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MIWW Chapter 180 Part 2

No one answered its question. Dongfang Minghui was a little distraught because she had accidentally lost Toothless. She thought that this sleepwalking symptom was just a small deviation in her life, like originally sleeping in place A, but waking up to find herself in place C. There was still a huge difference between the two places. But unexpectedly, because she had no memory of the night, little Toothless was lost.

She was supposed to swim up slowly, but she was not in the right state of mind at all and accidentally continued to sneak down. It became more and more difficult to walk, and suddenly an illusory shadow appeared about five meters away from them.

The figure was ethereal, and when water droplets flowed past him, one could vaguely see the ethereal figure distort, making it even more frightening to see clearly.

“Who are you?”

“Too weak.”

Dongfang Minghui was waved away lightly by the opponent and almost rolled out. If it had been before, she would have been crushed into dust by this phantom, without even the ability to resist, but now, she could at least stabilize her posture.

But her thinking was too simple, and soon the opponent’s powerful pressure became a hundred times heavier than the gravity-crushing room. Dongfang Minghui felt her bones rattling, and they would probably break in a second.

“Who are you?” Qian Wanyu swung the lightning whip in her hand, and the short distance was quickly covered by her. The whip swept Dongfang Minghui’s waist and pulled her over immediately.

Dongfang Minghui felt that the hundred-fold weight on her body suddenly became much lighter. She gasped for breath first. If someone hadn’t supported her, she would have already slipped down. She grabbed her wrist with her backhand and said, extremely wronged, “Seventh sister, I lost Toothless.”


“Toothless is not in my space ring and I don’t know where he went. Little Color doesn’t know what to do. Seventh sister, where will Toothless go?”


Little White suddenly ran out of Qian Wanyu’s soul sea and roared hysterically at the phantom several times.



Dongfang Minghui held Seventh sister’s palm tightly with her fingers, and she said excitedly, “Seventh sister, did you hear Toothless’s voice just now? I seem to have heard his voice loud and clear, it’s incomparably stronger than before.”

“Hmm.” Qian Wanyu was able to understand Little White’s eyes and Toothless’ voice just now. “Little White said that Toothless is here.”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head again and again. “Seventh sister, could it be that Little White smelled wrong—”

“Aww——” Little White arched its big head in dissatisfaction. “Aww.”

“This Sleepy Dragon Valley is really weird. It’s been a long time since there was a place that’s given even me a creepy feeling,” Qing Mo said silently. “Judging from all the things that are wrong with this situation, it is very likely that we have lost part of our memories.”

“Memory?” Qian Wanyu doesn’t agree with this kind of speculation. A single individual might lose their memories, just like she was oppressed by the formation space before, causing memory disorder and losing part of it. This kind of possibility exists, but—collective memory loss was not a trivial matter. “In the Sleepy Dragon Valley, who has the ability to make us collectively lose some of our memories?”

Qing Mo was at a loss for words, and after all the possibilities were ruled out, the most inconceivable impossibility left was very likely to be the answer.

“If not, tell me why Toothless came to this place earlier, and you—”


Dongfang Minghui shouted loudly; she clearly heard Toothless’s voice just now. Even if what Seventh sister said was unbelievable, she chose to believe first, and everything would definitely have an answer when she finds Toothless.

“Ho Ho-”

This time the cry was much louder than before.

As a result, she saw a powerful force sweeping towards her, and Dongfang Minghui could even feel the drops of water flashing past her eyes one by one. Then she saw a black shadow rushing out of the darkness, but it was blocked by the phantom.

“Seventh sister!” Dongfang Minghui was a little uncertain, and she said nervously, “Seventh sister, can you see that huge shadow in the dark? I think it looks a lot like Toothless.”

“Roar—” Toothless became angry, and a ball of golden flames, bigger than a human head, struck towards the phantom.

They took advantage of the fire’s light to see the phantom and the figure of Toothless clearly. To their shock, Toothless had become bigger, about twice as big as before. The tall figure on the other hand gave people a sense of coercion when viewed from a distance, not to mention the barrage of fireballs, one after another.

Xu Ying stood with his hands behind his back, at some point he raised a hand and poked lightly with his fingers; the bean-sized fireballs were annihilated as if it had been deflated.

“Hohoo——” Toothless’s voice was full of excitement. It hadn’t seen Dongfang Minghui for three years, and it rushed out after hearing the other party’s voice but was blocked by this obstructive shadow again.

“Toothless, it’s Toothless!” Dongfang Minghui felt a sense of joy at having lost something precious and then finding it again. She almost cried with joy, but recently she had shed a lot of tears, and she really didn’t want to be ashamed anymore. “Seventh sister, why did Toothless suddenly grow so big?” After being fed for several years, Toothless grew into a bean-like shape and disappeared not long after. When Toothless turned around and became so big, Dongfang Minghui felt a deep sense of frustration.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes darkened, but she was recalling a series of things that happened after they set foot in the Dragon Valley in her mind. She probably listed all the strange things, and she discovered a pattern—time.

Just like what Qing Mo said, all of their memories seemed to be stolen by someone, and more importantly, the period of time when they were stolen was not short. The reason why they feel that Toothless disappeared for no reason, maybe, Toothless is the best evidence to witness their lost time.

Was Toothless excluded?

Or maybe the one who stole time has nothing to do with Toothless.

“No, there is another person who was excluded,” Qian Wanyu inexplicably felt that Mo Ce was also excluded when sorting out her thoughts, “Why?”

Mo Ce looked the same as usual; not much had changed.

“Don’t dwell on the past; Toothless grows very fast, and your past will affect it instead.” At a face-to-face meeting, Qian Wanyu was surprised by Toothless’s growth. Earlier, she thought that Toothless was not a true descendant of the dragon clan, but now, she has changed her mind.

Toothless has grown a lot both in terms of combat and mentality.

In order to be able to get rid of that phantom, Toothless actually learned a little deception, a feint, trying to slip away from the opponent’s nose. It turned out that the phantom was indeed deceived, but it was only for a moment. He moved his position and blocked Toothless’s back.

“Excellent, Wanyu, you can just watch it; this lord is too powerful,” Qing Mo couldn’t help praising her. Time has passed, Toothless has never won benefits from Xu Ying, which is important to show just how powerful that phantom was. As for anything else, the other party hasn’t moved since standing there, except for the time when Toothless cheated.

“Hmm.” Qian Wanyu observed carefully. At first, she could clearly see the phantom’s moves. It looked very simple, but the deeper she went, the more she couldn’t see clearly. In the end, she couldn’t even see the moves clearly, like looking at flowers in the fog; the more she looked, the more confused she became.

Dongfang Minghui felt that the phantom’s moves were fast from the very beginning; she could hardly see any of his moves, and her eyes were tired at the end. On the contrary, Toothless was beaten out several times, got up again after flying, full of perseverance, and didn’t even groan.

Toothless had grown up secretly without her knowing.

Dongfang Minghui felt sore, feeling as if her own child had suddenly become an adult, but she had to admit that the current Toothless finally had the majesty that a dragon should have so she kept it in her heart.


When she rubbed her eyes, she found that Seventh sister was staring straight into the distance, as if her soul had gone out of her body, and Little White squatted beside her sleepily, wondering if she was stimulated.

There will also be comparisons between spirit beasts and spirit beasts. Toothless couldn’t stand the sudden rise of Little White. When Toothless was as tall as Little White, the two chased after each other, but there was a brief harmony. But… for some reason, she felt that the growth of Toothless this time had thrown Little White far away, and probably Little White felt it too, so Little White felt pretty sad.

“Little White, you are much younger than Toothless.” Dongfang Minghui still remembered that when Toothless took Little White home, Little White was only as big as a palm, and followed Toothless like a puppy. It’s a pity that the cute Little White became a lot colder in the hands of Seventh sister. “Little White, come on; I believe you can catch up with Toothless.”

Little White groaned, raised its neck, and licked her palm.

The battle between Toothless and Xu Ying lasted for three days and three nights.

Xu Ying changed from standing with both hands held out to defend to standing with only one hand, “You lost, go back.”

“Aww—” Toothless glanced this way with his big head, groaned, turned around, and ran into a darker place.

“Toothless…” Dongfang Minghui’s chest felt tight, and Toothless’s voice just now gave her a particularly uncomfortable feeling. “Who is this phantom, and why does Toothless listen to him?”

She felt a little uncomfortable.

Little Color’s ego had already been hit hard by Toothless; this little dragon cub that it watched grow up. Before, it laughed at Toothless for being too weak, but when it turned around, reality gave it several slaps. Little Color felt its whole face was swollen by Toothless. Not to mention holding on for three days and three nights, if it ran to fight that phantom now, it might not be able to hold on after a single face-to-face encounter. “Don’t go, we can’t beat him; I think he did it for Toothless’s own good.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t respond and lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

Qian Wanyu had been pondering and didn’t wake up until her brain suddenly cleared. What she saw just now was completely foggy as before. “Ninth Sister, you take Little White up first, and wait with Mo Ce up there.”

“Seventh sister, where are you going?”

“I want to meet that phantom.” Qian Wanyu was a little excited in her heart; she was surprised by this inexplicable excitement, and she even comforted herself, thinking it was an instinctive reaction after meeting a strong person.

The closer to the phantom she got, the more Qian Wanyu felt that the air became scarcer, and the pressure on her became heavier and heavier, forcing her to move forward more and more slowly, as if every step exhausted her strength.

But she was not an ordinary person after all; she was highly capable in comprehension and spiritual energy.

When she felt that her pace was stagnant, she quickly activated her spiritual power to resist the coercion with her spiritual power, and her body suddenly felt relaxed.

Xu Ying just stood there, quietly watching her walk in front of him, looked her up and down, and then made a move very slowly, but Qian Wanyu felt a big mountain pressing on her body, it was so heavy, even creating an illusion of powerlessness to resist.

Qian Wanyu’s pupils were glowing. The phantom in front of her was a hundred times more powerful than the old lady of the Qian Family. Who was truly stronger and who was weaker, she could clearly tell.

Dongfang Minghui sat cross-legged on one side, watching Seventh sister being beaten constantly. She murmured, “The fastest way to improve yourself is to constantly seek abuse, Little Color, I want to be with Seventh sister.”

“You are crazy!!!”

After she finished speaking, she really stood up and walked to the place where the phantom was standing step by step. Every step was extremely difficult. Dongfang Minghui even felt that she would die on this road, but she told herself that she had to persevere. Little Color was persisting, Seventh sister was persisting even more, and she had no reason or excuse to keep hiding behind them for protection.

She had to solve that group of people by herself instead of relying on Seventh sister.


Little Color fell into the floating water with a thud, and its whole plant body was stunned. It watched its little friend struggling forward and was stunned for a long time, “What happened, why was I driven out?”

How could Dongfang Minghui care about it? She only had one goal at the moment: to walk in front of that phantom alive.

Just when she was about to reach the destination, the phantom in front of her eyes changed from one to two. He looked at Dongfang Minghui and said after a long time, “You are too weak.”

Dongfang Minghui herself also knew that she was too weak. Compared with Seventh sister, she was not worth mentioning at all. Compared with Toothless, yes… the same Toothless. The little Toothless she raised since she was a child was a hundred times stronger than her. She truly felt weak.

Her nose and mouth were covered with blood. She only saw the phantom wave an arm lightly and Dongfang Minghui flew out.

But, to her surprise, the blood returned to her body.

This heavy fall made Dongfang Minghui feel pain everywhere. Except for that fall from the cliff of Death Valley, she hadn’t tasted this type of pain for a long time.

“Minghui, what’s going on? Why am I being driven away from your soul sea?”

“I have no idea…”

Dongfang Minghui shook her head; her mind was muddled at the moment. She didn’t even listen carefully to Little Color’s question despite its importance. She rested for three breaths, stood up with difficulty, and walked in that direction step by step again.

Little Color was dumbfounded. “Minghui… this is the rhythm of looking for abuse again.”


A red figure fell into the deep pool. Little Color kept looking at this little friend eagerly. Naturally, Little Color spotted the fiery red shadow at the first instance instantly surrounding him from all sides and caught him right away.

“Sleepy Dragon Seal, I knew it was you you little scheming thing Tell me honestly, is it because of you that we lost our memory?” Little Color grabbed the Sleepy Dragon Seal’s big head, as if in a rhythm of “I would strangle you to death if you didn’t tell me.”

Sleepy Dragon Seal fluttered for a while, then simply gave up struggling. “What memory loss?”

“Don’t pretend to be confused. I have many ways to deal with you.” Little Color bluffed; in reality, it couldn’t do anything to a spirit body; it just frightened it. “As soon as we set foot in this place, we’ve been feeling strange. Otherwise, can you explain why Toothless suddenly disappeared and then suddenly appeared under this deep pool?”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal was already confused by it. Its big round head kept shaking, like a rattle drum, and kept muttering, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it.”

Little Color was so angry that he tied it tightly with vines, but it almost slipped away if he didn’t pay attention.

Qian Wanyu fought with Xu Ying for a full hour before walking back slowly. She didn’t look like she had been tortured at all. Little Color seemed to be able to tell from the bottom of her eyes and the corners of her mouth that she seemed to be in a good mood.

“This is the Sleepy Dragon Seal. This must be its doing; hiding our memory…”

“Sleepy Dragon Seal?”

This is the first time Qian Wanyu had seen the real body of the Sleepy Dragon Seal, especially remembering how it abused Ninth Sister when it occupied the palm of Ninth Sister.

The Sleepy Dragon Seal on the neck of Little Color’s owner shrank its head like a quail. The woman in front of it looked very scary, although the other party kept laughing…

The way Qian Wanyu entertained it was very simple; she let it try the ultimate pain, sacrificed a ray of death spiritual power, and surrounded it.

“Ah, help—”

Little Color moved back and forth in disgust and chose to stay away from Qian Wanyu for a while. Until an agreement was reached between one person and one spirit, Qian Wanyu took back the air of death. Then it secretly patted its chest, fortunately, it hadn’t bullied Minghui too much.

“Did you take our memory?”

“No, absolutely not.”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal was more honest this time, mainly because it was just stunned by the air of death. It had finally taken advantage of the body of the host to cultivate the spirit body, and the spirit body took shape. If it were hit hard by the air of death again, it might take many more years.

Qian Wanyu still didn’t believe it. “How to prove it?”

The Sleepy Dragon Seal was a little embarrassed; it shook its head and said, “I’ll take you to see the memory mirror.”

“Memory mirror?”

“Yes, the memory mirror has everything that happened in the valley, including whether I stole your memory or not. Let’s go.” The Sleepy Dragon was happy to be free.

Little Color grabbed it hastily and turned to Qian Wanyu. “Minghui is still there.”

Qian Wanyu saw such a Ninth Sister for the first time; it was very abnormal. But she had to admit that such a Ninth Sister was very attractive. Even though she was about to fall under the pressure around her, she exuded vitality all over her body, something Qian Wanyu had not seen for a long time.

“She won’t be in danger, not to mention Toothless is also here, and he won’t just watch if something bad happened to her.”

“Also true…”

Little Color was also curious; it wanted to know the missing part of their memory, and it wanted to know why it was expelled from the soul sea of Minghui!

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