For some reason, Rozen deeply dreaded Lev. Although this professor had a lot of connections in Chaldea and even Mashu respected him, Rozen didn’t like him at all. That’s because even if this person gave him a frank smile, Rozen still felt terrified. This feeling was like someone had pasted a mask on his face. […]

Compared to the introverted Rozen who had just walked into the control room, it was a young girl that looked extremely anxious. She had waist length snow white hair and there was a noble air around her. She was wearing aristocratic clothing and her eyes were filled with orange light containing a fiery energy exuding […]

Chaldea was gathering Mysteries across the world, collecting science and technology as well, giving the facility a futuristic feel. Walking along the corridor could make one feel the high tech capabilities in it. Within the facility, there were general areas and restricted areas everywhere. Depending on the person’s status and jurisdiction, they would have access […]

The year 2018. That is the final moment that 《Magecraft》 will still exist. Society is made by the hands of people, there are a special group of people called 《Magus》 that seek the truth. They are a gathering of scholars. A group of people secretly studying Mysteries. Through the power called 《Magecraft》 they can create […]

“Senpai… Senpai…” In his fuzzy conciousness there seemed to be some person calling him. “Senpai… wake up quickly…” The sound got more and more clear until he could identify the master of the voice. The voice sounded delightful, light and lovely. Therefore, the Master is definitely a young girl. Feeling the soft sound calling out […]

Humans had all sorts of ways to live their lives. Some people were successful. Some people trembled with fear. Some people prospered. Some people were anxious with difficulties. But regarding a merely two-year-old child, these were all not things that could be realised. But then, how should this child’s life be described? Cautious? Fearful? At […]