Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 126


With a loud bang, the lighting covered every part around the Aragami spreading in all directions and consuming everything. Everywhere the lightning touched, the ground was like frail tofu easily destroyed with rocks flying everywhere. It was like an explosion expanding.

A fearful shockwave also could be felt. In this violent storm, Fang Li was like a boat trying to survive a storm being blown everywhere. However Fang Li’s mystic eyes continuously stared at that lightning. Then many bursts of lightning attacked Fang Li’s direction.

Fang Li tried to capture the Death Lines of each of the lightning strikes as he moved around like a spider to avoid them. It was a pity that even though the Mystic Eyes could see the Death Lines he couldn’t tell exactly which path the lightning was taking.

Facing these electric shocks that couldn’t be avoided, Fang Li just tried to swing his Moon Blade towards them. Being compelled to this situation, Fang Li’s movement as well as Nanaya Assasination Arts’ Flashing Scabbard started to become more skilful. Soon it seemed like his speed was instantly increasing to the limit and taking weird directions to avoid the lightning attacks.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

Each of the strikes had their Death Lines cut off and exploded like fireworks in the air one by one filling the air with electric aftershocks.

Fang Li managed to avoid all the lightning and attacked it instead. However, from the lightning’s centre, a giant shadow suddenly leapt forward. Fang Li could only see darkness before the Fallen Species Vajra suddenly appeared in front of him and swung its jet black claws.


Those jet black claws carried huge amounts of electricity as it destroyed the ground beneath.

This time, although Fang Li avoided the strike, he couldn’t avoid the impact from the attack and was blown away like a kite in the wind, flying towards the ground.

With a *Bang* Fang Li crashed into the ground and rolled around.

The impact from the attack caused Fang Li’s whole body to hurt as he couldn’t help groaning.

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Dyaus Pita followed up with another attack as if wanting to immediately kill Fang Li as it jumped again towards Fang Li’s direction.

This was obviously an awful situation.

“Damn!” Fang Li cursed and ignoring the pain and extended his hands to grab onto the ground. His nails penetrated the stone and caused his hands to start bleeding. However using this method, Fang Li managed to finally stop and stand up to move to the side.

The giant shadow arrived at this moment and swung its claw to the ground again.


The ground was full of cracks from the impact.

That claw, if it fell on Fang Li’s body even with his 20 VIT points, he would definitely turn into minced meat.

Understanding this, Fang Li’s eyes turned ruthless as he leapt and actually charged towards Dyaus Pita. His ice blue mystic eyes shone as he saw the death lines. This represented the core, the deepest place among all the death lines, it was above Dyaus Pita’s head.

With the flexibility it showed before, Fang Li leaping towards its head would definitely be dodged and even countered.

“That being the case, I’ll just take away that claw you like swinging first!”

Fang Li moved sideways and rushed towards Dyaus Pita and cut towards the sharp claws on the ground with his moon blade. However Dyaus Pita didn’t seem flustered at all as its evil face showed a smile.


Before Fang Li could hit the mark, Dyaus Pita’s back popped with a sound. Suddenly after that, a sharp weapon pierced out. It looked like a black coloured wing. This wing came out from Dyaus Pita’s body and tore through the air with a chilly light towards Fang Li.

This speed was acutally faster than any attack it had shown before!

Even Fang Li’s immense speed thanks to his skills and equipment couldn’t compare to this strike.

Therefore, it immediately slashed him.

*Pu chi*

Dark red blood blasted out of the wound into the air. Fang Li’s abdomen was cut open and he flew backwards like a rubber ball before sliding on the ground and finally stopping.


Laying on the ground, Fang Li couldn’t help but cough out blood. As for the rest of his body, it was covered in blood and he looked extremely pitiful.

Covering his abdome, Fang Li bit his lip to remain concious.

“Tried to block it at the last minute but seems I couldn’t block it fully…”

That speed surpassed Fang Li’s imagination. Before he could even react he was attacked. If Fang Li hadn’t managed to barely dodge at the last minute he’d probably be cut in half…

“Is this the disparity between ranks?”

Fang Li could only cover his abdomen and look in front.

There, Dyaus Pita was stretching that black wing while looking at Fang Li lying in a pool of blood as its mouth twisted up in a grin.

This seemed like it was ridiculing Fang Li’s current state. Then it started walking towards him…


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