Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 93

“A-Rank Side Quest?”

Fang Li’s brow was raised as his heart moved. Who would’ve thought it’d be such a high-rank quest.

A reward of 10,000 Exchange Points.

If he got this reward, Main Quest 3 could immediately be completed with no more worries.

After all, this was a different world from the first Dungeon World, Fang Li was no longer a rookie and there were no longer any kill rewards, if he wanted to gain Exchange Points, he needed to get them from Hidden Quests and Side Quests.

Fang Li was initially wondering how to trigger a side quest but who knew that one would be delivered so quickly.

However, Fang Li didn’t show any happiness.

“Side Quests and Hidden Quests are ranked by difficulty based on the Envoy’s current strength, B-Rank quests would have 1/10 success rate, an A-Rank Quest is probably even harder.”

Therefore, even if the quest was accepted, if he couldn’t complete it would not only just be like dangling a carrot in front of him that he couldn’t touch the final result would definitely be dying trying to get it.

Not to mention the goal of this quest is to investigate.

Investigate god knows what?!

Furthermore, Fang Li had another question.

“Why do you want me to do this?” Fang Li asked Rindou Amamiya, “No matter what, if the Fenrir Far East Branch’s First Unit’s Captain does this it would have a higher chance of success right?”

At least, to Fang Li, within the ranks of God Eaters, Rindou Amamiya was at the peak. This superficial and careless God Eater actually had outstanding strength.

Was a Deusphage type Aragami fearful?

But in the original plot, Rindou Amamiya had actually fought against such an Aragami.

It was the Ouroboros mentioned before.

Now Fang Li understood the current time. It was the year 2070. The original plot only started in the year 2071.

In other words, from the present point, the plot only starts moving properly after a year.

Rindou Amamiya’s successful expedition against Ouroboros would also be one year later.

But even though he didn’t have this success now, by virtue of being able to fight against Ouroboros a year later, Rindou Amamiya’s strength was definitely excellent.

In other words, Rindou Amamiya had likely surpassed the Fifth Rank and was at the Fourth Rank.

Within the Far East Branch, the only one with the ability to fight against Ouroboros single-handedly was this one person.

“Let alone investigate, even if you attack Aphordite directly I wouldn’t find it strange.” Fang Li looked at Rindou Amamiya deeply and said, “With that being the case, why you do you want to give an ordinary soldier like me such an important mission?”

Hearing Fang Li’s words, Rindou Amamiya forced a smile and said, “You’re overestimating me.”

He helplessly continued, “Forget about attacking Aphordite, if I did that I’d definitely die a tragic death!”

Fang Li wanted to refute but Rindou Amamiya cut him off saying, “That specialised control type aragami not only has high strength it can also release a pheremone to control other Aragami, to fight it means fighting an army of Aragami, even the Russian Branch can’t handle it let alone a God Eater like me?”

Fang Li was at a loss for words. Fang Li had truly forgotten that Aphrodite’s genuine power wasn’t itself but in its ability to control other Aragami.

This was why Aphordite was also called the most fearful Aragami on Earth.

“Furthermore, you aren’t an ordinary soldier.” Rindou Amamiya shrugged and smiled saying, “Before when I saw your actions, even a general God Eater wouldn’t have that level of flexibility and speed, making you lead this investigation is good, I believe it’s quite appropriate for you to do it.”

The Chief God’s Dimension wouldn’t give him a side quest for no reason at all. Like the previous dungeon world, if he hadn’t visited the martial fight gathering at Aragane Station and met Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito he wouldn’t have triggered the first side quest.

If he hadn’t triggered the first side quest he wouldn’t have triggered the second side quest where he fought with Konochi Kurusu again on the Kousetsujou.

This time was the same. This side quest arrived here because of Fang Li’s performance before. Without that, then this quest would not have been given to Fang Li.

“Infiltrate and investigate?” Fang Li’s brow wrinkled and changed to one of having no other way out, “I’ve never done it before.”

“You’ll find a way.” Rindou Amamiya patted Fang Li’s shoulder and looked at him saying, “Compared to me, your flexibility is definitely more suitable for this quest, if you can do it you’ll have helped me a lot.”

Then Rindou Amamiya turned around and waved back to Fang Li.

“I anticipate you report, soldier-kun.”

Leaving behind those words, Rindou Amamiya left. Seeing his form go farther away, Fang Li touched the screen of the tablet in his hand and lowered his head lost in thought.

After a moment, he decided.

“This danger…is worth it!”

After the Aragami’s first wave was repelled, the Russian Branch was peaceful for awhile, no accidents happened at night. However, since the real attack was near, the entire Russian Branch had a tense atmosphere surrounding it, everyone was fully alert.

Especially in the main regions, the security was more stern with soldiers everywhere.

This facility was brightly lit scattering the darkness surrounding it with no places to hide.

With that being the case, a shadow like a bat passed by swiftly and gently.


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