Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

On top of the new IUD chapter, I’ve also added a new novel, Summoner of miracles. Summary as follows and chapters are done up to chapter 5. This is an ongoing novel and updates will likely be slower in the future compared to IUD.

EDIT – Seems like someone had released a chapter 2 days before me on Novelupdates so seems like I might have to give up translating this. I’ll leave these chapters here though!

奇迹的召唤师 (Summoner of Miracles)

Author: 如倾如诉


First class ability in Magecraft but complete waste in terms of physical ability?

Able to summon tens of thousands of Familiars, but hide in the rear?

Regarding these issues, I just want to say a few words.

“That’s no problem!”

This is the story of a youth who obtained a miracle, an extremely great miracle.

“As long as I have Familiars, I am invincible!”


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Volume One: Fate Grand Order
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