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MIWW Chapter 181 Part 1

They followed the sleepy dragon seal to the memory mirror, and the surrounding water turned into a long silver river. At the other end of the river, countless things like snowflakes were falling down in groups, looking like a sphere. There were all kinds of colors.

However, there were mostly gray balls here, and the sleepy dragon seal stretched out its hand, hooking the gray picture with a light touch.

“Why do these things have different colors?” Little Color curiously stretched out the vine branches but was slapped back by the hand of the sleepy dragon seal. “These are the memory light clusters hidden in the mirror, and the colors represent the emotions reflected by people in their memories.”

Qian Wanyu looked around and found that most of the memories were gray, with the least red and not much blue. “Since colors represent the emotions in people’s hearts, then what is mixed together is should be multi-colored. Why is there only a single color?”

“This…” Sleepy Dragon Seal, having stayed in Sleepy Dragon Valley for many years, would take out these colorful memories and read them again when bored. “It’s probably because there are bitterness, laughter, fear, and other emotions in the memory. Together, they blend into a solid color for the memory light cluster.”

“I want to go see that.”

At the corner of the sea of memory balls, there was a very small light cluster, about the size of a palm, and the color wasn’t bright, but it wasa rare colorful light cluster.

“These memories can portray the complex emotions in people’s hearts, and the things they experienced must be wonderful.” Qian Wanyu didn’t want to see the gray memories; the dark atmosphere gave people a sense of frustration, as if there was nothing but sadness, death, and nothing else in the entire memory.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this memory before.” Sleepy dragon seal walked over, shaking his head, holding the colorful light ball in his palm, and still felt inexplicable. Could it be because it left for twenty years, so other memories appeared in the memory mirror? Memories it doesn’t know?


The sleepy dragon seal swayed the ball of light into the air, and the slow flow of the water gradually condensed into a screen. In the center of the screen, all kinds of memories Qian Wanyu and Qing Mo carved on the wall were portrayed.

Sleepy Dragon Seal’s jaw almost fell to the ground in surprise. It looked at Qian Wanyu and then at Little Colour. “You — when did you come to Sleepy Dragon Valley?!”

Qian Wanyu and Little Color knew what was happening; all the previous speculations had been confirmed, but obviously, this memory was only part of it.

Qian Wanyu carefully read all the content in the light screen, over and over again, and then asked in the sea of souls, “Qing Mo, what do you think?”

Qing Mo’s expression was complicated. He was considered an independent individual in the light group, but now his soul body was unstable. It was obviously impossible to leave Qian Wanyu’s soul sea. “This group of memories represents the past.”

And this ‘past’ couldn’t be too long; too long, and he would still be inside the colorful stone.

Qing Mo told Qian Wanyu about the timeline. “The only time I could have appeared alone without relying on you, was probably in the last few years.”

“But…” Qian Wanyu felt that there was another possibility, “Let’s take a look at these memories for the time being, and then make a conclusion.”


The Sleepy Dragon Seal was just a spirit body. Its mind determined that it shouldn’t think too hard about too many things. Even if it found this strange memory in the memory mirror, it doesn’t care. “Now you should trust me. I didn’t take your memories away, and I don’t know why your memories are here.”

Little Color sneered, “As long as you know that the memory mirror is here, and it happened to discover part of our memories, who else could’ve done it?”

Even Sleepy dragon seal felt that that was a reasonable suspicion… “Yes, but this is the first time I’ve come back in twenty years. Aren’t you always by Minghui’s side the whole time?”

Little Color was dumbfounded, and this question fell into an endless loop again.

“Is there any way for me to read all the memories here?”


Qian Wanyu agreed with the justification of the dragon seal just now. They had been following behind the Ninth Sister, which was equivalent to following the sleepy dragon seal all the time. Even the Sleepy Dragon Seal was not clear how these memories were here; the real answer might need to be found by themselves.

She didn’t know what method sleepy dragon seal used, but it finally sent a ball into Qian Wanyu’s forehead.

Qing Mo guarded her sea of souls wholeheartedly, seeing those past memories flashing past their eyes like a movie. Seeing that Qian Wanyu seemed to be in a trance, Little Color didn’t want to disturb her but viciously tied the sleepy dragon seal again. “With me here, don’t try to run away. Let me see what these are.”

Unlike Qian Wanyu, Little Color chose some dark color memory balls. After reading a memory, it suddenly realized what happened in the Dragon Valley.

One person and one demon plant concentrated on digesting the memory in the memory mirror.

Qian Wanyu fell into deep thought after reading it. “That tree.”

Thanks to Ninth Sister, she never cared whether plants were dead or alive. After so many memories disappeared from her mind, the only thing she remembered was that green plant. Slowly thriving, dying, yet the big tree always seemed to be there.


After Qian Wanyu finished speaking, the word reincarnation flashed in her mind inexplicably.

“It goes round and round, it’s like the cycle of reincarnation.”

“There’s something wrong with that tree.”

“Go and see.”

After Qian Wanyu came up from the deep pool, she took out a small stone and repeated all the things carved on the wall in her memory. After writing, she asked herself, “Why should I remember these things?”

The first time she saw the things in the memory light cluster, she found that the words on the walls and the ground were all hers, and she only had this habit when she calculated something.

“Maybe what you are calculating is the memory that we disappeared, but all the times are right.” Qing Mo even suspected that the time when they fell from the yellow sand was wrong, but there was nothing wrong with the calculations.

“Time—” Qian Wanyu sat on the ground, “Memory—”

Mo Ce was sitting next to her, seeing that she had gone crazy and filled all the space in the stone gate with these things he couldn’t understand. He was used to being silent, so he didn’t approach her curiously to disturb her.

Little Color was not as fast at seeing things as her. It took Qian Wanyu two days to digest all the memories, and then it secretly flipped through and found a small section. After following Qian Wanyu up, it couldn’t help complaining. It said, “Why are these memories segmented segment by segment, not coherent at all? If you don’t tell me, I don’t know how many years ago this happened.”

The location is the same but the characters were different.

But some of the people left behind who entered the Sleepy Dragon Valley by mistake will appear together with new people, and the time in Little Color’s mind began to be disordered, especially after watching Qian Yiling enter Sleepy Dragon Valley and then them entering Sleepy Dragon Valley 20 years ago. The appearance of the memories wasn’t good at all, and it is almost impossible to distinguish between twenty years ago and today.

Sleepy Dragon Seal’s neck was pinched by Little Color, and it said unhappily, “It means you are stupid, I can clearly tell how many years ago that memory was.”

Little Color frowned, “I’m stupid? How can I be so stupid? Please tell me honestly, is it because you were born in this valley that you can distinguish so clearly? However, you seem to have been away for twenty years. How do you know that no one has come in for twenty years?”

The sleepy dragon seal was blocked so much that its neck stretched out. Of course, it was out of anger, “I know it, I know it!”

Qian Wanyu stared at them blankly… in a daze.

Time, memory, reincarnation.

Something flashed through her mind, so fast that she didn’t have time to catch it. She thought carefully about the conversation between Little Color and Sleepy Dragon Seal just now, “Qing Mo, will Ninth Sister and I, no, is it me and Ninth Sister, you and Little Color and Sleepy Dragon Seal, did we go to another place and leave this memory in this place, just to allow me to continue to calculate something?”

After experiencing so many weird things, Qian Wanyu felt that this hypothesis was not impossible.

However, this time was different from what they encountered before, because everyone had no memory of the disappearance. Similarly, Toothless and Mo Ce were excluded. Mo Ce’s disappearance aside, why did Toothless suddenly disappear?

“Don’t think about it for now, just look at these things. I found that it seems to be related to the time axis theory.” After Qing Mo recognized it, he could barely see the time mark, such as a hundred years, twenty years, three years, etc. These keywords, all seem like they point to one thing, “Wanyu, it’s reincarnation!”

“That’s right, it’s unbelievable that there is a law of reincarnation and rebirth in this sleepy dragon valley!”

“No, it’s not that the Dragon Valley has such a law, but that the treasure hidden in the Dragon Valley has the law to make it reincarnate.” Qing Mo easily pointed out the problem, “Unless the Dragon Valley itself is alive.”

“But, that tree has always been standing upright. It grew slowly from the initial sapling to a towering tree, and slowly withered. If it was reincarnation, why didn’t it grow slowly from a small sapling after a hundred years?”

“We should go and see.”

“No—” Qian Wanyu shook her head in denial, she stood up and walked back and forth on the steps, “Sleepy Dragon Seal.”

Little Color and Sleepy Dragon Yin, who were spraying each other, looked at her in unison.

“Can you tell me the time period of the corresponding things in my memory?” As Little Color said, although she had the memories in her mind, she couldn’t tell the time sequence at all, and there was a large blank period.

That is to say, the sleepy dragon valley had no visitors during that period.

“Let me go.” Sleepy dragon seal kicked Little Color hard with his only leg, but he couldn’t reach it.

“Little Colour, let go of it first.”

“Hmph, good luck to you.”

Qian Wanyu took a small stone and began to arrange the time on the steps where she was sitting. She had no scruples about Mo Ce next to her. Little Color was curious and wanted to push away the sleepy dragon seal, but accidentally stepped on what she copied.

Qian Wanyu said without turning her head, “Little Colour, you and Mo Ce both go inside the deep pool, don’t disturb me.”

Mo Ce looked at the densely packed writing on the ground, and stepped into the deep pool consciously. He couldn’t bear the terrifying sense of pressure below him, so he had to come up first to catch his breath, but he didn’t expect them to stay below that long.

Little Color turned into a vine branch, floating on the surface of the water, secretly rubbing the vine to touch the dragon’s eyes and the dragon’s mouth of a statue. It was trying to reach the dragon’s mouth from the clear water against the current. Suddenly, it pulled out a fist-sized smooth stone from the dragon’s mouth, and there was a soft halo on the stone, like a gem that had been nourished for a long time.


Qian Wanyu who was squatting on the stone steps defenceless felt her whole body tilt to the left, she was one meter away from the left, and the dragon seal flew directly to the wall, as if it had been thrown hard,.

Mo Ce, who was floating in the deep pool, also moved from the right to the left, and hit the dragon’s head hard.

“What just happened?”

Qian Wanyu frowned slightly, and with a slight sweep of her bright eyes, she spotted the crystal clear jade tied to the vine branch, giving off a very soft light, “Little Colour, what is this?”

Little Color was taken aback. While shaking, it didn’t have time to hide this thing. “I don’t know; it was taken out of the dragon’s mouth.”

Qian Wanyu looked at the faucet closest to it. The trickling water was getting slower and slower, and finally, only a few drops of water were dripping down from the dragon’s mouth. “Put it back.”

Little Color was a little reluctant but obediently pushed the stone back in the end.

They waited for a whole stick of incense before the faucet began to spit out water again.

The slanted stone gate slowly returned to its original position like a scale. Qian Wanyu’s train of thought was interrupted. Looking at the corresponding time on the steps, it took her a while to realize, “Sleepy Dragon Seal, let’s continue.”

After this encounter, the vines of Little Color slowly penetrated into the mouths of the other eight dragon heads, and the branches quickly retracted after being lightly touched. The mouths of these nine dragon heads were all stuffed with such a stone. The stone seems to be related to the entire Sleepy Dragon Seal. If it wasn’t for the sudden and frightening scene just now, it really wanted to take out all the nine stones and play with them.

Little Color didn’t know what they were researching, and after staying bored for a while, it dived into the deep pool to watch Minghui.

Dongfang Minghui was really not in good condition. She was abused so badly that her blood vessels were all bleeding, but every time her blood flowed out, it shrank back. It was strangely tight. When Little Color came, it saw her little friend meditating; the illusory shadow in the distance was still there.

“It’s my turn.”

After it was driven away by Dongfang Minghui’s soul sea, it had been showing people its real body. It was currently in the form of a fifteen or sixteen years old, and its appearance was quite delicate. It seems that it had been with Dongfang Minghui for a long time, and there were layers of her appearance in its shadow.

“Who are you?”

The illusory shadow made a move without saying a word, and Little Color, who had been on guard for a long time, dodged. Little Color was a little eager to try, and it still felt a little lucky and proud at dodging that.

However, extreme joy soon gave way to sorrow. The hand slowly retracted and at the same time somehow grabbed its vines. After waving it around, its whole body showed a 360-degree rotation, and it flew into the air with a swish, out.

It just happened to fall right in front of Dongfang Minghui’s eyes.

After Dongfang Minghui opened her eyes, her eyes were very calm. She looked at Little Colour, stood up calmly, and continued to walk towards the phantom.

Again and again, Little Color was so abused that it had no ability to fight back. In the end, its whole body trembled with anger, but it was still looking for abuse while being angry. It had a faint feeling that it was about to advance. “Come again.”

Dongfang Minghui felt it very strange; there was a spirit power in her body that did not belong to her running around. She calmed down and checked the situation of her dantian, and only then did she touch a little sealed power.

It was the power of this seal that was overflowing.

It was an extremely pure pale green spiritual power, slightly different from the spiritual power she emitted.

“Little Colour, the seal in my body seems to be opened.”

When Little Color, who was being abused by the phantom, heard this, it lost its mind and was beaten to the ground. It flew ten meters away before stopping.

Dongfang Minghui was slightly taken aback. She felt that the phantom was a bit ruthless just now. She had fought against the opponent so many times but wasn’t beaten that badly. Was Little Color distracted?

She had heard earlier that the higher the rank, the more eccentric the Spiritual Master’s temper, and it was probably because of this that the phantom senior stretched out his hand to teach Little Color a lesson. She gave Little Color a sympathetic look.

Little Color couldn’t get up after climbing for a long time. It felt like a waste plant. It didn’t feel so uncomfortable even when it was struck by lightning.

However, seeing the spiritual power emanating from its little partner, Little Color gritted its teeth and crawled back step by step.

“Little Colour?”


One person and one plant sat down facing each other, and slowly an invisible spirit body swayed around the two of them, and the sealing power in Dongfang Minghui’s body poured out. This was the first time she soberly faced the spiritual energy of Little Color. It contained a huge power, huge spiritual power that would make people tremble.

The entire deep pool was slightly rippling, and Mo Ce, who had been in the deep pool, felt it first and was stunned for a while. “Has someone advanced?”

Qian Wanyu was interrupted again; spiritual power rushed towards her face, and part of it automatically rushed into her body, with a familiar feeling. “It’s Ninth Sister.”

“She’s so fast…” Qing Mo firmly believed in Qian Wanyu’s judgment given her sensitivity to Minghui’s spiritual energy. “But has she been promoted too often recently?”

“It’s a bit fast.” But in some of their lost memories, it seemed as though Ninth Sister had advanced during that time so there should be no conflict with the current promotion. She decided to unravel the secret of reincarnation first, then all their confusion at the moment would be solved. “I need to solve this law.”


When Dongfang Minghui woke up from her meditation, she felt that she had been promoted again inexplicably and had become a ninth-level Spiritual King. She froze for a moment, only to find that Little Color was looking at her with resentful eyes.

Haha is Little Color jealous? Enjoy everyone~ If any of you are still playing Genshin Impact, how great is Fontaine?!

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