MIWW Chapter 130 Part 2

“Seventh sister, what to do with these little guys?”

Qian Wanyu erected four walls of earth around them. Several kinds of spiritual powers surround the walls. The ground below was extremely hard. The walls are also covered with purple lightning.

The gold rats were bouncing around for a while, and after being electrocuted a few times, they cuddled together and shivered, apparently realizing the reality that they couldn’t get out.

Qian Wanyu randomly picked a small hammer from the tent. The hammer was twice the size of her palm. She flicked her finger on the hammer, and the hammer made a slight whistle. She took out the other weapons and threw them one by one.

“Little shaman, what is Miss Qian doing?” Karu couldn’t understand.

“You won’t know even if you watch it…” Little Minghui sometimes doesn’t understand Seventh Sister’s behaviour, but she knows that Seventh Sister must have a purpose.

“There is a small amount of gold in it. The dwarves have very high requirements for refining weapons. It is no wonder that they can get so much praise in this area. This casual weapon is actually mixed with gold… “Qing Mo also admired the dwarves’ code of conduct, “Throw one to the group of gold rats and see how they react.”

Qian Wanyu threw the small hammer down and the beast people watching on the side gasped.

To their surprise, the eight gold-loving rats trapped in the earth wall stretched out their claws in unison, raised the hammer, and then put it down then chattering for a while.

They saw this group of gold rats dividing their labor and cooperating, to gnaw on it one by one. The teeth that didn’t seem sharp at all broke the hammer and they gnawed and gnawed until it was only a stick at most. In just an incense stick of time, the small hammer was devoured like this.

Karu felt distressed when he saw it. Originally, he only thought that the weapons had been stolen. How could he imagine that all the weapons had gone into the stomachs of these little things!

“Leave these little things to me for the time being.” Little Minghui transferred her spiritual power to her hands, and threw them all of them into her space ring. Little Colour’s vines were rampant in the space ring so she only gave them a small piece of land to stay in a corner, “Seventh sister, will they eat my space too?”

After all, Entangled Love was also a weapon. Although it was possibly made of jade on the surface, only Mr. Zhongshan knows what material it is made of.

“If they dare to gnaw, break their teeth.”

As soon as that was over, everyone planned to take a nap after a long night. After all, they were excited in the middle of the night and needed to recharge their batteries. Little Minghui couldn’t fall asleep. Even though Seventh Sister was by her side, she was full of things on her mind.

“Seventh sister, is it really okay for Karu and the others to go back like this?”

“What are you afraid of?”

She was worried about a lot of things. They still don’t know why the Tuxia tribe started the conflict with the Cass tribe and the guards in the first place. Afterwards, it was probably because they themselves were in constant trouble, so they couldn’t keep stirring trouble.

But the way home would not be easy for Karu and the rest.


Qian Wanyu pulled her into her arms with one hand, and covered the other’s big eyes with the other, “I rarely sleep with you at night, so what do you think?”


The implication is that she should think of her!

Little Minghui laughed shamelessly, hearing this, she could feel the ‘complaints’ from Seventh sister’s body, her mind was immediately attracted by Seventh sister’s words, “Yes, I should be thinking about it all night. About Seventh sister.”


Qian Wanyu slept in the middle of the night and suddenly woke up. She sat up straight, and the dark scroll of Samsara in her Nine-Turn Universe Bag suddenly flashed into her mind. She looked through her spiritual sense and found that it was like a rabbit jumping up and down as if going crazy.

“It’s finally time to practice Samsara Judgment!” Qing Mo mentioned before that the scroll of Samsara Judgment was particularly hard to practice. If the time was not right, it could not be forced.

“The timing… what is the timing?”

“You are currently a first-level Spiritual Monarch of the five elements, and the soul-returning bow has also found its way into your hands by fate. As for the timing… I don’t understand this right now…”

“Okay, I get it.”

Qian Wanyu asked Little White to guard outside. She chose a place not far from Ninth Sister, set up a barrier, quickly settled into meditation, took out the Nine-Turn Universe Bag, and the Samsara Judgement scroll rolled out at once, ramming through the barrier before finally quietly returning to Qian Wanyu’s hand. Qian Wanyu opened it, and the dark scroll rushed into her soul sea. The words in the scroll flashed quickly in front of her. Qian Wanyu watched the first line of Samsara Judgement. Afterwards, the pain in her eyes was unbearable, and even her head seemed to be pricked by a needle. In desperation, she could only temporarily write down the first line.

“It’s only an Earth-level scroll, why is it so domineering?!”

“Because it’s related to samsara, anyone who has successfully cultivated this, in my impression, they have accomplished great things and have all become the kind of superior figure looking down from above. Wanyu, you can do this too…”

The Samsara Judgement is too heaven-defying, it could even mean death…

Little Minghui woke up after being licked by Little White. When she saw that Seventh sister was not there, she immediately got up and asked, “Little White, where is Seventh sister?”

Little White bit her trousers and dragged her to the place where Qian Wanyu was sitting. When it arrived at the destination, it sat on the side, looking at her with hope, and shook its head at her. Dongfang Minghui knew at a glance that he missed Toothless, but Toothless was still ruthless. Every time Little White got close, it would still run far away.



Toothless rubbed her, found a place away from Little White, and turned its round butt towards it.

Little Minghui shook her head helplessly. She walked around, she couldn’t feel the presence of Seventh Sister’s aura, like a blind man searching in the dark, she touched the front and found that something bounced her hand back.


“Could it be that Seventh sister is advancing?”

Before dawn, Karu called out all the people, organized things, packed supplies, and everyone started to clean up together, it was quickly tidied up. Karu watched the little shaman sitting there, he walked over and squatted down, “Little shaman, if I come next month, will I be able to find you with the guards?”

“It’s fine, Leon should know where I am.”

Karu was still a little reluctant, but he nodded lightly. Next month, it was Milo’s turn to lead the team to the market, he had to find a way to keep the other side from coming.

“You have to be careful!”

“All good.”

After the group left, Wei Junlan leaned against the tree, “I thought the beast people were quite unreliable, but I didn’t expect this stupid big guy from the Cass tribe to be so good to you.”

“Wei Junlan, Seventh sister took a blood oath, do you still have some impressions of Qianying’s son from the plot?”

Blood oath?

Wei Junlan sat up straight, it was rare to see Little Minghui talking to her in a serious manner, she sighed in her heart, it seemed that the other party really loved Qian Wanyu.

“Son of Qianying…let me think about it.”

Qian Wanyu came out of the barrier, but Wei Junlan still couldn’t figure it out, she comforted, “Don’t worry, Qian Wanyu will not die so easily.”

“Seventh sister, let’s go to the guard team first, if possible we can stay there temporarily.” Dongfang Minghui also thought that Qianmama could give Seventh sister a loving hug, but Qianmama actually did nothing…

“Is there anything she couldn’t say…?”

“Ninth Sister, what are you talking about?”

“N-nothing, we should go see Aunt Mo.”

There was a person sitting in Qian Mo’s room right now. The mask on her face was gone. She was wearing a veil. Under the veil, there was a face almost the same as Qian Wanyu, but there was a mark on her right cheek, which looked like a totem.

“Miss…” Qian Mo struggled to get up, but fell back on the bad weakly.

“Qian Mo, the little shaman said, you need to rest for a while.” Qian Yiling wanted to help her, but her outstretched hand stopped in mid-air, and then retracted, “Qian Mo, if Yu’er asks you…you have no right to tell her my whereabouts.”

“Miss, why?!” Qian Mo was a little anxious, “Miss, you think about it every day and night, if the Little Miss is by your side, why don’t you recognize her?!”

“Qian Mo, you have to be clear about what to do and what not to do!”

“Aunt Mo.”

Qian Wanyu was standing at the head of the bed, watching the other person’s eyelids move slightly, but yet she didn’t want to open her eyes.

“Seventh sister, she should still be sleeping. Come and sit down first.”


In the days that followed, Qian Wanyu would come here often, and every time Qian Mo would be asleep, even Dongfang Minghui could see that something was wrong. On this day, when she was replacing Qian Mo’s medicine and soaking in the tub, she whispered, “Aunt Mo, Seventh Sister is a hundred times smarter than you think, if you avoid her like this, do you think she wouldn’t know the relationship between you and that lord?”

To hide many things from Seventh Sister takes energy, effort, and a big price!

Qian Mo was stunned for a moment, her voice was a little hoarse, probably because she hadn’t spoken for a long time, “How did you know?”

Qian Mo guessed the identity of Dongfang Minghui from how Qian Wanyu called her. At first, she had some resistance to Dongfang Minghui. When she sneaked into the Dongfang’s house, she could see the attitude of Dongfang’s family towards Qian Wanyu. She hated the Dongfang family. If the young lady hadn’t said that she had to solve some matters herself she would have had the Dongfang family destroyed!

“Actually, that lord is Qian Yiling, right?”

Qian Mo’s eyes widened, she felt that it was incredible that the secret that only she and the eldest lady had hidden was suddenly revealed by the little girl in front of her!

Seeing the other party’s surprise, it meant everything was true. Little Minghui sprinkled some medicinal herbs in her tub and said, “Seventh sister longs for family love, is it really okay for you to hide it from her? Back then, when you found Seventh Sister and told her about her upbringing, now seeing Seventh Sister in person, do you think she doesn’t know that the lord is most likely Qian Yiling? If you continue to do this, you are merely covering your ears from the ringing bells.”

“Anyway, I hope you don’t break Seventh Sister’s heart…”

Little Minghui also felt troubled. If she told Seventh sister personally, what would Seventh sister think? Her own mother is so close but she doesn’t want to recognize her. Seventh Sister will most likely think that her mother doesn’t love her, it will be too bad for her to ruin things despite her good intentions.

Did the Little Miss tell this little girl in front of her all about their relationship?

Qian Mo already understood how close the relationship between Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui was. When she told the young lady about her true history before, the young lady was wary of her. She had the normal personality of never trusting anyone yet now there was a person who seemed to know everything about her…it can be seen that this person is really recognized by the young lady, “The young lady has no choice…”

“Everyone has helpless and unavoidable difficulties. Could this be the reason why your lord doesn’t want to recognize Seventh Sister? If your young lady knew that Seventh Sister had fallen under a blood oath, would she still insist on her opinion?” Little Minghui felt distressed for Seventh Sister.


The door of the room was suddenly opened from the outside, and with a bang, she was so frightened that she accidentally threw a few more medicinal herbs into the tub!

“What happened to the blood oath you just said?!”

“What blood oath? My lord, I’m afraid you heard wrong.” Dongfang Minghui put the herbs away and warned, “In an hour, I will let Sister Zhilan help you heat the water. It may be a little painful, you have to endure.”

Before, Qian Mo was carried into the tub while in a coma and so she didn’t know the taste of the pain. When the medicinal herbs took effect, the pain almost made her cry out.

Little Minghui was a little angry and didn’t bother to pay attention to her. After opening the door, she told Sister Zhilan, “Sister Zhilan, I want to go out, give me a ride.”

“Zhilan, go to the room to take care of Qian Mo, I’ll take her out.”

The two people walked one after the other, walking in the formation, Qian Yiling was unable to speak until she sent the person out…

As soon as the trading market ended, the entire area was empty. The hut where Wei Junlan was staying was specially built by the dwarves, and occasionally stored things for a rainy day, so after the dwarves evacuated the trading market, the place was completely occupied by Wei Junlan and the rest.

Leen didn’t go back to the tribe with Karu. On the day Karu took everyone away, the little guy hid somewhere. Karu and the others searched for a long time but couldn’t find him so they left first. As a result, as soon as Karu and the others left, the little guy ran to the guard tents and was led back by Qian Wanyu.

“Where is Seventh Sister? And Leen?”


Little Colour pointed in a direction and walked from the centre of the trading market, about a dozen miles away. Little Minghui sat on Toothless’s back and arrived at the position pointed by Little Colour in no time. She could see Leen’s shadow.

Leen nestled in the grass and seemed to be waiting for a rabbit.

Little Minghui got down from Toothless’s back and felt that the grass had reached her chest, and a dark arrow shot at Leen from out of nowhere.


Leen easily dodged and even used the wind direction to turn the arrow in one direction and reflect it back.

Little Minghui was stunned. She had always known that Leen was good at using arrows, but she didn’t know that he could even use arrows to such a degree that he could reflect the arrows from Qian Wanyu!

“Seventh sister!”

“Why are you here?” Qian Wanyu handed all the bows and arrows to Leen.

“Seventh sister, are you teaching Leen?” Little Minghui was surprised.

“It doesn’t count as teaching. I have to practice some skills recently, and it just so happens that he also needs to improve his own.”

Leen was sweating profusely, but his eyes were very bright.

Little Minghui smiled at him, not knowing whether he could understand it or not, and gave him a thumbs up, “Seventh sister, continue, I just came to see you.”


Once she was training, Qian Wanyu was a hardcore cultivator who devoted herself wholeheartedly, especially since she has just gotten the first line of the Samsara Judgement text.

Little Minghui leaned her back against Toothless and watched Qian Wanyu condense her spiritual power into a ball. After the ball was broken, she condensed again, and it took two hours to condense the spiritual power into something about the length of a small wrist.

“Toothless, what do you think Seventh Sister is doing?”

Toothless glanced at it, snorted then lay still on the ground.

It wasn’t until another two hours passed that she could see clearly what Seventh Sister had condensed with her spiritual power, a slender arrow. It was probably the first time that this thing was condensed, the arrow only showed a silhoutte before dispersing.

“I’ll give this to you.”

Leen used these four hours to capture two small beasts flying in the sky and one running on the ground. He threw them in front of Little Minghui and sat to the side with a blushing face.

“Wow, did you get all of these, Leen? Great!” Wei Junlan and the others would have a good time tonight.

Qian Wanyu took a look at her dantian and saw that her spiritual energy was very abundant, so she simply began to gather it again. With the first experience, she only took an hour for the second time, but the arrow in her hand dissipated again as soon as it took shape.

She stared blankly at her hands.

“It’s not a one-time thing to make a spiritual arrow, at least you have condensed the siohoutte of a spiritual arrow.” Qing Mo comforted her.

“I know…” Qian Wanyu was just thinking about how to make the arrow last longer.

“Seventh sister, it’s getting late, should we go back?”


On the way back, she and Seventh sister sat on the back of the little white tiger, letting the wind whistle past. Toothless didn’t want to let Leen sit on its back, so Leen simply shuttled through the jungle on two legs but he was very fast!

She even saw two balls of cyan spiritual power growing under his feet, “Seventh sister, look at Leen, he’s so fast. He’s using the wind-type spiritual power under his feet?”

It didn’t take long for the other party to awaken his wind-type spiritual power, yet he has managed to put it to use in his life so quickly. This level of comprehension was very high.


“He has good talent.” Qian Wanyu even gave some rare praise.

“So Seventh Sister is helping him because he is talented or because  you want to teach him?” Little Colour said before that Leen had good endurance, so she remembered it in her heart, “Seventh sister, what are your plans for him?”

“He wants revenge.”

A teenager with an immature mind, it was good to have obsessions in his heart, but blindly indulging in hatred was not the correct path. His personality can easily be reversed by hatred. Since he wants to take revenge, she will help him. Sooner or later, the Cass tribe will have to settle accounts with the Cyril tribe and face each other. She hoped he would not die on the battleflied.


Little Minghui still didn’t understand. When she rescued Leen, she knew that he wanted revenge, but Leen has become a lot more cheerful recently, at least he wouldn’t stay alone guarding his bow and arrow all the time, “Next time, we see Lord Kurt, let’s see if he can make Leen a bow and arrow that suits him.”


Their return journey was very fast, it took only an hour.

“Today we can have a good time, Leen hunted three little beasts!” Little Minghui pushed open the door but there was no one in the room yet the lights were bright, “Strange, where did Little Colour and Wei Junlan go?”

Little Minghui asked Leen to light a bonfire outside, quickly cut the three little beasts into pieces, put them on the rack, and grilled them. When all the birds were cooked, they still hadn’t appeared…

“Seventh sister, why haven’t they come back?”

“I’ll go check.”

Little Minghui cut off a big wing and handed it to Leen to eat, but her spiritual sense followed Qian Wanyu.

Qian Wanyu walked to the house of Shaman Larkin, the house was dark, the surroundings were quiet, there was also a sense of death that made one’s scalp numb. She held the lightning whip in her hand tightly and kicked open the wooden door, the wooden door couldn’t bear the strength and completely fell to the ground.

There was no smell of anyone in the room, but there was a strong smell of blood. Through the weak moonlight, she saw a dark trace on the ground. She wiped her finger on it and it was clear that blood and soil were mixed together.

Could it be that Wei Junlan had gotten sick?

Before she had time to speculate, there were a group of very familiar dark shadows outside the house…

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