There were males and females in front. All of them were kneeling down. Chen Luoyang who was still standing was dumbstruck.

It seems like he had reincarnated. This body felt powerful and was wearing ancient clothing. It seemed to contain unimaginable strength inside!

However, it seemed as though this body was severely injured. If it had to be described then it could only be said as his entire body was sore and hurting. What’s even worse was that he hadn’t inherited any of the previous owner’s memories.

Towards his current situation, Chen Luoyang knew nothing at all…

Looking at the mass of people kneeling down in front Chen Luoyang’s face was distorted. The people kneeling down didn’t notice this as they didn’t dare to raise their head so they couldn’t see anything wrong.

An old man in the middle of the people bowed his head and said, “This old servant has alarmed your holiness the cult master, I request forgiveness for this heinous crime.”

The other people also lowered their heads and said in scared tones, “We request the cult master’s forgiveness.”

Chen Luoyang had a headache. There were three issues right now.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What should I do?

Chen Luoyang looked down and observed the people. Everyone was wearing ancient clothing. Some people even had swords on their waists! However, all of them were respectful…as if in awe.

Did they seem to call me…cult master? Seems like they all respect me quite a lot.

But if these people knew that their respected cult master wasn’t here anymore then perhaps they’d start rampaging! My current body is severely injured I can’t let them do that.

First, have to stand firm and show authority.

Thinking along those lines Chen Luoyang calmed down and said unemotionally in an aloof tone, “What are you all doing gathering here?”

“Reporting to the cult master, during your period of seclusion, this old servant and the rest were keeping watch outside.” The old man turned even more respectful and submissive saying, “But then we felt a massive bloody aura erupting from the room, we don’t dare to alarm the cult master however our hearts couldn’t be calm…”

After saying so he added, “Cult master’s divine powers are unparalleled, your power overlooks the world, this servant and the rest can’t randomly guess and were shortsighted gathering here, we’ve alarmed the cult master and ask for forgiveness.”

Bloody aura…

Chen Luoyang was absent-minded for a second. In his mind, a mysterious black pot appeared. As his mind moved the pot’s lid opened. Inside the pot was a pool of blood red liquid.

This pot’s body was also the colour of blood.

He recalled accidentally obtaining this black pot’s lid on Earth. But he couldn’t find the body of the pot so he didn’t think much of it. Now it seems his soul had passed through and he suddenly arrived here, the pot lid had also followed him.

With the pot lid, this black pot was finally complete. It seems like the pot’s body wasn’t on Earth at all. This pot lid was what brought his soul over. The pot body must’ve been held by the previous owner of this body.

But it seems like now the mysterious black pot had merged into his soul. This seemed to be the black pot’s doing Chen Luoyang thought to himself.

While he was busy thinking, everyone else didn’t dare to talk. The whole place was silent.

Everyone kneeling became even more terrified. When they felt anxious enough to choke Chen Luoyang finally spoke.

“In appreciation of your loyalty, stand up.”

Everyone finally relaxed. Outside they were all old demons that rampaged the regions. But just before some of their clothes even had cold sweat…

Chen Luoyang relaxed but towards everyone else, he displayed a dignified demeanour.

“Good, disperse now.” Chen Luoyang mentioned indifferently in a light tone.

The people in front saluted with a reply, “Yes.” The crowd of people immediately left the space.

A middle-aged female remained and before going out asked cautiously, “Cult master, today’s dinner…?”

This seems to be a manager or maidservant sort of character Chen Luoyang guessed in his heart. He just indifferently said, “The usual.”

“Yes, cult master.” The opposite party respectfully withdrew and shut the door. What remained in the room was only Chen Luoyang who relaxed and sighed.

He walked in front of a mirror and his face looked strange. Staring back was a young man whose face looked exactly the same as his own face on Earth. However, this body had ancient clothing on him. It was a long black gown with golden cuffed sleeves, the edges had a plain pattern and it caused his whole body to emanate an impressive dignified aura.

This room he was in also seemed to be full of ancient things. Maybe other people had taken advantage of him and changed his clothes as a joke but that strange strength inside him shouldn’t be false right?

Not to mention…

In the mirror, his eyes were sending out a faint black light. What sort of cult master was I? What world is this?

He cleared up his thoughts and inspected the room. On the desk, he found a letter.

“This sovereign knows about the matter, everything is according to plan.”

From the wording, it seems that this was the previous cult master’s order that was about to be sent but hadn’t been sent.

Chen Luoyang kept looking before arriving at a bookshelf.

«Records of the Divine Province»

Chen Luoyang opened the book and started reading. This world seemed to be called the Grand Land of the Divine province. There were martial artists capable of moving mountains and filling seas, flying in the sky or escaping underground. This Grand Land seemed to have had a war amongst a hundred countries before. But now there was only the Great Xia Dynasty which was the nominal Dynasty of the land. It’s also called the Central Dynasty.

Great Xia Dynasty had many martial art schools and prestigious families that acted as they saw fit, acting as their own state. However, outwardly everyone recognised Great Xia as the Grand Land’s lord.

Outside of the Great Xia Dynasty, there were the Southern Wasteland’s Demon Cult and beyond that the Northern Desert’s Foreign Race. In the south and north, both wanted to obtain the Central Land where the Great Xia Dynasty stood.

It’s lucky that the number one martial school the Sword Pavillion was there to guard the land and most of the time intruders would draw back. At present this world had what’s known as “Three sovereign’s and five emperors.”

The top most group of people were the three sovereigns.

The master of the Demon Cult.

The lord of the Sword Pavillion.

The patriarch of the Foreign Race.

These three people were also called sovereigns, the Demon Sovereign, Sword sovereign and Sabre sovereign, all three of them were the peak of this world and overlooked everyone else.

Chen Luoyang’s brow was knitted together. It seems as though he was called “Cult Master” before.

Was he the master of the Demon Cult? An existence at the peak of the Grand Land of the Divine Province? One of the three sovereigns, the Demon sovereign?

Everybody longed to kill him and yet feared him.

The number one demon in this world.

Under him were the Left and Right envoys, the chiefs of four halls, the seven great veterans, the eight protectors and even more innumerable experts following. The number one enemy of the Divine Province and the world’s nightmare.

He had possessed such an influential figure!?

Isn’t that too ridiculous?!

Chen Luoyang didn’t know to laugh or to cry. He calmed down and guessed that perhaps he wasn’t really this person. Then he saw what was written down.

“The Demon Cult’s divine art, Heavenly Demon Blood, amongst all the people only the cult master can practice this, after successful cultivation a pitch black light will show in their pupil, there can only be one person that has this and it’s impossible to fake it.”

Chen Luoyang looked in the mirror. His eyes were sending out a faint black light that appeared quite conspicuous.

He raised his hand and patted his forehead.

In his thinking generally it’ll be the supreme expert that left a wisp of his soul behind to occupy some miserable youngster’s body to resurrect and make a comeback right?

But it seems like this is the opposite?!

Chen Luoyang sighed. According to this, if the Demon Cult’s people found out that their cult master had changed players maybe they would rampage. If he snuck off then after exiting many people wanted to kill him claiming to be righteous and wanting to defend the people.

It seems like he’d have difficulties both at home and outside. However, Chen Luoyang was actually quite excited deep down. In the past, he was a lone wolf.

He has felt the need to take revenge.

He has felt the feeling of being proud.

He has felt what taking risk was like.

He has felt the good and bad of life.

In those several years his nerves were already tempered to the extreme.

“Before I can control everything, I need to act out a bit, life is really like a play, everything depends on the actor’s performance!” Chen Luoyang sighed.

Then he smiled. At least he didn’t need to fight from the bottom right? However, how did such an influential person fall?

He remembered that mysterious black pot. This black pot, how should he use it?

Chen Luoyang thought while closing his eyes. In his consciousness a brig,ht light shone. In the dim light, the mysterious black pot appeared.

About this Demon Sovereign, I know too little, if I could get some more information… Chen Luoyang thought to himself.

Who knew that just by thinking so, the pot’s lid suddenly opened. The blood red nectar suddenly reduced. A bloody mist rose out from the pot and turned into a big bunch of blood coloured writing in his head.

Chen Luoyang, 20 years old.

Seeing these characters Chen Luoyang couldn’t keep calm. The previous owner of this body had his name as well?!

This was interesting. Looking down he continued to read.

The bloody writing detailed the Master of the Demon Cult’s entire life. It included his martial arts, his life and was like a very detailed resume. In the grand land of the divine province, he became the youngest martial emperor in history taking over the position of Master of the Demon cult the lord of the southern wasteland.

At age 18 he broke through the Dajingang Temple single-handedly. Both the temple and misty cloud palace thus became history. Chen Luoyang then established himself as one of the three sovereigns, on the same rank as the Sword and Sabre Sovereign that had been there for many years.

At age 20, three days ago, the master of the demon cult and the lord of the Sword Pavillion fought and the result was a tie. Both sides were mutually wounded. The lord of the Sword Pavilion was seriously wounded and the master of the demon cult was the same. After the fight, he wanted to use the black pot, one of the three great treasures this cult protected to heal however he failed.

“Really, this black pot was one of the Demon Cult’s three great treasures…” Chen Luoyang muttered.

Initially, he thought it was strange, if both the Demon Sovereign and Sword Sovereign fought then didn’t they fear that the Sabre Sovereign would benefit as the third party?

It seems as though the black pot was responsible for what happened to him.

Finally, he couldn’t cure his wound but instead encountered an accident. It seems like there’s some trouble he left behind for me as well Chen Luoyang forced a smile.

He carefully read all the material.

A person’s life from birth to present was basically all here. This could show him many things but there were also deficiencies. In these events, although they were detailed, it’s hard to see the actual relations between all the characters. He didn’t know specifically how the previous owner of this body had behaved and spoken to other people in the past twenty years.

Did he have secrets known to some people?

The simplest thing was that letter, he had no idea if he should call himself This Sovereign or me or whatever.

This matter seemed small but if he made a mistake the consequences were grave.

I’ll let whatever happen, Chen Luoyang said in his heart.

Evidently, the outside world shouldn’t know about his severely wounded state. He was currently the number one enemy of the world. A great demon everyone wanted to catch and kill. If people knew that he was severely injured they’d come to pick up a bargain.


At this time, a jade pendant rang. Chen Luoyang’s face was ignorant. What was this a new type of instrument?

He looked at the jade carefully, the sound was on and off. Chen Luoyang probed by flicking the jade gently. The jade then rang out again once more.

It seems as though it was an ordinary jade how did sound come out? He hadn’t touched it.

Chen Luoyang was curious as he suddenly heard people pushing the door.

He hastily straightened his look. As the door opened the middle-aged female from before came in.

“Reporting to the cult master, according to your instructions your dinner will soon be arranged, the servants will help you bathe and change first.”

The middle-aged female was respectful as before as she bowed.

Taking a bath before eating, what sort of custom was this… Chen Luoyang whispered in his heart.

He somewhat understood now. The jade was a sort of communication device for him and his subordinates. This manager seemed to inform him first before entering to tell him about the meal and bath.

Chen Luoyang put his hands behind he back and said in a dignified tone, “Mm”

The manager smiled in a way which would make people feel like a spring breeze had hit. “Come.” She clapped gently.

12 maidservants walked in. All of them were outstandingly beautiful despite being maidservants.

They all slowly walked forward and helped the cult master bathe and change his clothes.

Chen Luoyang was calm on the outside however his heart was yelling.

“Corruption! All the corruption ah!”

The corruption wasn’t the issue. The issue was can someone please tell me why this cult master that was so engrossed in cultivation was still reluctant to part with women!?


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