Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 107

Retreat? Why retreat now?

“Why?” Alisa pressed on the intercom in her ear and asked without hesitation, “If we retreat now wouldn’t it mean we’ve failed?”

As Alisa’s voice fell, the millitary officer responsible for the order immediately said in a desolate tone, “This isn’t something you should worry about, you just need to follow the command.”

Hearing this, all the rookie God Eaters looked at each other blankly.

Alisa’s look fluctuated randomly until finally she could only say, “I-I understand, I’ll be responsible for covering everyone’s retreat.”

Those words caused the sound from the other side to suddenly vanish.

The sound then suddenly came back and said, “I think you didn’t understand what I said before, I’m making you retreat immediately, if you don’t retreat now, when the Aragami truly attack, with the strength of rookies like you, you’ll all die.”

Those remarks caused an ice cold feeling to swell inside Alisa’s heart.

Alisa finally understood.

The orders from above were to let the God Eaters retreat but not the army.

In other words, rather than the God Eaters protecting the army, it’s the soldiers that were meant to protect the rookie God Eaters allowing them to escape.

Furthermore, there were no orders weren’t given to the soldiers.

What does this mean?

It meant that the higher ups planned on sacrificing all these soldiers here to cover the retreat.

If Alisa knew that the reason why so many Aragami showed up in the first place was because someone had tampered with Fang Li’s land mine in order to attract Aragami, then she’d understand why.

Since the start, the people above hadn’t treated these ordinary soldiers’ lives as anything precious. So long as they can protect the rookie God Eaters then that’s enough.

The reason was quite simple actually.

Compared to the ordinary soldiers that couldn’t fight against the Aragami, the God Eaters were much more valuable.

Understanding this, Alisa lowered her head and couldn’t speak.

On the other hand, the other rookie God Eaters shouted at Alisa quickly.

“What are you doing!?”

“Hurry up!”

“Prepare to retreat!”

Obviously the other God Eaters had chosen to follow orders and sacrifice the soldiers to cover their retreat.

Alisa didn’t pay attention to these God Eaters and instead looked in front.

Over there, the Aragami army finally attacked.


A demon faced Aragami sent out a scary roar and not caring about the bullets shelling its body pounced at the closest soldier.


Seeing the huge beast growing larger in his eyes, that soldier sent out a desperate yell.

Shortly after, the demon faced beast opened up its mouth full of teeth and gnawed the soldier whole.

*Pu chi*

The sound of flesh being torn could be heard as blood splattered everywhere.

This was the start of the tragedy.

Black egg like Aragami dropped from the air.

Beast like Aragami pounced at everything in front.

A kongou Aragami crashed into a formation of soldiers.

All these Aragami opened up their huge mouths and started biting on all the soldiers, blood flowed down from their mouths as they swallowed each person not leaving a piece behind.

This was definitely hunting.

Only instead of hunting between Hunters and their game, now it’s the game that was hunting the hunters.

These monsters made of tiny cells were challenging the basic rules of nature.

No consideration for race, no consideration for survival, their only instinct was to consume lives.

It was a tragedy.

All the rookies trembled and became anxious.

At that moment they couldn’t help roaring out at Alisa.

“Hurry up!”

“The Aragami are going to attack soon!”

“Do you want to die!?”

All these roars actually got no response from Alisa.

Alisa merely looked at all the rookies but her look was no longer sharp as before.

Before she said that she didn’t want to be placed on the same level as these people.

The reason was that the performance of these rookies was so disappointing and Alisa didn’t want to be compared with them. But right now, Alisa didn’t want to put herself on their level because she completely disdained and looked down at them.

At that moment, Alisa replied with the same indifferent sound as before, “If you’re leaving because you’re afraid of the Aragami, then forget about becoming God Eaters.”

Leaving behind those words, Alisa no longer paid any attention to them as she jumped up and ran towards the front.


The rookies were all stunned.

Then they immediately flared up.

“You think you’re so good?!”

“Who does she think she is?!”

“Since you want to die, then die!”

“That’s right!”

“We’ll just retreat ourselves, that woman just defied orders!”

Saying so, all the rookie God Eaters ran away without any hesitation towards one of the helicopters to escape.

Only Alisa remained with a serious expression holding up her God Arc.


With a mechanical sound droning out, the God Arc transformed from a gun into its sword shape.

“Alisa Illinichina Amiella do you dare to disobey orders!”

The sound from the communicator in her ear loudly shouted.

However Alisa ignored it and instead holding up her God Arc crashed into the group of Aragami.

The surrounding Aragami all roared as they charged at her.

The God Arc in Alisa’s hand was like a lethal thunderbolt striking each Aragami and seeming to sweep all the enemies away with a swipe.

*Pu chi*

The sharp sword cut through an Aragami’s body and fresh blood spilled out before the Aragami was split in half.

At this moment, Alisa was like a god of war, Aragami coming from all four directions were being slaughtered with the God Arc in her hand.

“W-we’re saved!”

“Run away quickly!”

The soldiers were happy at finally gaining a chance at survival as they started to escape.

Only one person remained rooted on the spot from beginning to end.

Even when the Aragami encircled everyone.

Alisa saw this person.

Therefore, the look on her face changed.

“It’s really him…”


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