Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 122

At this moment, Fang Li could finally determine something. In this event, the Far East Branch and Russian Branch were both hostile to each other and not cooperative. Obviously, there was a huge secret they wanted to conceal. This secret was so great that the higher-ups didn’t hesitate to risk a failed mission and sacrificing personnel.

That’s why it’s impossible for the Russian Branch to have requested reinforcements but rather the Far East Branch unilaterally decided to send reinforcements. They should’ve already discovered that there was something unusual in the Russian branch and using rescue as an excuse to send out the First Unit to investigate.

This was exactly why the Russian Branch was so hostile to the Far East Branch’s arrival.

“I’m even suspecting that the attack we got when we arrived was planned by the Russian Branch.” Fang Li said, “Otherwise how could it be such a coincidence that they arrived so soon after we got attacked on arrival?”

In fact, it was in that attack that most of the people the Far East Branch sent were killed in leaving behind only the First Unit of three God Eaters, a soldier and an operator. Fang Li definitely suspected the Russian Branch had done something to cause the attack to eliminate the Far East Branch’s troops.

“After all, the captain had ample opportunity to rescue everyone.” Fang Li looked at Rindou Amamiya, “I think that he saw us coming towards the Russian Branch after seeing us in distress if we weren’t struggling he wouldn’t have appeared.”

Hearing this Rindou Amamiya closed his eyes, Sakuya Tachibana lowered her head as well. Seeing this Fang Li understood.

“You guys had already guessed this but you were still reduced to this state?” Fang Li said ruthlessly, “Really lost all your face.”

“Compared to you we’ve definitely lost face.” Rindou Amamiya shook his head with a forced smile and said frankly, “Being able to live is already quite good.”

“But I don’t think so.” Fang Li looked straight at him and said, “The Far East Branch and Russian Branch planning against each other I don’t care about, but since they attacked me before, if I don’t give them a taste of their own medicine I won’t feel good.”

“Oh?” Rindou Amamiya asked, “Then what do you want to do?”

“Do I need to even say?” Fang Li didn’t hesitate as he said, “Right now I’m going to turn the Russian branch inside out and expose that secret that they want to hide!”

Hearing those words, both Rindou Amamiya and Sakuya Tachibana, as well as Alisa, were interested. At this moment Alisa’s eyes looked at Fang Li, inside those sky blue eyes housed an intense will.

Alisa then said, “If you do that then I’ll need to treat you as an enemy.”

“Enemy?” Fang Li smiled and said, “You don’t have friends anyway, everyone to you is a stranger that you treat casually, so what’s bad about becoming enemies with you?”

Alisa stayed silent and didn’t speak.

Rindou Amamiya then opened his mouth and asked, “Are you prepared to turn the Russian Branch inside out?”

“I have this plan yes.” Fang Li didn’t hide it and said to him, “The higher-ups wouldn’t pay attention to a small soldier like me, thinking about catching me in a trap is the limit, they definitely wouldn’t think I’d return and infiltrate once more.”

In any case, Fang Li’s quests hadn’t been completed yet so he needed to consider how he was going to get those additional rewards.

If he gave up this mission he could continue to kill Aragami on the battlefield and finish Main Quests 1 and 2 but he wouldn’t be able to finish Main Quest 3.

That being the case he chose to complete the last Main Quest first.

Not to mention, Fang Li also had 10,000 Exchange Points as a reward for the quest he didn’t want to give up. Not to mention he also had a score to calculate with the Russian Branch.

Understanding this, Alisa took a stand.

“I want to go back with you.”

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Those words made Fang Li look at her.

Alisa looked back at him.

The two people’s line of sight stayed on each other just like when they first met with sparks flying in the air.

Fang Li showed a faint smile and said, “What’s wrong, didn’t you want to continue to take revenge?”

“I definitely need to take revenge but I have to report another enmity too.” Alisa didn’t conceal her thoughts and said, “The previous time you beat me I need to take revenge for that too.”

Fang Li raised his brows.

“Ok.” Rindou Amamiya looked sick as he blurted out, “If you two want to flirt with each other there’s going to be other opportunities later.”

Those words immediately made both of them shout back.

“Who’s flirting!?”

Saying it at the same time they both looked at each other again with a disgruntled look.

“Ok ok ok, don’t flirt anymore.” Rindou Amamiya raised his hands and said, “We temporarily can’t go with you guys so you two should go first.”

“After fighting with Aphrodite, there’re still some helicopters left.” Sakuya Tachibana hastily added, “Maybe you guys can find a helicopter that isn’t too badly damaged and it should help you.”

Therefore both Fang Li and Alisa set off once more.

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