Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 97

Towering red warning lights lit up the surroundings and an ear piercing alarm sounded in the air.

Fang Li who was planning on knocking out the young girl immediately changed his complexion. How could he not understand that he’d been played?

At that moment, all the automatic doors opened one after another. Soldiers wearing uniforms and holdin\g machine guns came from both left and right and saw Fang Li.

Seeing a soldier pushing a God Eater against a wall, all the soldiers were startled for a moment before understanding.


“There’s a trespasser!”

Each soldier immediately raised their guns. Seeing that, Fang Li could no longer attend to anything else, tossing away the machine gun and gripping his waning moon dagger against the young girl’s neck whilst hugging her in his bosom, capturing her completely.

“You…?”, the young girl’s voice was full of anger.

Their posture at the moment was quite ambiguous. Not only were their bodies pressed tightly against each other, Fang Li’s hand was also hugging the young girl’s waist forcing her into his bosom.

A nice smell floated into his nose however Fang Li couldn’t appreciate it right now, immediately retreating as he held the young girl in his bosom heading towards the training ground before.


“Chase after him!”

“Don’t let him run!”

All the soldiers flooded into the training room.

*Kacha kacha kacha*

Machine guns were all raised and pointed towards the training room in front.

Fang Li retreated as far as possible whilst holding the young girl in his arms so as to hide his face but he eventually hit a wall…

This was definitely a bad situation. The training grounds had no other entrance aside from the entrance.

But the entrance right now was totally sealed. Right now Fang Li was like a turtle caught in a jar, unable to escape.

The young girl in his arms calmly said in a low voice, “You can’t escape, surrender.”

Hearing this, Fang Li hadn’t managed to respond before a person came out from the soldier formation. This person was the Russian Branch’s captain from before.

“Who are you?” The captain immediately interrogated.

“Why did you break into the Russian Branch?”

Everyone was suddenly quiet.

All soldiers looked at Fang Li holding the young girl in front of him with their fingers on the trigger of the guns, so long as the captain said a word, they’d immediately start shooting.

Regarding this, Fang Li didn’t care too much, only lowering his voice and saying, “What’s wrong? Do you want this female to die?”

The dagger in his hand then moved towards the young girl’s chin and exposed her face to everyine.

All the soldiers immediately froze.

The captain was silent as well.

Seeing that girl in Fang Li’s arms, the captain hesitated a bit. Honestly, the captain didn’t want to let Fang Li go. Even if the opposite party had a hostage, he still wanted to capture Fang Li.

But this actually had nothing to do with the hostage. In fact, the young girl in his hands was only a rookie who had just joined the Russian Branch with a rare talent. The higher-ups in the Russian Branch had high regard for her and wanted to train her as a future king.

If he didn’t care about the hostage and started attacking, the Russian Branch would lose a rare seed. But compared to that, the captain was more concerned about something else. The opposite party’s goal.

Because right now in the Russian Branch there was a fact that couldn’t be exposed no matter what.

Once exposed, the higher-ups of the Russian Branch would be completely finished, the captain as one of the insiders would have the same fate.

Therefore, on the one hand, the captain didn’t want to injure the hostage but on the other hand, he couldn’t let the trespasser escape.

Therefore the captain tried to delay by saying, “You have no escape if you surrender now I can guarantee that there’ll be no harm that will come to you.”

“Sorry to not accept your good intentions”, Fang Li lowered his head and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I still have a plan.”

As his words fell, Fang Li’s hand moved. The moonlight dagger changed into a chilling blade light. Naturally, it didn’t cut the girl but the steel wall behind.

His blade immediately sliced the steel wall…


With a muffled bang, the thick wall turned into fragments blasting out exposing the darkness outside.

“What!?” The captain was surprised.

Not just the captain, all the soldiers were surprised with their faces covered in shock. Even the young girl in Fang Li’s bosom was shocked.

There was no reason to not be shocked.

As someone who had used this training ground, and as a Russian Branch God Eater, she knew how strong this wall was.

After all, this wall was meant to sustain training. The durability of the wall was astonishing, the thickness as much as a shop.

Therefore, let alone a normal person, a God Eater using a God Arc and using all their ability would also be hard pressed to cut through it.

But, right now Fang Li had just sliced this thick wall like tofu and made a huge hole…

Could this not cause any shock?

After the initial shock, the young girl cried out.

That’s because after this, the young girl was pushed forward and he jumped out from the gap in the wall.

“Not good!” The captain’s expression changed as well.

Therefore the captain immediately ordered.

“Third team, fourth team come with me, we need to confirm the condition of “that” thing!”

With those orders everyone started moving.

Only the young girl remained, running up to the hole in the steel wall and seeing the dim night outside, her eyes glittering.

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