Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 108

“All together.”

Seeing the large army of Aragami coming, Fang Li’s face was calm to the point of making people scared but his figure didn’t stop. While soldiers were holding up guns and shooting, Fang Li didn’t hold up his and instead faced the Aragami unarmed.

Shortly after, he showed movement that an average person couldn’t hope to replicate.

Facing an Aragami throwing itself at him, Fang Li suddenly moved and accelerated to his limit in a few seconds, appearing to leave an after image behind as he dodged.

Facing an Aragami that dropped from the sky, Fang Li’s form drifted from place to place like a mirage vanishing from the spot.

Some Aragami pounced directly, some came from the air and the rest surrounded Fang Li in all directions not leaving any room to escape.

In a situation like that, even God Eaters wielding God Arcs would be bitten accidentally the moment they show any flaws.

If even a God Eater would be in that sort of predicament, let alone if it’s an average person under the Aragami attack how could they live?

However, Fang Li thoroughly changed this understanding.

Even if the Aragami threw themselves on him from all directions, Fang Li hadn’t been touched at all.

Sometimes he moved forward.

Sometimes he bent down on the spot.

Sometimes he stuck onto the enemy.

Sometimes he flashed from left to right to evade.

At this moment, Fang Li was like a ghost with no form, a breeze that took advantage of any opportunity using that movement beyond a normal human to fend against the Aragami.

Furthermore, while fending like this Fang Li’s movement was getting more and more skilful until it almost seemed like he had Tohno Shiki’s form.

After all, Fang Li was still learning so his skill could definitely be improved.

But Fang Li hadn’t realised this, he was just subconciously fending while thinking quickly.

“Didn’t think that just to make sure the secret in the Russian Branch wasn’t exposed, they would aim at a normal soldier like me even by making this quest a failure and using an Aragami army.”

The land mine was from the Russian Branch. Therefore, if there was an issue with it, it was definitely the Russian Branch’s doing.

In addition, the modified land mine was with Fang Li. Fang Li had to suspect that there was someone targeting him.

The reasoning was quite simple.

“This proves that the secret the Russian Branch is hiding is worth this sort of price to hide?”

Fang Li even suspected that the main force of the Russian Branch would be schemed against like this as well.

Even Hibari would be in danger in the Russian Branch.

“As for who’s the one instigating all this, that’s easy to guess.”

At this time, in Fang Li’s mind there was the form of the captain.

Clearly, the captain had a huge relation to the secret in the Russian Branch.

Furthermore, the captain was also the one that suspected Fang Li’s group the most, therefore Fang Li could only think of the captain.

“Very good, very very good.”

To be backstabbed by others, did Fang Li hate it?

To be honest Fang Li didn’t hate it.

After all Fang Li wasn’t the Far East Branch’s subordinate and had no grievances with the Russian Branch but because of his quest he infiltrated their facility to steal their secrets.

In other words, in Fang Li’s mind objectively, he was the one that was asking for trouble.

That being the case, if trouble came then he couldn’t blame anyone.

“But just because I don’t hate it doesn’t mean I’ll accept it!”

Saying so, Fang Li’s figure ignored inertia and suddenly stopped turning into a spider as he sprinted and dashed sideways towards a demon faced Aragami dashing about wildly.

“Pray that you won’t live otherwise I won’t make you feel any better.”

As his words fell, Fang Li arrived in front of the demon faced Aragami and kicked it.


The powerful kick struck the Aragami’s forehead. With Fang Li’s leg strength even a medium sized Aragami would fly let alone this small Aragami.

Therefore under his strike, this small Aragami was like a rubber ball being shot away pounding the other Aragami behind it.

However this couldn’t kill the Aragami it could only make them angry.

Therefore, that demon faced Aragami roared and rushed towards Fang Li.

But right now, a form leaped down from the air and like lighting a great sword cut into the Aragami.

*Pu chi*

Dark red blood dropped from the sword as the Aragami fell onto the ground.

Blood dyed the ground red.

Fang Li was startled as he looked up and saw the person standing next to the Aragami that was just killed.

The opposite party lifted their head as well looking at Fang Li with hostility.

Besides Alisa, who else could it be?

Alisa opened her mouth, “Camouflaging as a general soldier and infiltrating the Russian Branch, what’s your goal?”

Her tone of voice was interrogative without any question or doubt.

Obviously Alisa fully suspected Fang Li was the trespasser.

The similar profile.

The rare skills.

If these two were joined, then this clearly showed Fang Li was the trespasser.

At least, Alisa didn’t believe that there were two people in the world that both had the same profile and also the skills comparable to a God Eater.

Therefore, Alisa didn’t doubt Fang Li’s identity at all and instead confirmed it.

Regarding this, Fang Li just curled his lips in a smile and was about to say something when his complexion changed.

That’s because behind Alisa, a huge form was about to pounce!

Seeing this Fang Li’s pupils shrunk as he shouted, “Dodge quickly!”

On Alisa’s charming face, the indifferent expression froze. At that moment, a huge shadow dropped from the clouds.


The huge body impacted the ground and raised up a cloud of dust.


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