Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 120

“This can’t be real…”

Alisa whispered unconsciously.

It could be imagined the shock she felt. Fang Li didn’t feel that shocked however he was also quite speechless at the scene.

Right now this scene in front of him was probably what Hell would look like.

The ground looked completely destroyed. Everything in his line of sight had turned into rubble. The mountain peak far away had been shaved in half. A river was destroyed like a cleaning rag wrung out. The water from an underground spring was shooting out of the ground with broken pieces of earth flying around causing the place to be covered in a rain like a downpour.

There were pieces of Aragami and massive amounts of blood. There was a huge pothole in the ground like a meteorite had hit, the ground around it was tattered and torn. The scene seemed as though innumerable fires had covered the area and destroyed it just like brutal slaughterhouse that caused even the air to changed.

Facing this, even Fang Li didn’t know what to say.

Only Alisa said in a voice that only Fang Li could hear, “Was this really all done by an Aragami?”

If that was the case wasn’t that too scary? If an Aragami could turn an area into this then how could the humans of the world survive? After all there were still more of the same type of Aragami. For example in the Far East, there was still Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo.

There was also Zeus, Hera and Ouroboros in Europe.

These were all Deusphage species on the same rank as Aphrodite. If any of them could cause this much destruction then destroying the whole Earth would be just an issue of time wouldn’t it?

How could humanity survive this? The answer was brutal.

Without a doubt, everyone anticipated the destruction of all the Aragami one day. The present scene, however, was enough to tear that dream into pieces until nothing remained.

Therefore this was hell. A scene that would make any human realise the brutal reality, a desperate hell.

“Haa…” Fang Li sighed as if wanting to release the tension in his heart before becoming calm again. Then he observed the scene once more and turned his line of sight somewhere else. Over there were some obvious marks. It seemed as though something had been ploughed.

Furthermore, it was huge, so this allowed people to tell how big whatever made it was.

Seeing this Fang Li determined something.

“Aphrodite’s over there.” Fang Li’s vision looked to the distance as he muttered, “That direction is probably the Russian Branch’s direction?”

At this moment even Fang Li started to wonder.

“What exactly is in the Russian Branch?” Fang Li asked Alisa, “Why is it that even an Aragami of this rank doesn’t hesitate to leave the sea and go on land to attack?”

Hearing Fang Li’s words Alisa’s expression turned cloudy and uncertain.

Finally, she opened her mouth, “I don’t know what’s in the Russian Branch after all I’m a new recruit that has no status.” Alisa’s gaze turned to Fang Li as she continued, “But after confirming Aphrodite’s news the captain had said something.”

Alisa recalled the matter in her head and repeated them out loud.

“Why is it, Aphrodite?”

Those were the words the captain spoke at the time.

Fang Li was startled as he looked pensive.


COuld it be that Aphrodite already had a certain connection to the Russian Branch?

“What did that captain do exactly?”

Fang Li pledged to find out the truth of this matter. This wasn’t only for his own quest but to take revenge on the previous backstabbing of the captain’s plans.

“No matter what we need to continue and pursue it.” Fang Li suppressed this idea in his heart and said, “Since we’re already here there’s no reason not to pursue.”

Alisa didn’t nod but she also didn’t shake her head obviously she had the same idea.

But before they could set off a voice sounded out that made Fang Li and Alisa freeze.

“What are you doing here?”

Fang Li and Alisa saw the source of the voice. In the corner, a form had appeared wearing a coat and with a head of white hair, a huge greatsword on his back.

“Soma?” Fang Li was surprised.

This was precisely Soma from the Far East Branch’s First Unit.

However, Soma didn’t have any joy on his face at seeing an acquaintance only staring at both of them and interrupting.

“This isn’t a place where people like you can come so casually.” Soma’s look was cloudy as he said relentlessly, “Do you hate living so much?”

Hearing Soma’s rough tone Alisa’s complexion couldn’t help but sink. But Fang Li was used to it as he said selfishly, “Is it just you? Where’s the captain and miss Sakuya?”

Soma didn’t reply but after staying silent for a moment he turned around and coldly said, “If you want to know then come.”

Then Soma ignored both of them and left immediately.

It had to be said that Soma really made Alisa mad.

Therefore she unemotionally asked Fang Li, “Are all of your Far East Branch’s God Eaters like this?”

“With their own personality?” Fang Li curled his lips and said, “I always thought they the Russian Branch’s God Eaters had more of a personality actually especially a certain rookie.”

As his words fell Fang Li also ignored Alisa and followed Soma.

Alisa’s eyes flashed with fury as she stayed silent and followed as well.


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