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MIWW Chapter 131 Part 1

“Lai Yihai, long time no see, no, I should call you Larkin Shaman?”

The group of people surrounded the hut, only seeing a figure bent over and squatting on the ground, they thought it was the person they were looking for.

Qian Wanyu frowned when she heard the deep tone of voice, but she also got a bit of information from their query, Lai Yihai, that should be the name of Larkin Shaman, she walked out of the room, “Who are you guys?”

“You’re not Lai Yihai! Where is Lai Yihai?!” When the man saw Qian Wanyu clearly, he questioned angrily.

“You are Death Spiritual Masters?”

“Hahaha, since you know then I can’t leave you alone.”

Qian Wanyu looked at their figures like ghosts flickering a few times before disappearing into the darkness, and then reappearing in front of her, to her side, and behind. She was vigilant all around, and the first time she fought them she immediately felt that this group was different from the group of people they met in the swamp before. The number of people and their strength was obviously higher than what they encountered before.

“As long as you tell me where Lai Yihai is, I can leave you a whole corpse.”

Qian Wanyu sneered, “Only depending on you?”

Several lightning strikes flickered in the night sky, the roar was constant, and the movement was quite loud, which looked a bit shocking.

“It’s Seventh sister!”

It was neither raining nor windy that day, and the sudden thunder made Little Minghui’s hands shake. She stood up abruptly, looked in that direction, and ran.

“Little shaman!”

Leen didn’t even bother to eat, he followed closely behind, barely able to catch up with her speed, “Little shaman?”

“Seventh sister!”

When they got to the place where the lightning was, outside Larkin’s house, it was a mess. There were many potholes around, and in a slightly more open place, a big hole appeared. In the pit, there was still remaining purple thunder and lightning, there was even a crackling sound. There were also several distorted corpses under the hole.

Dongfang Minghui found some body parts nearby, all of them were in black clothes. Looking at these black clothes, she was almost certain that the group of people from before had come again, “These ghosts never go away.”

“Little Colour, where are you?”

Little Colour answered in her soul sea, “It’s a little troublesome here, I’ll show you a way.”

Leen followed closely behind, and both of them were in high spirits as they followed the vine step by step toward the darkness.

Inside a hidden cave on the outskirts of Larkin Shaman’s house.

A moment ago just before Qian Wanyu and the black clothed men fought, Little Colour, and Wei Junlan had met Larkin Shaman and Xuan Zhu…


“Shut up!” Larkin scolded fiercely to Little Colour, his black pupils were like blackholes and there was a sense of intimidation.

Little Colour was helpless. It found a few leaves, and just stuffed them into Wei Junlan’s mouth. As early as a few hours ago, Wei Junlan had to come to Shaman Larkin to find Xuan Zhu. She came here before and several times, she had even been helping Xuan Zhu to do things, but Larkin just closed an eye to her behaviour.

However, when he saw Little Colour standing beside her this time, Larkin suddenly swooped over and chased after it. Little Colour’s first reaction was naturally to run!

It has always claimed to be the first to escape, and if Little Colour claimed to be first no one dared to call her second, yet it almost lost to an old man!

“Old man, don’t think that just because everyone respects you, I’m afraid of you. If you dare to move again just try me!” Little Colour’s donkey’s temper also came up, the old man wanted to do something to her and she was also carrying Lu Xing behind.

Shaman Larkin snorted and then started to stop the bleeding on Xuan Zhu.

“Master, please save her.” Xuan Zhu struggled to get up, there was a big hole in her body, blood was dripping all over the floor, but she didn’t seem to see it and grabbed Larkin’s hand, “Please.”

Wei Junlan’s situation is really not very good. After her transformation, the time of her sanity was getting less and less, the blood colour in her eyes was shocking.

Larkin gave her a deep look and threw out a bloody multiple-choice question.

“I’m in a good mood today, I’ll give you a choice, save her or save yourself, choose one of the two. You have also seen your own situation, you have shed a lot of blood. If I don’t treat it now you may bleed to death, this half-beast… even if I save her, it will only delay her death at most.”

Xuan Zhu was sitting in front of her, maybe she lost too much blood, but she felt cold. She looked at Wei Junlan who was hitting the wall with her head, again and again, she thought of the first time she met her.

“Save her…”

“Is she really so important?”

“She’s very important.” She owed her something and that always needed to be repaid.

Back in the present, after Larkin Shaman had left with Xuan Zhu

When Little Minghui came to the hidden cave, she saw Little Colour standing and Wei Junlan leaning against the wall, looking like a lost soul. At first glance, she was a little worried. She rushed over, but when she really found the two of them she had to restrain her anger, “What happened to her?”

Little Colour didn’t know what to say either. It seemed to her that what had happened on this day was too strange!

“Probably because of her good looks…”


Little Colour told her the whole story in the soul sea, and for the first time, she felt as if she had done something wrong.

Larkin Shaman wanted to snatch Lu Xing, and its vines instinctively launched an attack. Xuan Zhu rushed in at that time and blocked in front of the old man. It was unfortunate that Wei Junlan turned into a beast as well at that time when she saw the blood and instantly going out of control.

“You mean that Xuan Zhu followed Larkin Shaman? Where did she go?”

“I don’t know, the old man only said that the place was exposed and he had to leave.”

This old man was really weird. After telling it how to heal Wei Junlan, he left with Xuan Zhu still in a coma. Wei Junlan watched the whole process and even shed tears, that painful cry was still ringing in her ears echoing non-stop.

Wei Junlan saw Dongfang Minghui and couldn’t help but mutter, “I envy you a little bit…”

Hearing these strange words from a magic plant, Dongfang Minghui was completely at a loss, “Where’s Seventh sister, didn’t Seventh sister come to you?”


Did she get it wrong? Didn’t Seventh Sister come here on the way, no, Seventh Sister must still be around, she leaned in front of Wei Junlan and the vines that bound her automatically shrank back, “Are you all right? Seventh Sister is in danger now so I have to leave Little Colour here with you.”

Wei Junlan’s eyes were red but the redness was different from the blood-red eyes before. Little Minghui knew at a glance that the other party had cried until her eyes had turned red which made her feel a little overwhelmed. She realized one thing only now, it seemed Xuan Zhu was very important to Wei Junlan.

Wei Junlan couldn’t stop herself from going crazy and she was also about to die due to it but a person who wouldn’t cry after suffering so much actually cried now…

“I can’t help you right now.” Wei Junlan looked at her weak hands. After transforming back, she would be completely powerless. Even without Little Colour’s vines tying her up today, she wouldn’t even be able to catch up with her current physical strength.

“Even if we follow Larkin, I will only be a drag on you.”

“No, don’t be like this, that Larkin Shaman left a way to slow down your beast transformation, don’t let Xuan Zhu’s wishes be in vain!” Dongfang Minghui’s mouth was babbling anxiously, “Think about it, Larkin Shaman is so powerful, Xuan Zhu can at least learn a little bit of self-protection ability with him, when you are well, you can go to her too, right?”

Wei Junlan suddenly smiled and patted her shoulder, “Thank you for your comfort but I’m fine, go find your Seventh sister.”

She had already noticed that Little Minghui’s eyes couldn’t stop looking out. Wei Junlan felt that having her be so willing to even waste a minute to comfort herself at this time was enough.

“Wei Junlan, you have to believe that one day you and Xuan Zhu will meet again, for sure!”

“Leen, you stay here too.”

In another hidden area of the forest…

On the other side, Qian Wanyu followed the remaining group of black-clothed men to an unfamiliar place. The darkness around her was thick and even the moon and stars in the sky were gone. She felt as if she had fallen into endless darkness, even the road ahead could not be seen.

“Wanyu, you’ve been tricked…”

“Hahahaha, this is for Larkin but it’s okay now, I’ll take you to play with it first.” The two people who were chased and beaten by Qian Wanyu like a bunch of stray dogs immediately launched a formation.

Qian Wanyu sat down on the spot calmly. The open field environment changed, turning into a blood-red purgatory. She was standing on top of a mountain, above her was a sea of swords, around her was flame and under her was thick bloody mud.

“I finally know why the samsara scroll chose to open at this time.” Qing Mo murmured, he never thought that someone would refine a blood formation in the beast tribe! This formation used the blood of a hundred people and was extremely dangerous…

The samsara scroll must have sensed the changes in the spiritual energy and chosen to open itself at that time.

Qing Mo couldn’t say whether this was a blessing or a curse.

“Yu’er, where are you?!”

Qian Wanyu stood on the sea of ​​swords and saw a figure. The other party was wearing a white robe, but with a black veil on her face, one white and one black, walking on the blood-red mud made her look a little weak.

This was exactly Qian Yiling who had followed the purple thunderbolts. Ever since Dongfang Minghui mentioned the blood oath, she has been reflecting on whether she had been doing the right thing or not. The moment she saw her daughter, her whole body trembled. Especially her hand, she really wanted to go up to hug her, touch her, ask her if she has been doing well for so many years, but she couldn’t do anything…

She was actually a failed mother, giving birth without raising, and giving birth without fertility, what qualifications did she have to claim to be her mother?

“Yu’er, you should say something to your mother, okay?”

Qian Wanyu looked at the person below coldly and frowned.

Qing Mo had to remind in her soul sea, “This purgatory formation is full of crises, if she accidentally touches something, or steps on something that triggers the change of the formation, it will be troublesome at that time, do you really want to send her to death because she didn’t recognise you?”

As early as when she saw Qian Mo lying unconscious in bed, she had already boldly guessed whether the person behind the trading market was her real mother. When she saw the flowers planted in the backyard and the layout of the house, the answer was almost in her heart.

After staying in Qian Family for such a long time, although she has always been honest with the old lady about how it was fine if she never met her mother, she actually always had innate expectations for her mother. She would sneak into the courtyard where Qian Yiling lived in the dead of night to check on it.

After waiting for a night, she would also stop and listen in on when a family slave talked about Qian Yiling, even more, she imagined how happy it would be if she grew up by her mother’s side.

However, it was all her delusions…

On that day, she and the other party looked into each other’s eyes, she was full of expectations, but the other party still did not recognize her!

Since the other party doesn’t want her, she doesn’t want such a mother anymore!

“She must have followed you because she was worried about you. Didn’t you hear her calling you Yu’er?” Qing Mo couldn’t bear the mother and daughter torturing each other. Before Dongfang Minghui, Qian Wanyu was full of violence in her heart, especially when she awakened the dark spiritual power. After the dark spiritual power, this tyranny reached a very high point. He has been trying to suppress the violence in her body and didn’t want her to go on the wrong road but until the other party fell in love with Dongfang Minghui he still hadn’t found a solution. It was a good thing that at that time the other party’s violence seemed to have dissipated.

Recently, because of the practice of the samsara scroll, this tyrannical violent nature seemed to be coming back.

“Yu’er, mother is wrong.”

Qian Wanyu turned her face away deeply and closed her eyes.

“Oops, look at the bloody mud under her feet, she woke them up.”

Qian Wanyu’s attention was immediately attracted by Qing Mo’s words. When she saw that the blood-red mud began to roll, and the mother who had been looking for her daughter in this formation was unaware, Qian Wanyu hesitated for a moment. Did she not see the mud? When she started to sink, she cursed angrily, “Really troublesome!”

When she met that annoying little guy Dongfang Minghui, she didn’t think she was one who would find trouble every day but somehow she seemed to always be finding trouble every day now!

“As you can see, sometimes trouble comes to you whether you like it or not…” Qing Mo thought silently in his heart.

Qian Wanyu was walking on the knife peak as if she was walking on the ground. She walked to the place closest to Qian Yiling and threw out her whip, which swept around the opponent’s waist and pulled the person back easily.


“Don’t call me that, I’m not familiar with you.”

Qian Wanyu said lightly, the bloody pool below began to ripple, probably annoyed by Qian Wanyu’s behaviour of robbing people, it started to attack specifically targeting Qian Wanyu but she built countless earth walls however, these walls were almost immediately swallowed by the blood.

It seemed the blood formation had officially opened.

“Wanyu, break through the formation quickly! This formation is notoriously vicious. If you can’t break it within an hour, you and your mother will both turn into blood fog!” Qing Mo was getting anxious and said hastily.

“Don’t worry.”

This sentence is what Qian Wanyu said to herself. If she was alone, she naturally had no fear, but there was someone she valued ​​beside her now as well and the pressure was doubled, causing her to tremble.

Women were truly animals with different hearts, Ninth Sister was right.

“Yu’er.” Qian Yiling was a little excited, and after she was excited, she thought about saying everything she had prepared, “I—”

“Don’t disturb me, if we don’t break this formation within an hour, you and I will become part of the pool of blood below.” Qian Wanyu didn’t want to listen to her, she was afraid that she would be uneasy and would not be able to calm down and break the formation.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Since the encounter 20 years ago, Qian Yiling has also studied formation techniques and she had a little understanding of various formations. This time, it was only that she had just seen her daughter in danger and rushed in without thinking.

Now that she had time to look around, she could see that there were a sea of swords and fire surrounding them and a bloody pool below surrounding them from all sides.

“Don’t do anything, just be quiet.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t even raise her head, her tone was not good, but the corner of Qian Yiling’s mouth couldn’t help but rise, she stood beside the other party, quietly watching her every move. The little shaman was right, her daughter was truly very intelligent, she probably already knew her identity from the moment she saw her for the first time.

It’s a pity that she wanted to hide it because of those scruples. Qian Yiling was very grateful to the little shaman who had woken her up with a few words. After missing her for eighteen years, she could finally make it up with her in the future.

Being stared at by a living person, especially if this person was her mother who she missed very much in her dreams, even Qian Wanyu felt somewhat uncomfortable and had to turn her back towards her to ignore her.

All the formations she had encountered before had relied on formation stones to form the formation. This was the first time she had seen a formation created through the sacrifice of living human blood, she felt that she had no idea what to do and where to start.

“Reminds me of Meng Yixiao.”

Meng Yixiao sacrificed himself for the formation, and it was considered as taboo as using people to create formations.

Qian Wanyu cast her eyes on the blood-red mud, and she had an intuition that the heart of the formation was inside the blood pool.

“Yu’er, what do you want to do?” Qian Yiling kept staring at her, and when she saw her looking down obsessively, she subconsciously grabbed her wrist.

“The eye of the formation is below, no matter what, I’m going to break it.”

For herself, for Ninth Sister, and…for her mother.

Qian Wanyu jumped down at a fast speed. What she thought at that moment was that this group of people must have made a lot of money to spend so much time and effort on a single Larkin shaman.


Qian Yiling released the spiritual power of her whole body, and after that, she also jumped into the blood pool.

There were hundreds of bones under the blood pool. When the two of them came down at the same time, the blood stuck to them like a viscous glue and all the bones that had already sunk into the pool moved along with it.

The veil on Qian Yiling’s face was already thrown away when she jumped down.

The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand couldn’t be used to her full strength. She simply took out the sword in her space ring. When she turned around, she found a face that was almost identical to hers! If it wasn’t for the mark on the other’s face, she almost felt that she was looking in the mirror.

Her face was ruined, so she had been wearing masks and veils all the time, did she not dare to show her, her true face?

Qian Wanyu didn’t know why but her heart throbbed when she thought about it and it hurt.

“Be careful.”

The jade flute that Qian Yiling pinned to her waist flew out and hit a bloody bone behind the opponent who had just stood up. The jade flute bounced back and returned to Qian Yiling’s hands, “Be calm and break the formation, your mother will be here to protect you.”

Qian Wanyu squirmed her lips, and finally didn’t say a word, just nodding lightly.

On the other side, inside Larkin Shaman’s room, Little Minghui couldn’t find Qian Wanyu and was about to go crazy. Toothless was also anxious because of her and ran back and forth dozens of miles around the forest.

Qian Wanyu had actually heard her shouting inside the formation and could feel Ninth Sister nearby but it was too dangerous so she didn’t try to send a message to her.

Little White automatically ran out of her soul sea, facing a group of skull monsters, it waved its claws to break them and looked especially heroic, even if the hair on its body was stuck with blood it just roared a few times and only felt a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t let Toothless come over.”


After Toothless heard Little White’s response, it immediately ran in that direction, but it was also a smart fellow and simply circled not far from the formation instead to distract Dongfang Minghui for a while.

Dongfang Minghui who was chasing after Toothless was unfamiliar with the surrounding environment so she was clueless. It was also very dark and she had no idea that Toothless had simply led her around in circles several times, “Toothless, did you say that Seventh sister is here?”

Toothless looked at her with those innocent eyes, pretending to be dumb, but it didn’t say anything.

Qian Wanyu searched for the eye of the formation for more than half an hour. When she found the eye, she found the person guarding it was a spiritual master and almost jumped when he found that they were discovered. Qian Wanyu and Qian Yiling immediately cooperated to break it.

The blood-red mud quickly retreated, the pool water dried up, and the swords hanging overhead disappeared without a trace, everything returned to reality.

The bright moonlight hung high in the sky, and the stars at night came out.

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