Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 121

Under Soma’s lead, Fang Li and Alisa bypassed the hell like scene and walked up a mountain road. No one spoke along the way. Neither Alisa nor Soma were the sort of people that would talk on their own initiative. Fang Li was also someone that just went with the flow.

In terms of eccentricity, the three of them were quite similar. It’s just that Fang Li liked to go with the flow. He didn’t mind being talkative and he also didn’t mind not talking. If everyone else wasn’t talking Fang Li wouldn’t bother himself.

Therefore no one talked all the way.

Finally, they arrived at a cave at the end of the road. At the cave entrance, a person was standing guard.

“Soma.” Sakuya Tachibana discovered Soma and shortly after saw Fang Li and Alisa and made a surprised sound, “Why are you guys here?”

Alisa didn’t reply and glanced away. After all, Alisa didn’t really have any relation to anyone here and didn’t know them personally so naturally, she had nothing to say.

Only Fang Li went forward and said to Sakuya Tachibana, “We ran into a small issue, you guys look like you’re not doing too well though.”

Hearing this, Sakuya Tachibana’s face was bitter. Needless to say Fang Li guessed correctly. That wasn’t difficult to guess.

Aphrodite had obviously left while the First Unit’s people were still here in a hiding place standing guard. Anyone could guess that there was something wrong.

As for what happened, Fang Li could guess as well. There were three God Eaters, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were here but Rindou Amamiya wasn’t. Then the person who was injured was obvious.

At that moment Fang Li directly asked, “What happened to Captain Amamiya?”

“Relax, he’s still alive.” Sakuya Tachibana sighed and continued, “If you come in and take a look you’ll understand.”

Then she turned around and entered the cave.

Fang Li and Alisa looked at each other subconsciously before following and entering the cave leaving behind Soma who stood outside to replace Sakuya Tachibana as the guard.

As the group entered the cave, the light started to grow dim. However, it wasn’t a deep cave and they soon arrived at the end. Fang Li immediately stopped his footsteps.

Looking in front at the deepest part of the cave, Rindou Amamiya was lying there.

“Yo boy, didn’t think you’d actually come here you’ve got big guts.”

Rindou Amamiya was smoking as he carelessly greeted Fang Li. However forget Fang Li, even the unrelated Alisa was lost for words seeing Rindou Amamiya’s condition.

He was absolutely in bad shape right now. His clothes on the upper part of his body had been removed and he was wrapped in bandages all the way to the neck. The bandages were all soaked in bright red blood and his chest seemed to have also caved in a little.

No matter how you paint it, it was a severe injury.

This would definitely have killed a normal person, even a God Eater wouldn’t be able to move so easily. But despite that, Rindou Amamiya was still lying there leisurely smoking although his hands were shaking a bit it was still steady.

This pitiful condition couldn’t help but make Fang Li think.

It had to be known that before him was not an average God Eater. This was a God Eater that could one year later single-handedly fight the Deusphage species Ouroboros, but now he had been injured to this situation. It really made people not know what to say.

“What happened?” Fang Li asked Sakuya Tachibana, “How did Captain Amamiya receive such a heavy injury?”

Aphrodite was truly quite strong.

However, with Rindou Amamiya’s intelligence upon seeing the danger he should’ve started retreating how could he have been reduced to this situation?

In fact Fang Li’s line of thinking wasn’t wrong.

Regarding this matter, Sakuya Tachibana took a deep breath as if trying to hold back her anger and said in a low voice, “We were backstabbed.”

Those few words caused both Fang Li and Alisa to look at her.

Three days ago, the First Unit’s three God Eaters and the Russian Branch’s elites crusaded against Aphrodite together.

According to the information they got, there were massive amounts of Aragami in Aphrodite’s surrounding area. The Russian Branch’s God Eaters were to block these Aragami and isolate them from Aphrodite while the Far East Branch’s First Unit were attacking it.

However, during this process, the Russian Branch’s God Eaters suddenly retreated! Furthermore, they left behind the three people of the First Unit and boarded the helicopters. But before they retreated they used an explosive to attack Aphrodite and the First Unit’s people. Now instead of being eliminated, Aphrodite was thoroughly angry.

Fang Li and Alisa who heard Aphrodite’s cry before in the forest was that exact moment.

At that moment, Aphrodite not only went crazy and attacked most of the helicopters in the air shooting them down it also razed the surrounding area. Only a few helicopters managed to run away.

“Rindou tried to shield us to retreat at that time and got hit directly by Aphrodite.”

The God Arc in Sakuya Tachibana’s hands was gripped tightly as she said in both an angry yet rejoiceful voice.

“If not for Aphrodite continuing to move in the Russian Branch’s direction and not pay any attention to us we would’ve died for sure.”

“Impossible!” Alisa couldn’t help but shout as if in shock, “Why would the Russian Branch do that?”

“This, I think you should ask your captain.” Fang Li curled his lips in a smile.

“To hide a secret and not hesitating to forego the main mission like this, now I’m even more curious what exactly this huge secret is.”



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