Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 124

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Fang Li was trying to think of a way before he suddenly felt something.


At this moment he felt a chill in the air making his whole body stiff. This was a sense of death that a person felt when they detected danger. Fang Li turned and saw with his sharpened wits the form that was laying down.

Seeing this, Fang Li’s pupils shrunk to the size of a needle tip. At the same time, that giant form jumped out. The speed of it was incredible. In a blink of an eye, it had arrived above the three Vajra eating the rubble and attacked them.

*Pu chi*

Blood splashed all over the air. The Vajra hadn’t even managed to respond before being pounced on as the giant shadow stepped forward and crushed its head.

The shadow then swung its claws.

*Pu chi*

With the sound of flesh tearing, the Vajra next to it was torn into pieces, its head flying off.


The lone remaining Vajra finally felt fear as it started roaring. That roaring was the sound of shock at being sneaked on out of nowhere.

But that was the last response it could make.

The Vajra couldn’t run away before that shadow pounced again.

*Pu chi*

Another sound of flesh being bitten off was heard. This time, the Vajra’s head hadn’t been crushed but instead just bitten off with blood sprinkling all over the ground.


The shadow raised its head and let out an ear-splitting roar.

That roar made people who heard it feel fear from deep down as it reverberated in the air.

Hearing the roar, Fang Li’s heart was tied up tightly.

Next, to him, Alisa who had just calmed down looked like she had suffered a huge impact as she froze. Carefully looking at this shadow, it seemed like a Vajra.

However, it was a strange Vajra.

The entire body was jet black. It emanated a cold and cruel aura. The head wasn’t like an ordinary Vajra’s tiger head but seemed to look like an old person’s face. This Vajra was standing on top of the ruins surrounded by torn off bodies and crushed flesh, bathed in a pool of blood. It looked like a devil that had just escaped hell as it let out a roar.

Without a doubt, this was no ordinary Vajra. An ordinary Vajra wouldn’t attack similar species and it didn’t have the power to kill a similar Vajra instantly. This Vajra, however, did just that. That’s because it was a fallen species…

It surpassed the ordinary Vajras by far and had much more formidable strength as well as the cruel personality of a Fallen Species.

Fang Li didn’t feel anything out of place seeing this Vajra variant. The reason was simple.

This was the Vajra that killed Alisa’s parents. It was in Russian five years ago and was given a special name.

Dyaus Pita.

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*Dong dong*

An intense drum like heartbeat could be heard from Alisa’s body.

*Dong dong*

This heartbeat got stronger and stronger as if wanting to break free from her chest. However Alisa wasn’t paying any attention. Ignoring her heart, she was staring dull faced at the jet black Vajra roaring as an image appeared in her mind.

This was an innocent silver-haired young girl hidden in a closet.

At this time, this young girl wasn’t unreasonable and didn’t give off a strong pressure towards other people.

At this time, the young girl had her parents, they were not rich but they were content.

On that day, in order to let her hardworking parents pay attention to her she hid herself hoping for them to find her then she’d jump out and scare them!

The parents were about to find her hiding place and the girl. The young girl was really anticipating this moment. Therefore, she hid herself as much as possible as she looked at her parents.

But then suddenly in just a second, her parents vanished.

A shadown jumped out from nowhere and swallowed the couple whole.

Right under the young girl’s eyes…

The young girl could see that face.

It was biting the parents of the young girl, its mouth filled with blood it looked like a merciful grandfather with a jet black body but that smiling face was full of evil.

The memory suddenly stopped. Then the last string in Alisa’s mind broke.


A desperate breath leaked out of her mouth.


Her tender body suddenly got hot.


The God Arc was held so tightly that her skin was bleeding.

At this moment, Alisa’s heart only felt one thing.

“I found you…”

The nightmarish existence that haunted her.

“I found you…”

Her archenemy.

“I found you…”

The cause of all the painful memories.

“Finally found you…”

“Dyausss Pitaaa!!!!”

Screaming hysterically, Alisa rushed out with astonishing force working herself loose from Fang Li’s grip on her wrist.

Then she rushed forward.

“Alisa!” Fang Li was shocked.


With a cry that seemed to show she was going all out, Alisa grasped her God Arc and rushed towards the Fallen Species, Dyaus Pita on a road of no return.

Dyaus Pita seeing this, turned and then it’s mouth curved up…



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