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MIWW Chapter 129 Part 2

“Trying to show how great it is to have a wife?” Wei Junlan angrily followed in the footsteps of the other party.

As a result, the two of them went to the remote hut of Shaman Larkin, and there were still patients outside the house seeking medical treatment every day. However, now there was an extra Xuan Zhu on the side, pouring tea and water to deliver concoctions or some other medicinal herbs which she would crush into grass juice. Anyway, she was so busy that she didn’t have time to rest for a moment.

“I—” Wei Junlan couldn’t take it anymore, she watched from the side, Larkin basically didn’t give Xuan Zhu any good face, he just ordered Xuan Zhu around.

“What are you going to do?” Qian Wanyu looked at her in a relaxed manner. She thought that Wei Junlan’s current expression was quite pleasing to look at.

Wei Junlan was so angry that she almost exploded, “What does this old man want to do?”

Qian Wanyu rubbed her chin, “You should ask what Xuan Zhu wants him to do.”

Larkin was very hostile to human beings. Except for Xuan Zhu, no one has ever stayed by his side for more than three days. This is a historic breakthrough, but as far as Ninth Sister said, there is reason to suspect that the other party is also a Death Spiritual Master.

However, the other party was currently doing good deeds…

This was opposite to the purpose of most Death Spiritual Masters, it was the only reason why she hadn’t probed the old man further and attacked him first.

Wei Junlan lowered her head and glanced at her hands, which would turn into two sharp claws when she transformed. She had also scratched Xuan Zhu and wanted to strangle her in that state. She hated herself when she thought of how powerless she was, “I want to see Xuan Zhu.”


Wei Junlan returned to her previous calm manner, and walked in front of Xuan Zhu very calmly, “Xuan Zhu.”

Xuan Zhu buried her head in sorting out the herbs, and when she looked up and saw Wei Junlan, a stunned expression appeared on her face for a while. She took advantage of the fact that Larkin would leave here late at night and she secretly ran back to take a look before but found that Wei Junlan and Qian Wanyu were gone. She thought they had left her behind for a while.

“You… didn’t you leave?”

“Leave? Leave where?” Wei Junlan suddenly realized, “Oh, do you mean recently? Dongfang Minghui went to look for medical plants. You know these young couples are always crooked together, I was dragged along too…”

She wouldn’t admit that they couldn’t help but worry about her situation if both of them left her alone.

“Hurry up and finish.” Larkin slanted half of his face and glanced at Wei Junlan, he had a fresh memory of this half beast human.

“Yes, Larkin shaman.”

Wei Junlan wished she could stab him but unfortunately, everything in her space ring was gone, including the weapon she picked from the Qian Family. She didn’t know who had taken it away, best to not let her see it again otherwise…hehe.

Xuan Zhu squatted down and quickly separated the weeds and some medicinal herbs. This was quite a hard task. She probably knew the purpose of Larkin asking her to do this. Someone who had little foundation had to learn things very quickly.

“I’ll help you.”

Wei Junlan has also read the medicine book, although she has not played with medicinal plants seriously, after watching Xuan Zhu do it she can quickly recognize it.

Seeing her serious appearance, Xuan Zhu couldn’t help but persuade, “You better go back, I’ll go back to see you when I have a chance.”

“Don’t be arrogant.” Priest Larkin’s temper was very strange, if you say he was good then he truly was good to the beast people, if you say he’s bad then he truly got angry for no reason at all just like yesterday, when Xuan Zhu was in the house, she found a piece of clothing that was about to be buried in dust. The sewing of the clothes was very lame. She kindly took advantage of the other party’s absence to tidy up the house and wash the clothes to hang out and dry.

As a result, Larkin almost strangled her for this!


Xuan Zhu immediately grabbed Wei Junlan’s hand and shook her head at her. Although Larkin had a bad temper, he didn’t drive her away. He was willing to teach her and she was willing to learn. She was the one who wanted the old man to take a look at Wei Junlan, if there was any glimmer of hope, she wouldn’t give up.

The two focused on distinguishing weeds and medicinal herbs. After the weeds were separated, Xuan Zhu took out the medicine in the house and separated it, one of them organised while the other crushed it and made medicine. The two people had a tacit understanding.

Qian Wanyu leaned back against the tree, and the little radish sat on her shoulder and shook its head. It had suddenly become happy again and completely lost the sorrow of leaving its homeland and friends, “Look at the fate of the two of them!”

On the other side, as soon as Dongfang Minghui returned to the guard team, she followed Zhilan into the small courtyard in the formation and went straight to the room without saying a word.

“Is it good?”


Little Minghui looked at the white thread that was wrapped around her three or four times in her hand and said to it, “I need a little help.”

The silk thread in the wrist lifted up but this time it was lifted at both ends, and a section was tossed at her.

“This part?” Little Minghui’s knife swiped at the other end of the motionless end, and immediately encountered the protest of the other side slapping her finger, “This part?”

“So much?!”

She cut off a silk thread the size of a small knuckle, and within three breaths, like magic it turned into a fairy boy’s body with about the thickness of her calf, “Wow, this…this…is too amazing!”

“Hmph.” Love Flower snorted arrogantly, if it wasn’t for its suggestion, how could she have obtained such a good thing like a Fairy Boy’s Body that could grow infinitely.

“Hey, Love Flower you are so smart!”

Leon stayed outside, and Zhilan hurried into the backyard as soon as she came back, and reported the events of the past few days to the lord sitting on the stone table playing with a red peony. She lowered her head and looked at her feet.

She has followed the lord for many years, but she never knew what kind of face was under that mask.

“She said Aunt Mo?”

“Yes, she was talking to her sister at the time, and that’s what she said.”

The hand that was playing with the peony suddenly stopped, her eyes looked into the distance, a little dazed, and it took a long time for to finally speak, “I know, you can go.”

“Yes, my lord.”

As soon as Little Minghui introduced the medicine into Qian Mo’s body, she felt that the atmosphere in the room was not right. When she turned around, she suddenly saw that the lord who should not have appeared suddenly appeared in her room elegantly holding a teacup.

Is it because she peeked at her bathing last time and was found out…? Bah, it’s a matter of peeking at her face!

Little Minghui felt a little guilty, and her eyes flickered, “Lord, why did you suddenly appear, you really shocked me!”

“How is she?”

It turned out to be here to ask about Aunt Mo’s condition, Dongfang Minghui instantly put down half of her concerns, “The medicine has been sent into her body, I will observe her condition, you can rest assured that I’ll notify you when she wakes up.”

“I’m sorry little shaman, I’m here mainly for Zhilan and Leon. I heard from Zhilan that you encountered a little trouble when you went to find medical plants this time?”

Little Minghui wanted to hit the wall a little. At first, the situation was critical and there was really no other way but to help, so many things were said in front of Leon and Sister Zhilan… It seems the matters of her and Seventh Sister were completely unconcealed. No wonder this lord was shocked , “It’s true that I encountered some troubles. Thanks to Sister Zhilan and Leon escorting me all the way, everything was solved smoothly. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to obtain the plant.”

“The little shaman is humble. It should be me thanking you. I heard from Zhilan that you saved Leon again on the way. If you weren’t there, most of them wouldn’t be able to come back this time.”

Little Minghui was sweating from behind her back, it seems the other party had begun to doubt her.

“Little shaman, in order to thank you for saving their lives, I want to host a banquet here in three days to entertain you. Please don’t reject. I hope to see your loyal friends on that day.”

Dongfang Minghui was somewhat tempted by the other party’s proposal. Strictly speaking, Seventh Sister never seemed to show her face in front of this lord. Qian Mama would definitely recognize Seventh Sister when she saw her at this banquet!

Dongfang Minghui bit her lips lightly and nodded, “Then on behalf of Seventh Sister and Wei Junlan, I would like to thank you.”

Time flies, three days passed in the blink of an eye, all the residual poison in Qian Mo’s body has been excreted from her body, and the internal functions of her five internal organs have gradually recovered. However, the person just didn’t wake up, she checked it again, and still didn’t understand what was the problem.

“Little shaman, come over please.”

“Sister Zhilan, is my Seventh sister here?”

“Leon has gone to invite her, you may have to wait a while.”

Little Minghui looked at the time and it was about the time, so she simply used her spiritual power to check it again. When she saw a spiritual power in Qian Mo’s body that did not belong to her, she suddenly said, “Zhilan, go and invite the lord over here, I have a new discovery!”


“I heard from Zhilan that you are looking for me in a hurry, is it for the lunch at noon?” There was a little nervousness in the lord’s voice which even she hadn’t noticed.

However, Dongfang Minghui, who was in a state of excitement, didn’t hear it at all…

“My lord, I want to ask, when this Miss’ life was in danger did you protect her last breath with your spiritual power?”

“Yes.” She recognized Little Minghui’s medical skills, so she did not hesitate to admit it.

Dongfang Minghui nodded, that’s right, “I hope the lord will take back the spiritual power in her body.” Otherwise, the medicine will not work at its best, the spiritual energy was preventing it from fully healing the heart. This aura wasn’t part of her so it would be blocked, the spiritual power in Qian Mo’s body normally was not as much of an obstacle.

No wonder the other party hadn’t woken up to this day, it’s her negligence for forgetting this.


The other party showed her absolute trust with her actions.

Little Minghui breathed a sigh of relief from the side and watched with her own eyes as the lord pulled a water-blue spiritual power from Qian Mo’s body. The spiritual power fluctuations on the other party’s body were very weak and could barely be felt.

Water-based Spiritual Master…

She remembered that Qian Yiling was a Spiritual Master of the three elements, one of which was the water element! She was looking forward to the meeting between Seventh sister and this lord more and more.

“My lord, the guests have arrived and are waiting outside.”

Wei Junlan followed closely behind Qian Wanyu, and it was the first time she’d ever been to such a strange place, “Minghui is here?”

Minghui… hmph calling her so affectionately!

Qian Wanyu who was busy eating vinegar dumped her with a cold face and didn’t respond to her at all, just pushing the door open.

Zhilan, who was standing beside her, tried to stop her but couldn’t.

There were three people in the room, plus Qian Wanyu and Wei Junlan. When everyone faced each other, the atmosphere suddenly became a little tense.

“Ninth Sister?”

Qian Wanyu casually glanced at the person who was beside her Ninth Sister. The person was wearing a veil and mask. From the perspective of temperament and aura, it should be the so-called lord of the guard team.

“Did the medical plants work?”

Little Minghui was so nervous that her pupils were dilated. She kept her eyes fixed on the lord beside her, who was covered with a veil but couldn’t see the other’s expression, which was a pity.

“She’s fine, she should wake up soon.”

“Yeah, this place has mountains, rivers, and courtyards. The people who designed this courtyard should be familiar with the human race.” Wei Junlan woke Dongfang Minghui’s dreaming with one sentence.

Yes, yes of course it does it’s because the owner who built this small courtyard must be very homesick!

Qian Yiling has been away from home for more than 20 years, homesickness was quite normal.

Thinking about when she saw the flowers and plants here, she also missed the Royal Academy’s own small garden and her medicinal plants… She didn’t know if Xiao Junyi was taking care of them…

“My lord!”

Zhilan was like a ghost, and for the first time she noticed that her lord was actually speechless so she opened her mouth to remind her.

“S-Since everyone is here, Zhilan, prepare the dishes.” There was a trembling in the other party’s voice.

This time, Little Minghui did not miss the abnormal behaviour of the other party.

“Hey, this little guy runs so fast.” Wei Junlan said with a fuss when she saw the little radish running to Dongfang Minghui’s side. When she was bored, she wanted to tease this little thing, but as a result, the other party did not care about her at all like Dongfang Minghui’s Toothless.

She was very surprised when she saw the little radish running to Little Minghui.

“Small radish!”

“I want to play with it.” The little radish firmly grabbed the string in Dongfang Minghui’s wrist. They were the same plant so she could still feel a familiar aura.

Dongfang Minghui was stunned, and flicked her finger on the other side, “You’re so cheeky, I’ll give you a little time.”

She agreed quickly, but when she tried to untie the rope, she couldn’t untie it…

“Ninth Sister, what are you doing?” Her wrists were all red, Qian Wanyu grabbed her and dragged the radish back with the other hand.

“It’s really weird.” Little Minghui could only understand that the whisker string on her wrist didn’t want to play with the radish at all.

“Little shaman, who is this?”

They were brought into the backyard by Zhilan. There was a cobblestone table in the open air in the backyard. On the table were dishes and wine pots. They were full of colour and fragrance. Dongfang Minghui felt hungry when she smelled the fragrance.

“Lord, this is my Seventh sister Qian Wanyu, and this is my best friend Wei Junlan.” She honestly reported the name of everyone.

Qian Wanyu pulled Ninth Sister and sat down, Wei Junlan shook her head helplessly when she saw how the two were holding hands and had to show their affection while having a meal. She poured herself a glass of wine, “Thank you for your hospitality, I’m Wei Junlan.”

The lord also simply took off the mask, lifted the black veil and drank the wine in one gulp. She was also quite a refreshing person.

Seeing that the mask on the other’s face had been removed, Little Minghui was secretly thinking about how to make the veil on her outside lift up with the wind… Just one glance was enough!

Qian Wanyu saw that the little guy was staring at the person on the opposite side and her brows were lightly furrowed while her hand below was moving restlessly.

“Qian…this is a big surname, is this girl from the Qian Family in Meng city?”

“Hey, Third Miss, your Qian Family’s name is really famous!” Wei Junlan laughed.

“Yes, you guessed right.”

Qian Wanyu nodded slightly towards her, and then kept serving Ninth Sister some dishes, filling the little guy’s bowl, “Eat more, you seem to have lost weight recently.”

“Seventh sister, you should eat more instead!” This meal was probably cooked by Sister Zhilan. She had eaten this flavour once before, and it was easy to tell. She also grabbed some dishes to put in Qian Wanyu’s bowl.

“Hey, you two don’t keep bullying people, am I just a decoration?!” Wei Junlan wished she could dig out her eyes. If she knew it would be like this, she shouldn’t have come. Why doesn’t she just help Xuan Zhu and Larkin Shaman instead…

“Young Master Wei, eat more.” Little Minghui turned around and put a lot of dishes into Wei Junlan’s bowl. Looking at them again, they were all eating dishes and completely ignoring the lord sitting opposite. Little Minghui gave an embarrassed smile, she explained, “Sister Zhilan’s craftsmanship is so good, I want to eat it again after eating it once. You should eat more, my lord.”

“It doesn’t matter, I was the one who didn’t treat you well. Let’s have a good dinner. Your relationship seems to be very good. It the little shaman also a member of the Qian Family?”

“No, no, I and Seventh sister are just…” After all, they used to be a family. If she tried to deny everything before, Seventh sister would be very sad, “Actually, Seventh sister grew up in our family a long time ago within that family in the ranking I was Ninth and she was Seventh. After that, I got used to shouting Seventh Sister so I kept calling her that until now…

“It turns out that that is the case! First of all I have to thank the little shaman for saving my subordinates.”

Dongfang Minghui was physically a child so only Seventh sister rushed to drink. She was just holding her bowl and trying to catch a glimpse of the lord’s veil lifting by accident.

“Ninth Sister!”

“Ah?” When Little Minghui looked again, the other party had already put the wine bowl down.

Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand, wiped off a grain of rice residue on her face and pinched the other person’s face, “Be attentive when eating.”


“My lord, the captain! She’s awake!”


Not only the lord, but also Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu put down the bowls and chopsticks in their hands, everyone stood up in unison.

So fast! Dongfang Minghui wasn’t ready yet, when Qian Mo woke up, she couldn’t wait to rush over, “You guys eat first, I’ll go take a look and come back.”

“No, I’ll go with you.”

Only Wei Junlan, who didn’t care about everything, stayed where she was and took another bite of the food, she gave a complicated look and murmured, “The atmosphere is a little wrong.”

“There is definitely a problem with all of them…” After all, she was also the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance. No matter how weak she currently was, her IQ was still there.

In order to watch the show as well, Wei Junlan quickly grabbed the rice and rushed back to the room to observe everyone in the room.

When Qian Mo heard the footsteps, she was still a little confused. It wasn’t until she saw Qian Wanyu in the room that her eyes lit up with excitement, and her lips twitched, “Little Miss!”


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