other party’s emotional control was actually quite amazing, if it were her, even the house would be torn down, “Old madam, there are some things I don’t know if I should say or not.”

The old lady gazed at her, “You don’t want everyone to know about Ziyan’s current situation, right?”


She always felt that it was weird for Wood and Seventh sister’s mother to be missing at the same time and also why the two of them in particular?

“Why does Ziyan recognise you alone?”

“Old lady, I can’t answer this question, but I am a pharmacist and I’m developing a potion to suppress the poison of the undead. If you trust me, give me some time and I will try to improve Ziyan’s situation.”

This is a matter that she could not escape anyway, the original plot forecasted the coming of a large outbreak of undead in the future causing a sensation in the three empires, Return Town was only the beginning, if there were a few more monstrous talents like Wood who were turned into undead and controlled…they all could not escape death.

“No wonder you have such a gentle aura.” The old lady understood immediately, she sighed deeply, “Minghui, Ziyan will be in your care for the time being, if you have any requests, just mention it, the Qian Family will cooperate with all your needs.”


After the old lady left, the courtyard returned to calm, indeed no one came to disturb them again, even the people listening near the wall seemed to be gone, she reckoned it should be the old lady’s instructions.

“Wood, do you think Seventh sister has seen the mark we left?”

“Why don’t you miss Lu Xing at all? You hurt him last time, and I don’t know if his injury is good or not. What if he gets angry and ignores you?” Dongfang Minghui kept talking around Wood.

In the end, Wood simply turned his back.

Dongfang Minghui immediately ran to him as if she had found a new land, with a face of excitement and expectation she kept talking, “Hey hey Uncle Wood, in fact you understand what I said, right? You think I’m annoying, right?”

Wood did not respond.

She stared unbelievingly at his eyes, which were still slightly red, “Uncle Wood, Lu Xing, Uncle Wood, Lu Xing, Uncle Wood, Lu Xing.”

The other side was still unresponsive.

“What to do.” She was so worried that her hair almost fell out, she scratched her head, the urgent task was still to rendezvous with Seventh sister, let Lu Xing persuade this damn Uncle Wood to try get a little sample from his body.

She did not expect that the next day, a group of unknown people came to her small courtyard.

“Miss Minghui, I am Cai Qing, the maid of honor serving by the old lady’s side, in the future, if Miss Minghui has any orders, you can instruct Cai Qing to do it.” Cai Qing gave her a slight salute and pointed to the five people behind her, “These are the ones the old madam sent over to protect you, I hope Miss Minghui will accept them.”

Dongfang Minghui: “……”

So she wasn’t free at all?

“You guys go back to the old madam and tell her that I don’t need any of them, you alone are enough.” She didn’t consider this to not be giving any face, leaving the most useful was fine if she needed any medicinal plants she could instruct her to get it.

“Yes, Miss Minghui.”

After sending away the group of people, she couldn’t help but begin to speculate wildly again, what is the old lady’s intention? Could it be that she was putting people inside the courtyard to spy on her?

The Li family handed over their invitation and came to visit three days later.

Qian Wanyu pretended to be Li Yunan’s personal guard dressed in black male clothing, but her face turned more and more cold.

For this matter, Li Yunan did not talk in detail with his uncle Li Wanqing, only saying that will bring a person into the Qian Family with him.

Therefore, when Li Wanqing inadvertently glanced at Qian Wanyu, he immediately stopped and frowned deeply, “Yunan, is this the girl you mentioned you were bringing to the Qian Family to save your junior sister?”

“Yes, uncle, it’s the one I mentioned yesterday.”

Hearing Li Yunan’s explanation, Li Wanqing’s eyebrows knitted together, he could not help but feel in his heart, damn this was too similar, he wanted to speak but stopped, he moved his mouth and finally pulled Li Yunan aside, “Yunan, where is your friend from, are you clear about her background?”

“Of course I’m clear.” Li Yunan recalled the day when he first met Dongfang Minghui and Dongfang Wanyu in the town, “Uncle, you are asking this now…do you think there is something wrong?”

“Do you know that your good friend and the Qian Family’s long missing fourth daughter almost look like they were carved out of the same mold? Look at her cheeks and hands, it’s exactly the same as the Qian Family old lady, if you say she and the Qian Family have nothing to do with each other, I definitely do not believe it.”

Li Yunan listened with his jaw dropped, Wanyu did seem to have the surname Qian, he previously thought it was a coincidence, after all, the empire had many people with the surname Qian it wasn’t just the Qian Family, “Uncle, she and that four lady do they really look so similar?!”

“Definitely, they look way too similar…”

Qian Wanyu stood by the side and did not move, she saw Li Yunan’s uncle kept staring at her, she guessed that her Qian Family identity will soon be unable to remain hidden. Even Aunt Mo when she broke into the Dongfang house that night, the first time she saw her, she also hugged her and cried.

“Uncle, why don’t I let her go back first for today.” Li Yunan still couldn’t figure out Wanyu’s true identity, he was a little worried that Minghui wouldn’t yet be rescued and Wanyu would suddenly ride into the lion’s den, then he’d be truly helpless.

“Wait.” Li Wanqing stopped him, he thought carefully, “I think you should bring your friend, if the Qian Family people themselves recognize her, we could be considered a big help, after this you should remain close friends with this Wanyu girl.”

“Uncle.” Li Yunan always wanted to be honest friends with people he disdained this kind of practice so he got a little angry for Qian Wanyu’s sake, “Wanyu, this time when we got to the Qian Family you can stay behind, don’t worry about it I will find out the news on sister Minghui for you.”

Qian Wanyu gratefully glanced at Li Yunan, in fact she heard their conversation just now as well but she looked at him extremely seriously, “Brother Li, take me to the Qian Family, I will bear all the consequences myself.”

Since she said so, Li Yunan could not argue and sighed, “Do not worry, if there are any accidents, I will do my best to protect you and Minghui.”

“Many thanks.”

Li Wanqing brought five people, in addition to Li Yunan and Qian Wanyu, he brought two of his wives.

“The family head is waiting for you in the main hall, this way please, Li family head.” The steward introduced greeted all five of them at the door.

Just a few steps away, Li Yunan looked like he was in pain, he covered his stomach and lay down on the ground, “Ouch, uncle.”

“Yunan, what’s wrong with you?!”

Everyone knew that Li Yunan has always been doted upon by Li Wanqing, he considered him even more important than his own life, after just coming to the Qian Family and walking a few steps he suddenly fell to the ground, the servant was almost scared out of his wits.

“I-uncle, am I poisoned?” Li Yunan also was a great actor immediately making his face red and making people believe his act.

“Quickly go call a pharmacist.” Li Wanqing let out a lion’s roar, shaking people’s eardrums with his shout.

“Li family master wait for a moment, this slave will go get one.” The steward was also afraid that something would happen to Li Yunan, if something happened to him at the Qian Family while he was here…he was probably in a lot of trouble.

Qian Wanyu took advantage of the fact that everyone was swarming around Li Yunan and she quickly dodged into the bushes. She had studied the layout of the Qian Family mansion but couldn’t figure out where they had placed Ninth Sister and Qian Ziyan.

“Wanyu, you and Minghui were double cultivators*, quiet your mind to feel what direction she is in.” Qing Mo urged.

*Double cultivation just means sex, so in this case he means sexual partners

Once the servant came back to his senses, he might have to report the matter to the main family. They didn’t have a long time for this charade.


She guessed whether she could find her or not. It depended mostly on her luck. The Qian Family was an ancient family with a deep heritage. Their houses were also quite old. She heard about the Qian Family’s attitude towards children before, they all mostly lived independently from the main family within the compound and she guessed it correctly. One of these must be the one Qian Ziyan lived in.


Since those listening to the wall disappeared in the courtyard, she was much more relaxed. Every day she took out the potions to refine one or two. After she left Caiqing, she would talk non-stop with the wood.

“Uncle Wood, when will we find Seventh Sisters.”

Her patience was almost gone. She felt that she could keep dreaming of Seventh sister at night. Unfortunately, Seventh sister did not talk to her. She seemed very angry and terrible, “Uncle Wood give me a sample.”

As soon as she finished talking, she felt someone broke into the small courtyard, “Who?!”

The vines covered the ground and attacked the person, tying her firmly from all directions, and pulling her up.

“It’s alrght I’m a nice person so I won’t get angry with you if you tell me but if you piss me off I’ll-” She turned around and her eyes almost fell to the ground, “Seventh sister?!”

Qian Wanyu held back her laugh, and asked a little curiously, “What will happen if I piss you off?”

They’ve finally met up!


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