Mu Qing was an inner sect disciple, a shattered soul tag would definitely attract the attention of the Qing Lan Sect. At that time, someone would definitely go to the Demon Beast Forest to track them down, and it’d be good if they couldn’t be traced. If they were, what would be waiting for them […]

Mu Qing descended from the sky with an angry face, his sword pointed at them. Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth in fear that she would accidentally scream for help. Little Colour: “…” Dongfang Wanyu instinctively threw out her long whip, which was very flexible, and aimed it at Mu Qing, “Who are you?” She really […]

Dongfang Wanyu pointed at Little Color, “Is it the magic plant you made the contract with?” “Yeah, cute right?” Dongfang Minghui foolishly lifted Little Color to the Female Protagonist’s face, showing off a bit. Qing Mo was also checking it out, looking at it for half a moment before communicating with Dongfang Wanyu, “If I’m […]

“Be careful, the other side has a Level 3 Great Spiritualist and the other two are each a Level 5 Water Spiritual Master and Level 4 Wood Spiritual Master. ” Even the worst one was levels higher than what they could deal with, Little Colour was dismayed. Although Mu Qing had a smile on his […]

That’s the first time Dongfang Minghui had ever seen the lightning rat get angry, it was completely different from the previous cute animal. It squeaked and growled with unusual anger, right now it was like a ninja, you never knew when it would appear, let alone from which direction it would attack, it was quick […]

Blood Fiend Alliance’s Young Master Wei Junlan’s nose was unusually sharp, and he followed the special scent of the Purple Cloud Fruit to find the Flying Elephant Beast’s lair. He saw a group of beasts that were not afraid of death, but before he could give the order to attack, the group of brainless beasts […]

“Later just throw the Purple Cloud Fruit into the Flying Winged Elephant’s nest.” Dongfang Minghui commanded, she didn’t want to fight against the Blood Fiend Alliance, she couldn’t carry that sort of hatred with this pitiful strength of hers. She would simply just play a little trick and throw the dirty water on the Flying […]

The Spiritual Masters standing away from the central part of Blackpool were using their spirit weapons. The multi-colored spiritual energy gathered in the swamp to form a blood-red net, viciously trying to catch the three heads that were rushing up to the sky from the ground. The blood net wrapped around one of the heads […]

“Can’t you just stop here, my famous life going vertically and horizontally is going to end here if you continue…” There was a helplessness in the demon plant’s voice. “Hmph, you thought I wouldn’t dare to come here.” Actually, if it weren’t for the Female Protagonist’s goodwill at stake, she would have run long ago. […]

Dongfang Wanyu had done a little sneaky thing, freeing the Level 5 Flying Elephant while they were all still fighting, and then running off with Dongfang Minghui without a word, leaving a group of people to be like dog eat dog and fight each other. Along the way, Dongfang Minghui felt her eyelids pounding and […]