Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 123

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This place was filled with ruins. Everything around was all wreckage. The factory was abandoned with paint everywhere. Wires were flung all over the ground. Within these ruins, Fang Li and Alisa were walking together.

Fang Li was in front whilst Alisa was behind. Alisa was holding up her God Arc and observing the surroundings but also looking at Fang Li every once in a while.

Under her gaze, Fang Li touched on the tablet Rindou Amamiya gave him which showed the map and current location.

“According to this, there’s a helicopter nearby.”

Fang Li touched the screen while thinking out loud, “I hope the helicopter can still be used.”

Before, Fang Li and Alisa had found three other helicopters. However because they were too damaged, they couldn’t start.

As for all the destroyed helicopters, they couldn’t even find the signal so there wasn’t any reason to look for them.

Therefore, both of them continued like this for half a day since meeting with Rindou Amamiya’s team.

Seeing that it was getting dark, Fang Li wanted to speed up the progress. After several days of consumption, the Energy Compression Cookies had been used up. Right now both of them had no food!

For water, every once in a while they could find a rive and Fang Li could store it in his water bottle so that wasn’t an issue. Food, however, was a big issue.

If they couldn’t find a helicopter and return to the Russian Branch then they’d need to go everywhere and find some food.

Fang Li really didn’t want to waste time on this. He, therefore, prayed they could find a working helicopter.

After a moment they arrived at the site. Touching the tablet, Fang Li observed the area and then found it.

“Over there.”

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Hearing this Alisa looked over as well. The direction Fang Li pointed at was an abandoned mansion.

“The helicopter should be behind.”

Saying so, he put the tablet into his Black Ring and started moving. Alisa followed as well. The two people soon arrived at the ruined mansion and circled around.

At this time, however, a howl could be heard in their ears.

Fang Li and Alisa’s footsteps stopped. Alisa held her God Arc tightly as she prepared for battle.

Fang Li actually recognised the sound of this howl and he had a forced smile as he said, “It seems like before leaving there’s some trouble to deal with.”

Alisa was startled.


What sort of trouble?

Fang Li didn’t answer and just peaked to take a look. Alisa followed and did the same. The scene immediately made her breathing turn quiet.

In that open area, three huge Aragami were eating some rubble.

The three Aragami had a tiger’s head and tail with a red coat on their back. They were also the size of a small house. They were all Vajra!

Three entire Vajra.

These three Vajra were gathered here and eating the rubble under Fang Li and Alisa’s eyes. Seeing the unguarded Vajras, Alisa’s look fluctuated as her hand holding the God Arc started to shiver.

Seeing that Fang Li extended his hand and held onto her wrist saying in a commanding tone, “Calm down, don’t rush in.”

“Why?” Alisa’s mood seemed to be slowly going out of control as she replied, “Right now the enemy hasn’t put up any guard, isn’t this the best chance to attack?”

“But after attacking they’ll be on guard, only if you can kill them in one shot otherwise after attacking you’ll be attacked by more than one Aragami.”

Fang Li’s eyes stared into Alisa’s, “I can definitely kill one, but even then there would still be two more, it’s too dangerous.”

With his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li’s lethality when sneak attacking was astonishing. If it was only one Vajra, he wouldn’t care much. The issue was that there were three now, even if he killed one, there were still two more that would attack which was fearful to the extreme.

Fang Li and Alisa were both originally weaker than the Vajra, if there was only one they could still deal with it but if it’s two it would be dangerous to try.

“Only if you can kill another one instantaneously like me, then there would only be one left which we can take care of.” Fang Li said to Alisa, “Well? Can you do it?”

Right now, Alisa really wanted to say she could. However, Fang Li’s words stopped her.

“This carefully about your own ability, don’t let me look down on you.”

Alisa’s body stiffened as the God Arc shook in her hand. She finally lowered her head unwillingly.

Fang Li then relaxed. According to his understanding these past few days, Alisa started training when she joined the Russian Branch and hadn’t received any treatment for her mental state. The Russian Branch had actually prepared doctors to treat this but before the person could arrive Alisa could only use medicine to stop it.

Therefore, Alisa’s reaction when seeing her personal enemy was so intense.

“But after all, without killing that personal enemy it can only be suppressed.”

Soon after Fang Li would realise. His luck was really quite bad…

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