Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 95

In the current world, Fenrir was the overlord. This research facility that only focused on science suddenly became a colossus that had the Aragami Punitive Force and its own private army. It could definitely be called a powerful influence.

Opposing such an influence was equal to opposing all of mankind, that would definitely lead to true obliteration for any person.

Fang Li was the same.

Although this infiltration investigation was a task from the Far East Branch, this was a shameful matter so Rindou Amamiya needed to vaguely ask Fang Li to investigate the Russian Branch.

The Far East Branch should also have suspected that this attack by Aphrodite was definitely related to the Russian Branch itself.

But this was only a suspicion. Without any evidence, then the Far East Branch has no reason to oppose it since they were both part of Fenrir.

Precisely because of this is why the Far East Branch needed people to investigate.

“Obviously they’re all part of the same influence yet they need to be so wary.”

But this wasn’t related to Fang Li. If the Far East Branch wants to investigate then investigate.

Fang Li only wanted the reward from the quest.

Therefore, Fang Li didn’t need to care about his identity being exposed and could do reckless things.

Holding a Russian Branch minister hostage isn’t really a big deal.

Therefore, Fang Li camouflaged himself as a patrolling soldier and walked to the command room. Using the key card, all the automatic doors opened and allowed him a direct path towards it.

Along the way, naturally, aside from Fang Li there were other soldiers. However, all the soldiers here were well trained and followed strict millitary protocol, not chitchatting or joking. Even if other soldiers thought Fang Li looked strange they didn’t show anything, still having a tight atmosphere and patrolling as normal.

With that being the situation, Fang Li only needed to lower his head and use the army cap to cover his face so the cameras wouldn’t show his face, then he could smoothly reach his destination.

At least, it was smooth from the beginning. Until he arrived at the last automatic door, Fang Li stopped.

Seeing the tightly closed door, Fang Li’s expression was somewhat helpless.

“Really…an ordinary soldier can’t enter the command room?”

Although that should be a normal matter, Fang Li still felt helpless.

If he could directly pass through then it would have saved him a lot of trouble.

“Looks like there’s no other way.”

Fang Li traced his black bracelet on his wrist. This ordinary looking bracelet was the Black Ring that he bought for 4000 Exchange Points at the auction that had a storage space.

Fang Li gently touched it and a waning moon dagger appeared in his hands.

Shortly after, his eyes turned into the ice blue mystic eyes.

Death lines appeared in Fang Li’s vision. Fang Li stared in front at the automatic door, at the Death Line on the door.

Then, he extended his hand and gently stroked the Death Line.


A slight crack reached into Fang Li’s ears.

The closed automatic door’s locks were immediately cut apart. Fang Li confirmed no one was around, then he pushed the front gate and moved in, jabbing his dagger into a nearby alarm.

The alarm that was about to ring was immediately dimmed.

Fang Li took back his dagger and turned around to close the door.

“Hopefully I can complete the quest before someone finds out.”

Therefore, Fang Li immediately picked up speed moving forward.


Going towards the command room, Fang Li heard some sounds.


Fang Li subconsciously looked to his side.

There was a gate there.

Within the gate, there was a luminous glow showing that the lights were on.

Fang Li held his breath and then heard something.

On the other side, there were some vague howls.

Hearing these cries, Fang Li’s eyes flashed.

“Aragami cries.”


These were Aragami cries.

“Why would there be an Aragami in a critical Russian facility?”

Moreover in this location?

This caused Fang Li to be suspicious.

“Is this related to Aphordite’s attack?”

Thinking of this, Fang Li moved forward and pasted his face on the door, looking through a crack into the scene inside.

However what he saw immediately shocked him.


With a deafening howl, there was a group of Aragamis that looked to have long tails and resembled beasts immediately dashed forward to something in front.

In front was a young girl holding a weapon in her hand, calmly looking at the monsters coming.

This was a very beautiful young girl.

The young girl had a silvery long hair.

Her age didn’t seem too old therefore she had a young and charming face containing some naivety increasing her cuteness.

But under this cute face, the young girl had a tender body, a full chest and an irritable attractive stature.

(TL Note: Ok author we get it >.>)

This cute and beautiful young girl was holding a huge bronze sword, her pair of sky blue eyes staring at the group of beasts that were rushing at her. Her expression was full of indifference. It was like she wasn’t interested in anything at all but had an enormous hatred towards the Aragami which although it didn’t show manifested in her indifferent heartlessness.

At once, the young girl swung the huge weapon and rushed forward as well.


With a chilly shout, the weapon in the young girl’s hands fell heavily on an Aragami’s face.


The strike immediately slammed the huge Aragami into several other Aragami behind it

The young girl turned her body and continued hitting the other Aragami.

This skill wasn’t low at all, in fact, it was quite splendid.

Fang Li was surprised.

Naturally, Fang Li wasn’t surprised because of the young girl’s skill but because of her status.

“It’s her unexpectedly?”



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