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MIWW Chapter 128 Part 2

A group of people arrived at the outskirts of Luno Swamp in the middle of the night. They lit a bonfire and prepared to stay here all night. Dongfang Minghui came over along with a tent, Qian Wanyu and Sister Zhilan helped set it up and quickly sorted out a place to live.

Qian Wanyu divided the tent into three positions. She and Little Minghui shared a quilt, and Zhilan and Wei Junlan each took a position. The four of them stayed close to each other to keep warm. Leon was patrolling outside with a team of guards.

The nights in Luno Swamp are very humid, the climate temperature drops, and the guards keeping watch all feel cold. They all approached the fire to keep warm.

Toothless and Little White were also arranged for night watch and their vigilance was not inferior to those of Leon and the other beast people guards. Little White kept squeezing around Toothless just like when he was a child, snoozing tightly next to Toothless.

Toothless shook his butt at it in disgust, and his two front limbs slid on his big head.

Little White rubbed and rubbed reluctantly but got no response.

The two big guys sat close to each other pushing each other and the beast people on the side laughed.

Toothless stretched out his claws and slapped Little White, but Little White still squeezed towards it shamelessly, until at the end Toothless lost his temper and shot out a fireball. Little White ran away covering his paws but Qian Wanyu didn’t know anything.

Little Minghui, who was nestled in Seventh sister’s arms, was very happy. She and Seventh sister had a rare chance to share the bed. If only there weren’t two large gigawatt light bulbs next to her, even then she still couldn’t stop herself from eating honey in a good mood.

“Seventh sister”

Qian Wanyu responded indifferently, wrapping her hands in her arms to cover it, and clamped her legs to the other’s little feet. She leaned closer to the little guy’s ear and said in a voice that only she could hear, “Let’s double cultivate.”

Before Little Minghui could protest, she felt a surge of spiritual power entering her body involuntarily, and she instantly turned into a pool of spring water.

Wei Junlan’s eyes widened and she couldn’t sleep at all. She listened carefully and found that the two most noisy people were breathing quietly for a long time, they seemed to be sleeping. She was completely blinded by the fact that the two of them were hiding in the sea of ​​souls to do shameful things!

After one night, everyone was full of energy.

Looking at the thick miasma that filled the sky over Luno Swamp, no one could see clearly and in the morning the swamp was like a big monster with its fangs and claws opening its bloody mouth waiting for them to throw themselves in. Due to the miasma disturbing the line of sight, this Luno swamp had even turned gray.

“How did you get in before?”

The look of Leon and the guards immediately fell when they thought back to their last trip here.

“There are so many people now…” Those with weaker spiritual power would definitely not be able to stay inside for that long. Dongfang Minghui rummaged through her space ring and found a bottle of Qingxin Pills, which she shared with everyone, “It can support you for up to a stick of incense worth of time. “


Leon nodded gratefully to Little Minghui and took the lead to walk into the miasma. The miasma was poisonous. The last time they came in they had to be wary of the poison that might come out of the miasma and were forced to walk a little slower. Before some of the guards could get out of this miasma forest, they died of poisoning.

Leon brought several people before and watched them die in the middle feeling that it was a pity.

“Little shaman, there are sometimes poisonous snakes in the miasma, be careful.”


With the two treasures of Little White and Toothless, any creature with a little intelligence will not approach these two evil spirits. This time it went more smoothly than last time. Those poisonous snakes and small poisonous creatures have long since avoided their group running far away.

“Strange…” Leon felt that it was a little weird that this time went smoothly.

“Where did you catch that medicinal plant last time?”

“There’s still a ten-mile road from the place, there is a swamp over there.”


Dongfang Minghui lifted the little radish out of her space ring, “Little radish, you have to show the way, or I’ll use you as medicine.”

“Whoa, don’t!”

“You have no choice.”

“Hey, but but they are all my friends…” The little radish regretted it a little, knowing that this would happen it would not be so greedy, otherwise, how could it be caught by humans, the little radish thought about its circumstances and burst into tears.

The sticky liquid dripped from its eyes and fell into the hands of Little Minghui, it had a sweet and greasy fragrance.

Dongfang Minghui saw this pitiful picture, and felt that she was doing a heinous and bad thing, she muttered, “I heard that your ancestors have an extra root, if I can find this, I promise not to use them and hurt your friends.”



“Don’t lie to me!”


Qian Wanyu looked at Little Minghui talking to the little radish with her spiritual consciousness. From Zhilan and Leon’s point of view, the little shaman was just holding it carefully, with a look of reluctance. The noisy plant had strangely become calm nestled in the hands of the little shaman showing a pleased appearance that made them look sideways, they always felt that the scene in front of them was too unbelievable.

“Little shaman, there is a situation.” Leon walked in front and noticed that something was wrong immediately running back.

“What’s the situation?”

The surroundings were so quiet that not even a single bird was seen, the snakes, worms, rats, and ants that were scurrying around were not seen at all. Of course, not all of this was because of Toothless and Little White. About 30 meters ahead, someone was setting up a large formation, trying to wipe out all the medicinal plants of the Fairy Boy’s Body plants!

Dongfang Minghui and Qian Wanyu hid on one side, watching the medical plants that looked like radishes being grabbed from the ground and thrown into a cloth bag for a long time which looked like a bottomless pit.

“Hey, those are my little friends!” The Little radish cried very sadly while holding Little Minghui’s hand. If Dongfang Minghui hadn’t grabbed it fast, the little radish would have jumped off and taken the initiative to run into the formation!

The purpose of this formation was to tie up the bodies of medicinal plants on the ground so that they cannot escape. There must be some ulterior purpose behind besieging so many of these plants…

“Seventh sister, what do they want to do?”

“The fairy boy’s body can shape the internal organs. As long as there is still a breath, it can change a person’s physique. It is a heavenly treasure.” This sort of plant was hard to find normally, how could they have ever seen a place where these radishes could be seen everywhere?

“Hey, please save my little friends, I-woo, I am willing to be your medicine plant.”

“Seventh sister?”

“I’m going to break it.”

If she wanted to break the formation, she had to walk into the formation.

“Little Colour, can you go grab those bags?” The vines stretched out suddenly from her hands, and before everyone could react, they had already snatched all the bags.

As soon as the bags were opened, several radish heads appeared, and Dongfang Minghui and the radishes stared at each other. “You all go to my space ring first, you can come out after this group of people are driven away.”

“That’s right.” The little radish was helping to vouch on the side, and it was very happy to see its little friends safe and sound. Most of these were half-sized radishes, and the age was similar to that of the little radishes so they were very weak and innocent, no wonder they didn’t know how to resist.

“There are so many, this is too sinful.” Wei Junlan couldn’t bear to see it anymore. There was a saying that has been circulating all the time, consuming everything out of greed and not leaving anything behind was simply destructive for everyone.

“Who is it come out?!”


Little Minghui held a silk umbrella in her hand, Toothless and Little White stared at the people.

The group of people were all dressed in black, and they didn’t show their faces. They had fair skin and looked gloomy. Dongfang Minghui’s bad feeling reappeared, she told Sister Zhilan and Leon, “Be careful, don’t let them touch you.”


“But, little shaman you’re still—”

Before they finished speaking, the flying leaves all over the sky floated into the air for no reason, like arrows they shot in front of the group of people, those who couldn’t dodge were shot full of holes. There were countless wounds, big and small, and although they are not dead, they also felt that these people were troublesome.

That attack came from the little shaman beside them!

Then there was another scene that they could not forget for a long time. Countless vines swept away from behind her. The vines, which usually looked innocent, suddenly appeared in the middle with countless thorns. Those thorns penetrated into their bodies and it seemed to harvest life easily.

“You are actually a Wood Spiritual Master?”

Zhilan was stunned, it took a long time for her to react. The other party was so young, she was very skilled in medicine and she could cultivate into a Spiritual Master at the same time. This girl was truly really talented. If she knew Dongfang Minghui’s actual age she probably wouldn’t be so emotional.

“Seventh sister!”

Little Minghui swung a silk umbrella. Toothless and Little White, fought side by side and forcibly cut a bloody path, “I’ll block it for you, you focus on breaking the formation.”


Qian Wanyu also entered the formation and found that the formation was more complicated than she imagined. This was originally a formation that nourished the plants on this land. Some kind person should have set up the formation here so that these plants could grow up healthily. Then recently someone imposed a confinement array outside this and used it to imprison all the medical plants in the array, leaving them no way to escape!

The formations influenced each other and had a tendency to merge fortunately, the time for the imprisoning formation was not long, only a few days at most. If they had come a few days later, then it would have been extremely troublesome. The two arrays combined together would become a solid mixed array…

“Little child, are you here to die?”

A dark dressed person suddenly appeared behind Little Minghui, throwing a cloud of grey mist in his hand.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t take a step back, the silk umbrella resisted it and the cloud of grey fog stuck to the umbrella, “You are Death Spiritual Masters!”

Since the last Royal Academy incident, except Meng Yixiao and Xian, she hadn’t seen these ghosts for a long time, “Toothless, give them a taste!”


Toothless spewed out two flames, but the man dodged quickly but the people behind him were not so lucky. They were burned by the true golden fire from Toothless. The two burning men were in unbearable pain and went crazy. They ran around everywhere, scaring those medical plants and running away.

There was chaos all around.

“Toothless nice work! When we go back I’ll get you something delicious.”


Toothless’ tail was about to go up in the sky!

“Hooho.” Little White was not afraid of the grey smoke, every time the group of people threw it at Little White, it kindly accepted it with peace of mind feeling happy at being fed it even wanted more!

“These people are weird, let’s get out!”

This was the first time the group of people had ever encountered Spiritual Masters that were not afraid of death. One by one, especially Little  Minghui with two spiritual pets kept killing more of them, and the more they fight, the more courageous they became! Their momentum soon stabilized and the people in black couldn’t take any advantage. Instead, it was Leon and Zhilan who suffered heavy casualties from these Death Spiritual Masters.

There was still a cloud of grey smoke digging into Leon’s chest, Dongfang Minghui didn’t dare to take risks because the other party had just injured his heart before, and it was still too early to recover.

She hurriedly peeled off the other party’s clothes and poured medicine on it, then she pulled Zhilan aside, “Sister Zhilan, please rub this medicine on him, don’t waste it or he will lose his life.”

Zhilan pointed to herself, and then looked at Leon who was about to lose his breath. Without saying a word, she immediately put aside the differences between men and women, and carefully rubbed the concoction that was flowing down his chest.

“Don’t let them go!”

To let them go was to let the tiger go back to the mountain. Dongfang Minghui couldn’t allow them to return.

Little Colour’s vines spread little by little from the big tree in front, forming a large net of about ten meters. Little Minghui walked step by step until she came to the man who snuck up on her before, “You wanted to catch so many plants, for what?”

“Tsk, a stinky dead girl, just because you want to meddle in someone’s business you’ve ruined our good deed.”

“Yes, so what? I want to meddle haha!”

Qian Wanyu took out the sword in her space ring, the flying sword flew in the air for a circle and then landed straight into the ground smashing the centre of the formation. When the formation was broken, the trapped plants that were running around could finally run away.

“Leave him to me.”

The whip in Qian Wanyu’s hand smashed the ground and the thunder and lightning smashed the group of people into black coal.

Dongfang Minghui took stock of the casualties here. Originally there were only a few people, but now it has been reduced by three. Three people were accidentally swallowed by the breath of death and turned into white bones. She checked carefully and determined all the injured people. Only after determining that there was nothing serious did she glance at her space ring.

A group of radish heads were intimidated by Love Flower, and they were all crowded into one space. It was abnormally crowded. Everyone squeezed each other fighting for a spot. When Little Minghui saw was the rows of radish heads that were stuck and couldn’t move black lines appeared on her forehead.

“Little radishes, you can come out.”

Whoosh, more than 100 plants jumped out of the space with a swish, crowding out the people on the side. There were a few traces on the radish, which were from being strangled by a red silk thread, Dongfang Minghui saw it at a glance.

Little radish stood aside, crying, crying very sadly, “Little Wu, Little Liu, everyone, go back quickly.”

“You came home with us!”

“No, no, I still have to play outside.” The Little radish started to cry, and while crying, it also looked back at Little Minghui, it looked so pitiful that Dongfang Minghui couldn’t bear to toss it.

A group of small radishes bent down towards them in unison, and then swished away, in a blink of an eye, there was no shadow left.

“Help me find your ancestor, maybe you just need to give up a small root and you can go home with your little friends.” The so-called ancestor was an adult plant so they only needed to cut off one or two whiskers which would be more valuable than these little radishes that were only three hundred or five hundred years old.


“When did I lie to you?”

“You wait for me.”

Qian Wanyu watched the little radish disappear, “You just let it go?”

“Seventh sister, don’t worry, I won’t play around with Aunt Mo’s life.” Truth be told she was even more nervous than her Seventh sister. Qian Mo was special to Seventh sister, she had to save her no matter what.


Everyone rested and tended to their injuries. The injured people leaned against the tree trunk quietly. Wei Junlan and Zhilan were guarding Leon and the others. During the fight just now, Wei Junlan was trapped behind by Dongfang Minghui. The feeling of being protected by a little child was weird. Yes, she really could never have felt more powerlessness.

Ha, a dignified young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance has been reduced to the point where she can only live based on the protection of others!

“Seventh sister, will they come here again?”

“They should.”

Even if all of them were killed, there will always be people looking for trouble. What’s more, the people they sent today were gone for no reason. Someone must come to find the reason. “You might as well tell those plants, if you can, move out of this place as soon as possible…”

Although the formation method that contains spiritual energy was good, if someone discovers this location it will be fatal.

“When the little radish comes back, I’ll talk to it.” The relocation of the family of radishes seems to be a big event.

Just after they waited for more than half an hour, the ground suddenly trembled.

Boom boom boom.

The ground cracked open and split into two, terrifying everyone present. Everyone gathered, a branch as thick as an arm stretched out from the crack, it stretched out in front of Qian Wanyu and Little Minghui extremely slowly, and a small radish jumped from it.

“Grandpa Sang Ye agreed and wants to invite you to come down.”

“Go down?”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at the cracked gap. It was pitch black below, and she couldn’t see anything else. She pointed to Qian Wanyu and said, “I want to take her with me, okay? Cough, she’s my little friend.”

The little radish, who understood the meaning of a little friend, glanced at Qian Wanyu with mung bean eyes, and seemed to wonder why two people who were so different could become playmates and reluctantly agreed.

“Sister Seventh and I are going down. You guys rest here for a while, we’ll be up soon.”

“Be careful.” Wei Junlan urged.

Dongfang Minghui, who originally wanted to use the vines to climb down bit by bit, didn’t have time to react. Her waist and Seventh Sister’s were swept away by the vines, and she shrank back from the crack and descended rapidly.

Little Minghui held Qian Wanyu’s hand tightly, the wind whistled in her ears, and she couldn’t open her eyes. Just when she was about to scream, the rattan gently placed her and Seventh sister on the ground.

Little radish twisted its butt and led the way in front, “Grandpa Sang Ye said he would like to thank you for saving our little friends.”

In the dark place, she couldn’t see the front clearly, only the warmth of Qian Wanyu around her gave her an incomparable sense of security, and she felt a little more at ease.

“Little radish, where are you taking us?”

“Take you to play!”

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