Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 127

Seeing Dyaus Pita walk in his direction, Fang Li even in this half-dead state got angry. With the astonishing speed it showed before, this Aragami could definitely kill Fang Li instantly.

But now it was just playing with its prey before death and playing tricks. Understanding this, he struggled to stand up and hug his bruised chest looking at Dyaus Pita with his indifferent blue eyes.

“I’d rather die by a basic Ogretail than die in the hand of a bastard like you!”

Hearing this and also being stared at by those ice-cold eyes, Dyaus Pita’s footsteps froze again before it roared angrily. Obviously, it hadn’t been scared by Fang Li’s threat and instead gotten angry.

With a powerful step it plunged strongly towards Fang Li. Seeing this, Fang Li grabbed his Moon Blade and prepared to fight or die trying. However suddenly, a gunshot sound could be heard.

*Bang bang bang bang*

Loud shots could be heard tearing through the air towards Dyaus Pita. It immediately froze and jumped without hesitation, giving up on attacking Fang Li.

*Bang bang bang bang*

Round after round of bullets fell where Dyaus Pita was standing before causing the ground to explode into dust clouds.

Seeing this, Fang Li was startled for a moment before remembering something and looking at where the bullets came from.

Over there, Alisa’s whole body was dyed black as she held up her God Arc with bloodstains at the corner of her lip, her breathing was also out of control.


Then she yelled and held the trigger once more as the gun shot out flames of bullets towards Dyaus Pita. Dyaus Pita narrowed its eyes before flexibily jumping around to avoid the bullets one by one while charging at Alisa quickly with its claws held up.

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The sharp claws fell on the ground and lightning burst out and destroyed everything around with the impact. The wounded Alisa couldn’t avoid the attack and was blown away like Fang Li before as she crashed and rolled on the ground.

After stopping, she could no longer move. The sounds all stopped.

Lying down looking at the sky Alisa wanted to move but was helpless. She could no longer feel pain. Her body was starting to feel cold. At this moment, Alisa realised just how small and weak she was.


That’s not right.

Rather than being too small and weak, Dyaus Pita was just too strong. Alisa, in the end, had just underestimated Dyaus Pita’s power.

Currently, Alisa couldn’t even cope with an ordinary Vajra let alone Dyaus Pita that could easily kill three Vajra easily without the opposite party being able to fight back. Therefore, the disparity in strength was too great.


Alisa unconsciously whispered.


I can’t help you take revenge, I’m really sorry…

Alisa murmured as the cold and gloomy shadow soon entered her vision. Dyaus Pita stood above Alisa and looking at her its face was full of evil and satire as it smiled.

Then it opened its mouth and bit towards Alisa’s direction. Death was only one pace away from her. However Alisa wasn’t doomed to die just yet…


A chilly light flew through the air and hit Dyaus Pita’s face.

“Roar!” Dyaus Pita roared and stopped moving to retreat. At this time Alisa saw.

She saw a familiar back in front of her, full of dark red bloodstains.


Weak breaths came out of Fang Li’s mouth. The abdomen he was holding was pouring blood and he was still tightly holding the short dagger with his mystic eyes trained on Dyaus Pita. Even if his condition was pitiful, his expression was calm.

Again and again being stopped, Dyaus Pita roared loudly with rage.

But Fang Li didn’t soften his stance under that fearful howl still standing tall and straight. Seeing that tall and large back, Alisa’s eyes finally showed some emotion. Then Alisa could only say with difficulty, “Quickly run away…”


Run away.

This was an impossible fight.

Even if it’s you.

Just me dying is enough.

I don’t want you to die because of my weakness, I don’t want anyone else to.

Therefore, run quickly.

This young girl named Alisa challenging this invincible foe had nothing to do with you therefore…

Run away….

Run away……

Only then at least you can live.

“Don’t you hate me?” Alisa pleaded. “Then quickly leave me behind and run away!”

Those words could clearly be heard in the air.

However only a traquil reply could be heard in response.

“I won’t run away alone.”

Saying this, Fang Li turned and looked at Alisa with a gentle expression for the first time and said, “Furthermore I never said I hated you.”

Then after that he turned back and under Alisa’s startled gaze started walking towards Dyaus Pita’s direction. Seeing the angry Dyaus Pita, Fang Li’s mouth rose in a smile.

“Don’t you like killing a lot?”

“Then I’ll show you a final performance.”

“This performance is called killing.”


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