Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 110


At the moment when Fang Li was rushing towards it, the tiger-like Aragami erupted with electricity. It was like lighting dropping from the clouds with the Aragami at the centre and lighting shooting everywhere around it destroying everything.

The ground was like chocolate being broken up.

The air was like hot water being boiled, steam filled the scene.

The lighting dispersed all around and spread across the area.

The destructive power was incomparable.


Alisa in her excited state could only barely respond.

Using the huge gun in her hand like a shield to protect her. Shortly after, the lighting whipped Alisa’s body and embezzled her.


Alisa’s whole body was shocked by the lighting making her cry out.

Fang Li was the same. Only Fang Li wasn’t subconsciously defending like Alisa, he didn’t stop at all and instead sped up like a ferocious beast dashing forward.

*Biri Biri*

With an intense sound, the strong lightning shot at Fang Li’s direction.

Fang Li looked like a mortal trying to challenge the God of Thunder, his frail body was like an ant beneath the huge lighting.

But Fang Li’s expression never changed. His heart didn’t vacillate at all.

There were no ripples in his mind.

Only pure observation.

His goal was the berserk lighting whipping around.

The speed of the lighting was quick to the point where it couldn’t be followed.

Even if Fang Li’s present Agility was no longer as weak as before, it’s impossible to be faster than lightning.

Therefore, Fang Li discarded his defence and stopped avoiding, all his attention was focused on his eyes.

With that sort of concentration, it was like time around him slowed down. Under Fang Li’s mystic eyes, he saw it, the death line on each strike of lighting.


All things have a beginning and therefore all things have an end.

In Kara no Kyoukai, Shiki Ryougi even used the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to kill powers, barriers and even space itself.

Since Shiki Ryougi could do this then Fang Li could as well.

Even if the target was lighting, it’s the same.

In other words, what Fang Li wanted to do now could only be called crazy.

That’s because Fang Li wanted to kill it. Kill the lightning.


With a loud shout, Fang Li was like a bow released from a string, shooting forward towards the lightning.


A chilly blade of light arced towards the lighting like a white line out of nowhere.

At the same time, the lighting stopped.


At that moment, all the lighting blasted out, turning into arcs of electricity and disappearing in the air.

Only Fang Li’s figure could be seen amongst the arcs of electricity, his head lowered as he fell to the ground.

This was killing lighting in the true sense.

Even Vajra opened its eyes and stopped roaring.

At this moment, Fang Li who was about to fall accelerated to the limit and attacked Vajra’s body.

His ice blue mystic eyes looked up as the large-sized Aragami fell into his line of sight.

What Fang Li saw were innumerable death lines.

The so-called Aragami was after all made of Oracle Cells.

Similar to the Fused Colony, each component was considered independent and even if Fang Li could massacre some Oracle Cells he couldn’t kill all of them and therefore kill the Aragami.

But after all, it was mentioned before the Oracle cells all had specific functions.

Some Oracle Cells made up the teeth.

Some Oracle Cells made up the eyes.

Some Oracle Cells made up the nose.

Some Orace Cells made up the ears.

Each of these Oracle cells were joined and created this Aragami, so there must be a core joining all of them.

Fang Li didn’t need to kill each individual Oracle Cell. Even if he could, the Aragami wouldn’t die if the core existed.

However so long as he killed the core…

“Then I can kill any Aragami!”

Therefore, between all the death lines, Fang Li saw it.

The death line at the centre.

Fang Li could confirm that this was the core.


The waning moon dagger turned into a cold light as it plunged into Vajra’s body.



With a loud bang, the huge Aragami slowly dropped down causing a dust cloud.


Standing before Vajra’s body, Fang Li breathed in and out heavily as he knelt on one knee. His entire body hurt.

Carefully looking at Fang Li’s body, his entire body had smoke coming out, even his skin looked burnt.

“Really, even if I can kill lighting, my speed isn’t as fast as lighting…”

Therefore, Fang Li wanted to hit the death line of the lighting was extremely difficult.

In that short split second, Fang Li was hit by a strike of lighting. Naturally being injured was unavoidable.

Compared to Fang Li, however, someone else was more injured by the lightning.

Fang Li looked up.

Not far away, Alisa’s whole body was burnt black as she lied on the ground, once in awhile arcs of electricity burst out.

Obviously, this young girl had lost consciousness.

Fang Li forced a smile and said, “Really troublesome…”

As his words fell, Fang Li stood up with difficulty and walked in Alisa’s direction.

The sky was as cloudy as before, making the air stiff and depressing.

TL Note – The Biri is the sound of lighting/electricity in case you guys were wondering.


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