Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 112

With Fang Li’s words, Alisa realized the current issue. To be honest they were in quite a lot of trouble.

They were surrounded by wilderness.

They had no survival tools.

The situation was like being lost in a desert or an isolated island, the situation was quite dangerous.

Even if both Fang Li and Alisa were stronger than the average person, they still needed food and water. Without them, both of them would die eventually.

Not to mention this was currently the Aragamis’ domain. With their current condition, if they had to have a life and death fight, both the injured Fang Li and Alisa would very likely die.

Alisa couldn’t allow that to happen.

Compared to her unwillingness, she had something more important to do.

Before completing this, she definitely wouldn’t want to die.

This was the reason she chose to become a God Eater.

At this moment, Alisa couldn’t be bothered with Fang Li carrying her anymore and used all her mental power to think of something.

Fang Li as if wanting to make trouble said to her, “Before, I told you I didn’t know much about Russia, with no navigation tool and no map I can only let you handle it.”

“…Is that so?” Alisa asked in a low voice, “Is that why you rescued me?”

“If you want to take it that way.” Fang Li shrugged and said confidently, “For me, it was just convenient to do it anyway.”

There was a saying that people like Fang Li who totally didn’t care about anything could very easily make anyone mad.

However, Alisa didn’t want to bother with him right now and only asked, “What do you plan on doing?”

“Nothing really.” Fang Li replied, “I just want to try to be far away from this deadly place.”

“Try?” Alisa was startled, “Could it be that you just chose a random direction to walk?”

In that case, they might as well have waited for rescue at the original place.

“It’s a pity that if we waited there then the Aragami were likely to attack again, I don’t want to sit and wait for death there.” Fang Li said to Alisa, “Furthermore, I didn’t choose a random direction but I saw many Aragami going in this direction so I chose this direction.”

Alisa couldn’t understand at first but then she understood why Fang Li did it.

“So that’s why.” Alisa calmly analysed, “Since the present Aragami are all heading towards the Russian Branch, following where all the Aragami are running will lead us in the Russian Branch’s direction right?”

“That’s right.” Fang Li curled his lips and said, “It’s just that with only my two feet, to be able to get all the way back to the Russian Branch would be a miracle, I was only thinking of meeting a team along the way if you have any better idea tell me now.”

Alisa hesitated before she could only accept Fang Li’s procedure. It was the most appropriate course of action at the moment.

But Alisa really didn’t want to depend on other people.

“Put me down.” Alisa said in an unquestionable tone, “I can walk.”

“Are you sure?” Fang Li smiled and shot a look behind at Alisa, “If you can get down then I won’t stop you.”

Hearing this Alisa clenched her teeth and attempted to get off Fang Li’s back.

Too bad a severe pain could be felt throughout her body making Alisa’s eyes flash with pain.

Alisa suffered a full hit of Vajra’s electricity after all.

That electricity was definitely no different from being hit by actual lightning. If not for her being a God Eater and having Oracle Cells in her body, therefore having an astonishing physical ability, an average person would’ve already died.

For Alisa to still be alive was definitely thanks to her physique.

Even so, this injury was still quite serious, she almost lost consciousness again.

Therefore, although the God Eaters’ resiliency was strong, to restore their body to optimal condition again would still take time.

This fact made Alisa really unwilling.

In order to get rid of her own weakness she pursued strength, but now she needed other people to save her, how could she be resigned?

Thinking of this, Alisa squeezed out all her strength and ignored the ache from her body struggling to get off Fang Li’s back. Feeling her moving, Fang Li stopped and just like he said he didn’t stop her from trying to get off, standing still and letting her.


With a loud ring, Alisa was using her God Arc as support to stand up reluctantly.

Immediately Alisa looked at Fang Li with the same indifferent look as before saying, “Let’s go.”

Then Alisa used her God Arc as a walking stick as she started to walk.

Her physique although it was exceptionally distressed, it was still firm.

Seeing that, Fang Li didn’t say anything and instead just walked alongside.

However, at this moment, something happened…


The ground suddenly started shaking out of nowhere and was growing stronger and stronger.

“W-what?!” Alisa was startled.

Fang Li was also caught off guard.


A loud cry like a young girl’s sounded out. However, this sound was like a thunderclap with the loud noise puncturing both Fang Li and Alisa’s eardrums.

They could only cover their ears and look where the sound came from.

They were immediately shocked.


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