“Seventh sister, what to do with these little guys?” Qian Wanyu erected four walls of earth around them. Several kinds of spiritual powers surround the walls. The ground below was extremely hard. The walls are also covered with purple lightning. The gold rats were bouncing around for a while, and after being electrocuted a few […]

Mistress, I was wrong | 女主大人,我错了 Synopsis – Novelupdates Tong Yao woke up and found herself in an unfortunate situation. Not only did she transmigrate into a fantasy-romance novel that had been dropped by the author, but she also transmigrated into a cannon fodder that was fighting against the protagonist for a man! In order […]

Hi Guys! I’ve started some work on a new novel someone introduced to me which I’m loving so far. It’s written by the author of History’s strongest senior brother (HSSB) and History’s number one founder, August Eagle!   This is the novel below along with the blurb. I’ve possessed the demon sovereign’s body  Author: 八月飞鹰 || August […]

Just completed a site migration, please let me know if there are any issues with links or anything else. I’ll be uploading another chapter for IUD tonight 😉

On top of the new IUD chapter, I’ve also added a new novel, Summoner of miracles. Summary as follows and chapters are done up to chapter 5. This is an ongoing novel and updates will likely be slower in the future compared to IUD. EDIT – Seems like someone had released a chapter 2 days […]

I’ve made a Discord server now and embedded it into the website so it’s easier to chat and for you guys to give me updates on any grammar mistakes and the like, just click on your bottom right to join in or if you have discord join at https://discord.gg/yDtQ9BK DM ME IF YOU’RE A DONATOR […]