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MIWW Chapter 129 Part 1

Walking down a dark road, they soon saw a little bright light, flying all over the sky, it looked like fireflies were flying, in fact, the world below was just too dark and it felt like little stars in the darkness.

“Seventh sister, what is this?” Little Minghui stretched out her hand and could only touch one or two of them, and when she touched them, it was fleeting.

“It’s the core.”

Little Colour answered her first.

The core of the tree is very precious. An ordinary tree needs to go through many processes of growth, essence, and enlightenment. When the energy in the body has reached a certain limit, the core of the tree will continue to overflow from this time, giving life to future generations and bringing nutritional supplements for the tribe. From the shape of the core, one can tell the seniority of the tree, its age.

Little Colour estimated that this ancestor has already cultivated and survived for at least several thousand years.

“Listening to what you said, even if we don’t take action, the ancestors of the little radish will not let human beings kill all their clansmen. Were we being nosy?”

“Not really.”

No matter how clever medicinal plants were, they were no match for the cunning of humans.

Besides, the other party was obviously prepared, it was a coincidence that they met.

“Come on, follow me.”

As they went deeper and deeper, Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui found a lot of small radishes, and they followed behind them secretly, hiding like shy little girls, Dongfang Minghui could smell a strong medicinal fragrance from their bodies.

This was a group of adult medicinal plants.

“I see you there, come out.” Little Minghui beckoned to them.

The breath on Dongfang Minghui’s body makes people feel comfortable and even attracted these medicinal plants. In addition, she knew how to communicate with medicinal plants, the radishes automatically placed her in the same position as them. When the other party said hello, the plants who followed secretly swarmed up, swish, swish, and climbed up her body

After a while, they occupied the whole of her, and the speed of some of them was one step slower. The little radishes who couldn’t squeeze in tilted their heads to look at Qian Wanyu, who was taller than Dongfang Minghui.

Qian Wanyu gave a cold glance, those little radishes immediately turned back to step on their little friends to hang onto Little Minghui.

Little Minghui had a black line on her face, the little radishes have chosen their own positions, some sitting on her little head, some hanging on her chest, and one sitting on her shoulders on one side, with a gourd-like baby underneath. Some even fled into her space ring with familiarity. It should be those little radishes who were saved before by her.

She always felt that the plants in the beast land were barren, but she didn’t think that they were just hidden…

With a smile in her eyes, Qian Wanyu held the other party’s hand and continued to walk forward. A daring little radish ran leisurely up Dongfang Minghui’s hand to Qian Wanyu’s shoulder looking very condescending and proud.

“Hey, Seventh sister, this little guy is quite brave.”


Not to mention medical plants, even spiritual pets dare not approach Seventh Sister’s body at will, she remembered that when Toothless saw Seventh Sister, it was like seeing an enemy, the hostility between them has not eased to this day.

The two of them were taken by the radish in front to a big tree about three meters high.


Big tree’s voice is very kind, and when people heard it, it makes people feel like a kind elder. When those naughty little radishes heard this voice, they jumped down and ran around in all kinds of ways, and they all hid elsewhere.

“This is Grandpa Sang Ye.”

Little radish jumped in front of Little Minghui, “Grandpa Sang Ye agreed to what you asked for before.”

Little Minghui suddenly realized that this is the ancestor of the Fairy boy’s body that Love Flower mentioned. She raised her head and saw the whole picture of the whole tree. It was not a tree, but an enormous Fairy boy’s body plant that had a height of more than three meters. The body is very strong, and it looks like the trunk of a tree. It was not the whiskers that hung down from the branches, but the roots of its body.

“So big!”

Dongfang Minghui sighed with emotion. She has never seen such a large plant, this one is at least 10,000 years old.

Little Colour snorted in dissatisfaction in her sea of ​​souls.

“Humans, thank you for saving them.” The big radish stretched out a few roots towards Dongfang Minghui, and they came freely in front of her.

“No need for thanks.” With the ability of this radish, it wouldn’t have been a big deal to save them.

Little Minghui stretched out her hand, and those roots quickly wrapped around her fingers and then around her waist.

Qian Wanyu cautiously pulled out her whip.

“Haha, Seventh sister, it’s alright.” Those roots made her laugh like they were tickling, and then dragged her to the top of the plant

Only then did she see the whole picture of the big radish clearly. The two eyebrows were longer than the beard. They just hung down on its chest and fluttered. They were chubby, like an old man who grew fat in old age. This old man is just really too tall and a little too big,

“Grandpa Sang Ye.”

“The smell on your body is very familiar to me.” Grandpa Sang Ye narrowed his eyes and said slowly.

“Ah?” Little Minghui was a little uneasy, the other party was familiar with her smell, did he know something?

“Grandpa Sang Ye, have you ever smelled this smell somewhere?”


“Can you tell when?”

“Well—” Grandpa Sang Ye’s two long green eyebrows twitched, and the lower roots rippled, “It’s been too long, let me think about it.”

Dongfang Minghui was full of anticipation, but after waiting for a while, there was no response from the other party. Are you still thinking?! She had to continue to wait, and after more than half an hour passed, there was still no response. She couldn’t help but remind in a low voice, “Grandpa Sang Ye, do you remember?”

snore snore

Different snoring sounds resounded one after another.

“Grandpa Sang Ye!” Dongfang Minghui roared.

“Ah, ah.” Sang Ye’s eyebrows went down automatically again, “Ah, what’s wrong?”

“Do you always have the answer to the question you thought about before?” Little Minghui reminded.

“What question?”

Dongfang Minghui sighed deeply. This damn confused old man! She got rid of a little hope in her heart just now, “Grandpa Sang Ye, I have a friend who needs me to rescue and wants something from you.”

“Oh, just take it.”

“Go a little further down, yes, this is the one.” Little Colour instructed her in the soul sea. There were many leaves that have long and thick whiskers. Little Minghui chose a slender one, which is located close to the chin.

“Grandpa Sangye, I want this one.” Dongfang Minghui held a finger knife in her hand, waiting for Grandpa Sang Ye to approve.

“Hey, you cheeky little girl really knowing how to pick.” Grandpa Sang Ye grabbed the whisker lightly and his face was wrinkled, looking a little painful.

When the beard reached Dongfang Minghui’s hand, it became active and shrunk into a slender hair. It went around Dongfang Minghui’s wrist three times. She touched it lightly, and it stood up, then softened again back into her hands.

“Thank you, Grandpa Sang Ye!”

“No no, it’s fine.”

Sang Ye shook its root and shook his body, accidentally thriwubg Dongfang Minghui out, after realizing it, he stretched out his beard and pulled the little guy up again, “Do you have anything else you need? ”

More than three meters high, Seventh sister will surely continue to worry. But, being tossed up and down by the old man, Little Minghui felt like she was riding a roller coaster, her head fainted, she shook her head, and it took a long time to remember, “Grandpa Sang Ye, do you want to bring the Little radishes to live in another place, I’m afraid someone will come to trouble you…”

“Ah? Oh!” Grandpa Sang Ye was taken aback, and he moved slowly with an ‘oh’ and stopped talking.

“Grandpa Sang Ye, do you want to move?”

Snore snore

Dongfang Minghui is going crazy, can this topic continue in a friendly way? She leaned into the big radish’s ear and roared hard, “Grandpa Sang Ye!”

“Ah, ah, what?”

“When are you going to move? Do you want me and Seventh sister to stay and help?”

“No need, it’s a lot of trouble for you.”

Dongfang Minghui somehow felt that this big radish was a little unreliable. He could even fall asleep while talking! If he brought a group of small radishes, would he fall asleep halfway…?

“Then we’ll go.”


When she went down, she happened to see a few small radishes next to Seventh sister. They sat there with a straight face, like very well-behaved students staring at Qian Wanyu. She could almost see Seventh sister’s face if she looked more, it looks like a flower is growing on it…?

“Seventh sister! ”

“Can we go?” Qian Wanyu didn’t know how to deal with these cute little medicinal plants. She could easily kill a large bunch of them, but when she met their gaze, she could only ignore them instead…

She must have been influenced by Ninth Sister to be so patient with these plants.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Dongfang Minghui had just walked a few steps when something grabbed her trousers and climbed up until it reached her shoulders. She turned her head and saw Little Radish with a reluctant expression, “You won’t stay and play with me? I have agreed with my friends, let’s play together!”

“Little radish, Grandpa Sang Ye said that he will move soon. You are so capable, you should stay and help him.”

“Is that right?”


“B-but I’m a little bit reluctant to part with you.”

“We will definitely meet again if we have a predestined relationship. If you encounter anything, you can go find me at the previous place.” Dongfang Minghui thought to herself, not knowing whether the little guy remembered the way, “I will also go when I am free and try looking for you.”

As long as it wasn’t far from the Seven Coloured Continent, it can definitely be found.


“They seem to miss you.”

Qian Wanyu pointed to the hundreds of small radishes behind them, they followed silently, not stopping until they walked back into the darkness.

Little Minghui raised the string in her hand. If she didn’t look carefully, she wouldn’t be able to see that there was something on her wrist. “I think Grandpa Sang Ye is a little old. I don’t know if they can move smoothly.”

“Do not worry.”

After they left, the big radish still kept muttering, “What time is it?”

After thinking about it for a long time, he finally fell asleep again, but after falling asleep this time, he had a long dream. In the dream, he was still a medium-sized radish, and he was about the height of an adult human calf. A hundred years ago, he suddenly saw a woman with a big belly hide in the grass and step on its roots, making it immobile.

“Quick, she won’t be gone for long!”

A group of people searched the grass and scared away the small creatures in a large forest. It could sense that the group of humans were not good people and wanted to slip away, but the beard under its feet was stepped on and it couldn’t pull it!

When the group of people was far away from this land, it suddenly heard the human speak.

“Please, save the child in my stomach.”

“Y-you can see me?” Sang Ye shivered, and a head came out of the soil.

The other party nodded at it with great certainty, “Please save the child in my stomach.”

Child? Sang Ye could feel a child in her the lady’s stomach.

Sang Ye always minded his own business, probably because the breath of this pregnant woman was too good, and the other party’s pleading appearance was a bit pitiful, it couldn’t refuse, that was the only time it ever saved a person…and it almost implicated the whole family.

After the child was born, the aura on the woman disappeared strangely but the child she wrapped in a swaddling cloth had a special aura.

In the dream, bright red blood stained the whole land.

“Ah, I remember!” Sang Ye opened his half-squinted turbid eyes, shook his beard, and dreamed back a hundred years, “Longevity People!”

A hundred years later, due to the cycle of karma, it ended up seeing the Longevity People again. The breath of the little girl just now was the same as the breath of the baby born a hundred years ago. After a long time, Sang Ye spoke slowly, “Little ones, let’s move.”

An innocent little radish hugged its sturdy body, but couldn’t hold it with both hands, so he simply put his face on it and muttered, “Grandpa Sang Ye, where are we going?”

“We…let me think about it, how about…” Sang Ye said slowly, “The place of the Longevity People?”

That place has been annihilated for a hundred years, and it didn’t know what it will be like after a hundred years. Time passes very fast, and it is estimated that there might be nothing left.

“Now, go get all of them I have something to say.

Sang Ye babbled and spoke. After talking for more than an hour, it took the little ones some time to understand that in order to avoid the pursuit of humans, they had to move.

“Start counting now.”

“One, two, three…two hundred and forty-nine…”

Sang Ye listened to a group of young people reporting the number below, and stopped after reporting the number, “Where did two hundred and fifty go?

“Not here!” A group of little radishes shook their heads in unison,

Who is 250?! →_→

“Look for it.”

Sang Ye sighed for a while, it remembered that there were 250 radishes, how could there be one less?

Little Minghui, who used the vines to go up from the ground, didn’t know that the story of her background had just passed by! After they came up, the very large gap behind them re-integrated. If it wasn’t for the messy corpses on the ground that reminded them of just now, they might have thought it was a dream.

“Little shaman, how did it go?” Zhilan was most concerned about the fairy boy’s body.

“I got it, let’s go back.”

“That friend of yours just—” Zhilan stepped aside, Wei Junlan was tightly bound, his mouth was blocked, there was a wound on his forehead, and his clothes were stained with blood in many places. He looked a bit embarrassed.

“I know, he’s sick again, right?” Dongfang Minghui said kindly, walking over to try to untie the rope tied to Wei Junlan.

Zhilan stopped in front of her, “He is very dangerous, you better be careful little shaman.”

If Leon hadn’t reminded her, she might have already died under her claws, and even so, her arm was scratched by those claws.

“It’s alright, he’ll be fine after.” Then she will continue to be fine until she gets sick next time… This was a new skill that Wei Junlan has opened. She was worried about this before, the transformation and strength were increasing which were bad signs.

Immediately, except for Sister Seventh who was able to subdue her, everyone else had to pay a price. Dongfang Minghui calmly glanced at the people brought by Leon, who was injured. These were mostly skin injuries at least.

She took the initiative to take on the task of helping them heal their wounds, which can be regarded as calming their mood.

The group went back faster than when they came. When they were about to reach the trading market, Dongfang Minghui discovered that there was still a fairy boy’s body lying in her space ring!

“Little thing, why are you in here?!” Little Minghui was going crazy. She had just left the Luno Swamp. Did she really want to go back again for a little guy? It would take three days!

“Hey, I don’t know either!” Little radish hugged Little Minghui’s fingers tightly, with a bitter face, looking around with small eyes, a little confused about being in an unfamiliar environment.

“It’s the one that climbed on my shoulder.” Although the group of radishes were all similar in size, if you distinguish them carefully, you can still see a little difference. Qian Wanyu was almost certain that this little radish was not bold but just too slow!

“Seventh sister, what should I do now?” Dongfang Minghui was in trouble.

“I will make stewed pork ribs with white radish in the evening, and make a big supplement.” Qian Wanyu stretched out her finger, poked it, and stabbed it directly into Dongfang Minghui’s hand. As a result, the guy immediately followed Qian Wanyu’s finger and climbed onto her shoulders.

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes lit up, “Seventh sister, I will leave the radish to you to take care of. I will go and treat Aunt Mo first!”

“Ninth Sister take care!”

Qian Wanyu watched the naughty figure immediately disappear from her eyes, her eyes were full of doting love. Then she turned around and met Wei Junlan’s playful eyes, giving her an icy cold look, “If you have the ability, find your own wife to warm the bed.”

What the fuck!

Wei Junlan was annoyed at Qian Wanyu and stared at her for a long time, but the other party walked away without looking back holding a small radish.

I gotta say it’s kinda tough to keep up the Wei Junlan crossdress

thing, author seems to  might just swap it all to female pronouns in the future~ Also woo more confirmation on Minghui’s origins, pretty much confirmed as one of the rumoured Longevity People looking very likely now that she might have had a different mother too owo! Did any of you guess before? 😉


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