Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 111

In the vast wilderness, a person was walking like someone dying in a desert looking for salvation. But his steps were slow and firm.

On his back was another person. This person had a huge weapon on their back.

Perhaps the slow walking speed was because of the huge weapon.

Both the person walking and the person being carried had burn marks on their bodies letting other people know what sort of fight they had encountered.


A cold wind blew and raised their clothes, causing dust to fly as well.

It was exaggerated to the point that the person’s steps seemed slower.


At the same time, a painful groan sounded from the person on the back. Hearing this sound, the person walking stopped and shortly after continued to walk again.

Alisa’s first thought when she regained consciousness was the pain, her whole body was in pain.

The feeling made her wince and immediately slowly open her eyes.

At the same time, a sound could be heard in her ears.


This sound made Alisa realise something and she immediately focused.

At this time, she finally found out that she was being carried by someone.

But this someone in some sense was her enemy.

“You…!?” Alisa looked at the person carrying her. This intense movement caused her to send out a wail of pain.

The severe pain could be felt throughout her body as she heard a reply.

“Well, seems like I don’t need to remind you not to move around for no reason.”

Hearing this, how did Alisa not know what had happened?

“Did you save me?” Alisa frowned and asked, “Why?”

“Why?” Fang Li laughed and said, “Why didn’t you retreat? At that time you should’ve received that order?”

If the captain wanted to take care of Fang Li and didn’t hesitate to fail the mission with the army’s life as the price, Fang Li could understand. The army only consisted of ordinary soldiers that couldn’t fight with the Aragami, their value was therefore quite low.

Only the God Eater bodyguards were a big loss for the Russian Branch.

Therefore, when the Aragami started attacking, the Russian Branch should’ve issued an order to retreat.

But, Alisa didn’t retreat.

She didn’t even hesitate to defy orders from above.

“This is your thanks, the remaining soldiers you saved took the helicopters and ran away and it was just us left to fight against Vajra until death, now we’re in this situation.” Fang Li curled his lips and said, “Although, even if there were remaining helicopters I wouldn’t have taken one.”

Listening to Fang Li’s tense words, Alisa’s brow wrinkled as she endured the pain and slowly pressed on the communicator in her ear.

“Useless.” Fang Li knew what Alisa was trying to do and said, “Don’t forget that you were hit directly by Vajra’s lighting, with that sort of power, the communicator’s already broken.”

It’s because of this that Fang Li couldn’t contact Hibari either.

Originally, before leaving, Fang Li also had a communicator in order to communicate with Hibari at any time, but now the tool was broken so there was no way.

Alisa was silent.

There was no method to leave.

The tool needed to make contact was broken.

Then it could be said that they were going to die.

This fact made Alisa bite her lips.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Li didn’t turn around but seemed to realise her mood as he asked, “Are you unwilling?”

Those words poked her heart directly.

Furthermore, Fang Li didn’t stop as he exposed Alisa’s innermost feelings.

“This is your first mission, but not only has the mission failed, there were also sacrifices and you were injured, finally you also needed to get saved by the enemy, but this all also made you quite unwilling right?”

Those words immediately stomped on her feelings making Alisa bite harder and harder.

Fang Li didn’t care about it at all as he continued, “Your pride is quite strong but if you can’t even accept your own failure, you can’t grow.”

Finally, Alisa couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You don’t understand.” Alisa opened her mouth and muttered, “I can’t accept any failure, I have something I need to do.”

“Something you need to do?” Fang Li’s expression didn’t change as he said, “Is it related to that Vajra? Your mood was somewhat out of control when you were fighting it.”

Alisa’s heart trembled hearing that.

But it was only half right.

Alisa truly was out of control facing the Vajra however it’s not because of the Vajra itself but because the Vajra made Alisa think of a nightmare she wanted to overcome.

Thinking of this Alisa asked, “What happened to the Vajra?”

After Vajra shot out lightning everywhere, Alisa was hit and passed out.

The last image Alisa saw was Fang Li dashing at the lightning. That shouldn’t have been a dream.

However since they both lived, it showed that Fang Li truly did attack otherwise they would’ve died.

Now Alisa only wanted to know what happened.

“Could I have killed that Vajra?” Fang Li’s expression didn’t change as he replied, “I’m not a God Eater, I can only escape and take you at most.”

Then Fang Li no longer wanted to talk about it and changed the topic.

“Compared to that, you should think about what we should do now.”


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