Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 117


The bonfire sent out some crackling burning noises. With this background noise, silence fell again in the surroundings. It wasn’t a serious sort of mood but it had an indescribable feeling. With the flame of the bonfire illuminating Alisa’s face, Fang Li could finally see that aloof young girl’s expression clearly.

This was an expression of someone that had been tossed into darkness. The face of someone that had seen hell. Alisa truly had seen hell. Her parents being turned into food in front of her.

Seeing Alisa like that, Fang Li closed his eyes. This was to conceal the total tranquillity that could make people’s heart beat faster.



If it were a normal person, if they knew Alisa’s story then they’d show some sympathy and wouldn’t be so aloof right? However, Fang Li was totally emotionless and aloof. Did her parents die in front of her? Fang Li couldn’t understand this feeling.

Even if his own parents died in front of him he wouldn’t feel anything let along other people.

Then how could he talk about feeling anything for other people’s parents? Regarding this hatred and obsession of Alisa’s Fang Li understood yet he didn’t understand as well.

Fang Li couldn’t give any opinion about this. If he had any it would only be one.

“If you want to take revenge you need the strength to do it.” Fang Li said indifferently, “However speaking frankly, the current you can’t complete this wish.”

Those words caused Alisa’s whole body to tremble as she raised her head and those sky blue eyes gazed at Fang Li. Right now, Alisa didn’t have the indifference and arrogance of before, nor the weakness either, what remained was only strength and anger.

With that anger, Alisa stood up and shouted towards Fang Li, “What did you say!?”

“I’m talking facts.” Fang Li didn’t pay attention to her and said indifferently again, “Could it be that you really think you’re strong enough to take revenge?”

“Why?” Alisa’s voice turned louder and louder holding up her God Arc and saying to Fang Li, “I became a God Eater to no longer be the weak person that couldn’t save anyone, currently I can-”

She hadn’t finished before Fang Li cut her off, “Currently you can’t do anything at all.”

Fang Li looked straight at Alisa and exposed the brutal reality.

“I mentioned before that you’re only a rookie if an ordinary Aragami can beat you let’s not mention a Fallen Species.”

It had to be said that even the most common Vajra needed a squad of God Eaters to beat it. To be able to fight the Vajra alone would be an elite amongst the God Eaters.

But was Alisa an elite?

Not really.

Perhaps Alisa had the potential of being a Nova thanks to her ability, if she trained for half a year fighting Vajra wasn’t impossible. But right now, Vajra could beat her with ease, this sufficiently proved something. If even the ordinary Vajra could do this let alone the much more formidable Vajra variant.

In terms of the Chief God’s Dimensions’ ranks. The Vajra before would be about the peak of Fifth Rank. The Vajra variant that killed Alisa, however, Fang Li estimated it to be a Fourth Rank existence.

To fight against such an Aragami alone was something even Rindou Amamiya may not be able to do let alone the rookie God Eater Alisa.

Therefore, even if reality was so brutal, Fang Li had to say it.

“The current you, even if you found that personal enemy you won’t be able to take revenge.”

“That’s your current ability.”

“Becoming a God Eater doesn’t mean you automatically turn strong.”

“At least right now, you’re still very weak as before.”

Those words caused Alisa to tremble. Finally, she collapsed.


Alisa covered her head and seemed to be hysterical as she let out a painful scream and squatted down. Seeing this Fang Li was startled but seemed to have remembered something important. Right now this young girl wasn’t truly as strong as she appeared. This didn’t refer to her emotions but her mind.

Personally seeing her parents turned into food in front of her while she was helplessly watching, this painful recollection already damaged Alisa psychologically by quite a lot.

This young girl had a mental issue.

Now being forced to realise her weakness, Alisa finally collapsed.

“Don’t want, don’t want, don’t want!”

Alisa squatted there and held her head as if she was in a nightmare as she hysterically called out.

“Mum! Dad! Mum! Dad!”

Seeing Alisa get more and more hysterical and her expression grow more painful, Fang Li finally couldn’t bear it and stood up standing in front of Alisa.

However before Fang Li could react, Alisa turned around and grasped Fang Li. A tender body crashed into Fang Li’s bosom all of a sudden.

Fang Li actually frowned as his eyes had a flash of pain. That’s because Alisa was currently hugging his injured shoulder tightly causing him to almost break his teeth biting from the pain.

Blood seeped from Fang Li’s shoulder. Feeling the pain, Fang Li frowned but allowed Alisa to do what she wanted.

After a long time, Alisa finally stopped shivering and the strength of her hug grew smaller.

Finally, Alisa cried while smiling into Fang Li’s ear.

“You’re really a brutal person…”

Hearing this Fang Li smiled. Brutal? Perhaps.

“At least for me, allowing you to die would be far more brutal.”

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