Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 4

Compared to the introverted Rozen who had just walked into the control room, it was a young girl that looked extremely anxious. She had waist length snow white hair and there was a noble air around her. She was wearing aristocratic clothing and her eyes were filled with orange light containing a fiery energy exuding anger that made people want to keep at a distance.

This is a daughter of the Animusphere Magus Family, the current Director of Chaldea, Olga Marie Animusphere.

Bloodline is extremely important in the magic world. The Animusphere Family within the magic world could be called a second to none prestigious family among prestigious families.

Olga Marie as the Animusphere Family’s daughter replaced her Father’s responsibility and became Chaldea’s director three years ago. For a trivial ordinary magus, such a person could only be looked up to.

However, right now, Rozen actually showed an expression of being extremely sick and he didn’t even bother to hide it.

With that being the situation, Olga Marie filled with fire and fury arrived in front of Rozen.

“Yesterday I sent out a memo informing all Chaldea personnel that today we would carry out simulated combat, besides technical staff, all the suitable people are in this hall, you better give me an explanation!”

Olga Marie was face to face as she scolded Rozen. Her anger made the somewhat timid Mashu step back and her small hands pulled on Rozen’s sleeve indicating that he should apologize.

It was a good idea but what a pity, Rozen didn’t apologize at all.

“Aren’t I here right now?”

Facing her scolding, Rozen impatiently retorted. Naturally, this made Olga Marie’s fury rise even more.

“BUT YOU ARE TWO HOURS LATE! TWO HOURS!!!” Olga Marie shouted out and pointed behind her, “Look at all these people here, waiting for you for the past two hours!”

Hearing this, Rozen followed her fingertip and looked to the rear of the Central Control Room.

He could see a number of people standing by some object that looked like a rescue pod. There were seven people altogether. Their age all similar to Rozen’s. These people were the same as Rozen and had suitability for Rayshifting.

Individuals that could Rayshift were extremely hard to find in the world, even for Chaldea, they had only managed to confirm less than 40 compatible people, there were only ten in the hall right now and the rest were being gathered all over the world.

These seven people were those first group of suitable people in Chaldea right now. Naturally, Rozen was included.

The difference between them was that Rozen arrived at Chaldea three years ago and had been here for three whole years. Mashu arrived two years ago and therefore they had had a friendship for the past two years.

In other words, regarding the matters of Chaldea, no one understood more than Rozen. Rozen was also, therefore, the number one of all the suitable people in Chaldea’s record.

Right now, all these suitable people looked at Rozen. Probably they weren’t feeling too happy about having to wait for two hours for Rozen?

In addition to that, there was a crowd of technical staff operating various equipment that also looked at Rozen with an expression of impatience in their eyes.

This allowed Rozen to know that his tardiness probably caused all these people to be angry.

It’s just that…

“Since it’s so important then you didn’t need to wait for a late person like me, just exclude me and directly carry out the simulated combat, wouldn’t that be ok?”

Rozen unenthusiastically said that to Olga Marie.

“You…” Blue veins popped out of Olga Marie’s forehead.

“Senpai…” Mashu worriedly kept pulling at Rozen’s sleeves but it was no use.

Just when Olga Marie was about to go crazy, a frank laughter could be heard.

“Don’t say that Rozen, currently out of all the suitable people on record, you’re the most outstanding one, the Director also has high expectations of you and doesn’t want you to waste your talents like that.”

As those few words were heard a person could be seen walking over. It was a person wearing a green coat and a top hat, he also had a walking stick in hand looking like an intelligent man.

“Professor Lev.” Mashu saluted towards the person.


Olga Marie also looked like she had relaxed more seeing the opposite party and restrained the arrogant aura around her.

“Thanks for the trouble Mashu, luckily you were there to get Rozen here at the last second.” The man called Lev smiled towards Mashu and then looked at Olga Marie saying, “Don’t be too angry Marie, Rozen definitely didn’t mean to do it, forgive him will you?”

“But…” Olga Marie couldn’t answer back and finally coldly snorted.

To be able to make the temperamental Chaldea Director so obedient, even in Chaldea, there was only one person that could do it.


Rozen looked at the man that was smiling at him with impatience still plastered on his face.

Lev Lainur.

He was an excellent magus that worked as a technician in Chaldea, providing support in technical areas and also contributed a lot to Chaldea. He was here before the current director and had the deep faith of the previous director, being appointed to carry out a lot of important work.

The Near Future Observation Lens, SHEBA was a creation from this person.

This person was also very much trusted by Olga Marie, making him the number two character in Chaldea.

He had a frank personality and handled matters quite well. Even Olga Marie would follow his suggestions and couldn’t deny him.

But Rozen…

(It’s the same as last time, giving off that chilling air…)

Seeing Lev’s smiling face, Rozen hid the dread in his heart.


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