Standing at the peak of the Divine Province at only 20 years old, the probability of only relying on talent and not having any painstaking hard work cultivating would be small indeed.

But if he was truly cultivating so painstakingly then why did he prepare all these beautiful maidservants?

Chen Luoyang’s heart kept beating like a monk that entered a prostitute den.

This body seems to have certain interests. But right now he was wounded and it wasn’t suitable to have any sex. These beautiful women would just have to endure hardships it seems.

Chen Luoyang thought all of this but on the surface, he was calm as he thoughtlessly said, “The people of the past hadn’t deceived me, beauties don’t mean much as long as they’re pleasing to the eye.”

The people in front respectfully answered, “Whatever the Cult Master instructs, us servants will listen to.”

They didn’t dare to guess what the Cult Master was thinking. Under their care, Chen Luoyang had his clothes taken off. His body was soaking in a huge bathing pool as he leaned on the edge. The pool was filled with precious medicine that could nourish the body.

The four maidservants entered the pool as well and helped to clean his body. Two maidservants kneeled on each side as they fed him fruit and wine.

Corruption ah… all the corruption! Chen Luoyang was sighing in his heart but his body was quite honest.

The remaining maidservants remained on the side and danced. They had all received training since childhood under famous teachers. Their sexy moves and charming temper was quite a sight.

Each of their moves was like trained professionals with it all being at their fingertips. Even their way of walking was beautiful and bewitching. Inside the pool with dense steam covering their bodies with thin silk undergarments, their creamy skin was particularly intoxicating.

Chen Luoyang was slightly relieved. The maidservants all seemed to be quite well behaved. If he initiated something then they would definitely not reject however if he didn’t do anything then they wouldn’t dare to do anything rashly.

Chen Luoyang sat with his eyes closed as he kept thinking. The maidservants at his side along with the manager followed the Cult Master all the time so they were familiar with hi. It was far easier to expose himself before them. Luckily he was the Cult Master so he could essentially do anything he wanted and blame it on changing moods.

Sending them somewhere else or demoting them was too obvious. But if it’s just changing some of them then no one should dare to question it.

If it kept happening then no one would be the wiser. However, to do this he’ll need to get more accustomed first. Chen Luoyang thought about this as he tried ringing his jade pendant.

An attendant came in and asked quickly, “Cult Master please tell me your instructions.”

“After observing their dance I thought of something.” Chen Luoyang didn’t get out of the pond and lightly said, “Remember what this majesty says.”

“Yes, Cult Master.” The attendant manager couldn’t figure out why the Cult Master wanted this but he had always been doing things not according to common sense so she eliminated the distracting thoughts and focused on her orders.

Chen Luoyang then started to list several cloth styles.

“Are you referring to sturdy clothes like diving equipment?” The attendant heard all of it and asked in a confused voice.

“The material must be tasteful, get some people to look at it and adjust it accordingly.” Chen Luoyang said, “The primary intention is to highlight the exquisite curves of the female body.”

The attendant manager saluted and asked to be excused, “This servant complies.”

Seeing her leave, Chen Luoyang’s sight turned back to the dancing maidservants.

Ah, making people wear skintight clothing is truly the way of a king!

Some people once said that seeing a bit was better than complete nakedness. Actually sometimes, even being fully wrapped up was very appealing. Naturally, this depended on the female’s attractiveness and body.

He provided the attendant manager with several clothing styles that he remembered on Earth. Mainly he focused on one thing.

Skintight, skintight and skintight.

it’s so important it had to be mentioned three times. Ok fine, it’s just because he wanted to see if he said something random would his subordinates show any reaction.

It seems now that the effect was quite good.

Now let me think, what can I do in this world and in this environment to keep up the act?

Chen Luoyang thought with his eyes closed.

If he wanted to be comfortable and stable then he needed to have a high standing. He opened his eyes once more. His heart moved to communicate with the mysterious black pot.

I need to ask how to make this body’s injury be restored as fast as possible… Chen Luoyang’s heart begged. The black pot lid opened and the blood red nectar reduced by a small section.

A bloody mist rose out of the opening. Those blood-red characters appeared in his mind.

But before Chen Luoyang could clearly make it out more characters appeared.

“Take the Good Fortune True Pill, Heavenly Spirit Returning Immortal pill, Grand Void Returning to spirit pill and spirit revival pill or cultivate the Forbidden chapter of the sacred heart, the Heaven Reversal Precious Book or Medicinal scripture of the Heavenly way and the body will immediately be healed.”

“Take the Seven Treasures Raising Heart Pill,Profound Bird Life Strengthening Pill, Qi Returns to Sun Pill, Soul Returning Golden Pill, Crossing Misfortune Golden Pill, Blood Lotus Pill, Lesser Sun Essence Gathering Immortal Pill and Moon Pure Spirit Pill, or cultivate Dark Clouds Pill Book, Life Cycle Scripture, Medical Treasure Diary, Mysterious Injury Golden Mirror Diary and Stellar Essence Testament could restore the body by 80% and fully restore in ten days.

“Take the Grand Harmony Blood Melting Pill, Heavenly Unity Pill and Profound Yin Qi Raising Pill……”

Chen Luoyang was dazzled at all the methods. But this list was useless to him.

Can you heal my injury immediately?

The black pot didn’t respond.

What’s the Good Fortune True Pill can you give it to me?

It still didn’t respond.

It seems like it could only provide information, Chen Luoyang thought.

Good, this Good Fortune True Pill’s formula, give me the list of ingredients and I’ll get people to find them. The black pot finally responded.

The blood red nectar was instantly dry! Not a drop remained!

But…no characters came out.

Chen Luoyang was dumbfounded and took some time to recover before he scolded.

It’s good that the nectar seemed to be recovering.

It seems like the Good Fortune True Pill’s formula needed too much nectar. The nectar finally returned to the level before he asked for the Good Fortune True Pill’s formula.

The nectar used up from issues he asked before wasn’t returned, however. This indicated that the regeneration didn’t happen infinitely. It seems like the nectar needed for the formula was too much and the black pot didn’t have enough.

Therefore it didn’t consume the nectar but just returned it. Chen Luoyang thought in his head.

How can I obtain more of the nectar?

The black pot didn’t respond.

Where did you come from?

It still didn’t respond.

Any information related to itself it wouldn’t answer it seems, Chen Luoyang thought in his heart.

The answers needed to be slowly found. Perhaps this pot even had more functions.

He then pondered and changed his question. Can I have the formula for the Seven Treasures Raising Heart Pill?

The nectar vanished and then returned.

Grand Harmony Blood Melting Pill?

The nectar was still insufficient.

Chen Luoyang’s brow was knitted.

Fortunately, the characters before were still in his memory and he didn’t need to record them.

He lowered his standards even more.

Ten Cycles Returning to Origin Pill?

The blood red nectar immediately disappeared by a chunk.

The red mist then turned into some characters.

“Ten Cycles Returning to Origin Pill, it will take 50 days to recover completely and ingredients are, Moon Lacking Immortal Milk, Illusory Desolation Grass, Motionless Precious Orchid, Dragon Silk, the additional medicines needed are Reverse Refining Dark Snake snake gall, Sky Net Ginseng, Flying Rainbow Clouds Mushroom, Dragon Tumor Leopard’s spine bone dust…”

The usage, as well as amount of each, was listed along with the step by step method of refinement.

Chen Luoyang exhaled finally.

50 days to recover. This was quite long. He needed to find another solution.

The writing showed that medicines could conflict with each other so he couldn’t take multiple at once.

Under a maidservant’s care, he finished bathing and changing his clothes. Chen Luoyang waved to let them disperse.

He sat down on a chair and drank some tea.

He once more communicated with the black pot.

Is there any way to hasten the recovery with the Ten Cycles Returning to Origin Pill?

The blood red characters appeared once more.

“A person with the Clear Sky Divine Sword’s cultivation can help to clear the clear sky sword qi inside the body, combined with the Ten Cycles Returning to Origin Pill, the injury will be restored in 30 days.”

The time had been shorted to 30 days. That’s quite remarkable.

But Chen Luoyang’s face was black like the bottom of a pot.

According to this, the main injury was from the Clear Sky Divine Sword. Whoever started it needed to end it was the logic right? But the issue is, theClear Sky Divine Sword was the absolute technique of the Sword Pavillion.

Even if he sent people to the Sword Pavillion and learn it, how many days would it take?

Two sounds suddenly came into his mind.

One was the internal affairs manager from before.

Another was someone else, who was this?

He then flicked his pendant twice.

A grey clothed old man entered the room.

“Old servant has seen the Cult Master.”

This was one of the people kneeling before, it seems like it was a leader of sorts.

The grey clothed old man then bowed.

Chen Luoyang looked careless but said in a dignified voice, “What’s wrong?”

The grey clothed old man said in a soft voice, “Reporting to the Cult Master, there was a letter from the Main Altar but this old servant didn’t dare to disturb you when you were closing up so I’m only reporting it now.”

Chen Luoyang nodded, “Give it to me.”

The grey clothed old man gave him a blue cylinder.

Chen Luoyang took out the letter inside and started reading.

“A rumour has started to spread that the Cult Master was seriously injured in the fight against the Lord of the Sword Pavillion, the veteran faction is starting to get rowdy, this subordinate will trace the rumour to its roots.”

Chen Luoyang hesitated.

The blood characters before told him that this body was currently the youngest Cult Master in the Demon Cult’s history, a youngster assuming the throne and suppressing everyone with his own unparalleled military power.

After ascending the throne, the Cult Master had to replace many people. From this one could speculate that there were elders whose benefits and status had been shaken. Therefore there was a contradiction between the old and young factions.

Before this, the Cult Master’s word was absolute. But now, he could face an attack from the veteran’s faction.

With the Cult Master’s injury, some people might want to make trouble…

Chen Luoyang was calm as he read the letter.

“This majesty closed up for three days, what happened outside?”

The grey clothed old man replied, “Reporting to the Cult Master, the Grand Land of the Divine Province has been praising you and the Sword Sovereign’s heaven shocking fight, all the common people respect and fear your prestige.”

“According to some members, those enemies of this cult and other mischief makers are trying to find information about you and the sword sovereign but they don’t dare to do anything rash.”

Chen Luoyang nodded and didn’t show anything on his face as he changed the topic, “Look for something for this majesty.”

He gave the names of all the medicinal items to the grey clothed old man. Besides this, he also added other things so no one could know his true goal.

After the grey clothed old man listened he respectfully said, “This old servant will not disappoint Cult Master.”

He didn’t leave immediately but hesitated and then said, “Cult Master, Miss Qingqing wanted to see you before, what do you think?”

Miss Qingqing?

Who’s that?

Chen Luoyang’s heart was beating hard!

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