Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 119

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

The muzzle of the machine gun was roaring as gunshots kept resounding. Bullets fell like a shower towards the crowds of Ogretails.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

At the next moment, each round of bullets caused a huge explosion causing flames to burn the Aragami. Those Ogretail Aragami let out painful cries as the flames burned them and caused smoke to come out, they fell on the ground after a moment.

Seeing this, Alisa focused her eyes as her God Arc turned into its sword shape.

But Alisa didn’t rush forward but aimed at the Aragami and pressed on the handle.


A loud roaring sound like a fierce beast resounded. This wasn’t from an Aragami but from Alisa’s God Arc. The God Arc in her hand turned into a black skinned shape similar to an Aragami’s head. The head then jumped out from the God Arc and like a snake jumping out of a hole it leapt towards the Aragami on the ground.

*Pu Chi*

The sound of flesh being torn could be heard. The head of the Aragami was torn and bitten immediately as a precious pearl-like object was swallowed down.

That precious pearl was an Aragami core.

At the moment, Alisa was using the preying ability of the close combat formed God Arc.

Using this method, the Aragami on the ground was preyed on and the cores inside were retrieved one by one. Not too far away, Fang Li was looking at this with a satisfied feeling. An Ogretail jumped out at him out of nowhere as he casually wielded his dagger.

*Pu Chi*

With a sharp tearing sound, the dagger cut through the Ogretail’s external skin and caused blood to splatter in the air. Shortly after, Fang Li spun his body and his foot trampled on the Ogretail roaring in pain.


A loud bang sounded out as the Ogretail flew through the air like a rubber ball slamming into the ground towards Alisa.

Seeing that how could Alisa not understand what he wanted to do? After shooting him a sharp look Alisa used the God Arc in her hand to prey upon it again as the Aragami head jumped out once more and swallowed the core.

The fight kept continuing like this.

When there was an Aragami attacking Alisa, she would transform the God Arc into the gun shape and kill it before transforming it again into the sword shape to prey upon it.

When there was an Aragami attacking Fang Li, Fang Li would swing his dagger and cut it before kicking it towards Alisa to clean up.

Although these two people didn’t seem to be very friendly once they started cooperating they were quite efficient. Alisa was just a rookie, compared to fighting up close, standing in one position and shooting was much easier for her. Although Fang Li wasn’t a God Eater, using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception his lethality in close combat was evident.

For the two people to coordinate like this one close range and one long range how wasn’t it efficient?

At least for small Aragami like these Ogretails for the two of them, it was simply too easy. Therefore, the crowd of Ogretail were all killed in ten minutes with no survivors.

Only after the fight ended did Alisa hold up her God Arc and point at the ground. The God Arc transformed into that fierce Aragami head which opened its mouth and spit out a pile of cores.

Fang Li walked forward and not saying anything extended his hand to the pile. In an instant, all the cores vanished and entered his Black Ring.

Seeing this Alisa stared and wanted to ask but remained silent instead. There were so many strange things around Fang Li could she still care if another was added?

Thinking this Alisa shut up and simply looked at Fang Li as if trying to understand everything about him. It’s a pity that wanting to see his secret like this was a dream of a fool.

“Good.” Fang Li stood up and said to Alisa, “Let’s hurry along.”

Alisa didn’t respond and just followed behind Fang Li wordlessly.

Then everything Fang Li and Alisa encountered later on basically fell into a routine.

If they saw Aragami then fight them and continue to rush forward.

At night they’ll rest.

In the morning they’ll set off once more.

Like this, both of them were approaching their destination. The number of Aragami they had both killed if it wasn’t at least a thousand it was a few hundred.

Small Aragami made up the majority, medium-sized Aragami made up a few and there was only one large sized Aragami.

This was what happened the next day. Fang Li and Alisa were hurrying along as usual when they bumped into Vajra.

Seeing Vajra again, Alisa’s mood turned out of control as she rushed forward. Naturally, she was suppressed as before.

If not for Fang Li realising that things were turning bad and seeing Vajra enter its state of storing electricity to discharge therefore rushing first and killing its core with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception then Alisa would’ve been severely injured again.

Even with this both of them suffered injuries.

After this Alisa finally realised that her current strength wasn’t enough as she fell into a depressed mood. But even with that she still hadn’t changed her plans of rushing towards Aphrodite with Fang Li.

Thus on the third day, Fang Li and Alisa finally escaped the forest and arrived at the site where Aphrodite was wreaking havoc. But what they saw made them speechless.

This scene was straight out of hell…




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