Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 109


An intense wind mixed with a billowing dust cloud similar to an explosion made the surrounding Aragami fly away until the area was clear.

In order to avoid being swept away as well, Fang Li suddenly retreated to fend against the impact.

As for Alisa, she had plunged forward at that crucial moment and avoided the strike but her body was like a kite in a storm now.

The ground itself was full of cracks from the impact. Fang Li and Alisa kept having to retreat from the blast until they had withdrawn quite a distance.

At that moment, under both their gazes, a huge form started taking powerful steps forward.

When that Aragami could be seen, both their complexions changed.

This was an enormous Aragami.

It looked like a tiger, its whole body full of thick fur, it’s four limbs were thick and strong, it had an intricate design on its forehead, on its back was a red coat appearing very powerful.

However, this powerful Aragami seemed even crueller than the other Aragami as it viciously looked at Alisa and Fang Li with its limbs pressed tightly on the ground and its fangs shining with a cold light.

Seeing this enormous Aragami, Fang Li’s expression sunk. Even Alisa’s expression became very serious as she muttered, “Vajra…”

That’s the Aragami’s name.

This was quite a famous Aragami even amongst all the others. The origin of the Aragami was from Europe and the Asian continents, now it could be seen across both of them.

It was a large-sized Aragami and even amongst the large-sized Aragami it was very strong. Between all the other large sized Aragami, Vajra was like a general.

The power of it was strong to the point where God Eaters couldn’t fight it alone.

Only if the God Eater was extremely strong, otherwise if it wasn’t a minimum of three people, then this Aragami couldn’t be defeated.

Therefore, both Fang Li and Alisa were very serious.


The Vajra roared and caused sand to blow everywhere showing its power. Under that roar, the other Aragami didn’t even dare to approach as they all started to withdraw, even the medium sized Aragami were the same.

Shortly after, Vajra moved.

With a loud *Boom* the huge tiger like Aragami pounced like a huge bullet towards Fang Li and Alisa. The formidable strength of Vajra caused the wind to blow everywhere and even a sonic boom to sound out as it approached them.


Fang Li and Alisa both had tight hearts as they tried to dodge.


As the tiger crashed on the ground heavily, it was causing the ground itself to shake and a shockwave to sound out.

This time, both Fang Li and Alisa couldn’t avoid the effects of it and were immediately blown away by the force of the impact until they flew onto the ground and rolled several times.

“Tch.” Fang Li was shocked, turning his body around and standing firm. Seeing the huge Aragami causing the dust cloud, Fang Li clenched his fist.

“Is this the power of a large-sized Aragami?”

The power of it wasn’t weak at all compared to the Fused Colony from the previous world.

This Vajra, besides INT perhaps the other attributes were around 30 points? This made it stand at the peak of the Fifth rank.

As a match, it really was quite strong.

“But it’s not something I can’t defeat.”

Perhaps because it heard Fang Li’s words, Vajra turned its head and its pair of vicious eyes stared at him.

Precisely because of this, however, Vajra ignored another enemy.

*Bang bang bang bang bang!*

Disorderly gunshot sounds rang out as a transformed God Arc constantly spat out flames of bullets like rain covering Vajra’s body.

Vajra’s thick fur was immediately covered in blood.

“Roar!?” Vajra sent out a painful roar as it shifted its attention to another direction.

Alisa was holding up her God Arc and looking at the giant tiger like Aragami in front, she had an intense emotion in her eyes.

“Your enemy is me!”

The emotion in those words were intense as well.

That confident, proud and indifferent Alisa at this moment seemed somewhat…excited?

This was like when someone met their personal enemy, they couldn’t control their own mood.

It’s a pity that Alisa’s actions only enraged Vajra.


Vajra roared and it turned into a streak of lightning.

“Not good!” Fang Li was startled.

Vajra, this name in India could be thought of in another way.

A weapon.

In Hindu Mythology, the Vajra was a weapon used by the Thunder God Indra.

The reason this large sized Aragami was called Vajra was that it shared properties with this weapon.

What did it share?

Its ability.

It not only had formidable strength, it also could release lightning and was therefore named Vajra.

At present, Vajra put out its full power releasing strong arcs of electricity, no matter Fang Li or Alisa, it would be a fatal attack.

“There’s no helping it.”

In Fang Li’s hands, a waning moon dagger flashed and appeared as Fang Li gripped it tightly.

Then, his dark coloured eyes turned into the icy blue rainbow colour of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

At this moment, Fang Li was no longer a soldier, he was a killer.

Then, he rushed forward.



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