Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 5

For some reason, Rozen deeply dreaded Lev. Although this professor had a lot of connections in Chaldea and even Mashu respected him, Rozen didn’t like him at all.

That’s because even if this person gave him a frank smile, Rozen still felt terrified.

This feeling was like someone had pasted a mask on his face.

Behind that frank smiling face, Rozen didn’t know what it was…

Therefore, Rozen only felt dread towards Lev. On the surface though Rozen didn’t show anything giving a false smile as well and saying, “You came as well, Professor Lev.”

Hearing this, Lev nodded, the smile on his face not lost but instead, he smiled deeper until his eyes narrowed.

Then he said, “Although this isn’t your first time fighting in simulated combat, Spiritron drive has risks after all and it’s possible to be stuck there, therefore, it’s not just the technical staff I must supervise as well.”

Rayshift couldn’t be done casually.

To spiritualise the human body and send it to another time meant that this time didn’t have that person’s existence, meaning that there’s a possibility of suitable people to lose their sense of existence…

If teleportation was directly made, then in the modern world, the person would cease to exist, if they wanted to return back they would receive a huge repelling force from the current time and can’t return.

Therefore, when Rayshifts are being done, all Chaldea staff need to go all out and show the existence of the suitable people to make sure their concept does not vanish and aid them in returning instead of being lost in that time.

In addition, there was also a need to carry out a spiritualisation and manifestation process to the physical body which could cause the suitable people to vanish, the risk could only be imagined.

In order to adapt to the Rayshift method, for some time now, the suitable people headed by Rozen would enter the Spiritron drive in order to carry out makeshift combat.

As mentioned, this was the simulation test for Rayshifting.

Sending the suitable people into a virtual world and carrying out imaginary combat to adapt to the burden of Rayshifting

Besides this, it was also to allow the suitable people to get training for fighting. In order to safeguard humanity, suitable people will need to fight all the time and this was a good way to prepare.

However, the ones truly fighting wasn’t the suitable people. At best they were only auxiliary.

Something that could change human history itself and cause it to vanish would not be something a trivial magus can accomplish.

In order to save humanity from it, there was another power needed. Suitable people operate this power and do not actually fight themselves.

Rozen was naturally clear about this.

“Although I really don’t want to put my safety in Professor Lev’s hands…” Rozen thought to himself.

But there was no other means since Lev was the highest level technical staff, with him present he could deal with any issues.

Compared to the temperamental Olga Marie, Lev was the most reliable character in Chaldea.

Even Rozen had to acknowledge this fact.

Furthermore, besides Lev, Rozen had someone else that he could feel relived handing over his safety to.

That person just arrived as well.

“Sorry! I’m late!”

With a flustered sound, a man in a white coat ran into the room. This person wore a long white coat, he had a thin body and his orange long hair was tied up in a ponytail. He had the aura of a doctor around him.

Seeing this doctor, everyone’s reactions were different.

“Dr Roman.”

Mashu had as if seen someone to rely on and relaxed.

“Were you late as well? Roman!?”

Olga Marie was infuriated as her anger soared again.

“You brothers are really..”

Professor Lev was somewhat helpless.

As for Rozen, seeing the doctor that had just come in he couldn’t help but smile.

“Didn’t think that you’d be later than me, aniki.”


This person was exactly that, Rozen’s older brother, Roman.

“You…did you arrive before me Rozen!?”

Seeing the full control room and even his little brother here, with Rozen laughing secretly Roman stopped his footsteps and his figure appeared quite distressed.

His expression was bitter as he said, “Right…sorry everyone, I was planning on being punctual but I found an interesting website last night and accidentally spent all night on it…”

It seemed like this younger brother was like the elder brother.


Mashu who had just loosened up turned silent.

Olga Marie immediately got angry.

“Do you know what sort of responsibility you have?!”

At this moment, Olga Marie was extremely angry at both Rozen and Roman.

“One of you is the number one suitable person in Chaldea and the other is the head of Chaldea’s medical division, but you’re both late on such an important day. Do you think my patience is infinite?!”

Obviously, her dissatisfaction with both of them had hit a peak.

But like she said, Rozen was the number one amongst the suitable people and Roman was the head of the medical division, responsible for managing the Rayshift suitability and the physical conditions of all the suitable people, he was quite an important person.”

Regarding Olga Marie’s anger, unlike Rozen who kept talking back, Roman was immediately cowed and said, “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I’m really sorry! I won’t dare to do it next time!”

Roman kept bowing and apologising as if he was extremely scared.

This made Rozen speechless.

“Really losing face for our family…” Rozen said.

“This is called a strategic submission!”

Under his little brother’s despise, Roman refused to accept it and stubbornly retorted.

“What strategic submission? I’ve only heard of a strategic retreat!”

“Just because you’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!”

“But aniki, your case is just because you’re afraid isn’t it?”







The two brothers kept quarrelling and made Mashu and Lev nearby dumbfounded.


Olga Marie angrily shouted.

“Take your positions and immediately start the simulated combat!”

With Olga Marie’s shout, the quarrel finally stopped.

The simulated combat would soon begin.


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