Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 106

As the Russian Branch’s soldiers worked, land mines started to be buried one after the other underground.

Fang Li was squatted in a corner, carrying a box and taking out a land mine using the supplementary information provided from the Chief God’s Dimension to observe the land mine’s status.

Aragami Land Mine

This land mine has oracle cells inside and has similar explosiveness as a normal land mine. However, once detonated, oracle cells will cling onto everything in the blast radius, it cannot be defended against and may create severe wounds to small Aragami, minor wounds to medium Aragami and is invalid to large sized Aragami, the value is 500 Exchange points.

“Oh, a 500 Exchange Point item, that good?”

Fang Li was a bit surprised.

This Aragami land mine didn’t seem different from an ordinary land mine however because of the oracle cells added, everything in the blast radius would be attacked by them, it’s not possible to defend against it and if used well it could truly be worth 500 Exchange Points.

“If I could gain lots of these Aragami land mines and sell them in the Chief God’s Dimension then I’d be rich…”

Even if he could only resell it at 50% of the price, once the quantity reaches a certain amount it was still quite considerable.

What a pity this idea wouldn’t work.

First, Fang Li couldn’t gather a lot of these Aragami land mines, even if he could he wouldn’t be able to bring them back. Returning to the Chief God’s Dimension, the envoys can only bring what’s on their bodies and nothing else.

Therefore, even if Fang Li could obtain a lot of these land mines, he’d need a big enough personal storage space to carry them otherwise it’s pointless.

But right now, Fang Li’s black ring only had a 1 x 1 x 1 metre space, even if he could pack in one land mine, how much could he sell it for?

Let alone that, would the Chief God’s Dimension allow such a blatant way of earning money?

If the Chief God’s Envoy got it through their own ability then it’s still alright.

If it’s through being opportunistic then the Chief God’s Dimension would definitely reject it.

“Therefore, fat hope.”

Fang Li shook his head and started to cautiously bury the Aragami land mine underground.

Burying was quite simple work, therefore Fang Li managed to smoothly finish the task.

But just as Fang Li was about to pull out another land mine, the information from the Chief God’s Dimension suddenly changed.

Aragami Land Mine (Changed)

There are oracle cells injected inside, however, there are also hormones inside. Aragami will be drawn to the hormones allowing this land mine to have an attracting effect on Aragami. Value of 700 Exchange Points.

Fang Li who was about to bury the land mine suddenly stiffened up.

At the next moment, Fang Li threw the land mine without any hesitation.


A huge explosion shook the ground and flames shot out, the entire wilderness was alerted to the sound.

“Wha-what happened?”

“What happened?”

“Was a land mine detonated?”

The sudden explosion surprised all the soldiers.

Even the sloppy rookie God Eaters were surprised.

As for Alisa, since she was always looking at Fang Li, she clearly saw Fang Li throwing the land mine.

It’s just that, what made Alisa truly care about wasn’t Fang Li’s behaviour but his expression on that face that seemed somewhat familiar.

From Alisa’s angle, she could clearly see. Fang Li’s face right now was extremely serious.

At this moment Fang Li’s mood hit rock bottom.

Looking in front, he could see in the wilderness some big and small shadows appearing.

“Now this is going to be a lot of trouble…”

As Fang Li murmured, the shadows started to near, they were like galloping beasts with dust clouds behind them.


Vague roaring sounds could be heard.


The ground started shaking.

At this moment, the other people finally realised the unusual happening and shortly after their eyes burst open, their faces turned panic-stricken.

Then a loud cry resounded.

“Aragami attack!”

Those few words detonated the panic inside everyone’s hearts.

Even those rookie God Eaters were the same.

“What’s this, how’s this possible!?”

“Why are the Aragami here?!”

“Didn’t they say the probability was really low?!”

Each rookie was extremely flustered.

These rookie were after all inexperienced with fighting the Aragami. Usually they only fought simulations so they lacked actual combat experience.

This time, the higher ups of the Russian Branch sent the rookies here to temper them as well and allow them to gain experience.

Therefore at this moment, only one rookie could respond.



The huge gun in Alisa’s hand was held up and pointed at the Aragami army as she pressed on the trigger.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

Huge flames shot out of the muzzle as the gun roared to life.

Bullets loaded with Oracle cells tore through the air and fell onto the Aragamis’ bodies, making them explode.


The loud roars from the Aragami awakened the scared soldiers.


Who knows who started shouting but eventually all the soldiers lifted up their machine guns and started shooting.

The loud gunshots could be heard all over the wilderness.

Finally, only those rookies seemed to not be responding to the situation as Alisa shot them a sharp look.

“What are you all doing!?” Alisa shouted, “Hurry up and fight the enemies, don’t forget your mission!”

The rookies finally responded. However at this moment the earpiece in all the rookies’ ears buzzed.

“Hurry and retreat, this is an order.”

When this sound was heard, let’s not mention the other rookies for now, Alisa’s expression froze.


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a chapter with a little plot advancement, how rare nowadays… also thanks for the many chapters back to back these last few days, it makes up for the 10 or so days with no chapters.

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