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MIWW Chapter 130 Part 1

“Aunt Mo!”

Qian Mo was very excited to see Qian Wanyu, but unfortunately, her body had not recovered yet. When she woke up, she couldn’t even utter a word. Her voice seemed to be stuck in his throat, hoarse and out of shape.

Dongfang Minghui was the closest to her, and she could almost read her constantly wriggling lips, especially the respectful look in the eyes of the other party when she passed over them and looked at the lord behind her alongside the two words that she couldn’t say – little miss.

“Seventh sister, she just woke up and needs a good rest.”


After Qian Mo saw the person she wanted to see, she fell into a drowsy sleep, and everyone filed out, leaving her a quiet space.

The meal ended when Qian Mo woke up, and the lord left early after Qian Mo woke up telling Zhilan to entertain them.

Dongfang Minghui was somewhat disappointed. The expected recognition banquet did not happen, and the face under the veil was still invisible. The only thing to be happy about is that Qian Mo woke up, and Seventh Sister should be happy.

Qian Wanyu pulled Little Minghui aside and said, “Aunt Mo is no longer in danger now? How long will it take for her to recover as before?”

“Seventh sister, waking up does mean it’s fine, but if she wants to get back to normal…” Dongfang Minghui looked tangled.

“Just tell me the truth.”

“When I first helped her, I found that her cultivation base had disappeared. Unless there’s a good opportunity, otherwise—”

Qian Wanyu nodded and understood.

Little Minghui didn’t know how to comfort her, “Seventh sister, maybe it’s not as bad as I said…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

In Qian Wanyu’s view, it was already very difficult for Aunt Mo to save a life.

The days went by so fast, Dongfang Minghui almost forgot that the exchange day of the trading market was coming to an end. This was the result of a five-day delay. The major tribes were already preparing to return, Karu and the others also began to prepare. “Seventh sister, what are your plans next?”

“We still have a lot of things to do, we can’t go back to the Cass tribe with them for the time being.”

“I’ll always follow Seventh Sister.”

Qian Wanyu raised the corner of her lips and stroked her little head, Ninth Sister is always so caring, “I still have a few questions that I want to ask Aunt Mo when she wakes up, and Karu I’ll leave it to you to explain in person.”

Speaking of Karu, Dongfang Minghui has a headache.

That tall, honest and upright man, when he heard that she and Seventh sister and the others were going to stay, he might go berserk.

As she expected, when she brought Toothless and went to the East District alone, everyone began to sort out the good things that were exchanged this time and some of the remaining goods, the faces of these beast people were bright. The smile on Karu’s face was also very wide, and he couldn’t wait to return to the tribe.

With the help of Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui, the tribe has gained a lot this time. The most important thing is the weapons that Karu saw as the most important gain. These weapons were the biggest wealth the Cass tribe obtained here.

“Little shaman, you’re finally back.” Karu was a little worried about the guards who ‘borrowed’ the little shaman. Almost every day, he went to the guards to have a look and saw that Qian Wanyu was also there so he felt a little relieved.

But this time, he hadn’t seen Qian Wanyu for two or three days, and he also couldn’t see Leon making him feel a little restless.

“Actually, the matter has not yet been resolved.” Little Minghui frowned and went straight to the subject, “So, Karu, Seventh sister and I can’t go back with you for the time being.”


The little shaman’s words were like a bolt from the blue. He stared blankly at Dongfang Minghui before squatting down for a long time and said, “Little shaman, are the guards embarrassing you? Tell me, I will go to them to settle the account.”

She knew there would be this reaction!

“You stupid fool, can just the guards stop me and Seventh sister?” Dongfang Minghui gave him a contemptuous look, “Seventh sister and I are doing a very important thing, if we can gain the favour of the dwarves, we will be able to make it big. Do you think the weapons in the Cass tribe will still be lacking?”

If they wanted to grow the Cass tribe, they couldn’t solve any problems by hiding in the tribe. Before the storm comes, they can only do the preparatory work first.

Karu’s eyes were filled with joy at first, and then his face changed. His brain was indeed not as far-reaching as Qian Wanyu. After she mentioned it, he really understood, but he still couldn’t accept that she couldn’t go back with him.

“But, but also can’t-”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back to the Cass tribe after I’m done.” Little Minghui patted Karu on the shoulder, “Don’t have any idea of ​​staying, just relying on the weapons of the dwarves with you, you need to take precautions.”

“Little shaman, do you mean that someone will come to snatch these weapons?”

“Have you ever heard of the truth of having sole possession of treasures would make people commit crimes? Not to mention that there are many people who don’t want to give face to the Cass tribe. Even if it’s a 1 in 10000 chance, can you risk all that hard work from the dwarves and let your weapons be robbed halfway through?”

This matter mainly came from the transaction between Lord Kurt and the Tuxia tribe. The other party did not keep his word, and he wants to change the deal. In a fit of anger, Lord Kurt decided to just trade those weapons to the Cass Tribe instead.

The Tuxia tribe did not dare to trouble the dwarves, but they were one of the tribes supporting Cyril. Not to mention there was also old hatreds between the two tribes. New hatred and old hatred piled together and a fuse of stealing the treasures? They might come to rob it! The more Little Minghui thinks about it, the more she knew this was very likely.

When Karu heard this, he scratched his forehead irritably, and couldn’t think of a best of both worlds solution that could both solve the matter and bring the little shaman back.

“Karu, has anything strange happened on our side recently?” She asked suddenly.

“No…” Karu quickly thought of the matter in the tent, “Little shaman, there is actually a strange thing, every time our tent is broken in a certain place, I made people guard it but it still gets messed up!”

Fortunately, he had a good mind, he was afraid of wronging the little shaman, so he brought a few more tents, he didn’t expect it to come in handy. Karu welcomed Dongfang Minghui into the tent and pointed to the corner, “It’s that position, a small hole is broken every three or five minutes, and even weapons have been taken away several times by an unknown thing.”

When it came to weapons, Karu’s heart felt pain when he thought about it. However, he waited for the rabbit and was not able to catch anyone, which is really strange.

“This hole was broken by an animal grabber.” Leen crouched down behind her and whispered, “I’ve caught such a beast before.”

Leen made a gesture in front of Dongfang Minghui, to indicate it was the size of a radish.

“Hey, I was wondering why I haven’t seen you recently you stinky boy!” Karoo was so angry, he waved his hand, and just hit the back of Leen’s head but Lien seemed to have eyes on his back and found it was easy to dodge by leaning back. Karu looked at his hand in disbelief that he couldn’t hit him. Then he turned his attention back to the tent, “But it’s impossible for just a little beast to steal the weapons.”

Little Minghui touched her chin, of course a small beast can’t steal it, but if it’s a group of beast, it makes perfect sense, “Little Colour, did you notice it?”

“I wasn’t even here at all.”

“Where did you go?”

Little Colour set her eyes on Lean, “This kid asked me to train him, so I took him to a less populated place.”

Dongfang Minghui looked at Little Colour with a miraculous look, then looked at Leen again, and gave a thumbs-up, “Leen, you actually got Little Colour to help you.”

Little Colour twisted her body disdainfully, it was boring, the kid just leaned forward and rushed towards it but it was like someone tickling its hand. As a result, the kid seemed to be a masochist and kept bouncing in front of it. Little Colour couldn’t bear it anymore, so she took Lean to a remote place and continued to beat him. The more she beat him, the more excited he became…

“This kid has good endurance.”

Dongfang Minghui stared thoughtfully at Leen’s twinkling eyes, “Karu will leave the market soon, we’ll get together tonight.”

Little Colour squinted, glanced at Minghui suspiciously, and asked in the soul sea, “You want to catch a thief?”

“Try it, maybe there will be unexpected gains.”

That night, everyone drew a piece of land outside the tent, made a bonfire, and had a barbecue. They were very happy, and everyone felt good. Some tribes packed up early and planned to leave overnight.

The trading market in the Eastern District was very empty all of a sudden, and it was completely different from the scene before coming here.

Qian Wanyu was sitting on the side and grilling the legs of a green beast in the fire. Usually, Ninth Sister was always rushing to do the cooking. It is rare for her to be able to show her craftsmanship.

Dongfang Minghui looked at the bonfire, but focused on the batch of weapons in the tent. Seeing that the atmosphere was not warm enough, Karu stood up and wrestled with one of the ten beast warriors.

Wei Junlan pouted, what’s so good about barbarian fights? There are very few entertainment programs in this era, she leaned over to Dongfang Minghui and said, “Hey, the person you saved today is Qian Mo, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but isn’t that the slave who has been following the Miss of the Qian Family’s side all the time?”

“Shh.” What slave?! Seventh Sister might feel uncomfortable.

“Shhhhhh me?! You really underestimated me haha. Not to mention I haven’t settled my previous debt with you yet.” Wei Junlan rolled up her sleeves and took Dongfang Minghui into her arms to threaten her, “Be honest, when did you hook up with the main character?”

Little Minghui was busy struggling to save herself, she slapped Wei Junlan hard, “I’m telling you, I am a person with a family now, you should pay attention to the situation!”

Women shouldn’t give and receive so freely!

Seventh sister’s level of jealousy, she’d already had a deep understanding!

“With your small body, what can I do to you? Besides, you are not my main dish…” Wei Junlan felt inexplicably wrong after saying that and changed the subject, “I mean, I like men!”

The more she tried to explain, the worse it was.

Dongfang Minghui laughed at her, expressing that she understood. Back then, she was straight as well and always felt that she liked men. When she came here all of a sudden, she was afraid that Seventh Sister would kill her for a man. Somehow thought she didn’t feel anything for the men here, and she was too shy to try. Then she was pounced on by Seventh Sister and she’d just kept going down this road, and never looking back.

Qian Wanyu glanced coldly at Wei Junlan, who was fighting with Ninth Sister, and then roasted the rabbit legs until the oil dripped down, “Ninth Sister, come and eat.”

Little Minghui ran to Sister Seventh excitedly. She tore off a piece, which was a little hot. The skin on the rabbit leg was very crispy and delicious. She couldn’t help but take two more bites then tore off some and sent it to Qian Wanyu’s mouth, the two were feeding each other. Qian Wanyu got bored after eating a small portion, so she stuffed the whole rabbit leg into her mouth instead.

“Oh, you two are really boring.” Wei Junlan looked disgusted, and then urged, “Don’t be busy eating, you haven’t told me what happened yet?”

It would have been better if she hadn’t tried that move earlier but now Qian Wanyu kept guarding against her constantly!

“Well…since the start I guess?” Dongfang Minghui hugged the rabbit’s legs and sat back to her original position, “When love comes, it will come, how can anyone manage so much?”

She didn’t know when she fell in love with Seventh sister, it was probably doomed from the beginning.

Every moment she thought about what happened to Seventh Sister, if Seventh Sister will be angry, what should she do if Seventh Sister left, how could she please Seventh Sister. Her thoughts seemed to revolve around Seventh Sister.

People’s habits can be terrible. Before you even know it, a shadow of a person will be engraved into your bone and you can’t forget it or get rid of it.

“From the start?” Wei Junlan’s face was full of horror.

The corner of Qian Wanyu’s mouth curled up as she evoked a satisfied smile.

Wei Junlan also wanted to gossip about whether she was born bent or something but as soon as she said a word, Little Minghui stuffed a bone that was about to be gnawed into her mouth.


The sound of rustling in the ears is very obvious. Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui separated a part of their consciousness and covered this area from the beginning. No troubles can escape their consciousness, not to mention a group of beasts under the soil.

Little Minghui stood up slowly, and Little Colour stretched out a lot of vines, enclosing the area from outside the tent.

A little guy who only flashed with golden light in the dark drilled out of the soil. They were very sensitive to everything around them. When Little Minghui said shush, Karu, who was wrestling, also arched his body violently. Now there was only silence, the bonfire in the middle was chirping, and the atmosphere was very strange, even the little beasts all felt it. Just as they were about to burrow into the ground, their heads collided with the hard rock made from the soil, making them dizzy and star-eyed.

The sound of “dong dong dong——” was incessant, and it was even a little loud in the dark night.

The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand swept through and the group of little guys were all thrown into chaos. One was caught, and they were dragged one by one, swaying in the air and thrown directly beside the bonfire.

Only then did everyone see their full appearance. The little guys, who were only the size of a radish, probably felt the danger. They stood on their thin legs, their tails were straight up, and their claws were raised high. Coupled with their thief-like bright eyes, there was a bit of wretched feeling looking at them as if these things were borned to be thieves.

“It’s a golden rat!”

Gold-loving rats are low-level magical beasts. They specialize in devouring things like fine iron and ore, but they also advance. “Generally, gold-loving rats are social animals. It’s strange that these few would suddenly appear in this area.”

After listening to Qing Mo, Qian Wanyu decided to find out why.

“There is really something to blame!” Karu couldn’t believe it was such a group of things that caused him to change three tents, “Could it be that they also stole those weapons?”

Just a few little guys can transport weapons away? Karu thought it was like a dream.

As soon as he finished, the group of little guys fled in all directions.

Little Colour’s vines and Qian Wanyu’s earthen shield drove the fleeing gold rats back to their place.

Wooo single Wei Junlan haha

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