Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 94

Actually, this way, this world and the previous world accomplished the same thing with different methods.

In the previous world, to avoid the Kabane, the people made relay stations and hid in them defending the city stubbornly to survive.

In this world, to avoid the Aragami threat, the people made a similar foothold to hide in. Using the armoured wall made of bias factors, they could also survive through that method.

Through this, both worlds had a similarity.

However, they also had big differences.

For example, the relay stations in the previous world needed to circulate commodities and communicate through the Hayajiro which increases the danger.

But in this technically developed world, each foothold was self-sustaining and even if one was taken over by Kabane, so long as the others were standing, they would continue to survive.

The existence guaranteeing all this is Fenrir.

No matter, Far East Branch or the Russian Branch, both were part of Fenrir.

Therefore, each of these branches was equal to a strategic military base, with the people living in them not only being God Eaters but also researchers and army soldiers.

With that being the scenario, the building in the centre of the surroundings was heavily surrounded with numerous patrolling soldiers.

Each soldier had the most advanced machine guns and armoured clothing, even if an Aragami appeared they could divert them to some extent allowing the rest of the staff to respond in time and kill it.

If even the Aragami faced this sort of defence when it came to a person trying to infiltrate the place, then being discovered would definitely fill the person will bullet holes.

On top of that, the monitoring and checking done through various security devices made this building almost impossible to break through.

What a pity, Fang Li liked breaking through things.

No that’s not right.

It should be said that in regards to breaking through things, Fang Li can do so without hesitation.

Therefore under the stern guard, Fang Li’s figure turned into a shadow and dashed in extremely quickly.

When he saw patrolling soldiers, Fang Li would move sideways and hide in the shadows to evade them.

After the soldiers pass by, Fang Li would move sideways again, this had a superficial knowledge of the Nanaya Assassination Arts’ Flashing Dash movement. Accelerating to the limit in a short time then silently moving and turning into another shadow.

In a situation of full brightness with no shadows then it would be difficult to approach the facility.

Not to mention, there were also monitoring devices that Fang Li had to avoid, he had to travel long sections around them and it wasn’t very efficient but he slowly approached the facility.

“Luckily Rindou Amamiya’s tablet had a detailed map of the Russian Branch as well as the positions, the places where all the monitoring devices are and the soldiers’ patrol routes otherwise this would be impossible.”

With this in mind, Fang Li managed to avoid the patrolling officers and managed to find ways around the monitoring devices moving slowly. He spent an entire three hours before finally arriving at the wall of the facility.

Seeing the tall building, Fang Li took a deep breath and jumped up the wall.

If it was before entering the Chief God’s Dimension, jumping over such a tall wall would be impossible for Fang Li, he could only use the stupid method before of making holes in it using his Mystic Eyes and climbing up slowly.

But, after training with Shiki Tohno, Fang Li had managed to learn some superficial abilities of the Nanaya Assassination Arts and it was no longer as troublesome.

One of the Nanaya Assassination Arts’ characteristics was the ability to move like a spider and use the surrounding environment to create a strange method of movement.

For example, Shiki Tohno who had only learned the foundation level of the Nanaya Assassination Arts allowed him to be like a spider leaping back and forth between walls and even fly up and down them.

Fang Li could also mimic this to some extent.

Therefore, jumping over the tall wall, Fang Li was like a spider, sticking to the wall and with all four limbs focused he was like a beast jumping up at an exceptional speed to scale it and arriving at a window.

“This…if I had this skill back in my original world, I would definitely be famous on television.”

With those feelings, Fang Li jumped into the window and arrived at a corridor that gave off a high-tech feel.

Fang Li couldn’t relax as he hid in a nearby corner and looked.

There were two soldiers holding guns walking slowly.

“It’s going to be you!”

As his words fell, Fang Li struck and instantly attacked the two soldiers.

With Fang Li’s present strength, coping with these normal soldiers was easy. Therefore the fight ended in a split second.

The two soldiers couldn’t even respond before the situation changed and they only felt like their vision turned black as a shadow appeared.

There was nothing after.

The two soldiers were neatly struck by Fang Li and fainted directly.

Shortly after, Fang Li searched their bodies and found a card.

“Is this the keycard?”

In the Russian Branch’s main facility, to pass through without issue, a keycard was definitely necessary.

If he couldn’t open the automatic doors in the facility, Fang Li could only walk around the corridor and would fail to infiltrate the facility.

“Although the general soldier’s keycard rank isn’t high and wouldn’t be able to enter critical facilities, this will have to do.”

After finding the keycard, Fang Li also stripped one of the soldiers’ clothes and put them on. Then he hid their bodies in a dark corner.

After some time, Fang Li came out of the shadows and pulled down his army cap carrying a machine gun and observing his surroundings before deciding on a direction.

After the successful infiltration, Fang Li had already considered how to move next.

“Rather than going around aimlessly to investigate, might as well capture a Russian Branch’s minister and make him say all the information.”

That’s just how rash he was.


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